How To Use Personalized Service For High Ticket Sales?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker is on vacation but coming to share my love of HIGH TICKET SALES. What are high ticket sales and why should you personalize your service?

They’re referring to the sales of products and services at a higher price point. We think it’s somewhere around the $500 to $5000 per sale mark. 


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 Business owners need to be customer-focused and have an eye for opportunities to sell something highly valuable to the right market. 

People don’t become successful at high ticket sales for no reason. Finding the right products is all about choosing a profitable niche, recognizing what’s trending, and then setting up systems that allow you to serve customers well at scale.

Online courses are #1 in the niche of education. Did I say that’s our niche? What are some of the benefits?

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Attract Premium Customers

When you’re selling products or services with premium pricing, you’re going to attract premium customers. Premium customers tend to expect more from the businesses they buy from. 

Gain Brand Recognition in a Luxury Space 

Receive More Revenue With Fewer Customers 

There are tons of benefits to focusing on high-ticket items but below you’ll find 3 of the biggest: profit, authority, and cost-effectiveness.   

More Profit Per Sale. For example a $600 exclusive online course with a $150 profit margin. With high-ticket items, you’re dealing with fewer customers, fewer products, and fewer logistical headaches.

And when you can automate your leads with a done-for-you sales funnel things can become even easier. Let me stop you right here. Folks everything you are looking for is here at GLN. Click here for the resource details.

What does it mean to be More Targeted With Your Marketing? Sell to those who are more willing to spend a higher percentage of their hard-earned cash on your product (“The Enthusiasts”).

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The higher the investment, the more energy it will take to sell a customer on it. You nurture your leads. You answer their questions, you show them how you’ve helped others just like them, and you get them more and more comfortable with the idea of following through with the sale. 

The sales funnels are your ticket. You filter more people into the top, run them through the process of seeing your offer. You talk to your prospects over and over helping them understand the done-for-you system.

Videos can go a long way towards helping prospects feel more comfortable with taking the plunge, especially since they have the added benefit of connecting with a real human person. Just make sure they don’t come off as scripted. 

Please understand how to qualify your prospects. You do this by asking hard questions. Asking about an investment, budget, time you will spend daily in promoting your business.

There’s a lot of working in building a successful business but worth the time and effort. Be Blunt About YOUR Pricing. YOU ARE WORTH IT AN SO IS YOUR SYSTEM.

Don’t hide your price tag. Don’t sneak it in on some hidden corner of your website. And certainly don’t wait for the sales call to drop the price bomb. 

Instead, wear your price tag loud and proud. And be blunt about it. 

Spend Extra Time On Overcoming Objections.

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When it comes to high-ticket funnels, you have got to put in the extra effort to address your prospects’ concerns. Offering free case studies is a great way to do that. 

When It’s Time To Close, Get A Human On The Phone. When it comes to high-ticket items, however, people want to talk to people. The point of a sales funnel is to automate your sales process. But when it comes to high-ticket products and services, you simply have to get on the phone with your leads if you want them to buy. 

Try video chatting with your prospects. Don’t be bashful now.  The value of seeing a human face is HUGE when it comes to sales.

I hope these are helpful in your process of HIGH TICKET SALES.


Team Build That Actually Works?”

Well, it’s 2022 and Michael The Traveling Trucker welcomes you to the 1st day of the new year.


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Have you read or heard this before:

When you follow the steps below, you WILL make money.
I can promise you that…
I am going to show you how to create a huge monthly
income using $0 to get started!

Yep, me too. Now for the real truth. My promise to you.

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Today I offer a brief glimpse into our NEW system for the New Year. We offer value every marketer and person of interest can get a hold
of. This #1 done-for-you -system is 90% finished for you.
All you do is add your finishing touches and promote.

If you seriously want to succeed in marketing online.
No more trial and error.
I’ll show you all the best marketing platforms,
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Just follow the instructions to get set up.

Click here for instructions.

Let’s be real for a minute,OK? Business takes 3 things, Money, Time and Consistent Effort. Life is not FREE and never has been. Stop thinging you will become successful and rich with ZERO investment. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

I’m looking to invest my time in helping people who are willing to invest in themsleves, but not not sure where to start. If you will follow our step by step instructions, YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS You Are Looking For.


Contact Michael



Want More Results Online?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with tips on getting more results online.

Marketing is a profession that if done correctly, can make you some serious
amounts of money.

Today I would like to focus on several areas I think are vital for better engagement.


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HEADLINES: You can have the best content, the best news for doing things, and the best news for making money, but if people don’t open your email or read your blog, you don’t have them. This should be a PRIORITY for your blogs and emails.

Keeping your emails short and sweet is very important when you are email

You want to make sure you get your point across as quickly as you can without leaving out any important details about the product you are promoting or the message you are trying to get across.

It is very important that you make sure that the marketing experience is as
convenient as possible for the customer because this will surely lead to
more sales.

Here are a few Headlines that caught my attention:

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate, Claim Your Free Traffic Package Worth 5 To 20 Every Day, Get Paid To Log In Every Day!, New System Pays you multiple times Per day on autopilot!, $1,000 IN MAILBOX CASH , 2k with New system.

Are you starting to let those juices flow?

Bulletin Board, Stickies, Post-It, Note


It’s so important to put content out DAILY on social media! You never know who is watching. As the saying goes” SOMEONE IS ALWAYS WATCHING”. If you are just showing up once a month on Twitter or other social media, people will not remember you or engage with you.

I believe that you need to be in front of people 24/7/365. Are you making videos on Youtube and sharing them? Post. Every. Single Day! No Exception!

Now for the BIG ONE: DRIVE THEM TO A CAPTURE FORM. Your goal is to make sure you are funneling potential customers and leads into your list. You should be adding to your list daily. Communicating with your people helps in the process all the way around.

Here is what I call the 10,000- hour rule. You must stay consistent. It takes 10,000 hours of consistent ‘practice’ to master your chosen niche. Most people won’t even invest 100 hours into their business. You have it beat already. Don’t ever give up.

I will grow my subscriber list by 50 new people. I will add 50% to my monthly income. I will learn 1 new thing per day. I will share my life with people daily.

My resources are here for you to use.

Engagement Is The KEY

“More Than Meets The Eye”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Peeps. Michael The Traveling Trucker going on a hunting spree. What is your favorite gift? Please comment.

What does” More than meets the eye”, mean? If there is more to something than meets the eye, it is more difficult to understand or involves more things than you thought in the beginning.


This brings me to, why do people scour the internet looking for ways to make money and only glance at what they think of as “HYPE”? Do they only look at the beginning and no further? YES, YES, YES.

In my experience, people don’t really take the time and effort to research things to the fullest. When people do they find a host of information that brings clarity.

Who can you trust? What is real? Who can you turn to to get information that is not tainted?

Trust between mentor and mentee is said to be the cornerstone of an effective mentoring relationship. It can take time and sometimes a little effort to build trust and rapport, but it’s worth the trouble.

Are you trusting in someone who has more experience than you? Do you trust their judgment? Do you believe they have your best interest?

Here are 3 key mentor behaviors to build trust.

First, listen. When a mentee knows their mentor is there to just listen, and they feel fully “heard”. Then you take the information given by the mentee, meditate on it. Write it out. Then focus on the issues that need to be fixed.

Keep your promises. The most important promise is to do with confidentiality. When a mentee trusts that what they share will never become dinner table conversation for the mentor, they can open themselves up and become vulnerable – which is a window to their learning. We all want this kind of relationship, but few really find it. Become the trusted one for your people.

Don’t just be open, be vulnerable. As a leader and mentor, it can be hard to be vulnerable. We don’t like admitting our weaknesses and flaws.

I say this NOW. I love my mentors. They are real, open, honest, and are very transparent in their relationship with me. They help me see my weaknesses and flaws and learn to correct them in a loving way. They don’t judge, they speak words of affirmation.

My business is way more than meets the eye. Those who have done their due diligence, have joined me and made money. Plain and simple. My business is simple to follow. The system is in place to lead and guide you for the best results.

Again, most people want shortcuts which leads to disaster. I follow the leaders because they get the results I’m looking for. When they make money, I know by following them, I make money.

If you are reading this, research it out. See what it is all about. Ask questions. Get the answers. You have at your fingertips the way to success, will you take it?

My best resource for you. I pray this helps clarify things for you.

Trust and Trust Will Come Back A Hundred Fold.


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with following the process from lead to core member.

What does it actually take? Glad you asked.


I’m part of TL2Ivm –Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer coop with Rob Gehring- MY MENTOR. I buy leads through a package he has which sends me around 30- 40 leads per month for my 1 share in the coop. This cost is $50.00 per month. For me, my budget is 100 dollars a month for now. My increase is coming.

All of my coop leads promote Genesis Lifestyle Network. This is my high ticket sale item. Owner Jared Meyers does a fantastic job keeping everything up to date for us.

I’m part of THE CONVERSION PROS Which is a monthly cost of 50.00. It gives you a complete system to create lead capture pages, keeps track of your leads, and a host of other tools.

I have TCP on my phone. When a new lead form coop or my advertising from viral mailers, solo ads, and other Facebook groups, it gives me an alert. I can then call, text, or email my lead.

This is the lifeline to my Affiliate Marketing business.

Now my journey begins. I first leave a quick text saying,” Hi (their name), This is Michael Lipsey from the Genesis Lifestyle Network and I received your request for more information on our work from home program. When can we schedule a 5- minute talk”? Yes Folks it’s that easy. Welcome them to GLN. Tell them they are in the right place at the right time on your 1st call. Plant the seed, makes sense, right?

They text me back with a set time or when they are available and I call right then. If I don’t get a response that day, I contact them every day for 5-7 days. Be polite each time. You don’t want to scare them away. If no response MOVE ON. WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO WANTS WHAT YOU OFFER.


You should have a quick list of questions. Have you gotten your welcome email? Did you watch the video that explains who and what Genesis Lifestyle Network is? Did you sign up for the 7-day free trial?

Be calm and relaxed. Build a friendship. Set their minds at ease. Remember what it was like when you were deciding to get started.

I talked with one of my leads for several weeks, answering questions and guiding him with things to do. ( watch presentation video, read entire business plan). He became a core member at the beginner level.

I always encourage him/ them to start after the 7- day free trial period. Get the most out of the 7 days. You could earn your 1st commission. You would have zero out-of-pocket expenses.

At the end of your trial period, your system will be turned off until you become a core member. Let them know they can get started for as little as 50 dollars. I tell them the prices for all 6 of the packages. Some come in at beginner level some at Mastery level. Either way, folks you earn a commission. That’s exciting.

Build your list daily. The more the merrier. It’s all a numbers game. Go through as many as necessary to get your core member signed up.

If you are NOT part of this system, WHY NOT? It has everything you need. JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM STEP BY STEP.

JOIN ME NOW. I will introduce you to all our leaders. Sound good?

Build a friendship 1st


Good Morning Special Loved Ones. Michael The Traveling Trucker with the scoop about Life. My life today is so different than 5 years ago. My life’s journey took a turn when I reached out to a mentor to pour into my life.

I actually have 2. One of my most valuable resources. I may not understand at the time but meditation brings clarity in their teachings. It’s all about CHANGE.


 People only change if they believe the change is in their interest.  It doesn’t matter how much we want the other person to change, they will only change if they want to.

I had this mindset for years and suffered for it. My business suffered, my marriage suffered. So why so STUBBORN? In my case, I didn’t have the right information and didn’t know how to use what I had. Can anyone relate?

All we can do is outline why the change is important and clearly outline the implications of not changing. My mentors gently but firmly made recommendations for change and waited to see what I was going to do.

Write down what you want to accomplish in life and business. Be clear about how to get there in your present situation. Then share with a leader or mentor who is where you want to be.

Let their experience influence your thinking getting you to where you want to be. This is business LOVE 101.

I love to share this part with everyone. Business Adventure Click Here.

This is where STEWARDSHIP comes in. Stewardship: the act or activity of looking after and making decisions about something. These are everyday decisions about your life.

Stewardship is not a new fad or environmental word. Stewardship is the way God has expected His people to live since the beginning of time. Stewardship is recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God.

Stewardship is living a life of gratitude. Stewardship is returning a portion of our gifts to God. The gifts we return are our time, our talent, and our treasure.  Stewardship is the wise use of our materialistic goods and abilities, as well as our time to help others.

Man in Gray Hoodie Holding White Ceramic Mug

I’m so thankful for the life of gratitude that my mentors have taught. It keeps me wanting to give more. We are the caretakers. We only have things for a short period of time. Try not to hold too much back. Go forward each day with excitement.

Life is about sharing what we have with those that are in need. I love being a giver. I have not always felt this way. It has taken my wife mostly to show the love God wants us to share.

We should be givers in business also. Looking at others’ struggles and determining how to best offer our help for them to overcome their struggle situation.

Is it helping with a lead capture page, setting up their payment center, creating a banner like Dennis did for the group to benefit?



May those who come behind us find us FAITHFUL. Welcome, all to Michael The Traveling Truckers tips for the day.

Take a moment and answer the above question. Are you faithful in life? How do you handle money? How do you spend time at work, at home, exercising, meeting people?


Here are 6 tips in the arena of SUCCESS:

BE ON TIME. I am a fanatic about being on time as a trucker. I have to be on time or I may not get unloaded. Being on time for business is a must. It tells a lot about a person. If they don’t respect your time, is this someone you really want to work with?

FOCUS. Stay alert to what’s going on around you. Write down your daily to-do list and keep it in front of you.

INTENTIONALITY. Excellence is not random. Everything we do is by design. We create a consistent experience of excellence by functioning inside of a proven set of PROCESSES.

AUTHENTICITY AND PASSION. The authenticity and passion of our greeting are what people remember. Make the most of every opportunity to connect, engage, and honor your Guest, lead, or partner.

TEAMWORK. Every good thing in life takes teamwork. It’s important to have a welcoming and warming spirit of excellence.

HAVE FUN. This is my favorite. Having fun is a natural motivator. Anything is easier done when it is made fun.

I am giving you the opportunity to join me on the adventure of a lifetime. Take my hand. Take a deep breath, and let’s jump into the unknown together. You won’t be disappointed. The first step, CLICK HERE.

When all is said and done, where do you want to be at the end of 2022?

Be Faithful Is A Lifestyle


Greetings and Salutations from Michael The Traveling Trucker Jedi Master.


British actor Kenny Baker on the set of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back directed by Irvin Kershner.

I know the force is strong with you young padawan. You have been searching for a millennium for what is right in front of you. Use your lightsaber to cut through the exterior to see into the interior.

Trading your time for dollars has been your life throughout the galaxy. You do as told until your rest period becomes available. Life seems dreary, uneventful, and rather boring. Time to expand your horizon, Young Padawan.

Can small business be done effectively, without losing your spiritual center, or all your savings?

The heart is central to the survival of human beings. If our heart stops beating we die. Where and what is the heart of a business? I believe people are the heart of a business. After all, it is the people who go the extra mile to make it happen – or get in the way and stop it from happening!

There are a few training tips for you to follow to become a Jedi Master.

If you are just starting out, got years under your belt, or You’ve actually achieved some success, but it’s not sustainable, we are here to help walk you through your business journey.

Let me say this now, Success is a good thing. However YOU define it for yourself, it’s okay to SUCCEED, it’s okay to make MONEY, it’s okay that your business works well.


Marketing consists of all that YOU do to identify customers’ needs and have products and services that meet those needs. Today, social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors within the marketing function. Do your customers sense the force?

Your Message is the most important part of your business. You can have the greatest programs or services in the world, but if you don’t know how to communicate your message, you’re dead in the galaxy.

Star Wars character Darth Vader with Stormtroopers at Edinburgh Castle ahead of a screening of Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back at the...

Why have this training if you don’t use it? Your Core Message is from the “inside out”. It focuses on you first – WHY you do what you do. Don’t get stuck here. Identify why you do what you do, then build your business by helping others.

Don’t be captured in carbonite, sealing your fate.

Poznan, Poland, April 29, 2017 Pyrkon - Fantasy Convent - Star Wars Han Solo played by Harrison Ford frozen in carbonite

Unclear what your business needs? Reach out to us. Our leaders work closely with you, train you to exercise your business muscles( talking with customers, building your list, video training)

Behind every great brand is a fundamental Core Message. Your Core Message allows you to stand out by making your position clear. It allows you to take a stand for what you believe in passionately.

Belief through your Core Message, you can attract people who share the same values and beliefs. Be a magnet and attract the right people.

My Core Message,” Help people solve their business problems, build great communication dialogs, help you build your brand, build your list while offering a superior product and a great service”.

5 Questions to Get to the Heart of Your Business.

What is your motto?

A motto is a statement of purpose and belief — it serves as the guiding principle and spirit of the cause you are advancing.

Why does your story matter?

Stories inspire us. Tell yours, the world needs to hear it.

What is your greatest vision?

By articulating your vision without constraints, you are able to picture what you truly desire and take the necessary steps to move your business towards that vision.

What is your plan for growth?

Every business follows a path. My mentor gave me a great piece of advice — there is a difference between having a job you love and having a business model that you love and is scalable. In her words, “Do what you love, but always follow the money.” You must know where you’re going. What is your destination and how will you get there?

Why will you succeed?

I love this question because it forces entrepreneurs to take a hard look as to whether or not they have what it takes to succeed. 

Join Me NOW. Click Here. Let me work with you, guiding you to expand your thinking and building a business you will be proud of.

Success Is One Step Away, Reach For It.


Today, I, Michael The Traveling Trucker speak blessings over you, READER. You have been looking for a long time for positive words to live by.

Come sit with me and let’s explore the words of the UNIVERSE. Time is the same for everyone. 24/7/365. The difference is how you USE IT. DON’T BE A TIME KILLER, BE A TIME MANAGER.


Reposting @justc4urself: #internetmarketing# ...

“A business idea is just another idea. But an idea backed by strong feasibility, a thorough business plan, and a smart team is no longer an idea. It’s now a solid business opportunity worth pursuing.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

Have you looked into the mirror today and told yourself, you are well-loved? YOU ARE. Have you said to yourself today, I can accomplish this task with speed and efficiency? YOU CAN and WILL.

Business Lesson 101: Start with a notebook and pen. Write down your thoughts no matter how big or small. Write what you see each morning, afternoon, and evening. This is the starting point of greatness.

Think about this next statement:

The Purpose of A Business

The purpose of a business is to offer value (through products and/or services) to customers, who pay for the value with cash or equivalents.

How do you offer your product or service? DO NOT EVER SELL PEOPLE. Research what they need and become the go-to person for solving that issue. When you help people, they are more apt to buy from you.

Value is always that which is perceived by the customer. Ideally, it should evolve, change, and multiply over time.

Talking to oneself is important. If you don’t speak positively to yourself, you are missing a valuable resource. You know what you are capable of, I see what you can and will become with a little training.

 “The most important word in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important word is leverage.” – Rich Dad.

Pick one thing to FOCUS on until you master it. When I quit drinking, all I focused on for 2 years was not drinking until it became a habit. Now I don’t think about drinking.

Same with smoking. I focused on NOT smoking until it became a habit. Now I don’t think about smoking.


I share my business with everyone looking to SUCCEED. You may not know anything about business but you can learn. It’s not that hard. Be TEACHABLE.

Click Here NOW.

I think about how to help people. I speak intelligently and passionately about LIFE. How to make yours better. I don’t have all the answers. I can research with you to find the best solution.

My Mentor Janet Legere wrote a book: Get Stuck On Happy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Order your copy today.

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” – Mary Kay Ash.

Try this today: Leave someone better off than you found them. Show them the best LOVE you have to offer holding nothing back.



Hello Everyone, What a day in the life of Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Today I would like to focus on our Market Place.


Crop faceless person turning shop signboard hanging on glass wall

Welcome to the Genesis Lifestyle Network Online Marketplace. Here you can find some of the top online opportunities and recommended products on the internet today that we use to build the Genesis Lifestyle Network Opportunity

Recommended Training Platforms: one of my favorites is Contact List Builder. Begin to Duplicate CLB Learning’s
5 “Easy” Steps to Success Blueprint…Guaranteed Online Marketing Success!

I have worked with Owner Janet Legere for several years. She is a great teacher and mentor. A true leader in the Marketing Field.

Next, I recommend: TrafficLeads2Income viral mailer. All the tools you need to convert leads for any business. All packages include a Page Builder, Email Campaigns, CRM & much more.

Rob Gehring Owner is a friend, Coach, and Mentor. He has a calendar for one on one sessions for helping build your business to the next level.

Picture in wooden frame with Good Vibes Only inscription hanging on white tiled wall

Next, we have Marketing Tools & Resources: HIGHLY RECOMMEND

HITS CONNECT The BEST Tracking program out there that allows you to track your conversions! Take the guesswork out of tracking ad campaigns! If you don’t track your campaigns, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

THE CONVERSION PROS : All the tools you need to convert leads for any business. All packages include a Page Builder, Email Campaigns, CRM & much more. I love this site. It’s easy to navigate and create everything I need to make my sites look great.

The next 3 I don’t use. Other team members do. We have AWEBER: Powerfully simple email marketing. Build your email lists, send beautiful emails, and connect with your audience faster than ever before.

SENDSHARK: Build your list for just $25 per month and store up to 50,000 subscribers. This is the most bang for your buck and has a great comp plan as well!

CLICKMAGICK: This is the one place where you can see all your key marketing metrics and your actual results, with pinpoint accuracy, all in one place.

HOTTEST VIRAL MAILERS: Traffic Leads 2 Income VM

Stay At Home Mailer:

These are just a few of what we OFFER. YOU have full access to all the materials when you upgrade.

Remember, you are 1, yes 1 step away from financial success. Join Us NOW.