The Right To Be You

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker says” Be You”.

I had this conversation with my oldest daughter, Tori. She said she loved my Michael The Traveling Trucker and gave me some tips about Tik Tok. I have watched her videos and loved them, so I asked for her advise.


That’s right, There is only one of YOU. I know, you say, I don’t like me or why would people choose to talk to me.

We all have had this talk with ourselves. If you don’t like something about yourself, take 30 days and change it.

You were born as a unique person, there is no other person in this world
who is exactly like you. This is also true when it comes to your personality.
It is unique for a reason.

That is why it is so important to always be yourself.

Tell me one thing you like about yourself? I’ll go 1st. I have NEVER met a stranger. I talk to anyone anytime about any topic we choose.

I believe in you. You are here for a reason, so let’s explore the why.

Are you a care giver, love animals, good listener, organized, artistic, good at writing, natural leader? Whatever it is, use it. That’s why you have it.

Do you know who you really are? Ever since you were young, you have been conditioned to be one way or another. It may be weird just to spend a day being your spontaneous self, but sometimes it is the only way that you can learn how to be yourself.

Do you look at everything as a glass half full or a glass half empty? It can be easy to be negative about yourself. When it comes to being happy, it is vital that you learn how to be yourself and to be more positive.

Mistakes in your life do not always need to be seen negatively. Think about what went wrong, learn from it, and move on. This one right here is one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps—-LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES AND DON’T REPEAT THEM.

If you need help ASK. People love to be needed. Most of the people I have met are ALWAYS willing to help when asked. I need help all the time and I ask. It helps me grow when taught what I’m missing.

We all need help from time to time and we all can help someone else from time to time.

Best statement ever: A Blessing Is Not A blessing Until You Give It Away.

Bless Others By Being YOURSELF

How to Train Your Brain?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Michael The Traveling Trucker has reason to think outside the box. Training is essential to any business, personal or faimly if we are to move forward and not remain in the rut of ho hum life.

So what are some of the benefits?


Buddhist, Temple, Pagoda, Prayer, Monk

The Importance of Thinking Fast

Before we learn how it’s important, we need to learn why it’s important. Thinking fast provides a wide variety of benefits.

When people are asked to think fast, they are happier, more creative, energetic, and self-confident. Does that begin to sound like you? That’s right, it is becoming you as we speak.

Faster thinking will also keep your brain mentally sharp.

Do you know that it’s possible to become smarter—at any age? That’s right. Are You READY?

How Do You Think Faster?

The next question is how does one increase speed? That answer is:

Make faster minor decisions. Now eating is important, but deciding between beef, turkey or salad is inconsequential. Deciding quickly what to eat can help you with thinking faster.

Portrayal, Portrait, Baby, Face, Mood

Practice Speed

There are things that we do all the time and we’ve gotten really good at — playing music, learning songs, writing, or doing specific stretches. Whatever the case, I encourage you to add another layer of challenge to those skills by speeding up.

Think Smarter: Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills is the comprehensive guide to training your brain to do more for you.

Thinking is the foundation of everything you do, but we rely largely on automatic thinking to process information, often resulting in misunderstandings and errors.


Learning, Development, Looking, People

If you are not using your whole brain, you will fall behind.

Trial and error is a fundamental method of problem-solving. It is characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success, or until the agent stops trying.

The earlier in life a person learns to read and the more reading materials they are subjected to, the more cognitive skills they will develop.

For those who have limited reading comprehension skills, reading can help enhance their vocabulary and their development of intellectual functioning. 

Newspaper, Background, Paper, Design

When we were growing with our 2 girls, teaching, showing and sharing books, we would read out loud. Everyone would take a turn. We would do voices, singing the songs. We would go to the library and let them pick out books. Today our girls love to read as My wife and I do.

We still do the voices and sing the songs, then laugh about it. It is a magicial time. Reading stimulates your brain and keeps it healthy, which is critical for your memory.

When you need the best reading and studing material, CLICK HERE.

Reading More Hepls To Stimulate Your Brain

Want More Results Online?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with tips on getting more results online.

Marketing is a profession that if done correctly, can make you some serious
amounts of money.

Today I would like to focus on several areas I think are vital for better engagement.


Team, Teamwork, Together, Strategy

HEADLINES: You can have the best content, the best news for doing things, and the best news for making money, but if people don’t open your email or read your blog, you don’t have them. This should be a PRIORITY for your blogs and emails.

Keeping your emails short and sweet is very important when you are email

You want to make sure you get your point across as quickly as you can without leaving out any important details about the product you are promoting or the message you are trying to get across.

It is very important that you make sure that the marketing experience is as
convenient as possible for the customer because this will surely lead to
more sales.

Here are a few Headlines that caught my attention:

Learn how to make money online as an affiliate, Claim Your Free Traffic Package Worth 5 To 20 Every Day, Get Paid To Log In Every Day!, New System Pays you multiple times Per day on autopilot!, $1,000 IN MAILBOX CASH , 2k with New system.

Are you starting to let those juices flow?

Bulletin Board, Stickies, Post-It, Note


It’s so important to put content out DAILY on social media! You never know who is watching. As the saying goes” SOMEONE IS ALWAYS WATCHING”. If you are just showing up once a month on Twitter or other social media, people will not remember you or engage with you.

I believe that you need to be in front of people 24/7/365. Are you making videos on Youtube and sharing them? Post. Every. Single Day! No Exception!

Now for the BIG ONE: DRIVE THEM TO A CAPTURE FORM. Your goal is to make sure you are funneling potential customers and leads into your list. You should be adding to your list daily. Communicating with your people helps in the process all the way around.

Here is what I call the 10,000- hour rule. You must stay consistent. It takes 10,000 hours of consistent ‘practice’ to master your chosen niche. Most people won’t even invest 100 hours into their business. You have it beat already. Don’t ever give up.

I will grow my subscriber list by 50 new people. I will add 50% to my monthly income. I will learn 1 new thing per day. I will share my life with people daily.

My resources are here for you to use.

Engagement Is The KEY


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with following the process from lead to core member.

What does it actually take? Glad you asked.


I’m part of TL2Ivm –Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer coop with Rob Gehring- MY MENTOR. I buy leads through a package he has which sends me around 30- 40 leads per month for my 1 share in the coop. This cost is $50.00 per month. For me, my budget is 100 dollars a month for now. My increase is coming.

All of my coop leads promote Genesis Lifestyle Network. This is my high ticket sale item. Owner Jared Meyers does a fantastic job keeping everything up to date for us.

I’m part of THE CONVERSION PROS Which is a monthly cost of 50.00. It gives you a complete system to create lead capture pages, keeps track of your leads, and a host of other tools.

I have TCP on my phone. When a new lead form coop or my advertising from viral mailers, solo ads, and other Facebook groups, it gives me an alert. I can then call, text, or email my lead.

This is the lifeline to my Affiliate Marketing business.

Now my journey begins. I first leave a quick text saying,” Hi (their name), This is Michael Lipsey from the Genesis Lifestyle Network and I received your request for more information on our work from home program. When can we schedule a 5- minute talk”? Yes Folks it’s that easy. Welcome them to GLN. Tell them they are in the right place at the right time on your 1st call. Plant the seed, makes sense, right?

They text me back with a set time or when they are available and I call right then. If I don’t get a response that day, I contact them every day for 5-7 days. Be polite each time. You don’t want to scare them away. If no response MOVE ON. WORK WITH SOMEONE WHO WANTS WHAT YOU OFFER.


You should have a quick list of questions. Have you gotten your welcome email? Did you watch the video that explains who and what Genesis Lifestyle Network is? Did you sign up for the 7-day free trial?

Be calm and relaxed. Build a friendship. Set their minds at ease. Remember what it was like when you were deciding to get started.

I talked with one of my leads for several weeks, answering questions and guiding him with things to do. ( watch presentation video, read entire business plan). He became a core member at the beginner level.

I always encourage him/ them to start after the 7- day free trial period. Get the most out of the 7 days. You could earn your 1st commission. You would have zero out-of-pocket expenses.

At the end of your trial period, your system will be turned off until you become a core member. Let them know they can get started for as little as 50 dollars. I tell them the prices for all 6 of the packages. Some come in at beginner level some at Mastery level. Either way, folks you earn a commission. That’s exciting.

Build your list daily. The more the merrier. It’s all a numbers game. Go through as many as necessary to get your core member signed up.

If you are NOT part of this system, WHY NOT? It has everything you need. JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM STEP BY STEP.

JOIN ME NOW. I will introduce you to all our leaders. Sound good?

Build a friendship 1st


Today, I, Michael The Traveling Trucker speak blessings over you, READER. You have been looking for a long time for positive words to live by.

Come sit with me and let’s explore the words of the UNIVERSE. Time is the same for everyone. 24/7/365. The difference is how you USE IT. DON’T BE A TIME KILLER, BE A TIME MANAGER.


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“A business idea is just another idea. But an idea backed by strong feasibility, a thorough business plan, and a smart team is no longer an idea. It’s now a solid business opportunity worth pursuing.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

Have you looked into the mirror today and told yourself, you are well-loved? YOU ARE. Have you said to yourself today, I can accomplish this task with speed and efficiency? YOU CAN and WILL.

Business Lesson 101: Start with a notebook and pen. Write down your thoughts no matter how big or small. Write what you see each morning, afternoon, and evening. This is the starting point of greatness.

Think about this next statement:

The Purpose of A Business

The purpose of a business is to offer value (through products and/or services) to customers, who pay for the value with cash or equivalents.

How do you offer your product or service? DO NOT EVER SELL PEOPLE. Research what they need and become the go-to person for solving that issue. When you help people, they are more apt to buy from you.

Value is always that which is perceived by the customer. Ideally, it should evolve, change, and multiply over time.

Talking to oneself is important. If you don’t speak positively to yourself, you are missing a valuable resource. You know what you are capable of, I see what you can and will become with a little training.

 “The most important word in the world of money is cash flow. The second most important word is leverage.” – Rich Dad.

Pick one thing to FOCUS on until you master it. When I quit drinking, all I focused on for 2 years was not drinking until it became a habit. Now I don’t think about drinking.

Same with smoking. I focused on NOT smoking until it became a habit. Now I don’t think about smoking.


I share my business with everyone looking to SUCCEED. You may not know anything about business but you can learn. It’s not that hard. Be TEACHABLE.

Click Here NOW.

I think about how to help people. I speak intelligently and passionately about LIFE. How to make yours better. I don’t have all the answers. I can research with you to find the best solution.

My Mentor Janet Legere wrote a book: Get Stuck On Happy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Order your copy today.

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” – Mary Kay Ash.

Try this today: Leave someone better off than you found them. Show them the best LOVE you have to offer holding nothing back.




Blessings and more blessings from Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today I did a double video. Sharing what I have learned with a new partner in crime. ( Not an actual crime.) With Antonio.

What are you, Dear READER doing to break the barriers in your life? How are y0u teaching what you have learned with others? I have the most wonderful mentors. They have a no-holds-barred approach with me. They are constantly challenging me to new heights.

I met Antonio in Elkton, Maryland. This man has an entrepreneurial spirit, a giving personality, and a thinker of new ideas. He shared with me how he got started in the trucking industry. Shared his entrepreneurial spirit for helping others succeed, and sharing life with people.

Antonio told me of the different trucks and trailers he uses for all the money-making opportunities. Dry van, reefer, and car hauler. If he wants to go to Vegas on vacation, he gets a load of cars going to Vegas. He shared with me being the bankroll for other projects. He wants to stay in the background and let other people shine out front.


Harvesting, Myanmar, Burma

We all can and should make a difference in the lives of people we live with, meet on a daily basis, and touch the hearts of complete strangers ( which I have never met). Mr. Shy, RIGHT? LOL

Let’s start breaking the rules, challenging and breaking stereotypes, and break boundaries of thinking that hold us back, and start to achieve success.

Your main focus is- Changing Your Thinking from the unknown to the known. We all have challenges, things we have never tried. Yes, there is a learning curve, but I know you are up for the challenge.

We MUST, MUST, MUST learn to persevere and discipline ourselves to greater heights. We have all the training we will ever need. ARE YOU USING IT? ACTION speaks loud, and people love action takers. ARE YOU AN ACTION TAKER?

We have to value and promote the contributions people make. Thanks, Janet, Rob, and Jared. Behind every family, there are people who fight on a daily basis to provide well-being and LOVE.

Solar Panels, Placement, Green Energy

WATER is the source of life. Love powers it, and promotes healthy a body. We must train ourselves to be all we can be. Use the resources at hand, and then build them up. Give them away by teaching, guiding, and working side by side with people.

Hard work at the beginning makes for years of effortless daily life. Train yourself daily to complete tasks. Then mark them off. We have taught daily to-do lists. DID YOU WRITE THEM DOWN? ARE YOU MARKING THEM OFF AS YOU GO?


TO-DO LIST- Build your list. Build your relationships( phone, text, emails). Advertise daily. Build Like, know, and trust. Building your brand. I love being a trucker, can you tell? Michael The Traveling Trucker works so well for me.

Here is an exercise for NOW. Who are you? What do you do on a daily basis that you can share with others? Caregiver, good cook, writer, artist, homemaker, business leader, the list is endless.

Can and will you make a VIDEO? Stop looking at the camera as a horror, and create a best friend attitude. YOU MUST HAVE FUN. Smile a lot, laugh a lot, sing out loud, show the love that fills your heart with every breathe.

No matter what you do in life-BE YOUR BEST.

Share Life It’s So Much Fun

For more information on how I make money, leave a comment. I WILL get back to you.


Greetings and Salutations from the USA. Today I honor our Candian Family with their holidays and festivals.

Canada’s Capital City is Ottawa. Ottawa is located directly on the Ontario Quebec border on the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River is one of the premier places in the world for whitewater rafting.


Canadian Flag, Canada, Flag, Maple Leaf

The Maple leaf is on the flag, the Canadian dollar ($) (CAD) is it’s official currency.

What do we as American’s really know about Canada? It has an area of 9,984,670 square km, it is the world’s second-largest country by total area. Ottawa is its capital and Toronto is its largest city. English and French are their official languages.

The United States is its only land bordering country, with which it has the world’s largest land border. The country has immigrants from many countries, which makes it one of the world’s most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations.

Fun facts: Canadian food. Did you know Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than any other country? I love my MacNCheese also. With kraft being the best, no wonder they have loved this food since before 1845!

I knew about Tim Horton’s. It is also responsible for having the most donut shops per capita than anywhere else. Throughout the entire world, there is not one country that surpasses them.

Being a trucker I love donuts, um I mean Canada.LOL

They’re even known for being the oldest brewery in North America and not only did they start it but the brewery is still running. Molson Coors Canada produced Molson Canadian beer and they are still making it right where they started in 1786.

77% of the maple syrup produced in the entire world is made right in Quebec.

Interesting facts about Canada Maples syrup

There are no hormones in Canadian dairy products.

That’s because they don’t allow any kind of hormones to be given to the cattle. So if you’re looking for a healthy and all-natural drink, you’ll find it in the milk.

Interesting facts about Canada: license plate

Imagine seeing license plates that are actually shaped like a polar bear.

I’m not too sure about this one but here it goes. In Dawson City Yukon, there is a cocktail where people drink whiskey with a human toe inside. It is called the sour toe cocktail.

People donate toes that have fallen off due to frostbite or other means. There is a $2500 fine if you swallow the toe. When people accidentally swallow the toe good samaritans donate newly severed toe to drink.

interesting facts about canada it's the polar bear capital

In the far north town of Churchill, Manitoba nobody locks their doors to their house or cars in case of a polar bear attack. Run for your lives and hope the lock is open. Churchill is located in the center of Polar Bear Alley and polar bears walk freely through the town.

hopewell rocks new brunswick

Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick – Home to the highest tides in the world. This body of water moves 100 billion tons of water through its tides twice daily.

Manitoulin Island in Ontario is the largest fresh freshwater island in the world. It is an amazing place to visit. Located in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, it is filled with hiking and cultural experiences. The Great Spirit Circle Trails allows people to immerse themselves in Indigenous culture.

This is for my sponsor Janet, Don, and family. I know from Janet that they are celebrating Their Thanksgiving weekend. Janet shared with me, Tomorrow – I make my family favourite – Les Tourtieres – a Thanksgiving Tradition! These are wonderful meat pies, using beef, pork, or chicken. Janet makes them every year.

The Calgary Stampede is a not-for-profit community organization that preserves and celebrates our western heritage, culture, and community spirit.

Supported by over 2,500 passionate volunteers, our year-round events, programs, and initiatives invest in youth, support agricultural programs, celebrate western culture, and make a lasting economic impact in our city.

Each year, Stampede Park hosts over 1,200 business, tourism, sporting, hospitality, and community events and welcomes more than four million guests. These events create thousands of jobs and contribute more than $540M to the Alberta economy.

There are various annual events and festivals hosted in Calgary. Those are the Folk Music Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, the Lilac Festival, the Calgary Fringe Festival, Global Fest, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.

I am coming to Calgary to visit by the end of 2023. I’ll have enough time to see the sites without having to rush.

Celebrate Good Times


Have you discovered the life you were meant to live? Greetings from Georgia, Home of Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Let us focus on YOU for a minute. I didn’t like looking inward. I never really liked what I saw. Then one day, God called me out of the darkness to walk in the light.

He has placed some KOOL peeps in my life, and I bet He has done the same for you, RIGHT?


Janet, Jared, and Rob—LOL

How many outstanding generalities do you know? How many people do you know with unique and distinctive characteristics? I want you to know from the first-YOU ARE A MIRACLE. You’re an original.

Be enthusiastic, It really does make people stand up and take notice. Have you ever been in a room when someone makes their entrance and the room explodes with joy, happiness, and laughter?

People are drawn to these people. Here is a cool saying” You can’t walk backward into the future”. I try to do this one thing everywhere I go, Leave people better than I found them. Give a little every day, not until it hurts, but until it feels good.


Are you being flexible? There is great strength in tenderness. It’s amazing how a tender sapling survives a hard wind by being flexible and by moving with the wind instead of resisting it.

Say this out loud: I Am flexible, I Am Tender and Strong. Resilient and Grounded. Wow, I needed that myself. Thanks, Michael.

If you treat people as they are, they will remain as they are. If you treat people as though they were what they could be, You’ll help them become what they could be.

BIG TIP: DON’T SPEND YOUR LIFE STANDING AT THE COMPLAINT COUNTER. We all could have plenty to complain about, let’s find things to praise about, laugh about, love about, sing about. Be different, LOOK FOR THE BEST.

Which side are they on?

The sky’s not the limit. No one can put a limit on you without your permission. Don’t set limits on yourself either.

You need help and I offer my helping hand. You say you need more money, time, and freedom. LIFE is not FREE, but very attainable with a little work.

Ask me how by leaving me a comment and I will share my insider secret.

Life Is Short So Pull Out All The Stops.


Happy Trails Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s heartwarming, soul-searching adventure.

If you are somewhat like me, You have wanted and sometimes do, make a difference in the lives of those around you.

GREAT opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.


What Is Success? This is a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

What is success?

To laugh often and much,

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;

To appreciate beauty;

To find the best in others;

To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived;

This is to have succeeded.

Here is my challenge to you. Come join us for your 7-day free trial. USE THE SYSTEM for those 7 days. Ask our leaders what works best and how to apply them to your business.

Build your LIST. Share this wonderful opportunity with everyone. Commit to as many hours as you can per day for those 7 days.

This is the best system, best people, and best training.

Click The LINK , NOW

Reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

Have a great day,
Michael Lipsey-GLN Life Coach
Phone/text 678-697-9841
skype michael.lipsey

Via email



Good Morning Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker looking at myself and sharing my traits with you. We all have some of these traits shining through, but sad to say we don’t act upon them. Now is the time for action.

Have you been sitting in your car during RUSH hour? Do you wonder what it would be like not to be sitting in RUSH hour? Your mind drifts away to woulda, coulda land.

Is it possible to have a different lifestyle? YES, IT IS. What do you want?

See if you have some of these traits.


Entrepreneur Quotes in pictures


Self-motivated describes someone who can motivate themselves rather than relying on another person. Do you do housework on autopilot because it needs to be done? Yep, self-motivated. Great, you have this trait.


Someone open-minded is willing to accept or learn about new ideas and opportunities. Someone invites you to a painting class. You go, but say, I don’t have any talent. You get to the class and the teacher looks at your work and asks how long have you been painting? See another trait. Great job.

entrepreneur quotes


Entrepreneurs tend to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles so they can have the energy to operate their business ventures. You walk daily already, watch what you eat. You love to ride your bike. You are active with your spouse and children. Bingo- mark down another trait.


For example, an entrepreneur comes up with a unique marketing idea. They record a video series about entrepreneurship to drive traffic to their website. You have been asked to make posters for the bake sale. You go all out with colorful posters that catch people’s attention. The bake sale goes great. Another great trait to add to your list.


Entrepreneurs typically have a humble attitude because they understand the work that goes into creating and maintaining a successful business and how success can drop.

For example, a successful entrepreneur makes a point to respect others and show gratitude for their business. Three great examples for me are Jared, Janet, and Rob. Working close to these business owners has been rewarding in ways of coaching me, teaching me, and pointing me in the right direction.

You know if you are humble, so check off another great trait. Your list of traits is getting bigger.

entrepreneur quotes future

Product or service knowledge

Entrepreneurs know what they have to offer and to whom they can sell it. You should continually learn about your market, understand what people need, and know the features that differentiate you from competitors.

This is a trait that you must develop over time and continue to deveop over and over. See you got this.

Goal mindset

Entrepreneurs are goal oriented. They know what they want to achieve. Setting goals and working toward them is a daily habit. You have decide to makeover your den. You set goals for painting, carpet, pictures hanging, and furniture. You give yourself 4 days to complete the job. Well done. You did it. Trait check.


Entrepreneurs are ready to take risks. They plan for the unknown so they can make calculated decisions that are profitable for them and their business. You decide to set up your photography business. You don’t have all the answers but have the skills. You make a plan, take a deep breath and launch out into the unknown.

Your works begins to speak to the people and your phone begins to rings with offers or interest. See you are an ENTREPRENEUR. Well Done. I was a risk taker when I started my driving career. That was 27 years ago.

Thanks for letting me share these traits with you. I know you have been thinking about starting your own business. I believe in you and invite you to join me NOW at GLN. I look forward to working with you, so go ahead and click the GLN link.

Your Traits Are Shining Through