Why I use Text Ads and Banners on Advertising Sites!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Most people who use traffic exchange, safelists and other advertising sites, including myself, use them to show your site to others as you visit their sites. But there is an aspect of these sites that is far under used.

Banners and Text Ads!

You may ask, “Why should I add these banners and text ads. There is such a low number of clicks.”

There are a couple of very good reasons.

The First Reason is that since there is no incentive for people to click on your banner or text ads they are very targeted visitors. They are interested in what you have to offer! 

Most of the people surfing the traffic exchanges are just collecting credits in order to show you their site or offer. They are not paying much attention to what is on their screen as they surf.

The second reason is subconscious. Even though they may not actually pay attention to the banners and texts in front of them their subconscious mind sees it!

Later when they see you ads elsewhere they may think “This looks familiar, I have seen this person before.” The importance of this that people buy from those they know, like, and trust! The more advertising you put out there the better the chance they will join your site or buy your product.

I know this from my own personal experience. Many time when I have taken a look at a site I think to myself, “I think I am already a member there.” So I click the login link and if I discover that I am not a member I join! Somehow, somewhere that site was imprinted on my subconscious.

In order to increase the number of banners and text ads circulating at my site, Tornado Traffic, I will offer you an incentive.

If you read this and either login or join and add banners and text ads I will reward you for your efforts. For every text ad or banner you add and add impressions, I will add 500 impressions. If you have a paid upgrade I will double that to 1000 impressions. 

Just add your text ads and banners and send in a support ticket with the subject, “I added”, along with the links you added, and I will add your impressions

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman
Owner/Administrator of Tornado Traffic

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One thought on “Why I use Text Ads and Banners on Advertising Sites!”

  1. Love this post, so many marketers forget about banner and text ads. In our training, we teach our members to add their banners and text ads when signing up for mailers. Great job!

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