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The NEW Downline Builder

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The NEW CLB Downline Builder

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST: As you join the programs in the Downline Builder of CLB, you want to come back to the Downline Builder and add your usernames to the CLB system. Remember to UPDATE after entering your details.

If you do not enter our details and you sponsor new members into CLB and they join those programs through our training, they will NOT join under you. You need to enter your IDs in the system to ...

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Changes to Contact List Builder

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Changes Begin At The Contact List Builder

We are so excited about the new changes at The Contact List Builder (CLB). For the past several months, I have been testing a new Capture page system in the hopes of finding a replacement for Adkreator as Adkreator no longer allows free members to create capture pages (sad face) and so, in light of this change I went in search of a new system and ...

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CLB January Update

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CLB Update For January 31, 2016

  • Webinar Replays
  • Next Hangout
  • New Capture Page Template
  • New Downloads for Upgraded Members
  • January Sponsoring
  • February Contest

Webinar Replays

Replays of our weekly hangouts can be found in the CLB members area under the Ready Set Go Marketing System as well as on our Contact List Builder Blog

Click Here For Webinar Replays

Next Hangout

Our next hangout is scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at NOON Eastern and our topic is Club Shop Rewards which is found in the CLB Downline Builder. Discover ...

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Are You Thinking About Making Important Life Changes

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Are you Thinking About Making Important Life Changes

I mean real changes that will start you on a path
that will likely change your life forever.



Steve Vicory here, you probably remember September 11th because of events which happened in New York City and changed our world in 2001.

But I remember September 11, 2011, as the date which changed my life even more than the events ...

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2012 Springtime in the Rockies Internet Marketing Training & Networking Conference | Calgary

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Contact List Builder 5 Simple Steps to Success and More

Contact List Builder 2012WHO |Janet and Don Legere will host you, along with distinguished guest presenters Devlyn Steele, James (Doc) Stone, Robert Gehring and Tina O’Connor.

WHAT | Three days of intense training, networking and personalized opportunities for forming mastermind groups and power teams, JV’s and friendships that will propel you ...

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