Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s topic is really about business, so follow along and ENJOY the read.


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So you decided to get a puppy. You did the research and found the one for you. You looked at the setters, spaniels, terriers, wolfhounds, chihuahuas, dachshunds. You had your heart set, so you bought the greyhound.

From the beginning you feed and watered the puppy. Exercised the puppy. When the puppy was a little older, you went for some training.

You took your puppy where he could run and before long you thought about racing your dog. Entrance fees, boarding fees, licenses were bought and the dog was registered with a proper name.

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Does this sound like your BUSINESS? Yes, I hope you did your research. Found the one that was right for you. HINT: CLICK HERE for mine.

I hope you invested in yourself. Your entrance fee is the package level you decide to come in at. You can buy a domain name, but not everyone does.

All of the TRAINING comes with your core package. We have weekly training live so make sure you show up. Building your list daily.

Here is a small list of our great training: Sales Funnel Optimization, High Ticket Sales, Homerun Copywriters Course, 10k Blueprint, and Bitcoin Breakthrough, are just a few.

You exercise your business through solo ads (UDIMI), virial mailers, traffic exchanges, social media. Think about where people are hanging out asking questions about BUSINESS. Give them a helping hand, yes, be the GO TO guy or gal.

Now it’s race day. You are in the starting lane. The gates open and you take off like a flash. You give it all you got. You are running for the win.

YOU cross the finish line a winner, making your 1st of many sales. You begin to reinvest in yourself, buying solo ads on a monthly basis. Getting your co-op shares. Your commissions start coming in regularly. Before you know it you QUIT YOUR JOB, because you are making more money from home than your job.

Making the right decision NOW is the place to start. Don’t listen to the naysayers, just because they think they know you. Listen to your leaders who are where you want to be. If they can do it, THERE is hope, you can do it.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP OR LOOK BACK. Keep moving forward. The books you read now and the leaders you hang out with will determine where you will be in 5 years.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker, With MONEY TIPS.

Package NameBeginner $50 One TimePro$100 One TimeAdvanced$300 One TimeElite$600 One TimeVIP$1,200 One Time
Free Package10% commissionsYou Earn $5 per saleYou Earn $10 per saleYou Earn $30 per saleYou Earn $60 per saleYou Earn $120 per sale
Beginner30% commissionsYou Earn $15 per saleYou Earn $30 per saleYou Earn $90 per saleYou Earn $180 per saleYou Earn $360 per sale
Pro40% commissionsYou Earn $20 per saleYou Earn $40 per saleYou Earn $120 per saleYou Earn $240 per saleYou Earn $480 per sale
Advanced50% commissionsYou Earn $25 per saleYou Earn $50 per saleYou Earn $150 per saleYou Earn $300 per saleYou Earn $600 per sale
Elite60% commissionsYou Earn $30 per saleYou Earn $60 per saleYou Earn $180 per saleYou Earn $360 per saleYou Earn $720 per sale
VIP100% commissionsYou Earn $50 per saleYou Earn $100 per saleYou Earn $300 per saleYou Earn $600 per saleYou Earn $1200 per sale

Looking over this chart, a free member would need 65 people at beginner, 35 people at Pro level, 12 people at advanced level, 6 members at Elite level, and 3 members at VIP level to reach the 10K per month. This must be done each month to maintain 10K per month. Each Upgrade gives you higher commissions to help you reach your 10K per month faster.

When you want people to come in as a VIP level $1200, I believe you must be a VIP. How can you recommend VIP if you yourself are not VIP. I hope that is clear.

There is also the 20 different incomes in the Downline Builder. All these together gives you additional income to the overall 10K per month.

Take your time in writing down your goals. This is not a race. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself. Keep a steady pace, do your daily actions for income producing activities.

You Can And Will REACH Your Goals

Nuts and Bolts Of 10k Blueprint

Woo Hoo-Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Let’s open the door and peek inside. What does it take to earn 10k per month?

MATH TIME: To build your business strong you need at least 1000 subscribers on your list within the first month. All businesses have to go through these numbers, some will join and some will not.

On average, what is your subscribe worth? Most say around $1.00 per month.


Free traffic is a source of getting subscribers but will take a lot of time. You can leverage your time with paid traffic. After you reach your 1000 subscribers, your goal should be to reach 5000 subscribers.

Then the magic number should be 10,000 subscribers. Math: 10,000 X 1.00= $10,000 per month. Don’t stop there. What about 50,000 subscribers, even 100,000 subscribers?

Here is the process to start, 1) Have a plan of ACTION. What does it take to make 10k per month? What is your Niche going to be? Our Niche is Affiliate Marketing.

2) Create a squeeze page. This is an enticing offer that prompts people to leave their name, email, and phone number for say, a free report, free ebook.

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3) This will take them through your sales funnel, so it must look good. The page will have no other link on the page. People will fill out the page and click subscribe or leave the page.

4) Where do you store your emails? This is where your autoresponder is set up. You will have a series of emails set up to deliver to your subscribers daily. Each email is set up with one thing in mind.

Taking your subscribers to paid members. We are here to MAKE MONEY, YES?

At this point, FOLLOW UP IS CRUCIAL. Building your brand. Letting people know who you are and they can trust you. YOU DO THEIR THERE BEST INTEREST AT HEART, RIGHT? Without people, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

Make money online. From home royalty free stock photo

At this point what is your TRAFFIC PLAN? Paid , solo, viral mailers, co-op, free. Decide what your MONTHLY budget is going to be. After you start getting results, increase your budget for even greater results.

As people subscribe to YOUR list, you can start to promote other offers that bring VALUE to what they are already doing.

My mentor said WASH,RINSE,REPEAT. I know you must have read what I’m writing about before, bur well worth repeating. MASTER the basics and become a LEADER in your Field.

You are well on your way to making 10 k per month. Some will do this easily and others will take some time to build.

DON’T EVER QUIT. You have a starting point and an end goal in mind-YOU CAN REACH IT.

Then set some new goals, even bigger than the 1st ones. FOLKS, there is so much to learn. You have just scratched the surface.

I pray you find this useful. Please comment after reading. Be honest in you comments. This helps us to grow to produce even better content.

You Have Start, GO GO GO


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Crank the engine over, time to shift into high gear put the pedal to the metal, get those wheels turning.


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What exactly is the 10K BLUEPRINT? 1st it is a belief that you can make $10,000 per month after 90 days. 2nd, taking daily action is VITAL. We all hold strong beliefs in different things.

I have found out through my own beliefs, that many of us have a lack of vision when it comes to MONEY.

Here is my QUESTION: Do YOU believe you can make $10,000 per month after 90 days? STOP FOR A FEW SECONDS AND THINK ABOUT THIS QUESTION.

Have you ever heard the statement: Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees?

These negative thoughts have to be REPLACED with, I CAN and WILL make $10,000 dollars after ninety days. I have all the resources at MY disposal.

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What thoughts are going through your mind right now after you ask yourself that question? PLEASE remember that YOU are NOT your beliefs. Your past is your past. You CAN CHANGE your thought process.

What you feed your mind daily, begins to change your beliefs. Books, motivation videos, webinar training.

Who are you LISTENING to? I have a challenge for you, ARE YOU UP FOR IT?

Write down your limiting beliefs. Take ONLY the 1st one and begin working on changing that belief. DO ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Make sense? Look at your list and pick one that relates to money, like “I have failed at internet marketing before and never made any money”.

Begin by saying: I will make money from the internet. Money comes easily to me. Money is ATTRACTED to ME. Leave yourself “POST IT NOTES EVERYWHERE. Put them where you see them numerous times per day.


Money, Dollars, Success, Business

Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, counter it with a positive thought. People love to complain. This is the BIGGEST NEGATIVE BOMB. Stay away from the negative nellies.

To avoid people’s negativity- keep your plans close to your heart and DON’T tell them what your plans are. Show them by EXAMPLE.

If you don’t tell people they CAN’T try to crush your dreams. People DON’T want you to get ahead of them or leave them behind. They want you to stay in the NEGATIVE PIT. RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY.

Job, Job Offer, Workplace, Job Search

The REAL question on your mind is: SO HOW DO I MAKE $10,000 per MONTH?

What steps do I take? I’m glad I have you thinking about this question. This is really your 1st step to positive mind change.

Stay tuned for round 2 blogging on what your actual steps are. If you are impatient click here to get faster results.


DOES Your Compensation Measure Up?

Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today I got to see the new compensation plan at one of the businesses I promote. I’M SO EXCITED.

Click Here To See More.


This is going to be a GAME CHANGER. You will make money on every level. How KOOL IS THAT? From Free To VIP.

You will still earn on upgrades of members under you.

free – 10% commissions: Beginner $5 commissions: Pro $10 commissions: Advanced$30 commission: Elite$60 commissions: VIP $120 commissions

beginner – 30% commission: $15 commission: $30 commission: $90 commission: $180 commission: $360 commission

pro – 40% commission : $20 commission: $40 commission: $120 commission: $180 commission: $480 commission

advanced – 50% commission: $25 commission: $50 commission: $150 commission: $300 commission: $600 commission

elite – 60% commission: $30 commission: $60 commission: $180 commission: $360 commission: $720 commission

VIP – 100%b: $50 commission: $100 commission: $300 commission: $600 commission: $1200 commission

Indemnity plan word cloud. Concept on grey background stock images

They will also be adding in bonus money at the end of each month for the top 3 referrers! This is challenge time. Are You Up For It? Will You Be One Of The Top 3?

Giving our members the ability to earn on their first sale to infinity and pay out a whopping 100% commissions on all of our core products.

We want to reward our members and we truly believe our compensation plan can benefit any person with any experience level.

With our free package, you still have the ability to earn a residual commission by referring others to our recommended tool suite that will help you build your business.

You will be able to earn in a variety of ways using Multi Stream Income System ranging from our online internet marketing university all the way to building multiple opportunities that can create a lifestyle that you have only dreamed about!

CREAT Your Free Account NOW and upgrade on the inside and position yourself for life changing $1,200 paydays!


How To Promote Your Business?

Good Sunday, Michael The Traveling Trucker here. Today I got to read some wonderful information on how to promote your business on Facebook.

A BIG shout out to Mike Dodd. Thank you Sir.


Never promote your business 1st, PROMOTE YOURSELF. Give a little background of who you are. Remember a nice picture of yourself goes a long way. If you can do a video, this would be even better. People love watching videos.

I would like to share some of the highlights. With all the groups out there, you should focus on High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. People love to make money and High Tickets Items do sell.

People who are newbies to Affiliate Marketing Always need help. HELP them.

You have a very large number of MLM groups.

Do a search on Affiliate Marketing. You will be surprised at how many groups there are. Join a few of these groups. Interact with these people.

Facebook has an activity wall where people ask questions like: How do I?, What Do I?, and Where Do I? These are signs people need your help with fixing their problem.

When people post a question, Send them a private message. Simply reply to their question. Tell them to check their inbox. You have sent them the answer or a way to get the answer they are looking for per private message.

This is warm lead marketing Folks. This tells them, they have a way to get the answers they are looking for.

People will reach out to you, when they do, share the answer with them, and invite them to join your business.

Don’t be afraid to let people know you don’t have all the answers, but invite them to join your business to get all the answers from the leaders. This helps people to know, like, and trust you.

Finding leads should not be a hard task. Ask people to join your team. Remember if you don’t ask, people will never join you. Leads quite often turn into sales.

There are so many many on Facebook that could and should use your help. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. People need what you have, SO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE.


How Much Does It Cost?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker with a thought provoking question.

How much does it cost? As Business owners, we hear this question a lot. The next is: How much have you earned?


You main goal is to BUILD YOUR LIST. Without people you don’t have a business.

When we as entrepreneurs thought about starting our businesses, the question did come up as to the cost. I didn’t hesitate about the amount because it was low compared to some.

My really big investment was over 40,000.00 to which I lost do to the FCC shutting down this business I was involved with.

It takes an investment into yourself, your brand, to make a difference in the business world you are creating.

The cost of doing business depends on a wide variety of factors, including the cost inputs of goods and services.

Analyze what costs your business needs to incur to get started and operate for a given period of time.

Training, Businessman, Suit, Manager

I have learned you NEVER ask how much someone makes. It doesn’t matter because, I might make more with the same information as they have. My success only depends on the amount of work I put into my business.

I am a leader, who teaches, instructs and guides people to where they need to go, not necessarily where they think they need or want to go. As a leader, I was taught what to say, how to say it, what is working and what is not.

A prime example was my mentor tweaked her lead capture page because she was not getting the results she was hoping for. Now it is kicking butt.

Skills, Can, Startup, Start Up

So why do so many people look at what we are doing and run for the hills? Some will, some won’t, so what, work with the ones who want to build a dynasty. There are so many looking, so be the best problem solver ever.

What makes us different from what others are doing? We have the #1 done for you system. Leaders who are ALWAYS willing to work with you. We have a downline building system, that gives you multiple streams of income.

Accountant, Accounting, Adviser, Advisor

So go ahead and calculate the cost. What is your LIFE/ BUSINESS worth? Is it worth your time? Your money?

How much do you invest going to work every day? Gas for the car, maintenance, clothes, food, your peace of mind sitting in traffic?

How much money do you make? What type of vacation can you go on? It depends on how much money you can spend from what you can save.

Here are the FACTS: You can start for $50.00 or for the best deal $1200.00. This gives you everything. You can buy Co op shares for 50.00 a month. You can look into solo ads which are about $40.00 and up.

I bless you in the name of JESUS. You deserve to be successful. You deserve the best LIFE has to offer.

You are ANOINTED to win,

Empowered to PROSPER,

Impossible to curse.


Go to MY resource NOW. It’s at the top of my blog page.

How To Teach A Man To Fish

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. I know you know the saying” Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for life”.


Fish, Lake, Fishing, Fisherman

That is what I’m doing here. Teaching you to be fisher of men/women. I don’t want you to doubt this.

Being taught and working hard for this will make your life so much better. Gifts are nice, But I remember working hard for my 1st car. I worked all summer and part of the fall for a 1976 Buick LeSabre.

It made riding down the road —-SWEET.

What will you 1st commission look like? $10,20,50,100,300,1200 and beyond.

What makes our system different then the others? Glad you asked. Ready to take notes?

We have the best leaders in place. They help at every turn, always ready to guide. It’s called a support system.

Any time I need help, all I have to do is ask, like I did today for my blog post update for yesterday. My mentor made a recommendation and I now have a link to The Resolution System on my blog. You can get yours here.

We have an Online University, Online Market place, 11 downloadable books from people like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Napoleon Hill, Dave Ramsey, Jack Canfield and many more.

Done For You setup service. We offer this service for the busy professionals or those of you that do not have the time and technical know how to setup a system.

Sales Closing Service. We offer this service for those of you that are not comfortable getting on the phone and talking to people.

Can you see the EXTREME value so far? How about the commissions you can earn? From $50.00 to $1200.00. NOW THAT’S MONEY. What would you do with your 1st $1200.00 commission check?

We have the most training and videos a system could have. We teach about the proper way to post on Facebook.

Signup For Affiliate Programs, click bank products, Paid Affiliate Programs. Viral Mailers.

Our back office is jammed packed with everything you need to succeed., Plus we have multiple income streams that put even more money in your pocket monthly.

This is the life blood of any business-PARTNERSHIP WITH PEOPLE.

DO YOU WANT TO PARTNERSHIP WITH US? Come on in, look around, and I believe you will stay for LIFE. We walk you through the set up of your system from step 1 till you are done with step 6.

I Will Work Hard With YOU


I have pondered that question for a long time. Michael The Traveling Trucker with another thought provoking question.


Why High Ticket Affiliate Programs Rule | Web Traffic Lounge

Why not small ticket items that people can afford? Why do the Entrepreneur Marketers go for the high ticket sales?

Glad you asked, here are some of the advantages of high ticket items:

All these are straight from GLN website. It is worth the look. I’m a VIP myself and will never look back and wonder should I go for it.

Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies, High Ticket Sales Secrets, YouTube Channel SEO, Homerun Copywriters Course, The 10K Blueprint, 7 Figure Mastery, Next Level LinkedIn Marketing, Tik Tok Marketing Made Easy, Hyper Influencer Marketing.

  • $1,200 One Time License Fee / $299 Lifetime Membership Fee
  • Ability To Earn On All Product Packages¬†-$50-$100-$300-$600 and the biggy $1200 when you come in as a VIP.
  • Access To Our Facebook Group To Welcome New Members And Share Strategies That Are Working In The Marketplace Today
  • Access To Our Online Marketplace Where You Can Purchase The Top Opportunities & Training On The Market Today
  • Promote Up To 4 Opportunities Of Your Choice- These are programs outside of GLN that you might belong to. I have all four myself of different programs I’m promoting. Look to the top of the blog for the resource page.
  • Build a residual income by referring others to our recommended marketing tool suite that can help you build ANY business online!
  • Done For You Funnels
  • Done For You Email Followup Series
  • Done For You Capture Pages
  • Integration With Aweber and Sendshark Autoresponders
  • Ability To Earn Commissions Off Of The Products Listed In Our Online Marketplace
  • Done For You Setup & Sales Closing Services Offered
  • Earn 100% Commissions of $50, $100, $300, $600 & $1,200
  • Access To All Product Packages
  • Receive Access To Our LIVE VIP Training Sessions Where You Will Learn From Top Earners In The Industry

Most people who promote small ticket items spend more time, effort and money trying to make a full time income. When people purchase a high ticket item, it say’s I’M SERIOUS. I have what it takes to succeed.

Small ticket items do sell. You need a lot of sales. Let me ask, would you rather sell a $29.00 item or a $1200.00 item for profit? You will have to sell 40 items to make $1200.00 or one sell of $1200.00 package.

Puzzle, Success, Analysis, Problem

I say this with LOVE, don’t kid yourself. People are flocking to this business. This # 1 done for you system is taking the internet by storm. I’m so grateful for the people who shared this opportunity with me.

NOW it’s my time to share with you READER. You can either make it happen, watch it happen or wonder what happened. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO CHOICE.

I have given you the basic info to check it out. Rubber meets the road. Come see what all the excitement is about. Don’t get left behind. Do It NOW.