Have You Heard Of Lkigai

This is a Japanese word.

Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker with breath taking tips on LIFE.

Lkigai means- What we like. What we are good at. What the world needs. What can we get paid for. Now that’s exciting.

Are You Learning To Paint The Right Picture That People See And Understand What Message Your Conveying.

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Everything we do in life SHOULD draw us closer to our GOALS and DREAMS.

Do you have a VISION worth pursuing? Without a clear vision your purpose may be obscured. Have you written down your goals, dreams and vision?

Let me tell you you a story.I like Being a full time driving trucker, driving across the country.My time is VERY limited. I have had to make time to pursue my goals, dreams and vision. I have met many interesting people. Many have taught awesome life lessons which I have applied to mine and my families life.

Sharing is a KEY role. How many people have helped you over the years? How many have you helped back?

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I have learned VISION keeps you passionate. Keeps you Motivated. Gives you Direction. Most people I know have a 9-5 job. They have a short drive to work, short drive home. They have 4-to 5 hours each day to perform tasks which could make them a good amount of money.

I drive 11 hours most days. I leave on Sunday, drive back on Thursday for a Friday delivery. Then I have 36- 40 hours at home before I drive back out.

Why am I telling you all this, We all have a certain amount of time. Let’s NOT make excuses as to Why we don’t have enough money.

All I can do is advise you to a few things I have learned. I have great mentors who have taught me what I now teach.

Build Your List. Build A tribe Of Followers. Be The Person Who Helps People Solve Their Problems. Have Value For Your People. High Ticket Items Sell The Best. Be Teachable. Find and Work With A Mentor.

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Help People

Have You Ever Thought This?

“It’s impossible for me to close High Paying Clients.” I’m an introvert( which I am NOT), I’m not good at selling.

“Selling is not my strength”. “I freeze when I talk to people”.

Welcome to a fine day with Michael The Travelng Trucker.

I sit here laughing to myself for I have said and answered all these statements.

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When I honestly answered these statements, what was my real holding back moment. It was my BELIEF system. I didn’t really think I could do this. Boy was I WRONG. I’m so glad I had people who believed in me before my belief system came through.

I’m going to save you thousands of hours of struggling. STEP 1- Build your belief system. Read this next statement several times. ” If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you are right on both counts.” DO OR DO NOT- THERE IS NO TRY.

First-Time Home Buyer FAQ | Georgia Department of Community Affairs

You NEED to go ahead and believe the positive side.

You MUST build your beliefs each day. You can DO IT.

Your belief system is what is holding most people back, ME INCLUDED.

Do you remember when you started driving? How about starting your 1st job? Having your 1st child, whether giving birth or proud papa?

How about buying your 1st home, buying your 1st car? If we are honest our belief system was low, we overcame and life began to get better.

It’s NO different here with High Paying Clients. After your 1st encounter, you will look back and see it was not that scary.

Let me say this here and now-I believe in you. I will always believe in you. I will believe for you until you believe in yourself.

My mentors still believe in me even when I have the disbelief cries. We all have it. Move on.

Just because things seem to fail, money spent, people tells us one thing then do something else. I get it. I TRUST the people I do business with. They are true leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and go getters.

Quick Tips for First-Time Buyers in London

I’m asking you to trust me even though trust has not yet been earned. Let me guide you, show you the value of what we as a group are doing. 9,997 people world wide so far and getting bigger daily.

There is more to life than MONEY. Money is a tool to make your life better. Do you have joy in your spirit? Song on your lips? True happiness come from within, so start today by saying,” Today is a great day and I will enjoy it.”

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Do You Know Exactly HOW?

Right from the start, Greetings and salutations. Michael The Traveling Trucker with Great news for all.

Today is your day. Yes, I said” TODAY IS YOUR DAY”. Do you believe it? It’s ok if you don’t. We all have to start from where we are.

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Belief is over 90% of the hurdle to jump over. My belief was very small to start. With each success it grew. Now I’m about 95% in my belief. I’m not quite there yet.

Fun Facts: Now, according to The Millionaire Next Door, the percentage of first generation millionaires is 80%. When it comes to millionaires, it’s now a case of “who’s next?”
Your neighbor? Your colleague? Your sister or brother? The kid
who works at the local grocery store?

It could be ANYBODY… and it
could be You!

Trainer, Coach, Tutor, Business, Mentor

So where do you start and who do you start with? I’m glad you asked.

I discovered the digital world of online business. It has a vast aray of knowledge from people all around the world. They have step by step instructional videos, PDF files to download, hands on training and mentorship programs.

I hear a question coming up, Who Do I trust? This is where you need to build a relationship. It’s YOUR time and money. Don’t just throw it away. Do some investigating. It’s OK to talk to people. Find out what their business and personal life are all about.

If people don’t share this with you, is this someone you want to work with, give your money to?

I found a MENTOR. I was shocked to learn that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and create something out of this world to become a millionaire.

THAT’S the secret. Sounds so easy, RIGHT?

Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Business

It can be. 1st, You must be willing to invest in yourself and your business. Folks, this means TIME and MONEY. Please don’t think for one minute you can achieve this by doing nothing or FREE. Let’s be honest- That isn’t going to happen.

2nd- Find a MENTOR who is willing to hold your hand for awhile, but then push you out of the nest when you are ready. There are countless scams out there so do your RESEARCH.

I believe I put in the amount of time that fits me and my circumstances. We are all different with different needs.

So the 6 million dollar question, where do I start? My Best Resource Click Here.

The digital age and the online business model has made it easier than ever to access all the information you need!

Come meet me. Come ask your questions. If I don’t have the answer, together we will get it. I have 2 of the best Mentors in the online world. They are available and willing to point us in the right dirction with the best plan of action.

Let’s Build This Together

How To Become A Story Teller?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker Storyteller Extraordinaire.

Why should you tell your story, and how do you get people to relate to your story?

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I’m a full time trucker. I drive more than 2000 miles per week. I leave on sunday and come back on friday. I get 36 hours at home. In that time, I have laundry, cooking, yard work and some wife time.

Come closer, my best memory is the silly emoji’s I send and receive from my wife. We tell stories and add to them them by all of our Emoji’s. She will send one and I respond with another. It always follows the 1st emoji to the last. It will last us most of the day.

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Somewhere in that time frame I put in some internet time. I promote several businesses. This has been a slow process but very gratifying.

So how do I get you to tell your story? What trips your trigger? Who are you and what is your hearts desire?

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I have to force myself most days. Time is short and seems to be getting shorter.

Do you have any social media accounts? Do you like to write, read, and talk to others? Do you like to share what you have with others?

What is your favorite memory? Is it family, friends, vacation? Is it your favorite trip somewhere?

You should ALWAYS invest in yourself. You are well worth the effort.

I want to help those that want it. I’m available to talk, mentor and guide anyone.

Michael Lipsey

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Tell Your Story. We Need To Hear it.

You Are What The World Needs

Hello Guys and Gals, Michael The Traveling Truckers is encouraging you to see what you have the world needs.

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Have you ever asked people what dominates their thoughts? Ok, ask yourself the same question. What dominates your thoughts? Is it positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

Are you the person who sees the problem or sees the possibilities that lie right around the corner?

A fruitful life is not the result of chance. It’s the result of right choices. If bad things try to dominate your day, move your thinking to positive things.

Think about this statement: You’ll always be more convinced by what you’ve discovered than by what others have found.

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Please don’t believe something just because someone else does. Find out for yourself. Do the research, get the facts, then make your decision.

Another great statement: If you start on a positive, end with a positive. Greater opportunity and momentum is the rewards of past accomplishments being turned into new ventures.


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In the race for excellence, there is NO finish line. It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.

One action is more valuable than a thousand good intentions. A smile is mightier than a grin. Smile, it adds value to your face.

When others throw bricks at you, turn them into stepping stones. ALL great ideas create conflict, battle, and wars. In other words, your destiny cretaes challenges and criticism. STAY the course and be all you were meant to be.

What good is aim, if you don’t know when to pull the trigger? If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you’ll find you’ve lived it.

All this is to get those juices flowing to create a lifestyle you have dreamed about. I invite you to click here for all my resources. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? It is at your fingertips so please, please, please USE IT.

You have learned the training, watched the webinars, and ask the questions. Now is you time to SUCCEED.

As You Think So You Become

Do You Have Imposter syndrome?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with GREAT NEWS. It’s OK to feel like you don’t have it all together when 1st starting out.

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Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they’re deserving of accolades.

Knowing that you might be experiencing imposter syndrome is half the battle. Once you determine that you are suffering from feelings of self-doubt, being a fraud, fear of failure or “being found out,” you can begin to explore the reasons why. Consider the situations or behaviors that bring up these feelings and observe what they physically feel like in your body. 

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Why do people experience impostor syndrome?

There’s no single answer. Some experts believe it has to do with personality traits—like anxiety or neuroticism—while others focus on family or behavioral causes.

One of the first steps to overcoming impostor feelings is to acknowledge the thoughts and put them in perspective.

Perfectionists set excessively high goals for themselves, and when they fail to reach a goal, they experience major self-doubt and worry about measuring up. Whether they realize it or not, this group can also be control freaks, feeling like if they want something done right, they have to do it themselves.

Learn to take your mistakes in stride, viewing them as a natural part of the process.

The Superwoman/man

Since people who experience this phenomenon are convinced they’re phonies amongst real-deal colleagues, they often push themselves to work harder and harder to measure up. But this is just a false cover-up for their insecurities, and the work overload may harm not only their own mental health, but also their relationships with others.

Start training yourself to veer away from external validation. No one should have more power to make you feel good about yourself than you.

The Natural Genius

People with this competence type believe they need to be a natural “genius.” As such, they judge their competence based ease and speed as opposed to their efforts. In other words, if they take a long time to master something, they feel shame.

These types of imposters set their internal bar impossibly high, just like perfectionists. But natural genius types don’t just judge themselves based on ridiculous expectations, they also judge themselves based on getting things right on the first try. When they’re not able to do something quickly or fluently, their alarm sounds.

The Expert

Experts measure their competence based on “what” and “how much” they know or can do. Believing they will never know enough, they fear being exposed as inexperienced or unknowledgeable.

Start practicing just-in-time learning. This means acquiring a skill when you need it.

We all have some of these. We need to take our time, think about how to handle each sitution. Being able to identify and using the right training will help you become more relaxed in your skin.

Let me help you. Click Here for my resources.

Be Your Own Judge

Are You checking Your Progress?

We are off to a great year. March is over half done and business life is booming.

Michael The Traveling Trucker justed checked his own progress. If I’m not doing this , how can I expect you to?

Which of your lead capture pages are doing the best? How many offers do you have going at once?

Are you using HitsConnect to track your sites? You can check your campaignes, rotators and banners. Use this to track everything.

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Here is the design of my business. #1 is ATTITUDE. Be positive daily. Speech and thoughts need to be checked throughout the day.

The books you read and the motivational videos you watch help you overcome bad habits with good ones.

Are you adding to your list daily? Do you make inquiries to see if people are right for your business? Are you listening to your prospects to find out what they need?

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Are you spending money to make your business grow and run smoothly?

Do you have a budget? Have you set aside a certain amount of time to run your business? Business is about you making the right decisions and follow through.

Do you have a MENTOR? Someone who will guide you and push you out of your comfort zone? I have 2, Janet and Rob.

My passion is to train you and disciple you to 1k per month to start. Are you ready for the journey to begin?

Please note, all I do is for your BENEFIT. My life is to see you SUCCEED. There is no gretaer success for a mentor than to see your team grow and make money.

I’ll be Your Mentor Anytime

Your Outline Is On The Blackboard

When you were in school, did you ever walk into your classroom and see your assignment on the blackboard waiting for you?

Did you wait for instructions or jump right in?

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Professor Michael The Traveling Truckers assignment for the day:

Personal contact. Who have you added to your list? Did you Talk to someone on the phone, texted or emailed? Have you reached out to someone on Social Media?

Have you ever mentored anyone? If not, why not?

You have so much information rolling around your brain, you need to share it. Someone with 1 day can be taught from someone with 4 weeks. They really need what you have.

Students, Board, Drawing, To Learn

You are part of a team already, so add them to your team. If you need help ask someone upline. They are there to help you help others. Make sense?

To be a part of my team: CLICK HERE

You are here to make money, RIGHT? Money was on my mind a lot when I 1st got started. Making money keeps us going while building those relationships.

Money helps us to buy solo ads, coop clicks and upgrade to different businesses. Money builds our business so we can help others. It pays our bills, go on vactions, buy things we need to keep our homes running smoothly.

Money is a tool to use wisely. We are to LOVE people and use money, not love money and use people.

You don’t have to be the  person smartest in the room to be an influencer, but you do have to understand and practice some key techniques.

You are your own brand, and the brand for your business. Thus it behooves you to do everything you can to be perceived as an influencer.

Here are 6 key factors to influence people in business.

Understand the decision cycle.

People move through six predictable stages. Your task is merely to listen and learn.

Establish trust. Build an image of likability and rapport.

If people don’t trust you, they won’t allow you to influence them. A smart, simple way to establish trust is to talk less and listen more.

Create urgency. Highlight your interest in helping and giving back

Four out of five people readily admit that something in their life requires a change. Influence requires urgency.  Ask probing questions that help people to consider the issue. Help them see their urgency in the matter.

Gain commitment. Establish yourself as an authority in your domain.

Most people don’t just show up ready to commit to change—There needs to be a moment of truth, a moment of commitment. Ask the most important question never asked: “Are you committed to making a change?”

Initiate change. Demonstrate your commitments and consistency.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” The best openers include softer words and phrases, such as ask you, listen to you, or need your help.

Overcome objections.

It’s human nature for people to resist change. People are more likely to change their minds if they have at least one objection. To overcome any objection you must you must clarify, clarify, clarify.

“DON’T ARGUE EVER”. Always point out what they will benefit from, ease their problems and move them on to success.


Are You Practicing To Make Perfect?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with AWESOME news. It is really a daily amount of energy to make perfect work for you.

This can be a life long drudgery if not careful. So let’s keep a positive attitude.

Mention: https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/practice-makes-perfect.html

Practice makes perfect. Personal mentor holding up a white card with a reminder Practice makes perfect stock photo

Practice is about applying an idea, belief or method rather than the theories related to it. Practice is also about repeatedly performing an activity to become skilled in it.

How long did it take for you to learn to ride your bike, learn to swim, ski, play a musical instrument?

Do you remember tying your shoes, putting your coat on?

Writing your 1st paper for english?

Everything we do takes practice, so take a deep breath and let’s begin your walking out a plan to run your own business.

We see that anyone who wants to learn and improve needs to commit time and effort to practise, to notice what works and doesn’t, to keep training until a routine is improved, perfected. Make sense?

What trainging ( vidoes) are you looking into? What books are you reading? “How to win friends and influence people”. What MENTOR are you asking to help you?

What does practice do for you? 

Practice enables you to broaden your repertoire, to deepen your knowledge, insight and capability. 

It’s like driving a car. You stick the key into the ignition and turn it to start the engine. Let it warm up. If you need to back up, move the shifter into R for reverse. Slowly back up unto you get the car where you can go forward. Then move the shifter into d for drive. Add pressure on the gas pedal .

Most of us would think this is silly because we have been doing this a long time. For those 1st starting out this could be terrifying.

The people we help in business don’t have a real sense of what they need to do. It’s our job to GUIDE and DIRECT THEM. Get them the material for them to practice on.

person holding light bulb

Deliberately practicing new behavior has three effects: 1) you get better at doing it, which increases the odds that you will be successful at it when it matters,  2) you start to replace the old habits with new ones, and 3) you develop the habit of replacing old habits!

The more you practice new ways of doing things, the more naturally they’ll come. I loved running. I began slowly for months. Over time I was running 8 miles a day. I had to stop as it wore my knees out and I had double-knee surgery. I miss that level of commitment to fitness which I replaced with low work resistence. Walking, skipping rope, stretches.

Purposeful practice is the primary contributing factor to excellence in life. To be a truly practised at a skill or habit, hours of sustained practice are required – 10,000 hours. SAY WHAT? You mean spending that many hours to aquire a skill? Yes,Yes, and Yes.

 Practice and learning from that practice is fundamental.

At this level of competence, you have developed what is described as reflection-in-action, where you are critically aware of what you are doing. I beleive I have reached this level and continue to hone my skills to improve daily action.

What happens when we learn? One possibility is that we acquire greater skill at applying our initial strategy to the problem at hand, making it more efficient. Another possibility is that we acquire a new, more efficient strategy.

The more we apply our mindset to practice the more we have new ideas for moving us to where we want to be. Practice is a daily habit which lasts a lifetime.

If At First You Don’t Succeed-TRY TRY AGAIN

Does Your Ship Have Cloaking?

We have just hit hyper speed, warp 9.5 and moving through the galaxy seeing the wonders of the universe. You can use your cloaking device if you don’t want to be seen.

My personal advice is embrace your journey, mingle with new ideas and show you are willing to learn from the best. Your Admirals are waiting.


Hailing all incoming ships, Michael The Traveling Trucker with galatic news.

Your warp drive is set to propell you to whatever planet or galaxy you desire to see.

Planets, Moon, Space, Universe, Galaxy

I have been trained by the best Starfleet Officers in history. Each of them are known for thinking outside the box, taking risks and helping young academy recruits to expand their thinking. See the VISION.

Have you visited the hollow deck for personized training? It’s programmed for your pleasure. There is a retirement program, debt relief program, vacation program, building your new home program. Whatever you mind can visualize, the hollow deck can bring to life.

I personally want people to see my ship and come aboard. I want to be the Ambassador who shows you around.

On deck level 5 we have the GLN suite. This suite is for our intellects who desire more vulcan knowledge. The Library is extensive.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Landscape

Deck level 11 we have the CLB suite. This deck is for serious traders in the art of campaigning, teaching the lost art of  Lead Capture Page and Landing Page as well as setup Tracking and Advertising. 

You could spend quite a bit of time with the inter-workings of this program which could earn you Gold-Pressed latinum ( Valuable Money).

Deck level 17 we have the TL2Ivm suite. This program helps you have a high impact with the Universe and those you meet from around the galaxy.

You will learn technology. It has vital impacts when it comes to business operations.Regardless of the size of your business, technology has both
intangible and tangible benefits, enabling you to make cash ( Gold-Pressed Latinum) and produce good results your clients need.

We invite you to join starfleet academy for specialized training. This is a honor for those willing to listen to the leaders who have gone before them.

Admiral Jared Meyers- Creator of the GLN Mastery Courses.

Admiral Janet Legere- Creator of the CLB Quick Start Guide.

Admiral Rob Gehring- Creator of Massive Marketing Team.

Each of your Academic Admirals has a unique teaching style designed for personal growth, rapid memory retention (daily ) and galactic vision.

This could be the adenture of a lifetime. Seeking out new life and new cilvilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Remeber, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

The UNIVERSE awaits. This is your call to ACTION. Come aboard and lets reach for the stars and explore the UNIVERSE together.