Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is ” How To Planet Your Garden”.


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When contemplating how much return you want from your harvest, you must look at how much seed are you going to plant? The more seed you plant the bigger the HARVEST.

Business is the same way. Planting as many seeds as possible is PARAMOUNT. What is your seed? LCP-Lead Capture Page. I personally use several different pages.

People don’t like seeing the same offer over and over. Be creative in your thinking process. Do tests to see what works best.

What is your offer? ANYONE?—– IT’S YOU. You are YOUR OFFER. If people don’t know you, do you really think they will buy from you? Brand yourself TO BE the go-to person. Let people know you can solve their problems.

Look at OUR leaders. Their success has come from years of building their lists, Watering those lists ( communicating) with people, and guiding them to the best offers. Putting more people on your list is the NUMBER 1 GOAL of any marketer, so be SMART. Add to YOUR list daily.

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Make Your Harvest Look Like This!

You water your seeds through viral mailers, Udimi solo ads, word of mouth, business cards, videos, and a host of other tools.

I CAN’T SAY THIS ENOUGH-BUILD YOUR LIST. No list, no money. You are here to make $$$$$$, RIGHT. Listen to your leaders.

Attend weekly webinars. Talk to your leaders, ask questions. Set up a one on one meeting to discuss your strategies . Using every advantage is not only smart but can be very PRODUCTIVE.

PLEASE follow up with your leads. This is the lifeblood of YOUR business, so don’t let one drop slip away.

I want everyone of you to have your dreams come true. Work hard daily, show up, do the work, follow up, advertise and then do it all over tomorrow.

If you need any help, please contact me. I would love to help.

Plant, Water, Harvest

What Does Your Calendar Say?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker. We all have a calendar. Do you use your calendar to divide your time between specific activities?

It’s all about working smarter not harder, getting more done in less time. Sometimes time is tight and the pressures can be high.


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Real-time management is about having a good activities list. Once you have WRITTEN DOWN your activity’s list, put beside each one how much time you will devote to this activity.

Say your Blog post- 30 to 45 minutes, depending what you are writing about.

How much time to do viral mailers, create a new Lead Capture Page, Send out a broad cast to your team… Get the PICTURE, Does this begin to make sense?

As you begin to start your day, you will see where you can fit other activities into your day and allow others to interrupt you because you are flexible.

PLEASE don’t get to side tracked that you lose all sense of time. You can always contact people back after your activities are done.

Don’t get MARRIED to your computer that all you do is have conversations and nothing gets done. Be able to separate between Business and Family. You need to be able to break away.

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Prioritizing-Delegating-Decision making-Goal setting-Multitasking-Problem solving-Strategic thinking-SCHEDULING.

On a DAILY basis- Do You Have A Specific GOAL you accomplish? Something you are working toward? Something you REALLY want?

Most of us who are starting out can’t delegate others to get certain things done. We have to do it ourselves. Making a decision-YOU MUST make one and go with it. Don’t hemp and haw.

Strategies To Get Things Done In Less Time:

Have a clear focus to start your DAY. Have a dynamic task list. FOCUS on high-value activities. Minimize interruptions. Stop procrastinating Limit multi-tasking. Review your day.


How cool is it if you can send your leads and prospects to a specific place to book a time to meet with you one on one?

You can set up a calendly calendar at

Ad this to your blog and invite prospect to book an appointment!

I hope this was helpful.

You can watch Janet Legere’s YouTube video by clicking here

Keep Up Your Daily Action Plan