How to Setup Your Lead Capture Page

How to Setup Your Lead Capture Page

New at CLB, if you are an upgraded member, you now have access to create a Lead Capture page to build your list and get new members into CLB.

It’s very simple to setup and I am including instructions and graphics here.

For those with a bit of experience, it will take you about 10 minutes to setup or less! It really is that simple. Our new Lead Capture page uses the GVO auto-responder. If you ...

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5 Step Blueprint Success


Finding Your 5 Step Blueprint Success



5 Step Blueprint-Stepping Stone Foundation

If you get knocked down … get back up … do not give up … do not look back … look forward … CLB (ContactListBuilder) is the stepping stone

Here is the 5 Step Blueprint :

Step 1…Goals and Mindset in 5 Step Blueprint

* Goals vs Dreams – Dreams are what are in your head; they do not become a reality until they are written down.
* Your thinking must be ...

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And The Contest Begins!

Well what do we have here?  Spyder Legere made a video? Imagine that!  Even Janet’s cat is getting excited about The Contact List Builder and how it helps you brand yourself and guide you to SUCCESS!

He’s talking about the February, 2013 Contest at The Contact List Builder.

START NOW!  Whoever sponsors the most referrals from today through February 28th 2013 wins $100! second place is $50 and third place is $25!

My bets on Spyder winning this, ...

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“To Call or Not to Call”



“Should I call my prospects?” The answer is YES and hers’s why:

  1. Followup and communication with your prospects is important if not the most important part of your internet marketing business.
  2. People love talking to real people.
  3. You are able to immediately answer questions they may have.
  4. Prospects learn you are serious about your business and about helping them get started.
  5. You can learn more about each prospect and possibly find a common interest and even make a friend.


“What ...

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Dana Laine Joins CLB Training Team

Contact List Builder Welcomes Dana Laine

We are so excited to welcome CLB Founding Member, Dana Laine to the training faculty at CLB.

Dana will be doing training on some different and unique marketing strategies such as techniques to use Craig’s list and strategies to read safelist emails quicker. Dana will be doing “Basics” training covering tips and strategies to help you use all these tools and systems.

Meet Dana Laine

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How To Build A Capture Page

Building a Custom Capture Page

At this training Webinar, Janet Legere showed our visitors how to setup the Prospect Geyser Custom Capture page to build a list and promote Contact List Builder. It’s actually a 3 in 1 deal as the page also promotes Prospect Geyser for you.

It’s important to have your settings at Prospect Geyser direct to your Contact List Builder site. You will want to setup your Ad and ...

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Your Perfect Customer

Your Perfect Customer

Don Legere Hosts this segment of Contact List Builder’s Members Only Training. Who is your perfect customer? Once you know this internet marketing becomes easier and more productive.

Special Replay available here

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5 Steps to Create Your Personal Brand

The 5 Steps to Branding You

The Internet can be a great place to find people who share the same passion as you, people who may be interested in the business, product or service that you offer. How can these people find you? Through Personal Branding …

What is Branding?

Whatever business, product or service you are promoting, you need to get it in front of people. You rely on people in order to make money in your business. And if you don’t ...

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Bonnie Waters on the CLB Hot Seat

Bonnie Waters, CLB Founder

CLB Members 2012-07-26 Hot Seat with Bonnie Waters.

Digging deep to find out what is stopping us from realizing our goals. Todays HOT SEAT Guest Bonnie Waters shares her fears and perceived marketing failures. Listen in as Bonnie discovers the answer within and the solution being a shorter easier path.

Enjoy the Replay of this Live Webinar here:

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Valerie Michael on the CLB Hot Seat

Valerie Michael, CLB Founder

Thank you to CLB Founder, Valerie Michael for volunteering to be put on the CLB Hot Seat. Valerie was feeling overwhelmed and confused admitted she was feeling this way. I asked if she wanted to be put on the hot seat and she graciously agreed.

In a very short time, we realized that Valerie did not have an action plan, in fact, Valerie didn`t have any goals set either. We set a goal based on ...

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