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How to Build a Social Media Army for Internet Marketers

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Hubspot: “While your social media strategy may not call for the same techniques required to defeat a super villain, marketers can learn a thing or two from the Avengers. Here are a few ways that social media marketers can embrace their inner superhero and build their own social media army.”

Why you could use a Social Media Strategy?

As  Richard Stephens points out in his article, “How to Build a Social Media Army” it takes planning and some work in order ...

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Shopping Sherlock Mobile

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Contact List Builder  “You shop online. It’s convenient, saves you time and saves you money. E-commerce is here to stay. This week we introduce Sherlock Shopping a 5-in-1 app that features, price comparisons, flight comparisons, hotel comparisons, a price finder for a product or service that searches 11 different search engines all at once.

Introducing Shopping Sherlock for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

About Sherlock Nation

Sherlock Nation has developed tremendous products and tools to help you save time and money on products and ...

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August Referring at CLB

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Congratulations to our August Members

Congratualtions to the following members for sponsoring new members to CLB in August

Barbara Arbster
Wayne Randall
Kent Bayne
Anderson Goncalves
Ricardo Weatherly
Ferdinand Ohgenerie
Dusty Staggs
Kevin Michaud
Matthew Radin
Maurice Flynn
Fern Ouellette
Chuck Williams
Ron Arrow
Carlos Loureiro
Dean Hamblin
Jasmine Kim
Glen Palo
Darla Key

The following members earned Commissions this month (Paid on or before the 15th)

Matthew Radin
Adrienne Franklin
Darren Olander
Darla Key
Chuck Williams
David ...

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