Greetings and Salutations from the USA. Today I honor our Candian Family with their holidays and festivals.

Canada’s Capital City is Ottawa. Ottawa is located directly on the Ontario Quebec border on the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River is one of the premier places in the world for whitewater rafting.

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Canadian Flag, Canada, Flag, Maple Leaf

The Maple leaf is on the flag, the Canadian dollar ($) (CAD) is it’s official currency.

What do we as American’s really know about Canada? It has an area of 9,984,670 square km, it is the world’s second-largest country by total area. Ottawa is its capital and Toronto is its largest city. English and French are their official languages.

The United States is its only land bordering country, with which it has the world’s largest land border. The country has immigrants from many countries, which makes it one of the world’s most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations.

Fun facts: Canadian food. Did you know Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than any other country? I love my MacNCheese also. With kraft being the best, no wonder they have loved this food since before 1845!

I knew about Tim Horton’s. It is also responsible for having the most donut shops per capita than anywhere else. Throughout the entire world, there is not one country that surpasses them.

Being a trucker I love donuts, um I mean Canada.LOL

They’re even known for being the oldest brewery in North America and not only did they start it but the brewery is still running. Molson Coors Canada produced Molson Canadian beer and they are still making it right where they started in 1786.

77% of the maple syrup produced in the entire world is made right in Quebec.

Interesting facts about Canada Maples syrup

There are no hormones in Canadian dairy products.

That’s because they don’t allow any kind of hormones to be given to the cattle. So if you’re looking for a healthy and all-natural drink, you’ll find it in the milk.

Interesting facts about Canada: license plate

Imagine seeing license plates that are actually shaped like a polar bear.

I’m not too sure about this one but here it goes. In Dawson City Yukon, there is a cocktail where people drink whiskey with a human toe inside. It is called the sour toe cocktail.

People donate toes that have fallen off due to frostbite or other means. There is a $2500 fine if you swallow the toe. When people accidentally swallow the toe good samaritans donate newly severed toe to drink.

interesting facts about canada it's the polar bear capital

In the far north town of Churchill, Manitoba nobody locks their doors to their house or cars in case of a polar bear attack. Run for your lives and hope the lock is open. Churchill is located in the center of Polar Bear Alley and polar bears walk freely through the town.

hopewell rocks new brunswick

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick – Home to the highest tides in the world. This body of water moves 100 billion tons of water through its tides twice daily.

Manitoulin Island in Ontario is the largest fresh freshwater island in the world. It is an amazing place to visit. Located in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, it is filled with hiking and cultural experiences. The Great Spirit Circle Trails allows people to immerse themselves in Indigenous culture.

This is for my sponsor Janet, Don, and family. I know from Janet that they are celebrating Their Thanksgiving weekend. Janet shared with me, Tomorrow – I make my family favourite – Les Tourtieres – a Thanksgiving Tradition! These are wonderful meat pies, using beef, pork, or chicken. Janet makes them every year.

The Calgary Stampede is a not-for-profit community organization that preserves and celebrates our western heritage, culture, and community spirit.

Supported by over 2,500 passionate volunteers, our year-round events, programs, and initiatives invest in youth, support agricultural programs, celebrate western culture, and make a lasting economic impact in our city.

Each year, Stampede Park hosts over 1,200 business, tourism, sporting, hospitality, and community events and welcomes more than four million guests. These events create thousands of jobs and contribute more than $540M to the Alberta economy.

There are various annual events and festivals hosted in Calgary. Those are the Folk Music Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, the Lilac Festival, the Calgary Fringe Festival, Global Fest, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.

I am coming to Calgary to visit by the end of 2023. I’ll have enough time to see the sites without having to rush.

Celebrate Good Times

Freedom From “Oughts” and “Shoulds”

Hello and welcome to Happy Sunday. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Our adventure today is , ” what keeps you from life in the moment”? With me it’s pressure- things I have to do, deadlines, duties, tasks. That’s why down time is so precious to me. Living in the moment is a lot easier when I not thinking about how I’m going to finish X,Y, Z. The tyranny of the oughts and shoulds can rob you of real joy.

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I truly think it’s possible to strip ourselves of the oughts and shoulds, It just takes deliberate effort. Sometimes I’ll say, Okay Michael, sit down and think about everything that’s hanging over your head and then prioritize it in the order in which it REALLY needs to get done.There’s something about having order in my head that makes the oughts and shoulds scream a little less loudly.

The second thing I do is to take the past and project it into the present. I remind myself,” It has worked in the past. Think about those times when you were just up against the wall and somehow you made it work. Don’t think about those times when it didn’t work. Think about those times it did work and ask, Is there any reason why that shouldn’t happen again? This is what I do over and over again, DAILY.

Business, Plan, Tree, Growth, Grow

Yes, I really do a lot of self-talk. I call it going to my truck office. I have a two way conversation with me and myself. Luckily, being in my truck sitting up high, no one notices. Question DEAR READER, Are you held captive by your own oughts and shoulds? Food for thought, READER, maybe you should have your own two way conversation with you and yourself. Just saying!!! For me, I put the results before the LORD and ask for His wisdom and guidance in clarifying what’s truly important.

Tea Cup, Vintage Tea Cup, Tea, Cup

CHERISH THE MOMENT, I think the simple joys should be the little things, a cup of tea, not a bag and hot water, but, brewed loose- leaf tea, steeped for just the right amount of time. My daughter is the QUEEN of loose leaf tea. She has sat me down many a night, and said, ” let me fix you a special blend I think you will like. I love it. She has about 30-49 loose leaf teas on hand at any given time.

A good conversation with a person you hold dear. The time goes by so smoothly, you don’t even realize it has been 5 hours of talking. You just blend into one another. Sharing Ideas and thoughts. I love Talking To Rob. His wisdom in business is always right for me, See why. He shares with me what works and what doesn’t.

Mediterranean Cuisine, Eat, Food

One of my simple joys is food. I love to cook. Looking up new recipes and trying them out. My favorite is my marinara sauce. It takes 2 full days to prepare. Everything fresh and cooked slowly. Here at the Lipsey house, we like the sauce thick. From the pot, I can place a wooden spoon and it will stand up no matter how you lean it. Then the fun comes in on deciding, will it be eggplant parmesan, spaghetti, and meatballs, vegetable lasagna, or a host of other delicacies. When it is all said and done” DON’T TRADE TODAY FOR TOMORROW”.


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