Create a Lead Capture Page at AdKreator

New CLB Lead Capture Pages

For all those avid Lead Capture Page creators out there, I just created a new pages at AdKreator and made it shareable … so if you have an upgraded account at AdKreator,  you can use these too 🙂  Add them to your Tracker so you can rotate the pages to see which one converts best 😉

With these pages and configurations, your visitors will subscribe to your auto-responder list and then be taken directly to your CLB ...

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The CLB Ready Set Go Marketing System

The CLB Ready Set Go Marketing System

The new steps are now ready for ALL members as soon as you login to the member’s area of Contact List Builder

Click on the Blue Button that says “Ready, Set, Go Marketing System”


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How To Setup Safe-Swaps Solo Ads

How to Setup Safe Swaps Solo Ads as a GUEST

During the setup of new steps in Contact List Builder, we put together instructions on how to send a Solo Ad as a Guest Member in Safe-Swaps.  Used wisely, Safe-Swaps can be a highly effective and very affordable way to build your list fast!

Enjoy this simple exercise as you learn to use this system.

REMINDER:  You’ll need to budget to purchase a solo ad.   Budget to buy a minimum 100 clicks ...

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How To Like Our Facebook Fanpage

The Contact List Builder Facebook Fanpage

It has been my experience that many people do not know how to “Like” a Fanpage.

It happens regularly, I send out an invite to come and ‘Like’ our Fanpage and people like a comment or picture but don’t click the “Like” button for the page.  So, I thought I’d give you a visual and description to make it easier.

When you visit a Fanpage like, just below the header, you will find a ...

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Ways To Build A Contact List – List Building Tips And Tricks

Ways To Build A Contact List – List Building Tips And Tricks

On Saturday June 1st Janet and Don Legere did another free webcast full of amazing list building tips and tricks so I thought I would follow up on that with a few ways to build a contact list.
When you’re new to online marketing everything seems to be such a mystery. Everywhere we look we see ...

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May Sponsoring Contest Winners

Contact List Builder Sponsoring Contest

CLB May Sponsoring Contest

Top 10 Referrers

Ric Worthy 61 >> Grand Prize $100

Brian Van 49 >> 2nd Place $50
Wayne Glanville   26 >> 3rd Place $25

Shirley Schwartz 6
Randy Whitehorne 6
Anna Loredana 5
Georgia Jenkins 5
James Stone 4
Barbara Arbster 4
Linda Chartier 2
Sanjinka Ostro 2
Terry Payne 2
Stefan Berg 2
Tony Rios 2

Top 10 draw to win 10 downline members

The Top 10 Referrers were entered into a ...

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How To Give Away The Webinar Riches Report

Build Your List With The Webinar Riches Report

In this post you will find complete instructions for how to give away the new Webinar Riches Report which is available to you in the CLB Learning Members area in the DOWNLOADS section. The report is automatically rebranded for all our upgraded members.

I’ve setup a shared campaign at GVO so you will just need to edit the messages and setup your form code then add it to your blog.

Setup Your Auto-Responder

Login to GVO

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April Sponsoring Contest Winners

Contact List Builder Sponsoring Contest

CLB April Sponsoring Contest

Top 10 Referrers

Brian Van 98 >> Grand Prize $100

Ric Worthy 46 >> 2nd Place $50
Shirley Schwartz 19 >> 3rd Place $25
Anna Orlando 14
Jerry Posey 10
Wayne Glanville 9
Denis Charest 8
Barbara Arbster 5
Linda Frampton 4
Robin Dodd 3

Top 10 draw to win 10 downline members

The Top 10 Referrers were entered into a draw to win 10 CLB downline members.

And the winner ...

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March Contest Results

Welcome to all our new members … it’s a NEW Month with a NEW contest. Here are March’s results:

Member Name Referral Prize


Member Name Referrals             Prize
Ric Worthy 32 $100
Anna Orlando 25 $50
Ronald Eddins 11 $25
Jerry Posey 11 $25
Shirley Schwartz 8 25,000 PG Coop Credits
Anderson Goncalves 6 25,000 PG Coop ...
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Your Lead Capture Page

clbfbphotoYour Number One Focus

Advertising Your Lead Capture Page

We had a GREAT call today at the CLB Members only webinar.  Those who attended engaged and interacted and participated, offered suggestions and asked lots of questions.

Make a Commitment

Four Members made the commitment to follow the plan of action we discussed for them on the call.


Hank is going to get his Pure ...

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