List Building: Simple Tactics to Build An Email List

List Building — “One of a small business’s best marketing assets is a healthy email list.” …

List Building: Simple Tactics to Build An Email List

One tip: Word of Mouth is a Great Way to Grow Your Email File

email list
Inbox’s are getting cluttered and customers are tired of receiving unwanted emails from marketers pushing their products and/or services. In today’s market, businesses need to make sure to build their email list ...

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CLB Stats for March Rotator

Stats for March Rotator

Ad Hits Unique Conversions Ratio  Add
335 77% 7 2.09%
333 74% 9 2.70%
328 70% 3 0.91%
324 73% 3 0.93%
324 71% 3 0.93%
317 73% 2 0.63%
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How Do I Upgrade At Curation Works

getimg (1)

Many of our members are asking how to upgrade at Curation Works so that they can get the full course on Curating Content.

The One Time fee is currently $197.00 and will be going up very soon.  Your fee gives you lifetime access to new content added to the system monthly.  As an upgraded member, you will earn 30% referral fee on any upgraded members that you sponsor into Curation Works.  As ...

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CLB Update for March 20

Wow, March Madness has brought several new ideas into Contact List Builder that will slam dunk your list building efforts. Here is what we have been working on so far!

Curation-Works Now Located in the CLB Downline Builder

A NEW program has been added to the CLB Downline Builder – Curation-Works!

You can easily add content to YOUR blog with Curation-Works. Become a free affiliate today or upgrade at the special introductory price. If you have a ...

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Utilizing Auto-Responders VS Referral Links

In this article, we will talk about the difference between a referral link vs an auto-responder.  We will, also, discuss the importance of an auto-responder and the risk of using only referral links.  Finally, we will show you a method in order to request your company downline to opt-in to your auto-responder.

Difference Between Using a Referral Link VS an Auto-Responder

When using a referral link to an affiliate program or MLM site, these sites will posses ownership of your list as well. The ...

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How to Create a CLB Splash Page

We appreciate that there are circumstances where members are unable to join GVO or the downline programs right away.  With that in mind, we created a Splash Page that you can promote to Safelists and on Traffic Exchanges.

You will need to be a member of AdKreator which you will find in your CLB members area downline Builder under the Affiliate Toolbox.

As a free member of AdKreator, you can have ONE Design setup.

If you do not have an autoresponder and cannot join ...

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What makes CLB different?

What is it about CLB that makes us different … from YOUR perspective and the perspective of a newbie and one of an experienced marketer even … Please Post YOUR suggestions in this thread
Tina Schraier started the response:
There are so many things that I have experienced since coming aboard. I will just list in this thread as it continues to grow here.  I feel so blessed to have many persons available to ask questions ...
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How much money can I make?

How Much Money Can I Make With CLB?

Best-Way-To-Make-Money-OnlineWhile building your list is definitely the most important activity for you here online, at the end of the day, you are here to make money right?   We talk about earning a possible 10 income streams with Contact List Builder and in this post, I want to show you how much money you really can make and how.

Scenario #1

In Scenario #1, we will ...

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Are You Building A Relationship With Your List

Are You Building A Relationship With Your List

Lot’s of excitement going on in the CLB Skype room this morning when the yesterday’s contest results were posted.  As your lost increases, it can become time consuming to contact your list on a recurring basis. It’s critical to continually be building a relationship and to build upon those relationship.

How Do we Continue Building A Relationship

Most of us use an autoresponder to help communicate with are list. But sometimes the letters used are pure ...

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