Never Say CAN’T!

When I look around and think to myself, I really can’t do this, am I really not able to do something or is it to hard or am I being a bit lazy? Do I not have the skill yet?

Salutations everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s thought provoking communication.


Jen was born without legs and abandoned at the hospital,Yet she says being put up for adoption was a blessing.” I am here because of people who poured into me.”

Her adoptive family hepled her to see she was ” born like this for a reason.” They raised her to ” never say can’t” and encourged her in all her pursuits- including becoming an accomplished acrobat and aerialist!

She meets challenges with the attitude of ” How can I tackle this ?” and motivates others to do the same.

Do you feel like this or do you say I can’t? Do you follow the leader or set the pace for others to follow?

Example: No words. Just music and moving. During a 24 hour Zumba marathon amid the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people from around the globe worked out togehter and virtually followed instructors from India, China. Mexico, America, South Africa, and parts of Europe, and several other places.

These diverse indivuals were able to move together without any language barriers. Why?

Because instructors of the exercise craze Zumba, created in the mid-1990’s by a columbian aerobics instructor, utilized nonverbal cues to communicate. Class instructors move and students follow with no words uttered or shouted.


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Teaching is meant to be a very enjoyable and rewarding. Make your lessons come alive by making it as interactive and engaging as possible. Let your passion for teaching shine through each and everyday. Enjoy every teaching moment to the fullest. ( Janet Legere is QUEEN)

“With great power, comes great responsibility” One of your goals ought to be: Make a difference in the lives of people. Make them feel special, safe and secure.

Bring positive energy into your business teachings every single day. Always remember that positive energy is contagious and it is up to you to spread it. Don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down with them.

In my world I need the words. I need encouragement, and sometimes step by step instructions. I have adopted the never say CAN’T attitude. There are days when I need to learn a new skill. Yes it might be hard, but persistence is key! “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

Today, learning is fun and exciting. Being a leader has helped me to offer assistance to others who need to learn a new skill.Sharing what we know is living life on our terms. We all need people.

When you are delivering a lesson, GIVE 100%. Give 100% for yourself and for your students. Never give up and try your best – that’s all that you can do. 

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Find inspiration from as many sources as you can. Whether it comes from books, education, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs.

Reading Is The Magic Key

Do You Have A Partner?

Will you be mine? Spend your life with me and let’s build a passionate life together, what do you think?

Have you heard any of these statements? Great day from Michael The Traveling Trucker.


I have spent a great deal of time with a select group of people. I have shared my passion, love, and thoughts to build the relationships strong.

My biggest relationship is with GOD. Without God in my life, I would be lost in the drugs and alcohol that was so prevalent in my daily existence.

My beautiful bride of 36 years. We share life together on every level. From reading God’s word together, raising children, remodeling our home, shopping, eating and yes of course physical touching.

My list of who I talk with daily- God, wife, ( children weekly ) they live in Oregon, business partners and some very special friends.

Here is my question to YOU reader, Who are you partnered with and why?

Why do you build your relationships? What do you get out of it?

I invite you to partner with me in business. Let’s build a strong relationship that will last. Let’s interact daily, share ideas and make money together, what say you?

Here are my partners: Janet Legere, Rob Gehring, Jared Meyers.

Each of my partners are business leaders, motivational speakers, coaches and mentors. When you spend any time with these people, you will notice they really care about your SUCCESS. It’s their life. They build BIG PERSONAL TEAMS.

I realize that I have given you a lot to think about. Pick one, contact me and I will help you grow your business. I’ll coach and mentor you every step of the way.

Be consistent, show up daily, do what is being offered from me and lets make money together.

I will teach you the best ways to build your list, share your offeres, where and how to post on social media. I’ll teach the best ways to invest in your business.

This is your time and season to become the entrepreneur you are meant to be.

Calling One Calling All

Are You Receptive?

Wow, time flies when having fun. Feb. 2022 is almost gone. Michael The Traveling Trucker is greeting you with excitment and fun.


I found this and wanted to share:

To Aid. To Encourage. To Consult. To Guide. To Help. The problem is most are Not Receptive! We all naturally Lack Receptivity!

The habit is to hear only what we want to hear. Advice is no benefit without receptivity. Advice is to make us better.

And good receptivity is essential for your benefit. Yes, we are talking about Your Online Business.

To Do Really Well
Giving and Receiving
Is Key!

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How can I best help you today? I don’t make this statement lightly. I’m in the position to help anyone at any time. Are you really listening to what is being said?

Starting a home business has its perks, but it requires foresight, due diligence, and substantial planning and preparation to set yourself up for success and avoid failure.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of business do you want to start? Have the Right Mindset.

Consistency is Key

It’s essential to create habits and follow routines that power you through when motivation goes away.

Determine the product you will be selling as part of your business. Making your product stand out amongst its competitors takes some foresight.

Refine Your Business Idea

It needs to be profitable and something you’re good at. 

Know Your Competitors and Market

Most entrepreneurs spend more time on their products than they do getting to know the competition. Look into what your competitors are doing and refine it.

Market Your Business. Find ways to put the word out there about your business. Web presence is vital. Branding yourself. Make your brand a household name.

Provide quality digital content on your site that makes it easy for customers to find the correct answers to their questions. Content marketing ideas include videos, customer testimonials, blog posts and demos. 

Use everyting at your disposal and find new ways that others are using that you may not have thought of.

Try New Things Daily


How To Cultivate Your Entrepreneur Mindset!

It’s adventure time once again with Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Today is about cultivating your entrepreneur mindset. NO Degree Required!

Doesn’t require an MBA, PHD or any other college degree.

7 Free Government Resources to Help Small Business Owners

Some people seem to be infused with the entrepreneurial spirit – that drive to start something new, solve the problems they see in their world, and strike out on their own.

Others really work hard at developing that mindset and keeping it strong and alive.

Whether you want to start a business right now or a few down the road, It’ll help you keep learning, growing, and stretching yourself to your greatest potential.

Prioritize learning and growth

It’s all too easy to look at a successful entrepreneur and assume they’ve got it all figured out. But the most successful entrepreneurs readily acknowledge that they’ll NEVER know it all. They’re constantly pursuing new knowledge and new ideas.

If at first you don’t succeed, TRY ,TRY again. Never Quit EVER.

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Honestly? There’s nothing comfortable about being an entrepreneur. Do you sometimes feel awkward because you feel like you see the world a little differently from most people? Are you constantly questioning things?

Put yourself in new and unfamiliar situations that force you to grow. Try something you’ve never done before. Get rejected. It’s scary, but it’s invigorating.

You Believe in a Better Future

Do you feel like you can always make more money, find new opportunities, and progress somehow? Successful entrepreneurs don’t accomplish great things by accident – they set thoughtful goals they care about and work towards them. 

90% is show up daily and do something that brings you closer to your goal. If you set a larger goal, break the path into small, achievable, realistic steps – ones you can make daily progress on.

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You Love to Learn

Do you believe ‘you are who you are’ and can’t change? Or do you think you can grow and change into whoever you want to be? Whenever you take a risk, you’ve got two possible outcomes: you’ll either win or you’ll learn.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit know that they can learn anything , whether social medial, marketing, public speaking, organic leads.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

 If you surround yourself with energizing, inspiring relationships, their optimism will rub off on you.

Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company founder, said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

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Work Daily To Change Youe Mindset Positivly

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Do You Know What Money Looks Like?

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Business owners. We all need money to operate in life. Some need a lot and some very little.

In your personal life, how much depends on a number of factors. House payment, car payment, utilities, food, insurance, entertainment.

Money does determine where you live, the car you drive, the school your children go to, the vacation you take, the clothes you wear.

My question is- people need money, want a better lifestyle, to become debt-free but only talk about it. Why aren’t you taking action to make your dreams come true? It’s never too late. Quit wasting time and get started TODAY.

It takes time to work a job and it takes time to build a business that creates a debt-free lifestyle.


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Some people are debt-free. Some are heavily in debt.

If you investigate the internet, you will see numerous people who claim to have the magic formula for gathering riches.

So what does money look like for this trucker? I drive all week for a bring home paycheck of $1500. Then I engage my team on the internet. I earn small amounts each day from a number of programs I’m involved in.

It is adding up quite nicely and getting larger each day. I would be happy to show you what I’m doing.

Remember money is a tool. You bring value to the use of money. What you spend your money on dictates that.

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Time To Make Your Dreams Come TRUE

Are You A Blender?

Hit the switch and let er rip. Greetings Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker asking if you are a blender?


So what do I mean by that, glad you asked. Do you mix up advertising, find new ways to reach people, do different tasks to see which get the best results? Are you tracking your results?

Do you train yourself daily, weekly, monthly to improve to become the best you can be? Are you reading motivational books or listening to videos that excite your spirit.

Are you getting with your mentor on a weekly basis to evaluate your progress?

Are you a daily action taker for promoting your business? Are you guiding your new people on what to do?

Please REMEMBER, everything you learn, pass it along to your people. Bounce ideas off your sponsor and then share them with your team. That means staying in contact with people daily.

WE are a people business. We help people solve problems and get them on the right track to explode their business.

Here is the BIG QUESTION: Are You All In? Are you making the most of the program you are in? By upgrading to the highest level, you will receive the biggest commissions. You understand that, RIGHT?

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Hope This was helpful in your thinking. Hopefully, you will glean something good from this and use it.

It’s Your Business So Use Everything.