Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s topic is really about business, so follow along and ENJOY the read.


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So you decided to get a puppy. You did the research and found the one for you. You looked at the setters, spaniels, terriers, wolfhounds, chihuahuas, dachshunds. You had your heart set, so you bought the greyhound.

From the beginning you feed and watered the puppy. Exercised the puppy. When the puppy was a little older, you went for some training.

You took your puppy where he could run and before long you thought about racing your dog. Entrance fees, boarding fees, licenses were bought and the dog was registered with a proper name.

Dog, Canine, Race, Run, Running

Does this sound like your BUSINESS? Yes, I hope you did your research. Found the one that was right for you. HINT: CLICK HERE for mine.

I hope you invested in yourself. Your entrance fee is the package level you decide to come in at. You can buy a domain name, but not everyone does.

All of the TRAINING comes with your core package. We have weekly training live so make sure you show up. Building your list daily.

Here is a small list of our great training: Sales Funnel Optimization, High Ticket Sales, Homerun Copywriters Course, 10k Blueprint, and Bitcoin Breakthrough, are just a few.

You exercise your business through solo ads (UDIMI), virial mailers, traffic exchanges, social media. Think about where people are hanging out asking questions about BUSINESS. Give them a helping hand, yes, be the GO TO guy or gal.

Now it’s race day. You are in the starting lane. The gates open and you take off like a flash. You give it all you got. You are running for the win.

YOU cross the finish line a winner, making your 1st of many sales. You begin to reinvest in yourself, buying solo ads on a monthly basis. Getting your co-op shares. Your commissions start coming in regularly. Before you know it you QUIT YOUR JOB, because you are making more money from home than your job.

Making the right decision NOW is the place to start. Don’t listen to the naysayers, just because they think they know you. Listen to your leaders who are where you want to be. If they can do it, THERE is hope, you can do it.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP OR LOOK BACK. Keep moving forward. The books you read now and the leaders you hang out with will determine where you will be in 5 years.



Hello and welcome. Get those treads rolling with Michael The Traveling Trucker.


What is a APC? Armor Personnel Carrier. This is a vehicle that is armor plated for protection, as it moves troops from one place to another in safety.

In your business are you protecting your people? Do you have thick skin like armor to take the hits from the naysayers and keep going?

Are you moving yourself and your people to new places? Being a leader in anything in life takes commitment, dedication, and constant communication.

What commitments are you making when you take on a leadership role? Leadership is a decision. Leadership is an obligation.  Leadership is hard work. Leadership takes a community.

“You have to build a sense of community within your GROUP”.

You must nurture other leaders within you community.

“It’s human nature to avoid the hard stuff, but if you do, you weaken your community.”

“If you have the courage to tackle the hard stuff, you become stronger.”

FACT 1: Show Up Daily

Fact2: Put the word out. ( WHO YOU ARE) BRANDING

Fact 3: Work with those who have a desire similar to yours.

Fact4: Brainstorm with other leaders. Let those creative juices FLOW. Having a strong sounding board is valuable to all.

Let me ask this QUESTION: What are you committed to? Is it family, friends, work, writing, cooking, building things from scratch? I really want you to get this: LOOK AT YOUR LIFE- WHAT DO YOU FIND YOURSELF DOING THE MOST?

I invite you to join OUR COMMUNITY. Click Here NOW.

I encourage you to listen to a motivational video daily. Take time in the morning first thing to meditate on positive things.

Repeat after me: I AM STRONG. I Am Fearless. I Have COURAGE.

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I pray for you READER. I pray the best for you until you get it. When you do get it, share it with others.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s topic: It’s Never Too Late.

When you decide, I’m going to build a business, fund it, learn from the leaders, I don’t care how old you are, from teens to grand paws, you can DO IT.


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It will take time to build so don’t be in a hurry. Build everyday, fund your business monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Remember, the more you do, the bigger it will get.

Find a funnel that fits your thinking. What do you stand for? What are you going to share with new people daily? Our niche’ is Digital Education Marketing. Become A Believer In What You Are DOING, until you do, people will know and not follow you.

People need to be gently lead. So become the leader and lead. It’s so worth it.

LEADERS ARE READERS. What are you reading or listening to for motivation? Have you read “Who stole My Cheese”, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends And Influence People?

Building your list. It’s a numbers game. The more people you have to work with the better. My mentor adds people to her list daily, weekly, and monthly. There is a variety of things done to produce the results she is looking for.

From changing up her Lead Capture page-(update regularly) for variety is the spice of life. Solo ads-Udimi, bought at the beginning of each month. Viral mailers, social media. Co-op shares.


Social Media, Facebook, Twitter

Being creative is fun, easy, and exciting. The more eyeballs that see your pages the better. Any good business spends money to promote what they want people to buy, but there is a process. Know, like, and trust . People have to get to know you. This is called branding yourself. For me it’s-Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Stay in contact with your team. Encourage them to be action takers. Janet Legere and Rob Gehring are awesome encouragers. The are constantly helping, by coaching, mentoring, and sharing strategies that work best.

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We have weekly webinars for training. If you can’t be there live, they record them so you can watch at your convenience.

Learning something new everyday will keep you focused, moving forward and making MONEY.

Ok, Folks. Here’s your call to action. If you are new and not signed up yet- Click here-DO IT NOW. If you are a free member-UPGRADE. This is all for you. Money In Your POCKET. Here is My personal link, come over and take a LOOK.

I Look Forward To Working With You.

Live And Love Like It’s Your Last Day On Earth

Smile For The Birdie

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. It’s time to smile for the birdie.

Making a video is easy, fun and let’s people know who you are.

Let me say this: Don’t over complicate this process. You can do as many as you like if you are not satisfied with the results.

No one will see them until you publish them. Go ahead now and create your 1st video. After you are done I know you will say to yourself, That wasn’t hard at all.



Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath. Hold for 5 seconds. Now release slowly. Take your time to focus.


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Learning to relax is not as easy as it sounds. We as a culture have way to many distractions.

Finding your quiet place can be challenging. I’m glad I have my BIG RIG. I can close the curtains from the outside world, sit on my bunk and get quiet before the LORD.

There is real POWER in PEACE. Being at peace with yourself and those around you should be a top priority. When you are angry, mad, upset, your thinking takes you on the negative roadway of destruction.

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Repeat after me: I have confidence, I have conviction, I have courage. Today I take my stand to walk in peace, speak words of peace, and think peaceful things

I will open my tool box of motivation videos, books and pod casts. I can’t afford the negative, the price is too high and all I get is an upset stomach.

Never let fear get a hold of you. You are strong, you are powerful, and you have the UNIVERSE at your command. SPEAK WORDS OF LIFE.

Saturn, Space, Lunar Surface, Planet

Janet Legere wrote a book” Get Stuck On Happy” Click here to order your book.

I recommend : How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie

Any book by Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Scott Reece. Chris Vaughn.

Let your spirit soar to the heavens. NOTHING is held back from you.

What you speak out loud will happen. Positive or negative.




Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with a big question. Do You have any type of strategy for pressing your business forward?

I love being in the Affiliate Marketing Niche. I have learned so much from the leaders. Having a proper system in place is vital.


Strategy, Arrows, Building, Startup

The Threefold Strategy is FUNNEL-ADVERTISE-FOLLOWUP.

If your future is not NOW, WHEN WILL IT BE? Come take a walk with me and let’s talk. You have today. 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds.

What are you doing with this time? How do you break it down to get things done?

Most of the world has a J.O.B.- Just Over Broke place they go to for a period of time to bring in MONEY for their time. Most are not paid what they are worth.

To often we settle for. We need to pay our bills, take care of family.

OK, now that’s out of the way, lets focus on why you want and need a business.

Leadership, Line, Executive, Team Leader

Building YOUR financial future allows you set your own hours, charge what you are worth, and become the go to person for solving problems. People pay BIG DOLLARS for others to solve problems.

Do You Have A System in place? One that creates momentum? Produces a steady stream of income? Easy to follow? Easy to duplicate?

Click the link now to see what I have in place. Come join us for a life changing event NOW.

Here is sound advice given me by my leaders. Use every resource at your disposal. Phone, Laptop, Tablet. Use social media, solo ads, viral mailers, word of mouth.

Put in all the time you can, when you can, as often as you can. Show up daily. Make the phone calls, send out the texts, broadcasts, emails. Set a certain amount of time for your follow-ups daily.

The more you put in, the more YOU will get out. Listen and follow the recommendations of your leaders. They really understand how to help you.

I love to help people. Seeing them grow. Watching them blossom and seeing their businesses make money is very satisfying ( making money for me is fun too).

We are here to make MONEY. Money is not a bad word. It’s a tool. Use your tool wisely, and it will pay you for years to come.


What Does Your Calendar Say?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker. We all have a calendar. Do you use your calendar to divide your time between specific activities?

It’s all about working smarter not harder, getting more done in less time. Sometimes time is tight and the pressures can be high.


Black Framed Eyeglasses on White Printer Paper

Real-time management is about having a good activities list. Once you have WRITTEN DOWN your activity’s list, put beside each one how much time you will devote to this activity.

Say your Blog post- 30 to 45 minutes, depending what you are writing about.

How much time to do viral mailers, create a new Lead Capture Page, Send out a broad cast to your team… Get the PICTURE, Does this begin to make sense?

As you begin to start your day, you will see where you can fit other activities into your day and allow others to interrupt you because you are flexible.

PLEASE don’t get to side tracked that you lose all sense of time. You can always contact people back after your activities are done.

Don’t get MARRIED to your computer that all you do is have conversations and nothing gets done. Be able to separate between Business and Family. You need to be able to break away.

Free stock photo of adult, anonymouse, blur


Prioritizing-Delegating-Decision making-Goal setting-Multitasking-Problem solving-Strategic thinking-SCHEDULING.

On a DAILY basis- Do You Have A Specific GOAL you accomplish? Something you are working toward? Something you REALLY want?

Most of us who are starting out can’t delegate others to get certain things done. We have to do it ourselves. Making a decision-YOU MUST make one and go with it. Don’t hemp and haw.

Strategies To Get Things Done In Less Time:

Have a clear focus to start your DAY. Have a dynamic task list. FOCUS on high-value activities. Minimize interruptions. Stop procrastinating Limit multi-tasking. Review your day.


How cool is it if you can send your leads and prospects to a specific place to book a time to meet with you one on one?

You can set up a calendly calendar at

Ad this to your blog and invite prospect to book an appointment!

I hope this was helpful.

You can watch Janet Legere’s YouTube video by clicking here

Keep Up Your Daily Action Plan

Nuts and Bolts Of 10k Blueprint

Woo Hoo-Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Let’s open the door and peek inside. What does it take to earn 10k per month?

MATH TIME: To build your business strong you need at least 1000 subscribers on your list within the first month. All businesses have to go through these numbers, some will join and some will not.

On average, what is your subscribe worth? Most say around $1.00 per month.


Free traffic is a source of getting subscribers but will take a lot of time. You can leverage your time with paid traffic. After you reach your 1000 subscribers, your goal should be to reach 5000 subscribers.

Then the magic number should be 10,000 subscribers. Math: 10,000 X 1.00= $10,000 per month. Don’t stop there. What about 50,000 subscribers, even 100,000 subscribers?

Here is the process to start, 1) Have a plan of ACTION. What does it take to make 10k per month? What is your Niche going to be? Our Niche is Affiliate Marketing.

2) Create a squeeze page. This is an enticing offer that prompts people to leave their name, email, and phone number for say, a free report, free ebook.

Make money online. Business concept with making profit using internet. Laptop computer with money in woman hands. Making money onl. Ine concept. Using a laptop royalty free stock photography

3) This will take them through your sales funnel, so it must look good. The page will have no other link on the page. People will fill out the page and click subscribe or leave the page.

4) Where do you store your emails? This is where your autoresponder is set up. You will have a series of emails set up to deliver to your subscribers daily. Each email is set up with one thing in mind.

Taking your subscribers to paid members. We are here to MAKE MONEY, YES?

At this point, FOLLOW UP IS CRUCIAL. Building your brand. Letting people know who you are and they can trust you. YOU DO THEIR THERE BEST INTEREST AT HEART, RIGHT? Without people, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

Make money online. From home royalty free stock photo

At this point what is your TRAFFIC PLAN? Paid , solo, viral mailers, co-op, free. Decide what your MONTHLY budget is going to be. After you start getting results, increase your budget for even greater results.

As people subscribe to YOUR list, you can start to promote other offers that bring VALUE to what they are already doing.

My mentor said WASH,RINSE,REPEAT. I know you must have read what I’m writing about before, bur well worth repeating. MASTER the basics and become a LEADER in your Field.

You are well on your way to making 10 k per month. Some will do this easily and others will take some time to build.

DON’T EVER QUIT. You have a starting point and an end goal in mind-YOU CAN REACH IT.

Then set some new goals, even bigger than the 1st ones. FOLKS, there is so much to learn. You have just scratched the surface.

I pray you find this useful. Please comment after reading. Be honest in you comments. This helps us to grow to produce even better content.

You Have Start, GO GO GO


Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker. I was thinking about my business all day today. What is my conviction?

I believe through my leading and teaching others, they can create a strong second income. I was taught to Follow the system, Follow up in the system, Lead in the system, teach the system, invest in the system.


Security, Secure, Locked, Technology

TIME TO UNLOCK THE SYSTEM: GLN-Genesis Lifestyle Network.

Being part of the system is what matters. if there were no system, we would not be here. I know that sounds dumb, but is it? At the end of the day, we want to make money, RIGHT?

I believe with all my HEART that this #1 Done for you system is working and will continue to work for those willing to put forth the effort. COME JOIN ME NOW. It will be YOUR life changer for 2021.

I have seen too many people compromise their business and life by what looks like a shortcut.

The road to compromise may seem shorter, and not as difficult to navigate, but it actually takes you places that you never intended to journey.

While compromise seems promising, it will normally end up costing you more and demanding more of you than you ever intended to give.


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I love being a BLOGGER. I get to express myself, being creative and thought-provoking makes my day. I share my life, brand, and business all day long.

I trust the integrity of OWNER Jared Meyers and the system he created. People can come and create an income for generations.

It’s all about your LIST. People who join you, work with you, laugh with you, love with you, cry with you. This is truly a family.

System, Web, News, Personal, Figures

QUESTION? ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED? Contact me back, phone, text, messenger, whatever it takes. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and Gitter Dun.

Leave the past behind, Work In The Present, Dream About The Future


Hello Everyone, Michael The Snow Bound Traveling Trucker. Being in the upper northeast states has given me some beautiful pictures. I just don’t like the brine they put on the roads. It gets on everything and it’s nasty to get off. Got off track, sorry. Where was I?



I have gotten this question from a number of people wanting to start their own Marketing business.

First- Is this really something you are going to be committed to for the long haul?

Second- Do you have MONEY to invest in yourself? Business takes MONEY. Then do you have a budget for investing monthly into yourself?

Target Group, Advertising, Buyer

You will spend time building your list, without people, NO BUSINESS.

Every Guru will tell you, you can make millions instantly. Just send us your money and we’ll do it for you. Laughs out LOUD, sorry.

Picking a business to follow should not be hard. Look for the people who have been around for awhile. Look at their program earnestly and determine if you can duplicate it.

Education, Hand, Write, Skills, Can

Here I recommend you look at my resource Page at the TOP OF MY BLOG.

You start with a great funnel. This is your complete set up.

Lead Capture Page, Thank You Page which tells your lead what the business is about and how they can join with you. Let your people know to check their emails (all of them) for the WELCOME email which will be sent.

Tip Of The Day: Many will fill out the form-lead capture page and not remember they did it. Many people surf the internet for hours clicking every page they can, filling out form after form.

You will have to follow up with phone calls if they leave number, text them, and email them. You will know who is interested and who is NOT. People want free.

That’s ok because we can start them off this way, and they can still make money. Let them know the real value of being an UPGRADED MEMBER.

Advertising you business daily is KEY. The more people who see YOU ( YOUR BRAND) the better. There are so many ways to advertise. Viral mailers, solo ads-Udimi, co-op shares, social media…..

Trust me when I say, Building a steady stream of income will take TIME. Please don’t QUIT just because you don’t see instant success. Build strong and steady.


The best of the best have put 2-5 years building a steady multi stream income into place. There are always exception to the rules who blow it out of the water right away.