Are You Frighten By Success?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s adventure.

WHAT KEEPS PEOPLE FROM SUCCEEDING? From my personal experience, it’s ME or YOU. I have a feeling of not being worthy, afraid to venture out, thinking everything is a scam.

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I have been burned more than once. There is something in me that say’s, “OTHERS ARE DOING IT SO CAN YOU”. That’s why I’m still in pursuit of building a successful business. I JUST CAN’T AND WON’T QUIT.


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So what is holding you back? Leave me your comment on this question.

Let’s take inventory, shall we? Computer, check. 1 hour a day to invest in yourself, check. Willingness to be mentored, check. Be teachable at all times, check. Have a financial investment, check. Most people do have the money to invest, they don’t want to be scammed. I GET IT.

Have you got your eye on a system that makes you start daydreaming? Have you reached out to others about the system? Talked to the people using the system?

Remember your dad taking the training wheels off your bike? You were scared but excited at the same time. You had your dad holding you up. He said peddle, peddle, peddle. You said, “DON’T let go”. You were looking ahead and didn’t even know he let go and riding on your own. THAT’S SUCCESS.

A little help to begin with. You must take the reigns and steer where you want to go.

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My mentors( yes I have 2) make numerous suggestions. They show me what is working for them. I take that information and make it fit my personality. That’s what is so cool about having your own business. You make decisions but are never alone. Only a phone call or text or email away.

My system choice is GLN. Click Here to find out more. Image all the training at your fingertips. Things like 7 Figure Mastery. Folks that’s the million-dollar club. If that doesn’t excite you, better check your pulse.

High Ticket Client Secrets. You do want high ticket sales, RIGHT? Facebook Live Mastery. Facebook can be a great benefit if used properly.

Webinar Mastery. When I started, you could not convince me that I would do videos let alone host a webinar, ( which I have not done yet). In the works.

Homerun Copy Writers Course. Do you like the idea of writing from the comfort of your home without interaction with others? This is right up your alley.

So many avenues to pursue. PICK ONE. Master it, then move on to something else and MASTER that one.

I do take this one very seriously when I ask others to follow me. I follow my mentors and I ask the same of my people. You take the info and make it FIT YOU.

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We all love Youtube, right? Yes, we have a course on Captivate with Youtube Live. People love showing their funny, silly side. You can create an income from Youtube while being a show-off. You can create your own brand and sell your own products-HOW COOL IS THAT?

We do have a closing service that you can use. This is for beginners in my opinion. Learning the skills of communication will only make your business succeed even BIGGER. Part of the system is coaching calls, which I love.

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Now that you have some of the pictures, DO YOU WANT MORE?

I’m here to help and love to help. Decide TODAY to JOIN US NOW. Go ahead and click here.


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Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with the BIG question.

ARE YOU BUSY LIVING OR DYING? Death is the destiny of everyone so put it away for now and start living. You must understand, use your time living not dying.

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With time so precious, WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO? I can only show you the way, guide, and direct you. YOU must build it.

Most people work a job they don’t like. Come home, eat dinner and sit in front of the TV. Some are so busy catering to the needs of their children, sports, ballet, or a host of other things that they don’t create a life they can pass on to their children.

I believe people would love to change but don’t know where to start.

Do YOU want money, time, freedom from a JOB, or all 3?

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