Do You Miss The Lessons In Life?

Banding my head against the wall is normal for Michael The Traveling Trucker.

There are days I don’t even know my own name so to speak. People tell me things, sometimes I listen and sometimes not. Can you relate?


We have all missed the bus at some point in our lives. Been late. Been miserable in the process. The RAT RACE at it’s worst.

Being a trucker has given me insight into a number of things. Meeting people and talking to them about their life and how it could change if they are willing.

What is one thing you really, really , really want to change in your life you know needs to change? Is it how many hours you work? Lack of quality time with family and friends? Not having enough money? Need repairs around the home place?

As we start our journey, please take notes. Leave yourself sticky notes. Leave an encouraging message to yourself on your phone.

I know from my own journey in life there comes a point where all you have been doing IS NOT SATISFYING ANY LONGER. You dream of better days ahead. You tell yourself, there has to be a better way.

If you are serious about being an ENTREPRENEUR-FIND A MENTOR. I have two who speak into my life to help me gain from life’s lessons. Always point me to my end goal, even when I don’t know what the end goal is.

Kool thing is they DO. They have been down the road long before I got here.

Lesson 1– Go to my resource page at the top. Look around. See what’s of interest.

Lesson 2– Take 5 minutes right NOW- Write down what you want. This is the groundwork for everything else. This step will guide you from now on.

Lesson 3–Remember I said find a mentor? This should be someone who will guide you and push you out of your COMFORT ZONE. Show them what you have written down. It’s called accountability.

Lesson 4–Find something of interest that will make you want to do this everyday. It must be enjoyable, fun and easy to share.

When you start believing in the little things, believing everyday that they will happen, something wonderful happens. Your heart grows strong, your spirit is sensitive and your mind dreams of glorious days of sunshine and laughter.

When you look back to see all the little things, you notice some really BIG things got accomplished.

I hope you copy this post. Put it on your wall. Keep a copy in your car. Read it EVERY DAY and say-“I CAN DO THIS”.


How To Visualize Your Dream

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker.


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I had a dream of driving a tractor/trailer for many years. I can see how God walked me through the process.

I had a 28foot house trailer, I pulled with a pickup truck. I learned how to back up. Learning to turn the wheels in the opposite direction of where you want the trailer to go.

Then I worked for a landscape company, pulling big equipment on a 38-foot trailer. Each increase in trailer size got me closer to driving my big rig.

I saw myself behind the wheel of my big rig. I knew I had what it takes. Every tractor/trailer I saw put that burning in my mind and soul.

Then it happened, I got my chance to drive. I knew how to drive a stick shift, but I had to learn to shift 10 gears instead of 5. I have been driving for 27 years now.

This visualizing process took about 10 years to come to completion, I knew it would. This is what has driven me for years to pursue my dreams.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse. ~ Walt Disney

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Your life is too precious to be spent pursuing small dreams. Dream big so that you can reach your full potential. Answer this one question: “ What would you do if you took the fear out of the equation?

STOP HERE FOR A MINUTE. Really give yourself time to think about this.

You should make sure that you pursue the right dreams. You should make sure that your dreams are both fulfilling and meaningful.

Now I am being taught how to see my internet business as successful. I’m visualizing 1k per month in my bank account already. I’m seeing what I can do with that thousand dollars. ( Paying off some credit card debt.)

This is a kingdom principle. If you can’t see it, you will NEVER have it.

Can you see your DREAM? Is it a new house? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What is the square footage? How much land is it sitting on?

Is it a new car? What is the make and model? What color is it? How many doors?

Get inspired by the stories of great people. This next point is crucial: WRITE YOUR DREAMS DOWN. Make a battle plan. Pay the price daily.

In working on your dreams, prepare yourself to meet difficulties. Expect challenges ahead. That way you won’t lose heart when difficulties come. You will be able to keep going.

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There might be times when you seem to get stuck. You might see no meaningful progress for a long time. In such a situation, it’s tempting to just give up your dreams.

Don’t do that EVER. “Flat” season is normal. It’s something everyone must go through. Keep dreaming. Keep moving forward. You need to think about what you can improve, of course, but keep the fire burning within you. If you do that, a new season will eventually come where things get bright again.

I believe in YOU, READER. Let me help you to dream BIG. Let me see what you see so I can inspire you to keep your dream alive.

When the time comes to go after your dream, send naysayers to TIME OUT.



Hello everyone. This is NOT doom and gloom. This is life ever lasting.


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Come ride with Michael The Traveling Trucker. This is a sunshine ride. Happy, joyful, smiling, laughing, and sharing life with all those you meet.

We all have opportunities to share. Life is about sharing your life with others, to bless them and be blessed from them. You have an appointed season, watch for it, then give it your ALL.

You may not know this BUT, you have been authorized. Yes, You have the right to authorize yourself for success. What do you think about that? You are the CEO/ PRESIDENT OF YOUR LIFE. So choose to make it GREAT.


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Who would you take if it was you and 3 couples? What would you do? What would you see? What food would you try, drinks to drink?

How would you accomplish all these things? It’s called RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. You must build relationships with others, remember the sharing part?

Most people love being a part of something. The interactions, talking, sharing ideas. When was the last time you invited someone for coffee?



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At the TOP of my blog, you will see a resource page. Take a look at my recommendations, then get back with me. I would love the opportunity to share life with you.

Tell me the one thing HOLDING YOU back? Time, money, no experience?

I have been there on all three. I’m a 61-year-old trucker. Been driving all across the USA for 27 years. I wanted to have a laptop lifestyle. I didn’t have a clue where to start. I just did the hit and miss thing at first.

Feedback, Confirming, Businessmen, Group

I heard, sling enough mud at the wall and some will stick. I saw some people on the internet, who were operating their own businesses. I watched, learned(quietly), then said to myself,” I WANT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. IF THEY CAN DO IT THERE IS HOPE FOR ME”.

I found a good fit-(Look to resource page). I began my journey almost 1 year ago. I love writing my blog. Learning how to build lead capture and thank you pages. I’m am not afraid of the phone (calling prospects). I am having small amounts of SUCCESS, which will lead to MASSIVE SUCCESS.

I want you to look at the resource page, NOW. Go ahead I’ll wait. Glad you made it back. HOW CAN I SERVE YOU TODAY? This is my sharing with YOU. I hope you get encouraged to take the 1st step and never look back. Ask questions, we have the answers. We are a FAMILY here. COME BE A PART.

You already know how to show up for work daily, right? Show up here and learn from some of the best marketers. They will help you to money in your pocket.

I know from experience, they have done it with me, by showing me the WAY.




Confused, Hands, Up, Unsure, Perplexed

On the black sea highway, I find myself wondering HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Have You felt that way?

I’m your trucking host with the most, Michael the Traveling Trucker.

We hear” ARE WE THERE YET?” Most of the time the answer is NO, and we become impatient, dissatisfied, and rebellious, for it takes too long for things to happen.

I set up a new lead capture page, sent it out, and got immediate results. The contact was made and we had a good conversation. My prospect came to the Telegraph room and RobG took over. Through his leadership, an upgrade was made.

He shared with me, my prospect has been a part of the business since 2010 but had not logged in since 2015. How’s that for the long term? A 5-year HIATUS.

Keys, Open Locks, Security, Unlock

As ENTREPRENEURS, we never know which key will unlock the door for people to walk through, coming into our business world.

I heard Jon Olson say, He bought some crypto and forgot about it for years. Then he talked with a friend and was told the crypto he had was huge.

Strive to do your best each day. People you talk to might not be ready today, so you move on. They stay silent in the background, always watching. Then time goes by. When the time is right and they contact you, saying they are ready.

Most of the people aren’t ready, just looking they say. NEVER COUNT ANYONE OUT. Timing is everything, so be prepared to wait. Work with those that want what you have.

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Why waiting is beneficial and has beneficial factors. Priorities become clear. It produces Productive habits.

Tolerance and empathy helps people to wait and is a great humbler. A humble person is aware of the struggles of others and can empathize with their troubles. In short, waiting can make you a better person.

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Once you bend your head around the fact that waiting is your friend, and not your enemy, some important things will shift in your head.

Instead of being frustrated by delays, you can be grateful for them, make the most of each one and soar through your time of waiting.

On the other side of it, you will see how much has been grown in your character even though it felt like nothing was happening at the time. Now that is something to be grateful for.

Waiting Is A Good Thing


Welcome all my CB talking, business gear jamming, network relocators. This is Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Yesterday is GONE, TOMORROW is not promised. That leaves TODAY. As our minds explore the possibilities of our future, do we pursue the unknown with fear or rise up in FAITH?


Being a trucker, I am quite familiar with the unknown. I get dispatched to places I have never been to before. Yes, I have my trucker GPS and yes it gets me to where I need to go, most of the time.

I have had a road closed and have had to find another way around, and the GPS is not helpful. It wants to put me on a car route. Does fear rise up or faith rise up?


Most outside people will never understand what you are trying to do. Their opinions and attitudes will NEVER define who YOU ARE. Choose today, to quit listening to the TOXIC people.

In your mind’s eye, WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE? Do you hold the world in your hands? Do you look at the problems or look for the answers?

What books are you reading? Who are you listening to, so your business will GROW? What do you flood your mind with on a daily basis?

It’s time to rise up. Tell your SPIRIT, Today Is My Day. I will not look back, back up, or give in. The business highway is before me. It’s time for a mind-blowing road trip. Buckle up, switch gears, and burn rubber.

Michael’s favorite saying,” You have two choices when you wake up in the morning, be happy or sad. There are enough sad people in the world without me being one.



What a ride this has been. Greetings and salutations from Michael The Traveling Trucker.


Impossible, Possible, Attitude, Positive

Looking back is always perfect vision. It’s easy to look at where we have been and realize what choices we should have made or paths we should have taken.

It’s easy to miss the lessons of life that God is teaching us through constant challenges. Within the context of those challenges, we find valuable life lessons that must be learned.

So do you show up daily? Do you do your best for this day? Today is all you have, so let us DREAM BIG, TAKE ACTION and FOLLOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH.

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What is your biggest challenge? Mine is connecting to people. Being a driver, I have drive days that keep me driving all day and part of the night. I don’t get the opportunities as often as I like for my phone calls, texts and emails. I will do my best today. I will show up. I will make those calls.

Building a business is really a 2-5 year plan. You will have high’s and low’s. I see through observation of my leaders, they are consistent in all they do.

Here is a great interview with Rob Gehring, Hosted by Lisa M Gentile. Rob describes his daily routine. Click here to watch the video.

Describe your daily habits. What do you start with, and where do you end your day?

I start with my blog, Phone calls are next, with texts and emails second. I jump on the advertising wagon, shooting those arrows. I read and comment on different post, upvoting at every opportunity.

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As we build our following, remember it’s all about PEOPLE. Be kind, lead with passion, love with a grateful spirit. Be willing to give your ALL. The reason I’m here is my mentors have shown such love, passion, and commitment to me. For that, I’m eternally grateful.


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I will be all God has called me to be. I will continue to learn, make mistakes and sometimes fail. I will have GREAT SUCCESS at the end of the day.



Hello Everyone, This is your gear jamming, CB talking, Load moving, Michael The Traveling Trucker. What a joy it has been to build my online business. I say thank you to a number of people Janet, Blain, Jon, Rob, and all the members from all these groups, who comment on my blogs. These folks have guided me to expand my horizon, challenged me to learn, encouraged me to show up daily. All these people are instructing me on their tricks of the trade.

I’m learning about building a resource page. It was said “K.I.S.S”. Kept It Simple Silly. I have had to visit other sites to determine what to put on my resource page to make it look right, plus putting links to each picture. For some, this is childs play. I like it but a little slow getting it done.

I was asked if I checked my CTRs and ROIs on my advertising. I said the money was a little tight for the purchase of a solo ad. I would have to do some side work. Today I went to Hits Connect and the results weren’t that good. I will have to adjust how I’m doing my rotators and campaigns. At this point, I haven’t got a good grasp on keeping up with CTR and ROI’s.

Solo ads are fun. Looking at all the sellers at Udimi. I was taught early what to look for and to whom to stay away from.

From Eliana over at CTP:

Staying the course, from driving to the internet definitely has it’s challenges. I have to make myself get things done, when the opportunity presents it’s self.

Be grateful For What You Have


Load up my semi-trailer with a load, let me roll down the road. I’m talking 15 thousand pounds of mushrooms to my delivery in Ga. Now we think, wow this is abundance, but this will be gone in one day. Sent to stores all over the south for you to buy. Hello and welcome, I’m Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today I want to share a greek word with you:” PERISSEUO” and it means to ” furnish one so richly that he has abundance and abounds with overflow.


The Dollar, America, Currency, Finance


Here is a very simple question. When you think about your business do you have an abundance mindset? Do you believe that you can create abundance in your home business? The one thing most entrepreneurs are least prepared for when they start a home business career is how to prepare their mindset regarding money! Your business is all about your abundance mindset. Do whatever is necessary today to develop your employee mindset into an entrepreneur mindset. Define what limiting beliefs you struggle with and change them into abundant money beliefs.

Pie, Thanksgiving, Thanks, Gratitude

Step into the “abundance mindset” and understand your value isn’t based on you personally, but instead, based on how much your customer learns and takes away from your products and services. Bring your “A Game” and you can charge any amount that is in-line with the quality of your products.

My mindset has changed over time from, If only someone will buy what I have to My business is moving so fast with orders. People are trusting me at my word. I offer solutions to your problems. I help take the pressure off by offering you simple step by step instruction on building your business to 6 figures and beyond. What do you see? Is it lack or way more than enough that you have to give some away? A leader with an abundance mindset knows that there is enough to go around for everyone. They tend to move forward in life with fulfillment and confidence in what they have and what they’re capable of having because they believe in the power to create what they want. When people work toward developing an abundance mindset, they become empowered leaders who see everything as an opportunity instead of a challenge or defeat.

Grapes, Abundance, Vineyard, Fruit

Abundance-minded leaders invest in themselves and their teams. They see the value in personal development and choose to provide opportunities for growth as much as possible. The growth they promote isn’t limited to job-related skill training. It extends to areas of emotional and mental health as well. Because of this, team members can develop a sense of worth. Invest in books, audio, video, and whatever takes you to the next level in life.

Come join me NOW at CLB Learning. This is your 1st step to YOUR financial future. 2nd go to TL2Ivm and sign up for your FREE account. You will opt-in for the coop for your advertising. 3rd got to Click Track Profit for some awesome video training.

I Will Have More Than Enough. I have ABUNDANCE.


This is for those who don’t have a clear verbal communication style. This is your trucker host, Michael The Traveling Trucker. So what exactly is the gift of gab? How you ever come across someone while speaking to them, you are mesmerized, holding on to every word?


The ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you.

Rebecca Stamer does a great video, click here to watch.

The ability to speak to others in a self-assured, persuasive manner. Talent for verbal fluency. If someone has the gift of the gab, they are able to speak confidently, clearly,  in a persuasive way.

Woman, People, Coffee, Portrait
Use The Phone Daily

This is from Rod Gehring’s script: you can tweak it to fit who you are.

It is important to understand the importance of having a “real” conversation with a prospect. This also saves you time in qualifying your list and only talking to people who are serious and ready. Be sure they indicate at least 50.00 available to get started now; otherwise I advise against you calling unless you want the practice. When I capture a lead, I generally ask for their phone number along with first name and email address. Then, I send the following text which is called “The Magic Text”. Hey {Prospect Name}, Rob here, your {Company Name} sponsor. Go to {Your Facebook Profile} and send me a friend request so I can have you schedule with me and we can get you earning ASAP, ok?

Check out Rob Gehrings video on Scripts. Click here.

This is a good qualifier as I may be able to connect with them on Facebook to have them set an appointment with me. If they are unresponsive, then we move to a phone call where we can interview them directly.

People Talking, Perception, Reality

One of the greatest lessons on talking to people is to do it often, every day on phone calls. This will give you the confidence you need to carry on a conversation without feeling like you are lost or don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s all about talking to a friend, best friend, or loved one. It should be that natural when talking to people about your business. Let yourself flow, asking questions, and waiting for people to respond. Then ask more questions, feeling them out to see where best to help them.

If you want a master Gabber- Check out Jon Olson from Click Track Profit. In my opinion, Jon is very smooth, eloquent, fluid in speech, and gets his point across that’s easy to follow.

I work hand in hand with Janet Legere, owner of CLB Learning. She makes talking a true art form. These people have perfected, speaking to others, guiding them, and helping them become a success. The more time you spend talking with people, you will understand the art of GAB. YOU will have the ability to SPEAK EASILY and CONFIDENTLY in a way that makes people want to listen to YOU and believe YOU.


The Wise Old Owl


European eagle owl. In a tree hollow stock images

A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he saw the less he spoke.

The less he spoke the more he heard,

Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Wow, What words of wisdom. This Is Michael the Traveling Trucker. There is a connection between wisdom and limiting what we say. Proverbs 10:19 says, In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.

We are wise to be careful about what we say or how much we say in certain situations. It makes sense to guard our words when we are angry.

” Be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath”.

Offer, Hand, Handful Of, Help, Respect

There was a situation that transpired with my oldest daughter, where a young woman can up to the gas window where she works. She looked up and called the young women, sir by mistake. The young woman walked away before my daughter could apologize. She went and told her mother, who came to the window and began to curse my daughter out. This shows me how shallow people are becoming. My instinct was to find this woman and give her a tongue lashing because I still want to protect my girl.

My daughter has true wisdom. She said, Dad, don’t bother. This woman was not worth the time to confront and possibly get into trouble. This lesson speaks volumes to me. Yep, Be A Wise Old Owl.


Edward Lear, Sketch, Vintage, Victorian

Many of life’s problems come from two things: We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. Guard your hearts above all else, for it determines the course of your life. While I sit here on Saturday night, I want my thoughts to reflect the love that permeates every pore of my being. It’s nice to know I don’t have to be rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Background, Card, Checker, Chequered

Timing is everything….This is a must when we speak and the words we choose to use. Dealing with people is very difficult, so choose to encourage, love, and respect ALL. Knowing the right time to speak is beneficial to the speaker as well as the hearer.

How well do you deal with rude people? Is it better to walk away and say nothing? Let’s all say nice things and be loving to those around us. In this final saying from Psalm 5:3, ” LISTEN TO MY VOICE IN THE MORNING, LORD. EACH MORNING I BRING MY REQUESTS TO YOU AND WAIT EXPECTANTLY.

Let Peace Flow Like A River Through Your SPIRIT