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Having a great day with Michael The Traveling Trucker. Music, family and lots of food.

Today I give you a poem, Authur unknown.



There once was an oster, Whose story I tell, Who found that some sand, Had got into his shell. It was only a grain, But it gave him great pain.

For oysters have feelings, Although they’re so plain. Now, did he berate the harsh workings of fate that had brought him to such a deplorable state.

Did he curse at the government, cry for election, and claim that the sea should have given him protection?

No- he said to himself as he lay on a shell, Since I cannot remove it, I shall try to improve it. Now years have rolled around, As the years always do, And he came to his ultimate Destiny–stew.

And the small grain of sand that had bothered him so was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow. Now the tale has a moral; for isn’t it grand, what a oyster can do with a morsal of sand.

What couldn’t we do, if we’d only begin with some the things that get under our skin.


So what gets under your skin, Dear Reader? Being a full time driver- what gets under my skins is how people have no reguard for a 53 foot tractor/trailer weighing 79,000 LBS going 65 miles per hour and cut in front of me at the last second expecting me to stop within a short distance. Ain’t happening, sorry.

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Finding balance between digital consumption, mindset, and quiet time is key. Having an inner peace plan—and working on it every day—is a good way to ensure you reach your goal. Most of the world would never think about giving itself a mental health day, being mindful of it’s quality of life, and being still.

Not everything that causes us stress can be eliminated—nor should it. Low-level stress stimulates the brain to boost productivity and concentrattion. It can also be a big motivator to make changes, solve problems, or accomplish goals.

Beware of peace pickpockets.

You encounter all kinds of people and situations that try to steal your serenity.

Rethink your “should do” and “ought to do” lists.

If the voice in your head is guilting you into doing things that don’t bring you joy, regard these as prime candidates to delete.

Give yourself a quality-of-life checkup.

It’s wise to periodically assess whether you’re satisfied with the quality of your life. If you don’t feel fulfilled, ponder what changes are in order. I hope you ponder on these for a while. Let them sink into your spirit, soul, and body.

Make changes That Bring You Joy, Peace, And Tranquility

One Step Two Step

Greetings and Salutation from Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today I am looking at an exercise program that has helped many men and women. Let’s do this together and get fit and trim.



Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans Program. This is just plain fun. Two plans were created by Dr. Bill Orban in the late 1950’s for the Royal Canadian Air Force  . The 5BX plan (Five Basic Exercises) was developed for men; a corresponding program was developed for women under the name XBX (Ten Basic Exercises) and the two plans were subsequently published together as one book, which was republished in 2016.

5BX Plan: Stretching-sit-up- back extension-push-up- running in place. A walk or run may be substituted for the final exercise; the distances to be covered and the time to be taken are also specified in the plan.

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The first four exercises are primarily for flexibility; exercises 5-9 are primarily to improve muscle strength; and exercise 10 is to develop aerobic capacity:

Toe touching, Knee raising, Lateral bending, Arm circling, Chest and leg raising, Side leg raising, Push-ups, Leg lifting, Running and jumping in place.

The idea is that you perform these exercises for only 11 minutes a day to achieve a reasonably high level of fitness. There are targets/chart levels to aim for, (based upon age) and once you have reached your personal target, you only have to perform the exercises 3 times a week to maintain your level of fitness.

Here is the complete list of age based targets. 

Age GroupChartLevel
Champion Athletes6Any Level
When first looking at these exercises, it seems quite fanciful to suggest that anyone can get fit by just doing what initially appears to be so little. Try them for a week and you will see that Dr. Orban knew what he was talking about.
How To Begin:

Check your daily schedule and determine the time most convenient for you to do the exercises. It should be the same time each day.
Here are some suggested times:
before breakfast;
late morning or afternoon, at your place of employment;
after your regular recreational period;
in the evening just before you retire.
Regardless of the time you choose START TODAY

Maximum Rate of Progression through the Charts According to Age

20 years or under, at least 1 day at each level
20-29 years, at least 2 days at each level
30-39 years, at least 4 days at each level
40-49 years, at least 7 days at each level
50-59 years, at least 8 days at each level
60 years and over, at least 10 days at each level

If you feel stiff or sore, or if you are unduly breathless at any time, ease up and slow down your rate or progression. This is particularly applicable to the older age groups.

Click here for more charts, Then Click here, Then Click here, Click here, Click here, Click here.

Take your time, you aren’t in a race with anyone but yourself.

What Do Vitamins Actually Do?

Hello Everyone , Michael The Traveling Truckers goes inside to give you the knowledge to make better choices about your health. The state of being free from illness or injury: The word health refers to a state of complete emotional, mental, and physical well-being.


This is just 4 of the products that can help aid your health. You may or may not know what you need. Do some homework on your own to see what your lifestyle needs to add or subtract from your daily intake. Food barely give us much in the way of vitamins and minerals anymore.

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One of PhytoZon’s® patented and highly concentrated ingredients is RNI249®. This extraordinary ingredient is the only known natural or pharmaceutical substance shown to increase the body’s production of IGF-1, a crucial hormone for cellular growth, repair, and healthy aging. IGF-1 plays a vital role in maintaining muscle strength, bone density, and overall cellular health, which are key components in combating the natural decline associated with aging.

Stem Cells are vital components for healing, renewing, regenerating, and restoring damaged tissues and muscles in the body. These Master cells can form into specialized cells, such as muscle cells, blood cells, and even brain cells. Circulating the bloodstream, they flow to the tissues in need, reproduce, and become healthy new cells within the tissue.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients – Perfect for athletes, professionals, or anyone needing a mental or physical boost, Greg’s Cherry Blaster Energy Drink™ is your go-to source for enhanced performance and revitalized energy. Embrace the blend of nature and science for a more vibrant, active life.

This powerful formulation is designed to naturally support and enhance your immune system, adhering to the high standards of Native American herbal wisdom. These molecules are known for their supportive role in immune health, potentially aiding the body in producing specific immune cells. This process is crucial for effectively utilizing the antioxidants in your diet.

Everyone could benefit from a personal trainer.

Your Personal Chef – a digital culinary treasure trove for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike! Experience the joy of cooking with our extensive library of live cooking videos, hundreds of diverse recipes, cookbooks, and invaluable meal planning resources, all accessible via our app, your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

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Making Wise Choices Each Day Is Vital

Health Can Be Complicated

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with great NEWS!

Health is a concern for most people. Do I excerise, eat healthy foods, stop drinking sodas? What types of vitamins and minerals do I take?


Here are my tips for improving your health while taking your vitamins and minerais. Enjoy the read and put those tips into practice.

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When it comes to knowing what’s healthy, even qualified experts
often seem to hold opposing opinions.

This one is most important-Limit sugary drinks.

Eat nuts and seeds.Nuts and seeds are incredibly nutritious.
They are packed with protein, fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.
Avoid ultra-processed foods.

Don’t fear coffee.It’s rich in antioxidants, and some studies have
linked coffee intake to longevity. We all want to live longer, right? So get out those steaming cups of JAVA.

Eat fatty fish
Fish is a great source of high-quality protein and healthy fat.

Get enough sleep. Most of us don’t get the sleep and rest we need.
Poor sleep can drive insulin resistance, can disrupt your appetite
hormones, and reduce your physical and mental performance.

Feed your gut bacteria. The bacteria in your gut, collectively called the
gut microbiota are incredibly important for overall health.
A disruption in gut bacteria is linked to some chronic diseases,
including obesity and a myriad of digestive problems.

Stay hydrated.

Don’t eat heavily charred meats.

Avoid bright lights before sleep.When you’re exposed to bright lights —
which contain blue light wavelengths — in the evening, it may disrupt
your production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Eat adequate protein.

Get moving. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans,
we should strive for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week.

Make Your Health The Best Part Of Your Day

Sharing The Responsibilty

Greetings from Michael The Traveling Trucker. How do you share the resposibility for successful communication?


The process of communication isn’t complete without both speaker and a audience. Speakers can send messages, but if the listeners don’t do their part by listening and providing feedback, the process is incomplete.

The last webinar you listened to was who and what was the topic? Effective listening benefits both speakers and audience members. By listening before the speech, the speaker can pick up the audiences needs. Great speakers have this trait before each webinar by opening up the room early.

There are four types of listening. content, critical, empathic, and appreciative listening. Content listening helps you understand the speakers message. Critical listening helps you both undertsand and evaluate the meaning of the message. Empathic listening helps you understand the speakers feelings and viewpoint. Appreciative listening helps you enjoy the speakers message and delivery.

The five factors of listening are: attending, interpreting, remembering, evaluating, and responding. We all must have these skills if we are to move forward in our businesses. This should help you in all areas of your life.

In our business world we have two people who do an outstanding job on presenting webinars. Rob Gehring and Janet Legere. These leaders fill our hearts and minds with practical teaching which should be put into your businesses immediately.

We all have a part in the big picture so learn these skills and perfect them over time. Do you believe you could do a webinar? If your answer is yes, have you done one. If no is your answer, why not? Pick a topic, research it, then show your findings. Easy peasy.

I have not done one yet. I have a vast video collection on Youtube, which goes with my blogs.

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Listening is a big part of every conversation

Welcome To The Community

We are so glad you are here. We have been waiting while you made plans to get here. We have so much to show you, but I promise not to overwhelm you.


Pull up a chair and get a drink. It’s just friends talking and helping each other.

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We have a cool downline builder that gives you 20 + additional income streams. Just do 1 or 2 to start. I’ll be glad to guide you all along the way.

What does it mean to be in a community? A group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society, a body of persons of common and especially professional interests.

Simply put, a community is a group of like-minded individuals who share an identity-forming narrative. In other words, it’s a friendship between different people — or a social unit — with a commonality such as norms, place, religion, values, customs, or identity. 

To be clear, community is not a place, building, or organization — it’s both a feeling and a set of relationships among people. Members of a community often have a sense of trust, safety, belonging, and caring for each other.

With that said I would be honored to have you in our community. Ask any question or share any idea you may have. I look forward to our 1st conversation. Have a blessed day ,week , month, year.

People Helping People

Slavery’s Chains

You can hear the hammer coming down on the hot metal resting on the anvil. The bolt driving down to lock the cuffs in place. Not a sound was uttered as the cuffs find their resting place.


Michael The Traveling Trucker asks- how long have you been wearing those chains? You are told what time to wake up each day. What time you can eat. What your work for the day is. What time you can leave to go back to your cell.

Does this sound like your life as you prepare for work each day? If your boss needs you to stay late or work weekends, can you say NO?

Very few people find the key to unlock those chains, but there to be found. You really do have the tools to make your key and escape those chains, if your willing.

Take a walk with me, READER. Lets explore those tools together and make a key. What do you say? Life on your terms or life on your bosses terms, Your choice.

1st- Do you want to escape your job? Can you see yourself telling you boss, ” I don’t need to work here anymore”. All the hard work you have been putting into building your home based business finally paid off big. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

You have followed the done- for -you- system, step by step. You have listened to your coach and mentor to write your blog, buy advertising from the co-op. You have dailed the phone and talked to your prospects. Building those relationships. You love making your Youtube videos.

People are trusting your lead. Doesn’t it feel GREAT? Being in the right niche is very important.

Have you thought about writing your book is the next question from your coach. All the hard work you have spent after the children go to bed and before they get up in the morning is putting thousands in your pocket each month looks and feels good doesn’t?

I see that great BIG SMILE. It’s burning down into your spirit and you will never go back. NEVER.

Your coach asked- have you thought about interviewing your favorite mentors and coaches? Are you ready to teach what you know to others in a webinar?

I know for some it sounds scary and far off. It was for me. Little by little, I took those steps. Doing what was uncomfortable until it became easy and part of my daily business money making activities. COME JOIN US NOW.

I offer you the chance to change. Reach out your hand and I’ll walk with you each day until you can stand and walk by yourself. Sound fair?

Freedom Is One Step Away

No Experience NEEDED

When I first started, I was thankful for the term No Experience Needed because I didn’t have any. Michael The Traveling Trucker was a ordinary person who had the desire to drive a BIG RIG.


I drove from Georgia to California every week for a year to get some experience,4500 miles per week. Now It’s 28 years later with well over 3 million miles under my belt.

7 years ago I started my journey with affiliate marketing with- you guessed it “No Experience Needed”. I had a desire to learn and implement what was being taught. In the Coaching world, did you know that a coach does NOT need to know their clients industry? Coaching is simply a system of questions to ask your clients.

First hand I know 3 people who have mastered the task of asking the right questions to help people achieve the wildest dreams. Janet Legere and Rob Gehring and Jared Myers.

I have had the opportunity to work with all 3. Each one has helped me grow more than I thought possible. Dear Reader, do you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds? Finding the right Coach/ Mentor is vital.

Can I coach someone if I don’t have experience? You bet you can. The coaches job is to simply ask the right questions that will help the client create success. Coaching with the RIGHT SYSTEM is about helping your client get a clear picture at where they are today-and where they want to be down the road, then take MASSIVE ACTION and holding them accountable.

Realizing ” how” you make money is VERY IMPORTANT. If you make a lot of money and don’t help anyone and have no joy.. is it really worth it? Making money is awesome and all, but I personally want to have purpose and fulfillment of helping others all along the way.

This brings a joy deep within my spirit. It drives me each day to help serve others. If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. There’s no ceiling to your earning potential. The more you invest in yourself to learn new skills and master them, the more money YOU will make.

I INVITE YOU to join a group of men and women, who are making a difference in the lives of people on a daily basis. Click Here. I want you to take away one thing—–HELP OTHER PEOPLE, BE A SERVANT TO THEM. Watch them grow. Help them to help others and watch them grow. Do you get it? I know you do. Now take MASSIVE ACTION NOW. Click the click here button right away.

I know you have questions. Reach out to me. Michael Lipsey-678-697-9841. If I don’t answer, PLEASE PLEASE leave me a message. I will get it and call you back. We can talk and make a plan, step by step. YOU have one life- MAKE IT BIG, for you and your family.

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life.

Riding Off Into The Sunset

THE END—- Wasn’t that a great story. Michael The Traveling Trucker strikes again.

We all like the ending of the story with everyone winning, riding off into the sunset happily ever after.


WAIT- WHAT? Where’s the beginning and middle of the story? Where would you start? How does your story differ from everyone else?

Does your story have LOVE? Love can be forestered, extended, used to subjugate hate and thus CURE DISEASES. Real friends are those who, when you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel that you’ve done a permanent job.

Is there JOY? Joy in what you are doing, sharing with those you care about. It’s easy to be pleasent, when life flows by like a song. But the man worth while is one who will smile, when everything goes dead wrong. Let your JOY shine forth for all to see.

Where is your PEACE? Take with you words, strong words of courage: Words that have wings!

I have heard the next one but not sure what it is. LONG SUFFERING. Much wisdom remains to be learned, and if it is only to be learned and if it is only to be learned through adversity, we must endeaver to endure adversitty with what fortitude we can command.

I see GENTLENESS: If you have a weakness, make it work for you as a strength- and if you have a strength, don’t abuse it into a weakness. The kindly word today may bear its fruit tomorrow.

Into the mirror I see GOODNESS. We’ve got to build a better man before we build a better society. The only way to settle a disagreement is on the basis of what’s right- not who’s right. What I must do, and not what people think, is all that concerns me.

FAITH really is a gift of GOD. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

MEEKNESS is essentially an attitude or quality of heart whereby a person is willing to accept and submit without resistance to the will and desire of someone elseDon’t let others take advantage of your meekness thinking it’s your weakness.

What is the true meaning of TEMPERANCE ?  Moderation in action, thought, or feeling : restraint. : habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions.

See your story does have everything. I’m glad you got to share this with all of us. WAY TO GO. I told you it was easy, don’t you feel better for getting your thoughts down on paper and then say, COME READ.

Let’s sail away PETER PAN. Neverland is waiting for the adventure of a life time. Pixie dust fills the air and the lost boys really aren’t lost.

Captain Hook is a shadow not to be seen again for the crock swallowed him whole. By the way I found your marbles. Don’t ever close those windows, open them wide and embrace your furture.

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Capture Each Day, Enjoy It, Then Let It Go.


Your biggest fight is the 6 inches between your ears, until you settle it, it will kick your butt.

Seat belt on, motivation CD’s on. Best books picked out to read once we stop. Michael The Traveling Trucker offering coaching, mentoring and motivation.

What is keeping you from SUCCESS? Is it fear of what others might think? Have you failed numerous times? No money, no time, no resources?


All of these YOU can overcome, trust me, I know how it feels. Most of the online world has felt this way, so your not alone.

What type of online marketing are you interested in? Affiliate, selling digital products, consumer goods and services? Whatever it is, do you homework. Do a search and see what is working for others. Find a mentor and ask the hundred and one questions.

“IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SIZE OF YOUR DOUBT, BUT THE SIZE OF YOUR FAITH.” Ultimately, doubt is always present when faith is required. There is no need to fear doubt—not our own or the doubt of those we love. For even when we doubt the truth, it still remains true.

“YOUR DOUBT DOES NOT DISQUALIFY YOU.” When you struggle with doubt, it can make you feel like a fraud. It’s easy to believe that having doubts disqualifies you but it DOES NOT. Fight the good fight until you win. Get out your paper and pen- Yep it’s note taking time.

Search your doubt to find its root. There is usually something that is at the core of your doubt, and most other doubts stem from it. If you can identify that core problem, it will help narrow your searching. Is it people in your past saying, you can’t do it?

Be honest with yourself about the nature of TRUTH. Truth doesn’t depend on what you like or on what makes most sense to you personally. Truth is something you have to commit to seeking outside of yourself. 

How to Stop Overthinking and Overcome Self-Doubt. By changing the way we think (or whatever it is we’re trying to do), we can change our emotional response to the action. No one is really paying too close attention to you. That may seem harsh, but it’s actually liberating. 

Most people think about themselves way more than others. The reality is that other people are so absorbed with their own struggles, fears, failures, successes, and what they’re going through, that they rarely take too much time out of their day to consider what you’re up to. 


Let the buzz of thoughts in your head out onto the page.

When we overthink, our heads can get so clouded with buzzing thoughts that we can’t really evaluate each idea clearly and realistically. 

A great way to reduce overthinking is to journal your thoughts. Write down everything you’re thinking without holding back. Just get it all down on paper so it’s out of your head. You can then evaluate what is there and see what the best course of action is.

Embrace Your Self-Doubt

One of the best things we can do to overcome our self-doubt is actually embrace it. Make the decision to embrace your discomfort and embarrassment. Ask yourself “what’s the worst that could happen if I fail?”You will have to figure out another way to do it.

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