Scripts for Calling Your Prospects

Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s Adventure is TALKING.

Mention: Written by Dan Tyre

Introduce yourself.

First, say your name and which company you work for. You need to sound confident and energetic. I can’t tell you how many cold calls I listen to that begin with, “This is mlkjdkfj from mnxcmvn.”

The prospect goes, “What? Who??” Right from the start, the call is going poorly.

You don’t need to yell your greeting, but you do need to articulate.

After you say, “This is [name] from [company],” pause.

This is hard for cold callers. They want to jump straight into their pitch. But I want you to take a deep breath and say nothing for eight whole seconds.

While you’re pausing, your prospect is searching their brain for who you could be. It sounds like you know them — are you a client? A former coworker? A current one?

Establish rapport.

The call is already deviating from the standard cold call. Then you hit them with a question to establish some rapport. Your goal: Get ‘em talking and prove you’re familiar with them. A good question is topical and makes someone smile. If they seem receptive to chatting, ask them a follow-up question. Trust me, this always lightens the mood. (Unless your prospect is in a major hurry, in which case, you should get the point.)



Questions You Should Ask:

“Have you ever thought about finding a way to earn part-time income to supplement your job?”

“Do you keep your options open when it comes to earning income?”

“Do you have an interest in learning how to make money in a home business?”

“Would you be interested if you could start a home business part-time and work toward replacing your full-time income?”

“Have you ever thought about starting a home business if the right coach came along?”

“Have you ever thought about the money you can save on taxes by simply starting a part-time home business?”

The key here: Keeps it casual and light.

Educating customers helps them realize the full potential of your products, and gradually migrate to new or more sophisticated usage of them.

In closing PRACTICE, THEN PRACTICE MORE, THEN PRACTICE SOME MORE. The more you get familiar with this process, the easier it becomes.

Talking Should Feel Natural, Like Best Friends.

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Tips to Grow Your Business Online

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure takes us into the land of Growing ( your online business). This takes TIME, EFFORT, AND MONEY. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking instant success without these three. Mention of

Make it Easier for Users to Contact You. If you want your website to bring you more customers, then you need to add an easy way for visitors to contact you. The easiest way to do that is by using a contact form on your website.

Start Building an Email List from Day 1

Lead generation

The most cost-effective way to do this is by BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST. Email marketing is the most reliable way to communicate with your website visitors.

Leverage Social Media to Drive Traffic

Leverage social media to grow your business

Social media platforms have highly engaged audiences. Facebook alone has 1.47 Billion daily active users, that’s around 18% of all people in the world. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms also have highly engaged users.

Be an Active Participant in Online Communities

Online communities and forums

Online communities include forums and question-answer websites. These are the places people go to post their questions, socialize, find content, and explore. Top communities on the internet include Reddit, Stack Exchange, Quora, TripAdvisor, and more.

There are more avenues to follow, such as Start an Affiliate Partner Program, Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


Internet marketing helps your business in several ways, like by providing:

  1. Measurable ways to track the performance of different strategies and channels
  2. Actionable data for improving the performance of strategies, like an ad campaign
  3. Cost-effective avenues for earning leads and sales
  4. Low cost of entry for launching a strategy or channel
  5. Insightful user data to improve targeting and promotional effort
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Building A Future Is Fun, Hard Working and Exciting

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. I am learning what it means to be a giving person. This is a BIBLE passage from 1 Tim 6:18-Be Rich In Good Deeds, And (Be ) Generous And Willing To Share.

When I look at my Journey so far, There are numerous people who have poured out their generous spirit to me. Don and Janet Legere, Rob Gehring, Jon Olson and Blain Jones just to name a few. I get good feedback from people like Michael Camire, Elizabeta Ramsak, Gail Quantock, Kevin M,Lisa Gentile, helping me to grow outside of my comfort zone. Encouraging me to do the daily tasks that make a business grow.

I want to give recognition to Jeff Haden

People Are Hard-Wired To Be Kind And Generous, Says Study ...

They give: generously, selflessly, and without expectation of return. They give because their happiness–and their success–comes from someone else’s happiness and someone else’s success.

These people give The gift of praise. They know that a few words of recognition–especially when that recognition is publicly given–could just be the nudge that inspires an average performer to become a great performer.

They give the gift of requesting help. When you ask for help several things happen. You implicitly show you respect the person giving the advice. You show you respect that person’s experience, skill, and insight. And you show you trust that other person, since by asking for help you’ve made yourself vulnerable.

They give the gift of privacy. Remarkably giving people not only respect another person’s privacy, but they also help them guard their privacy–because they know it’s not necessary to know in order to care.

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you ...
How will you become a person of GIVING? We all need to work together, building a dynasty for GENERATIONS to come.
Give Every Day Out Of The Joy Of Your Heart




Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Being on the road 5 days a week driving,2400 miles from Monday to Friday can be tough for me. I only have limited time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are very hectic driving days.

I take my laptop, phone, and tablet with me so I can have access to the internet.

ROB GEHRING asked this question–How come we talk to people every day about nothing really and can’t talk to contacts that could put money in your pocket? Personally, I struggle with this. Is it the fear of NO? Fear of Yes? Don’t know what to say? How to get your point across as a professional? Do we believe in what we are doing? Do we set goals? Do we have an accountability partner to keep us on track?

Life, Pain, Struggle, Anguish, Misery

I believe for me it is the UNCOMFORTABLE ZONE. That place of dread and torment. Not really. I just have not done enough phone calls to make it easier to talk to people.

Pass Through The Struggle & Live Your Best Life | Rosemary ...

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We have scripts to use— but don’t use them. Coaches and mentors who lead and guide us, but really don’t follow. I really want to build a legacy and need a strong why. I found my WHY and the time has come for Michael to have his tires meet the road.

People want what we have to offer. People will follow or they won’t. Lets work with those who want it. I know it’s a numbers game. We must continue to advertise, blog, and share every day. JUST SHOW UP EVERY DAY. Do the best you can to make improvements on and in yourself.

At the end of the day be better at sunset then when you started at sunrise.

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You Only Have One Life Make It Awesome



Curation Calculation

Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker:

Content Curation–Calculation. What is it all about? There are many people who put great content out there in cyberspace.

CURATE: to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content:

Data curation

Work performed to ensure meaningful and enduring access to data

I’d like to mention the following: Janet Legere-Contact List Builders

ROB GEHRING: Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer

Picking Your Topic : Online Marketing: Advertising Online
Personal Development.

Finding Content to Curate: CLB member blogs, Google, Emails, Click Tract Profit.

Remember to Share Your Post: This is very important. getting the word out about your business through blogging brings the world to you.

Email your Lists
Share in the CLB Groups (Facebook/Telegram)

There are a few goals you should always keep in mind. What’s your main purpose for sharing? What value do you bring? How can you improve what people see?

Building People Up