What Are Multiple Income Streams

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Multiple Income Streams

Earning Multiple Income Streams does NOT mean taking your focus away from your Primary Business.

Quite the opposite.

With CLB Learning, you are earning income from the tools and resources that you are using to build your list and generate leads for your Primary Business.

At CLB Learning, we teach you all about creating a funnel and advertising that funnel. We also teach you about tracking so you know which sources are working for you. And finally, we teach you about branding yourself online. After all, it’s YOU people are joining in business. It’s YOU that make the difference!

Our Downline Builder provides a safe environment for you to promote your business. Your personal team will be introduced to the programs in our Downline Builder as we teach them how to create their funnel and advertise. When they join the programs in the Downline Builder, they will be joining under you.When they upgrade in any of those programs YOU earn a commission.

Your focus?

  1. Send traffic to your Capture Page
  2. Follow Up with your Leads
  3. Post regularly on your blog to share your experience with your business and with CLB

It really is this simple.

Our “job” at CLB, is to help YOUR prospects learn to build their list of prospects while we also teach them the importance of a Primary Business and Personal Branding.

Your Multiple Income Streams Include:

  1. Your Primary Business – Your main focus
  2. The Conversion Pros – Your marketing funnel
  3. – Tracking your results
  4. Udimi Solo Ads – Solo Ad Providers
  5. MLM Leads – Auto-Pilot Traffic
  6. PG Coop – Viral Mailer
  7. Genie Mailer – Viral Mailer
  8. TL2IVM Traffic Coop – Traffic Coop
  9. Host Then Profit – Hosting/Blogging/Branding
  10. Send Shark – Auto-Responder

At CLB, we offer step by step training that helps you get setup and running very quickly. We even offer a “done-for-you” system where we set everything up for you!

Your Business is OUR Focus.

Welcome to CLB Learning/The Contact List Builder … your one stop for all your business marketing needs.

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder

We invite you to discover your fullest potential at CLB


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