Weekly Conversion Tracking

Hello, I opted for weekly statistics from where I get leads and conversions .

I tested with the Hits Connect website and Contact List Builder Campain .

I tested 55 mailers and the next ones gave me the best results-GOT 20 LEADS with those with 1980 unique hits and that gaves me 11 new refs in CLB

Viral Url

Instant Ad Power



Pizza Safelist Mailer

Free Advertising For You

The Crypto Mailer

Guaranteed Solo Mails

Here is new site mailer…grab it


Do you want to know what i work on?



Another Must Have Pluging

Hello yesterday there was one in a series of weekly webinars from Janet Legere Owner of Contact List Builder but I had to watch the reply myself and it was again full of new information.

You can check out the webinar at this link.

New WP Quad Plugin

I wrote the post Monetize Your Ads a while ago, you can read the post at this link


You can add various ads with the WP Quad Plugin

I opted for the A-Ads site. You can change the ads as you wish and for me this is an additional source of income-pay in btc to my FaucetPay account daily.

You can get Pluging under Plugings and type in WP Quad Plugin

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you got at least some useful information.


Rob’s COOP Share

Hello a month ago I started again with Rob’s coop share through his mailer called TrafficLeads2Income and let me say that this is not the first time, but the first time I have great results.

With coop, I advertised Janet’s program called Contact List Builder.

Why this program?

1.Because Janet does a great webinar every week
2.Because she is always ready to help
3.Because she doesn’t just look at herself and actually does what she says
4.Because it is a downline builder with only important programs that give results
5.Because it allows us to start our own blog and pass on our knowledge to anyone who is eager to succeed and motivated enough for their better tomorrow

Let me say that this is now my third or fourth attempt and it has finally paid off.

So my stats are
57 Leads
14 Refs inside Contact List Builder

Here is my Lead Capture Page done with The Conversion Pros


Thursday Training With Janet

Yesterday I was on a webinar from Janet Legere with her Contact List Builder program and I would like to share with you the link

As usual, Janet first says something about herself and Don, how they started an online business to get to know them a little closer.

Today I did a campain with Aweber Autoresponder and I was pleasantly surprised with the things they offer and I want to share them with you.

1. When you make campain and Aweber you can use their Lading Pages and the best thing is that you don’t have to do extra form because the form is already in Landing Page

2. When your Landing Page is finished you can post it and share it on social networks right from Aweber

3.When subscriber is sign in to list you get notify too and looks like this

I think is nice way of branding and you dont even need to go out of Aweber account.

Thanks for read and be safe everyone.

My Update

It’s been quite some time since I wrote the last blog post.

During this time a lot of things have happened and it’s no secret that CTP Team has fascinated me from the very beginning because of its support and wonderful people.

Blockchain is a very big field and will last for years. i will understand it more and i have to start somewhere.

Blockchain, Technology, Smart, Bitcoin, Money

So what did I do …

Woman, Question Mark, Person, Decision, Thoughtful

First of all, I started slowly making video over the phone and it was my scariest experience ever …

What will I say, will I pronounce the words correctly, how will the speech flow, more and more questions …

You can see all my videos here


I joined I Am Alive Challenge


Done first delegation to Swarm Team


in addition to the I Am Alive Challenge, I also started the Curation Trail and …
The link to the post is here


Today I also done first beneficiary on post


That is for today…

Group, Team, Balloons, Question Mark, Problems, Clouds

What Is Your Mission In Business

Are you someone who is looking for quick earnings with a little work or someone who is looking for something long term. let me tell you that in the short term it doesn’t last long ….

four green emoticon balls

But if you are looking for a long term I have a solution for you.

Problem, Solution, Help, Support, Information, Info

What is more beautiful than being rewarded for your work, with a group of people who support each other and gain new knowledge and are happy with every success of each of you …

Creative, Be Creative, Write, Bulb, Idea, Paper, Pen

Easy Steps

1.Join CTP-you will learn all basics and higher levels to understend crypto

2.Join Contact List Builder-you will learn to setup own blog and conect it to Hive

With those 2 steps you cant miss it……..

Personality Test


Interesting and fun to know more about your self….

As an AKBN, you’re a fun, competitive, and influential person, which is why you’re always setting the newest standard to beat. Of course, there‘s so much more that makes you unique. Access all the insider information in your full report.

Use this exciting B.A.N.K. profile to leverage your AKBN strengths for bigger wins.

After simple filling you get Report in email.


What you think….

Mustang Traffic Weekly Update

After two years, after talking to Blain Jones, I decided to renovate the entire site and design. Owners have to invest in improvements and advancements over and over again. I am very proud of my work and I do it with pleasure.

So what does the new – old Mustang Traffic bring?

New full page design

New design on all splashes-I updated all but here are few designs….

CTP Badges

Daily Promo Code

Upgraded Food Game Site

Daily Cross Promos

Surfer Rewards CTP Token Competition! Prizepool- 10,000 CTP Tokens! Date: 1st to 31st August 2020- LIVE NOW!

More Details Here

Upcoming Events

Promoslice Party Monthly and Much More……

If you like it Join Here

Motivators are

Michael Camire

Eliana Gomes

Erik Gustafsson

Janelle Pineau


Steven Ackerman

This is for Today…

My Thoughts…

It has been almost two years since the Mustang Traffic was live and we have gone through various periods and renovations, as well as ups and downs.
as a site owner I always look for improvements for my members, how to stand out and be recognizable.

For this purpose I also joined the Contact List Builder and above all I direct all my knowledge and possibilities to Click Track Profit.

Time, Time Management, Stopwatch

I believe everyone deserves a fresh start and i have also thought a lot in this direction,i have to Thank Janet Legere, Jon Olson, Blain Jones and Eliana Gomes for all the help and guidance they give me.

Social Media, Connections, Networking

We learn new things over and over again and that is the driving force of life and business.

Many times privately I talk to Jon and Blain how to improve the site, what mistakes i make ….

green plant in clear glass vase

And I have to say they always take the time to respond and since I am a person who accepts both praise and criticism I know it is all with good intentions and it is very important to me-how to be better and stand out.

CTP is the best start for everyone, especially if you don’t know anything about cryptos and everything related to it.

gold round coin on hand

Knowledge is a must do if you want to survive in online business today.

Mustang Traffic Updates coming soon….


The Mini Zoo Land Zoo and Theme Park is a venue for adventures that will not be forgotten for a long time.

Together with them, you will enter the mysterious world of ancient cultures, in the middle of a jungle full of danger and stunning beauty.

You will walk between different worlds and get to know different time periods, and a touch of distant places.


Possibility of pony riding for children from 2 years to weight max. 35 kilograms. Horseback riding takes place with the help and accompaniment of a qualified guide.


In our park it is possible to become a guide for one day, which is accompanied by our animator.


Our animators take you through the entire zoo, presenting the animals and the habitats in which they live. Then we leave you to enjoy yours.

You will find….

Nanduji grow about a meter and a half in height and weigh a maximum of 40 kilograms. They are species of ostriches of the genus Rhea; in the wild they live only in South America.
The green iguana lives in the warmer tropical regions of South and Central America. His living environment is in the tree canopy, he likes the proximity of the water, he likes to swim and he is a good swimmer. It also defends itself with a strong blow to the tail or a bite.
The king python belongs to the family of boas. Due to its size, coloration and beautiful patterns, it is one of the more popular species of snakes. It is widespread in the grasslands of Sudan, and its provinces west of the Nile, in some parts of central Africa, and is most numerous in West Africa all the way to Côte d’Ivoire.
Meerkats, the famous inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert. They are representatives of the mung family and enchant with raised front paws. Their menu most often includes insects, lizards, spiders, beetles, scorpions and poisonous snakes, which they can afford without hesitation, as Mother Nature has rewarded them with resistance to certain poisons.
It is a bird from the crane family that inhabits areas of tropical Africa. It lives in pairs or in large flocks. It is cosmopolitan and mostly nests in rock cavities. All cranes are omnivores.
The turkey is a domestic animal brought to Europe by the Spaniards around 1520. They originate from North America, where they also live in the wild in the woods. They have been tried as game game in Europe since 1880, when wild turkeys were also brought from America.

And Many Others..

Hope you enjoy post…