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We are so glad you are here. We have been waiting while you made plans to get here. We have so much to show you, but I promise not to overwhelm you.


Pull up a chair and get a drink. It’s just friends talking and helping each other.

1st did you join the WOW app, if not click here. Are you looking to promote a business or start one ? TL2ICM is the best way to start.

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What does it mean to be in a community? A group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society, a body of persons of common and especially professional interests.

Simply put, a community is a group of like-minded individuals who share an identity-forming narrative. In other words, it’s a friendship between different people — or a social unit — with a commonality such as norms, place, religion, values, customs, or identity. 

To be clear, community is not a place, building, or organization — it’s both a feeling and a set of relationships among people. Members of a community often have a sense of trust, safety, belonging, and caring for each other.

With that said I would be honored to have you in our community. Ask any question or share any idea you may have. I look forward to our 1st conversation. Have a blessed day ,week , month, year.

People Helping People

Benefits From A Free Membership

Greetings everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker shows some of the benefits of a free membership at leadsleap.

Let me say from the start, The upgraded Pro membership gives you more to use than the free. You can start out free, I recommend you upgrade as fast as you can.

About Bookmark
When you view the ads in the network, you may come across some ads that you would like to explore further. You can bookmark the ad link by clicking the ‘heart’ button illustrated below

Pro Ads: Pro Advertising is our premium advertising service available to Pro Members only. Pro Ads are shown 24/7 throughout our entire network without the need for credits.

Social reviews: You can post your reviews from your favorite site. I have Genesis Lifestyle Network, Contact List Builder, and TrafficLeads2IncomeCash Mailer to name a few.

Leadsleap social review: Find out what WORKS and what DOESN’T
from real users.

Next is the link tracker. LeadsLeap Tracker not only tracks clicks. It can tell you whether the clicks are real visitors. Look at the real-life example below:

The link gets 5793 clicks, 4577 of them are unique and 2799 of them are real visits.

This means 50% of the clicks are not real visits. What will you do if you are paying for the clicks?

If you have been wondering whether you are getting real traffic or just bot clicks, give LeadsLeap Tracker a try. You’ll be impressed by what it can do for you.

Email Marketing (SendSteed) You have a list manager

Before you build a list, ask yourself these questions.

1) What niche should I build the list in?

2) What value can I give to the list?
(Think of ‘Value’ as something that people will thank you for.)

3) What is my opt-in gift?

4) If there is no opt-in gift, how do I entice people to opt in?

5) Do I have one or a few ‘ever-green’ products to sell to the list?

Email series: Email series is also known as automated follow-up emails. It is a series of preset emails that will be sent to your subscribers automatically on the X day after they join your list.

Broadcast: This Broadcast function allows you to mass email the subscribers in your SendSteed list. You can also track the open and click rate.

Blog to broadcast:

If you have a blog, Blog To Broadcast automatically creates a broadcast based on your new blog post whenever you publish a new post. In other words, it can automatically inform your Active subscribers about your new blog post.

Youtube to broadcast: If you have a Youtube channel, Youtube To Broadcast automatically creates a broadcast based on your latest Youtube video whenever you publish a new video. In other words, it can automatically inform your Active subscribers about your new Youtube video.

Then My next 2 favorites Page Builder You can use it to create almost any kind of web page, including opt in page, review page, thank you page, product dedownload page, etc. Fundamentally, any web page that you can think of is made up of text, links, video and/or opt in form. It’s just a matter of wording and design.

Funnel Bulder: Our definition of Funnel Manager is a system to manage the flow of different Pages. In truth, most members do not need to use Funnel Manager. Funnel Manager is for advanced members who create many Pages.

Next is Form / Popup Creator. We have an awesome hosting service for all your needs.

Come explore all the different ways to build and promote you business.

Come Explore All The Possibilites


Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/skeptical/

Skeptical of online business opportunities? Michael The Traveling Trucker says BE CAREFUL.

Its a fact: The Internet is like a giant minefield when it comes to finding a real opportunity to make money. You SHOULD be skeptical. At CLB, we’re not going to insult your intelligence with promises of riches overnight. That just doesn’t happen. But with $6 Trillion projected in onlines sales in 2024 lone, there WILL be plenty of money made in the coming years working with companies like ours.

So consider the following…and then consider joining our leading marketing team. We’d love to work with you.


CLB is in its 23rd year. We’ve been serving entrepreneurs for over twodecades! No company lasts that long that isn’t doing right by its customers and associates. Indeed, CLB has thousands of affiliates far into their second decade–because CLB works and we’re making money.

HIGHLY RATED & TRUSTED– CLB has been online servicing The Affiliate marketing arena for over 20 years. Most companies can’t claim that.

Our competitors almost all require a purchase upfront or ongoing monthly fees. Why? Because they know full well that, if they don’t, they’ll never get any money out of you. At CLB, there are NEVER any purchase requirements. CLB is about teaching you how to MAKE money, not spend it. And ONLY when you make money, will WE make money. That means that we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you become successful…because we’re successful ONLY if our affiliates are.


Great companies form a community around their PEOPLE, with a common vision and support for everyone’s goals. Companies with community atmospheres might do things like: Teach one on one, offer the best sloutions to problem solving. Here at CLB we do teach and guide you to success.


Open communication creates trust. We help you see the big picture and help you get there. You’ll almost certainly end up working harder for yourself than you would for someone else, so prepare to make sacrifices in your personal life when establishing your business.

Providing good service to your customers is crucial to gaining their loyalty and retaining their business. Starting a business requires analytical thinking, determined organization, and detailed record-keeping.

Be Creative

Always be looking for ways to improve your business and make it stand out from the competition. Recognize that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and different approaches to your business. 

To learn more about CLB Click Here.

Team Leader and Mentor

Slavery’s Chains

You can hear the hammer coming down on the hot metal resting on the anvil. The bolt driving down to lock the cuffs in place. Not a sound was uttered as the cuffs find their resting place.


Michael The Traveling Trucker asks- how long have you been wearing those chains? You are told what time to wake up each day. What time you can eat. What your work for the day is. What time you can leave to go back to your cell.

Does this sound like your life as you prepare for work each day? If your boss needs you to stay late or work weekends, can you say NO?

Very few people find the key to unlock those chains, but there to be found. You really do have the tools to make your key and escape those chains, if your willing.

Take a walk with me, READER. Lets explore those tools together and make a key. What do you say? Life on your terms or life on your bosses terms, Your choice.

1st- Do you want to escape your job? Can you see yourself telling you boss, ” I don’t need to work here anymore”. All the hard work you have been putting into building your home based business finally paid off big. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

You have followed the done- for -you- system, step by step. You have listened to your coach and mentor to write your blog, buy advertising from the co-op. You have dailed the phone and talked to your prospects. Building those relationships. You love making your Youtube videos.

People are trusting your lead. Doesn’t it feel GREAT? Being in the right niche is very important.

Have you thought about writing your book is the next question from your coach. All the hard work you have spent after the children go to bed and before they get up in the morning is putting thousands in your pocket each month looks and feels good doesn’t?

I see that great BIG SMILE. It’s burning down into your spirit and you will never go back. NEVER.

Your coach asked- have you thought about interviewing your favorite mentors and coaches? Are you ready to teach what you know to others in a webinar?

I know for some it sounds scary and far off. It was for me. Little by little, I took those steps. Doing what was uncomfortable until it became easy and part of my daily business money making activities. COME JOIN US NOW.

I offer you the chance to change. Reach out your hand and I’ll walk with you each day until you can stand and walk by yourself. Sound fair?

Freedom Is One Step Away

No Experience NEEDED

When I first started, I was thankful for the term No Experience Needed because I didn’t have any. Michael The Traveling Trucker was a ordinary person who had the desire to drive a BIG RIG.

Mention: https://www.pexels.com/search/job/

I drove from Georgia to California every week for a year to get some experience,4500 miles per week. Now It’s 28 years later with well over 3 million miles under my belt.

7 years ago I started my journey with affiliate marketing with- you guessed it “No Experience Needed”. I had a desire to learn and implement what was being taught. In the Coaching world, did you know that a coach does NOT need to know their clients industry? Coaching is simply a system of questions to ask your clients.

First hand I know 3 people who have mastered the task of asking the right questions to help people achieve the wildest dreams. Janet Legere and Rob Gehring and Jared Myers.

I have had the opportunity to work with all 3. Each one has helped me grow more than I thought possible. Dear Reader, do you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds? Finding the right Coach/ Mentor is vital.

Can I coach someone if I don’t have experience? You bet you can. The coaches job is to simply ask the right questions that will help the client create success. Coaching with the RIGHT SYSTEM is about helping your client get a clear picture at where they are today-and where they want to be down the road, then take MASSIVE ACTION and holding them accountable.

Realizing ” how” you make money is VERY IMPORTANT. If you make a lot of money and don’t help anyone and have no joy.. is it really worth it? Making money is awesome and all, but I personally want to have purpose and fulfillment of helping others all along the way.

This brings a joy deep within my spirit. It drives me each day to help serve others. If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. There’s no ceiling to your earning potential. The more you invest in yourself to learn new skills and master them, the more money YOU will make.

I INVITE YOU to join a group of men and women, who are making a difference in the lives of people on a daily basis. Click Here. I want you to take away one thing—–HELP OTHER PEOPLE, BE A SERVANT TO THEM. Watch them grow. Help them to help others and watch them grow. Do you get it? I know you do. Now take MASSIVE ACTION NOW. Click the click here button right away.

I know you have questions. Reach out to me. Michael Lipsey-678-697-9841. If I don’t answer, PLEASE PLEASE leave me a message. I will get it and call you back. We can talk and make a plan, step by step. YOU have one life- MAKE IT BIG, for you and your family.

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.

Swimming Up Stream

You have decided to go your own way. You are not listening to the nay-sayers, family and friends who have watched you fail saying you can’t do it.

Michael The Traveling Trucker jumping into the deep, swimming strong against the current.

No one said that being successful in life is easy, and it certainly isn’t. Unfortunately, many people give up before they’ve even given themselves a chance to succeed. What’s the point of persevering if you just give up in the end?

Perseverance Is an Important Quality Because You Will Face Challenges in Life, and It’s a Skill That Will Pay Off.

Perseverance is the persistence in working on your goal despite facing many obstacles. It can also be defined as the act of working towards your dreams/goals despite delayed success.

People without options always persevere, because they have no place to fall back when things get tough. Many people, who persevered until they achieved their goals, often encouraged themselves. 

While persevering, you have to understand that it might take long before you achieve your goals. Therefore, you have to work on building patience so that you don’t become frustrated while working and waiting for the fruition of your goals.

Success on any level requires the ability to follow through, to execute a plan, to persevere … to stick with it. Researchers found those who persevere are more likely to achieve success than those who cannot or do not.

Keep your goal visible at all times … Keep your goal on your desk, in your wallet or purse, on your bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator. Prepare for two steps ahead. Balance your focus on the task at hand with preparation for the next step. This prevents complacency. Ask yourself, “What knowledge, skills, relationships, experiences do I need to develop to be prepared to succeed?” Write down your list. Check them off as you master them.

If you want to learn how to persevere, you should build a NETWORK OF SUPPORT. Building a network of support that includes family, friends, co-workers and peers will allow you to have a comfortable place to open up and get feedback and encouragement during hard times. Whenever something goes wrong, you can turn to your network of support and talk through what’s going on. This step is important. Make sure you have a group that will listen, assess your words, then challenge you.

In our busy schedules, we tend to get bored with the same old routine, and giving up becomes more tempting because there seem to be other things that are more fun instead of doing the same task over and over again. I’m one who doesn’t like the same old same old, but when I looked at my job, household, yard work, shopping–GUESS WHAT, I’m doing the same thing over and over.

Like doing this over and over. Click Here to find out why.

Take Small Steps But Not To Small Steps Each Day

Breath In Breath Out

Well, you finally got the news. After all those tests, the diagnosis is wonderful, better than you dreamed possible.

Michael The Traveling Trucker shares tips about BUILDING YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/life/

People encountering a one way sign must travel in the direction that the sign is pointing. What’s the point of looking for a business, asking for help, getting all the information and go in the opposite direction?

A company’s business concept is about the direction and form of its operations. If it is apparent to you that the company’s success lies in its intangible assets, think carefully about protecting them at an early stage.

Four Business concepts for entreprenuers:

The best part is, these concepts will help you to think, talk and act like a modern entrepreneur. All of the concepts you will learn here are important.

CUSTOMER. Without the customer YOU don’t have a business. Treat everyone with respect. Build the relationship. It’s so worth it.

Supply and Demand: Relationship between the quantity of a commodity that producers wish to sell at various prices and the quantity that consumers wish to buy. High Ticket Sales are the best. People who embrace these are serious and ready to get started.

Competition: See what’s working. Check out other sites. Most have testimonials.

Return on Investment. A calculation of the monetary value of an investment versus its cost. In business, few concepts are as important as return on investment (ROI). The adage that “you have to spend money to make money” is often true, but only if you’ve anticipated the ROI potential of your investments. Return on investment refers to the amount of profit directly related to an expense or group of expenses.

What does relax and smell the coffee mean? Glad you asked. To realize the truth about one’s situation : to become aware of what is really happening. These problems are not going to fix themselves. Your finances are looking poor. You worry about paying your bills. You are thinking, there has to be a better way.

THERE IS. I’m working with people who not only teach, mentor and coach, they walk you through the entire process of getting your business up and running. Helping you make the right decisions and seeing a return on your investments. ( PROFIT).

Is This You? If so Click Here to start. This is one of the best Starter Programs.

The saying goes: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, but you can add salt to his oats. Here is the WATER reader. I hope you drink deeply. Let me help you change your lifestyle.

I Look Froward To Working With You. To Your Massive SUCCESS.


Asking Your Recipients to Safelist Your Email Address 

As an email marketer, getting your emails to the recipient’s inbox is undoubtedly an important job, but not an easy one.

What a great day to ride along with Michael The Traeling Trucker.

Mention: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/email-marketing

Due to strict spam filtering and email marketing regulations such as the Can-Spam Act, reaching your recipient’s inbox is one of the most difficult jobs. There is a good chance that your emails will go to spam. In such cases, it’s ideal to ask the recipients to safelist your email address. Along with that, you can also tell them how they can do it.

Join just ONE safelist mailer at a time. Join it. Get it completely set up and working for you. THEN think about joining another one. Joining too many too fast could result in a lot of frustration on your part. Here is my recommendation CLICK NOW

Whenever you send an email to someone, it has to pass through several spam filters. Email clients have developed spam filtering to monitor every email to keep the recipient’s inbox free of spam and unwanted messages.

So you have a beautiful list of emails that you’ve collected for months or years. These email addresses belong to people who fit the demographic of your regular customer, maybe they even ARE your customers.

Perhaps the most effective method for utilizing your safelist is to regularly offer discounts. The next best way to maximize the use of your safelist is to update your list when industry or company news gets published on your website.

Want to ensure that your mailing list doesn’t get treated as spam? Constant Contact ensures that your mailing lists adhere to all laws without any extra effort from you, helping you grow your business with customers who want to hear what you have to say.

On a double opt-in list, all email address must be confirmed before they are added. A request for confirmation is sent to the submitted address and the address owner must take some action to confirm that He/she is the owner of the email address,the address is working and He/she indeed wants to subscribe.

safelist is a group of people who have agreed to receive emails from one another. Usually, the group requires membership and has rules regarding how often you are allowed to email the members.

I hope this explains what safelists are and how to excess them. Leave a comment. It helps me focus on what’s important.

I look forward To Helping You


Do you have a Dream?
If so, are you willing to Fight for your Dream?

Jump On Board With Michael The Traveling Trucker. This ride is going places.

Buckel up cause I’m shifting gears for a fast ride.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/slogan

Can Twitter Predict the Future? 

Do Some Foods “Explode” in Your Stomach?

Suppose This Happened on Your Wedding Day!

These are just a few ways for you to grad your audiences attention.

I bet you have some dandy ones yourself?

There’s a reason marketers talk about the best headlines and Call To Action more than anything else. It’s because the best headlines and CTAs contribute more heavily to conversions than most entrepreneurs think.

The best headlines on magazine covers actually move consumers to physically pick up a product and carry it to the register. Online, all you need is a click.

Here are sevral tips to use immediately:

SURPRISE: Surprises prove to be far more stimulating and grab our attention much quicker than things we know well and even really like. 


Questions that prime our curiosity are powerful brain influencers. 

How To [Accomplish Something] In [Short Amount of Time]

People are highly interested in achievement. They are also interested in achieving things as quickly as possible.

10 Things [Something Interesting] Says About You

People really like reading about themselves. They love thinking about themselves. They love taking quizzes about themselves. And so on and so forth. If you can tell your target customers something interesting about themselves, you can command their attention.

Numbers — use them!

Using numbers in a headline (and in turn, structuring body content accordingly) provides a clear organizational structure. What’s particularly attractive about this structure, is that it caters to the fact that most online readers are skimmers.

Hook ‘em with a promise!

Catchy headlines tell reader’s what’s in it for them—a promise that should be clear, direct, and valuable.

I hope you draw value from these tips. see what you can come up with.

I have a gift for you. Grab it NOW!

Did You See That, I Did.

Is There A Hole In Your Bucket

Drip, Drip, Drip. Dang it. I’m losing all my water. My business is not getting watered. OH, what do I do?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with options to fix your bucket from leaking.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/bucket/

There’s a Hole in My Bucket” (or “…in the Bucket“) is a children’s song based on a protracted dialogue between two characters, Henry and Liza, about a leaky bucket.

In business we all have a bucket full of water. I help clients visualize the different dimensions of Human Energy; their physical, emotional, cognitive, relational and spiritual energies as water in a bucket. We call this their “Energy Bucket”.

When energy is high, the Bucket is full. When energy is depleted, so is the water in the Bucket.

Who put the holes in your bucket?  The answer is complex, but stated simply they came from both internal and external sources.  You probably drilled a few yourself through careless actions and others came from parents, family, friends, associates, and your present and former bosses. Because our lives constantly change, the holes in our feedback buckets are in a state of flux. Holes come, and holes go, but some are always there.

Fixing the problem of the hole is going to take time and energy. First, see how big the hole is. It could be your holes are small- spending small amounts of money over and over and never following through with people and building your list.

Big hole- shiny syndrone. You go from one thing to another because it looks good. You don’t take time and work it. Does it work or do you get bored to quick?

Your 1st step is to write down where you want to be, how much time do you have, how much time each day to work on money tasks. Get a mentor who will take you out of your comfort zone.

Build your LIST daily. Without people you have NO business. Follow up with your people at least every two or three days. GUIDE them. Build that relationship and you will see money for both of you.

POWER TO SERVE: Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit. Humility is an attitude of the heart that places emphasis on human need without, not personal desire within. Humility reaches out with confidence devoid of pride.

Let me help fix the hole in your bucket. We will map out everything, take daily steps to plug the holes. Build your list, overcome your shyness talking to people.

Put you in the right business with easy to follow instructions. Does this sound like something you are ready for?

Take action now. Contact me Michael Lipsey 678-697-9841 call or text or email me at mikejlipsey@gmail.com.

Here is my recommendation Click Here .

I look forward to the day when we walk the beaches of the world together or what ever you can dream of.

Fixing The Hole Is Easy. Let’s Do this