Chronos Mentality

Mention: 31 Days of Victory by Scott Reece

Another adventure of Michael The Traveling Trucker, say’s “Chronos Mentality “is a reality for most of us. Chronos is measured by clocks, calendars, schedules, and a multitude of appointments. The Greek word “kairos” means the opportune moments. Chronos requires discipline and punctuality. Kairos requires discipline and discernment or spiritual sensitivity, In actuality, we need both. A healthy balance in life allows for a Chronos structure, in which the kairos movements can be fulfilled. Life is not about sitting around waiting for the perfect moment, but listening with a sensitive and obedient ear and having the willingness to respond with a heart that pursues the passions of God at every moment.


Dove, Hand, Trust, God, Pray, Prayer

My world for the last few days has been at the mercy of other people. Being a driver, I deal with different people and their job functions. A word altercation with a security guard has banned me from a location I deliver to. This was 3 weeks ago and disrupted my weekly schedule. Instead of being home on Friday, I got home Saturday afternoon. I normally leave on Monday for my 1st weekly delivery, but this week I finish my load on Monday and leave on Tuesday. This costs me money. I like my schedule, I like my money. I don’t like either of these being altered.

Teamwork, Team, Construction, Building

How many of you have had your life disrupted by outside forces? In my case, it was the 20-year-old security guard who was wrong, by not knowing her job. Even her supervisor came down and saw that I was in the right place with the right PO number. She complained higher up the ladder which escalated way out of control. Now my boss and customer we deliver for are trying to have me reinstated. This takes time. What I learned is sometimes it’s better to say nothing and ask for help higher up at the start.

Consulting, Training, Learn, Finger

Being online marketers, gives us a lot more power in dealing with people. If I don’t like working with someone, I don’t have to. Here are some tips dealing with the trouble makers, whiners and complainers.

Do not react– The best reaction towards a troublemaker is no reaction at all. When they realize that no one is paying attention to them, the trouble-making may stop. However, even if the troublemaker turns more aggressive, you don’t have to react to his actions. Stay calm and don’t give any emotional responses as you will only end up fueling his/ her negative energy.

How to deal with whiners-Whiners are another category of troublemakers. We all whine and complain a little about some things in life. However, if the whining goes beyond a certain limit, it can become unbearable and leave you emotionally drained.

 Be compassionate– Don’t try to be sarcastic or give any solution to their problems; all they need is a little empathy and someone to listen to their woes. Even if they are complaining about things which seem trivial to you, remember that for them it might be a huge problem. You need to be very patient through all this as it may take some time for the whining to stop or even reduce.

Know what not to say-Cheering up whiners does not work at all, so refrain yourself from saying things like Cheer up, Time heals all wounds. Also, don’t ever think of suggesting solutions to his/her problems; the whiner is not asking for a solution.

Here is the best thing you can do. Be polite and wait. In my case, I should have used these techniques, but being a hot-head got me into playing a game their way. Yes, I’m talking to myself. I need to hear this as much as anyone. My wife is always telling me to learn from my mistakes. I will definitely take her up on this. Thank you, sweetie.

Team, Problem, Solution, Analysis

My mentor Janet, deals with people very politely. She is the word decorum. Business with Janet and the CLB Learning team, makes life a whole lot smoother for this kid.

MSF 500 is another learning structure. Rob, my coach has a different approach. He is a straight shooter. Let’s people know the rules upfront. Follow the rules, or out you go. Rob also has integrity, willing to listen, make recommendations and set you on the right path.

Jon Olson and Blain Jones from –Click Track Profit, Are great teachers. Their video section brings all aspects of the business to life. I have been challenged by Blain. He helped me see things from a different view. It was great.

I hope you get a lot from this, as I know, I did writing it. Taking time to really see those around you, will bring you a sense of PEACE. Stay the course, work your business and let’s travel the WORLD.


The Table Is Set from Tammy House, come on by.


Greetings and Salutations. Michael The Traveling Trucker. I was reading about being a slave. WOW, was my reaction. I’m still a slave in some areas of my life.


Handcuffs, Prisoners, Woman, Female

Let me ask you, READER, does this still sound like you too? Slaves are people who do what they are told (JOB). They are not free to live life with privileges, to walk in terms of authority or even to express their opinions. They sometimes have cruel masters, and live in fear and bondage. You may not be physically chained to your desks, but what about your mind, will and emotions?

Freedom, Keep, Presentation, Present

Why are you looking to escape this nightmare? I was on this road not long ago. I was looking for a way to free myself from the RAT RACE. Home to work, work to home, home to work, work to home, digging that rut deeper and deeper every day. Always taking the same way to work and home. You get up and go to bed pretty much the same, day in and day out. So, HOW DO I BREAK THE CYCLE? Glad you asked, READER. Having your own business, while not building it all by yourself. For me and maybe for you, the answer is CONTACT LIST BUILDER. This is a complete system. Most of it is done for you. What you do will be the icing on the cake. We have the best support system-Telegraph Room- where you can get all your questions answered. Did I say VIDEOS- yes, FREE training?

Checker, Flag, Race, Checkered Flag

We want you to win. To ease your mind on money, family, vacations, cars, homes, and my personal favorite- BEING DEBT FREE. For me, that means, no mortgage, car payments, credit card payments. I believe most of AMERICA lives on how much the payments are, to see if we can afford it. PICTURE THIS IN YOUR MIND- Waking up when your eyes open, not by ALARM. Walking to your business office in your most comfy clothes. Taking a vacation whenever you want without thinking-PRICE. Really driving the car you want. Helping out family because you can. Helping out neighbors, friends, your church.

Together, Helping​ Each Other, Winning

IMAGINE, working with YOUR team. Everyone helping everyone to succeed. Having a mentor guide you until YOU become a mentor. Reaching outside the box to do things YOU have never done before. I hated the phone calls. It was scary and I really can’t tell you why. People weren’t saying no to me, but to themselves. I just move on to those who want it. It has been retraining my mind, doing training exercises every day. Reading, positive talk to myself. I really have become my best encourager. Now, I love the encouragement from others, but if it’s not there, be YOUR own cheerleader.

Brush, Color, Colorful, Painting, Red

Are you into sports? Fishing? Golfing? Tennis? Spas? Shopping? What is your DREAM? You can paint YOUR own picture. Make it a masterpiece. We have many tools to expand your business. I use these on a daily basis, TL2Ivm, CTP.

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What do you say, we go camping? Rowboat on the lake. Sitting and enjoying nature. Yes, a little quiet time to reflect. Many people expect a lot from us, it’s time for YOU, to take care of YOU. The ARMY has a saying'” Be All You Can Be”.

SO, What Do You Want To Do? I’m a phone call , email or text away. It’s up to YOU. Go ahead and take the 1st step- sign up at Contact List Builder. I’ll be waiting with anticipation to WELCOME YOU.


One of my best friends wants to share the love of food.

Come by and say hello to Tammy House.

Free Brain- Get Yours TODAY

Got your attention didn’t I. Hello Everyone. I’m back and riding strong. Michael The Traveling Truckers thought for the day. YOU don’t need a new brain, just retrain the one you have. Daily exercises that stimulate your brain. You will sleep better, better memory, more creative thinking. You will be happier, smile more, learn more, and be the ULTIMATE ACTION TAKER. How does that sound? Take time to surround yourself with positive people. Be VERY PICKY.


Penguins, Emperor Penguins, Baby

So, what is the process, you ask? Motivational books, videos, meditation, physical exercise. Start slow about 10 minutes per day. Then increase every week, 5 minutes until you are in the zone for more than an hour. Click this video link.

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Mention: 31 Day Of victory by Scott Reece

Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned in the wilderness. The term ” wilderness” means different things to different people. The literal definition is an ” uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region. Sometimes it’s in the bad places of life that brings about great change. Sometimes it’s when the odds are stacked against you and you aren’t quite certain who you are, where to go or what to do. While the wilderness can be harsh, it’s also enlightening and enabling, in terms of gaining a perspective that eludes you when you aren’t necessarily desperate. Don’t be afraid of the wilderness times or the seasons in your life. Welcome them, embrace them, knowing that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE surrounds you with His great love and that His all consuming passion for you will protect you even in the harshest of wilderness experiences. Open your mind and heart to the lessons of the wilderness. Breathe the air of discomfort and allow it to penetrate the hardened chambers of your heart and bring you to a new place of understanding, strength and confirmation that comes only from the wilderness.

Water, Trees, Wilderness, River, Outdoor

Find your quiet place. No distractions. No phone. No people. You and Your thoughts. Have a pen and paper. Write down what you think about. Keep a journal. My quiet place is my truck. I can close the curtains, seeing nothing of the outside. I have at least 10 motivational books on hand, for a shot into my spirit, motivate me, and allow me to speak to myself. Working on my mental attitude is crucial to my well being. Ask your mentor, if you have one, what they recommend for reading, and READ IT.

This 1st Book was Given to me , what a blessing. Get Stuck On Happy, Janet Legere–How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie– The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale– The Power of Positive Leadership, Jon Gordon–Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins– The Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss– The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg.

I would love to guide you and help you to grow your business. You can join me here. Your 1st step is SIGN UP,NOW. Click the link, NOW. 2nd, contact me, social, message me, Telegraph-MJLipsey59.

I will help you use different viral mailers-I use this one. MisterSafelist is another. Go Pro Mailer. Europeansafelist. These are just a few of the 30 plus I use to get free leads.


3 Steps to Success

Read One Chapter In A Good Book

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Record A Video & Upload It To YouTube or dTube

Train To WIN



Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. From the song by the Beach Boys: Good Vibrations. Today’s adventure is: I’m glad I was in the harmonious vibration mode today. I woke up to my cell phone going back to factory mode without any help from me. All my downloadable apps were gone. This included my trucker’s app for my logbook. Good thing I had my tablet with this app so I could drive until I could reload the app to the phone. I had to cancel an order for vitamins that I didn’t order. I was at PEACE today, which is really not me. I still tend to freak. Progress, plain and simple. Being around good vibration people and my daily readings have given me a new perspective.



photography of human face

Why do some men succeed in life while others fail? Why do some couples and individuals live in harmony while others live in constant conflict? Why do some groups get along with other groups in a spirit of mutual help, while others hammer and frustrate each other?

Become a philosopher to study (harmonious vibrations) because it pays in a practical sense. Faced with a problem, or desirous of improving some situation or influencing some other person for the mutual benefit- pause and remember you are a practical philosopher. Thus you focus your mind upon the basic reasons which always have worked and always will, and immediately you are well guided. Darla Keys in her blog: stated that a daily mind check is needed. We need to check the attitude at the door, whether positive, enter in, or negative, stay out until you change.

Romantic Sax ~ Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves - YouTube

In Scott Reece’s book,31 Days of Victory, Today’s story was about Joseph. He was sold into slavery., but he didn’t think like a slave. Positive attitude. All that he did, God blessed not only Joseph but those around him. Joseph released his anointing into the lives of others. He turned his tests into his testimony. He never stopped operating in his gift. He refused to hold a grudge. What others mean for harm, God will use for good.

My mentor and friend Janet Legere, tells how she has practiced positive words of affirmations. She truly walks inharmonious vibrations most of the time. In her book ” Get Stuck on Happy” she says take a walk, have things you see daily that make you smile. Take a bubble bath with candles, soft music, a glass of wine if you drink. Put your head in a good place. REPEAT AFTER ME: IT TAKES DAILY PRACTICE TO REFLECT ON THE POSITIVE. STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Smile, Laugh, Luck, Happy, Joy, Smiling

I have a free gift for you. Come by CLB Learning. Free 3 step quick guide to building your business. Yesterday, Janet announced a new program from her friend Jared Meyers: Genesis Lifestyle Network. This is a program you want to get a hold of. Another multi income stream is Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer. I love the crypto you can earn at CTP.

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This is me reach out to you, READER. Come join us NOW. It will be the best decision ever.

Be IN Harmony Always


Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. My adventure today, was my eye-opener yesterday. I have been blogging for close to 6 months. I have been building my list and building my business online. I have had a variety of topics. I was in the mindset of putting out what I called valuable content to the readers.


Stop, Containing, Street Sign, Security

I was stopped in my tracks by Blain Jones/ co-owner of click track profit. It was one of the best series of questions anyone has asked me. I was writing a post about mastering the basics. Here was the conversation: Blain: Michael you make good posts, but I’d be interested to read how you apply and do what you blog about. How are you mastering the basics, how are you creating cash flow first? What speed bumps or hiccups have you run into?

When you talk about yourself in a post, it makes you more personable and people can picture actually talking to you and relating to you, Verse these things you need to do. Don’t always focus on your successes, people would be interesed to learn about your struggles as well. I think the overall goal is to be relateable to your readers.

It was at this point that the true reality set in. Where is my business now, Sep.21,2020, after 6 months? Was I doing the basics? I had to be honest and say, “I’m still trying to master the basics and I have zero cash flow”. He encouraged me to talk about my struggles. Being a Full-Time Trucker, I drive 2300 miles per week. I have to fit time in to make calls, advertise, create capture pages, and run a full-time business in 2 hours per day. Weekends are better, I’m at home. My family understands what I’m trying to create, so I can quit driving while earning a living online to cover all my expenses and have a lasting dynasty. My challenge is getting people to respond to phone calls, texts, and emails. At this point, It’s a numbers game, so keep adding people daily. I’m still learning about tracking my ads, seeing the email open rates. My list is still small but growing daily. I know it takes time, I’ll keep at it.

Bulldozer, Crawler, Earth-Moving

At this point READER, Building an online business is hard work at first. You have so much to learn, it can be overwhelming. You must be consistent daily. Making those lists to follow, I do and do-follow them and so should you. Start at YOUR starting point, where you are now. Then build on it each day.

Girl, Time, Time Pressure, Worried
Your Time Is Valuable, Use It WISELY.

He further encouraged me: You’re blogging more consistently than most people, which is a great thing. Keep up the writing, it gets easier every time. The more people who take action and actually do things, the better for the community as a whole. Success attracts success. Plain and simple. Honestly, I’m trying to help more people see success!

We all have days where, the effort we put into everything in life, seems to go without a hitch. Other days, Carrying the ball and chain. Struggling all the way. It’s times like this, I’m glad I have a small group of people, who are getting to know me, tell me the truth, give me more directions, a pat on the head, and say” Suck It Up Buttercup”. YOU GOT THIS.


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How To Lead Your Team To Be Successful?

Hello Everyone. Yep, You guessed it, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Get in the Jump Seat for today’s adventure. Leading Your Team As A Leader. What are some of the attributes of a LEADER.


Strategy, Arrows, Building, Startup

For my best strategy, click here.

Guide them to work together toward a compelling vision. Help them see, not only what could be, but what can be. Hard work is good for people. It gives them purpose and drives them to succeed.

Give them permission to make mistakes. To Er is human. We all make mistakes. Learning to not make the same mistakes, takes time. Focus is KEY.

As a LEADER, Give them the freedom to use their talents. Watch and see what they are good at. Then compliment them on doing right. Encourage your people. It’s ok, to ask questions, to find out more about them

Give them what they need to be successful. As a LEADER, guide them with the tools and resources needed to run a business. Keep them improving what they do daily. Yes, THE TO DO LIST. Successful people not only have a to do list, but set goals-daily, weekly, monthly , yearly, to keep them on track.

Result, Excuse Me, Failure, Inability To

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Show up as the leader and develop leaders within. Two of my favorite people, Janet Legere and Rob Gehring, show the true meaning of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. They are constantly working with their people to see who rises up to the top and begin working with them. They encourage, mentor, guide, and, challenge you.


Great Change Leaders Focus on People & Process. The 3 C’s of Change Leadership. 1)  Communicate-Successful leaders communicated the “what” and the “why.” 2) Collaborate– Bringing people together to plan and execute change is critical. Successful leaders worked across boundaries, and encourage their team to break out of the mold of complacency. 3)  Commit-Successful leaders made sure their own beliefs and behaviors support change, too. Change is difficult, but leaders who negotiated it successfully were resilient and persistent, and willing to step outside their comfort zone.

Team, Teamwork, Motivation, Strategy

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Working with people takes loving care. We are all different, with different needs, guidance, encouragement, tasks to perform. Leaders are Resilient. Resilience means sticking to your personal objectives, goals, or aspirations despite circumstances.

Vision, Success, Motivation, Strategy

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The yearning to be more… don’t just survive. A Business man told a new intern, “Son, everyone breathing on this planet is surviving. That won’t change until you decide to be more.”


Success is every step you take forward.
Look at success in small steps.
It typically comes in steps, not leaps.

Practice urgent patience. Small, urgent, steady steps in one direction equate to great distances over time.
Start chipping away at your own success today and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

Leaders Are Recognized Not Born

Turning Defeat Into Victory

Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s Adventure is: Victory Mindset, When we learned there is no failure or mistake that cannot be remedied, the better off you will be. Defeat is part of life. No one made it to the top of any industry by not failing. It’s hard to remember but sometimes when you’re down and defeated, it’s only temporary. Everything comes and goes, nothing is permanent, especially defeat.


3 Ways to Finally Overcome Defeat and Conquer Your Goals you speak to yourself more than anyone else, are you a good influence on your own success? self talk will smith failure quote win defeat give up never warrior winner champion

So how do you overcome defeat? Silence Your Inner Critic. These voices are worrying doubts that will not help you succeed. If you don’t learn how to monitor and control the voices and negative thoughts, you’ll never succeed. Counteract the negativity by surrounding yourself with positivity. Listen to motivational speeches, read affirmations to yourself, be proud of your wins, and listen when they get loud. One of the best books I have read this year is Janet Legere’s ” Get Stuck On Happy“. Everyone should get this book.


Thumb, High, Success, Successful, Fan

Remember Why You Started. Each time you feel defeated, it’s on you to go deep within yourself and find the passion to keep going. You have to focus on why you started whatever it is in the first place.

Every obstacle is a reminder to go back and reignite that spark when you first began your journey. Keep your why the top of mind so you can stay focused and keep pushing forward!

Remember as Thomas Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.” Keep going, keep believing, and make 2020 the year you get everything you ever wanted. Failure can only Break you if you Let it. Take a look at Why I have My Business.

Play Chess, Elephant, Mouse, Snail

Be the Elephant, who never forgets. The mice can get into small places. The Tiger, who is strong. The Cheetah, who is fast. The Eagle, who can soar to great heights. You decide who you are, where you are going, and where you want to end up. Understand that Failure Isn’t the End… It’s a New Beginning. Come see why BIG commissions are attracted to ME. See why I love Education. Cooking is one of my passions, I am the gadget guy and my friend, Tammy House is the provider of gadgets.


Dreamland, Fairyland, or Disneyland

Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Up Up and Away for today’s adventure: What Do You spend Your Time Thinking About? We all have dreams, inspired fantasy dreams, and dreams of going places. Do you work 40 or more hours a week at a job? Do you work for yourself-traditional business, brick, and mortar? Do you work from home online building your lifestyle, As I call it?


Holiday, Travel, Vacation, Summer

Whatever you have chosen,YOU can change our plans. It’s as simple as, writing a blog for the 1st time, selling items on ebay or Amazon, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Creating your own products or services.

Close your eyes-See your dream vacation. Hold it there for 5 minutes. Now open your eyes and write down what you just visioned in your mind. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day. 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night. What will it take to make this dream come true?

Mountain Landscape, Mountains, Landscape
Indiana Dunes State Park, Beach
Boat House, Cottage, Waters, Lake

Whether you like the mountains, beaches, or lake get away’s, your time is NOW. J.Paul Getty said: I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples effort, than 100% of my own effort. People helping people is what this blog is all about. Yes, I write about stuff, going places and seeing incredible sites, but this is so people will see their potential.” THE BIG WHAT IF”. I know you want more out of life. You desire more of life. In the big scope of things, what is 6 months to 24 months out of your life building a business that will pay you residual income for life?

Science Says This Is the Ideal Vacation Length |

I would like you to look at what I’m doing, click here. This can lead you in the right direction. You can always out grow me, I won’t mind. I love what I do.

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Dreamer, You Nothing But A dreamer

I pray you find yourself in a Happy Place. Memory making, belly laughing, smile making, wow factor LIFE


Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Tuesday’s adventure is DON’T do it by yourself. Question: If you look at the animal population, why do they travel in herds, packs, pods, gaggle, and so on. It’s in their DNA. Now look at people, we have clubs we join, clubs we go out to, social media, sporting events, fairs, amusement parks….. WE WANT TO BE AROUND PEOPLE OR HAVE THEM NOTICE US.

Now, look at BUSINESS….Following simple steps, we build an audience, which becomes a group, which becomes a big FAMILY. If you are truly reading this, and you are looking to build an online business, I WANT TO HELP YOU. We all need help, in the beginning, someone to guide us, show us how to build the strongest business, that will last for generations.

Here on my blogs, Michael The Traveling Trucker, I promote 2 business models. Contact List Builder and Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer. I am being guided by 2 people who are leaders in their fields. They are teaching, 1st- build your list. For this to happen, you have to be a part of business yourself so you can promote what you are doing. Putting offers-(Lead capture pages), blogging, out there where others looking can see them and respond.


We are all here to work together, never alone. We encourage each other, correct each other when needed. A correction is a positive act when done right and with love. There are ways to do business right and wrong. When done incorrectly, you can damage yourself and others, losing out on time, money, and friendship.

Working with others is the key to building any business. Set your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals. Next, send them to your mentor or coach. Have them walk you through each aspect to get a clear picture of where you want to go, and the tools you need to get there. As members come into your business, walk them through the process, so we all stay close and build it right. People have ideas so listen carefully to what they said, then look to see if it has merit.

Being a master of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s world does not bring about success if you are unable to work as part of a team. The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough!

I LOVE this :

Leaders that develop great teams around them have two things that they do well: They have a lot of emotional intelligence and are able to provide a clear vision for the team. I believe this with my whole heart. Janet Legere and Rob Gehring are two of the leaders I look to. They help provide and point me in the right direction to get things done on a daily basis, to build my business.

Let Me Help You, READER. Together we can and will build a DYNASTY. Yes I know we each have a separate business, but always the bigger picture-TEAM.

People, Friends, Together, Happy, Child

A teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate partners in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another.


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Becoming A Leader

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Leadership, Why do you want to become a leader and how to become a leader in your niche.

SUCCESS Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worthwhile DREAM. I Will Not Lose. I Am Becoming Part Of A Fellowship Of Doers, And I Am Going To Do Something Great With My Life.


Achieve, Woman, Girl, Jumping, Running
Take Your Leap Of FAITH


  1. Thou shall not be easily Satisfied
  2. Thou shalt hold thyself responsible for the Change.
  3. Thou shalt NOT listen to Naysayers.
  4. Thou Shalt keep a Tight Focus.
  5. Thou shalt not SWEAT the small STUFF.
  6. Thou shalt fast before feasting.
  7. Thou shalt tell thyself lots of HAPPY TALK- Get Stuck on HAPPY
  8. Thou shalt not get shook up when the UNEXPECTED OCCURS.
  9. Thou shalt find ways to recharge thy batteries.
  10. While observing Commandments 1-9, THOU SHALT HAVE FUN.

People who fill good about themselves, PRODUCE GOOD RESULTS. Help people reach their full potential. CATCH THEM DOING SOMETHING RIGHT. The best minute I spend is the one I invest in PEOPLE. Everyone is a potential winner, some are disguised as losers, Don’t Let Their APPEARANCES FOOL YOU.

Russia, Russian, World Cup, 2018, World

Take a minute: Look at your performance. See if your behavior matches your goals. We are not just our behavior, We Are The PERSON Managing Our Behavior. Goals Begin Behavior, CONSEQUENCES MAINTAIN BEHAVIOR.

I see myself as a Leader, Follower, Teacher, Student. I must follow to lead, and learn to teach. By reading books, I need to get the best results in the least amount of time, through: Setting Goals, Praise, And Reprimand Bad Behaviors, Encourage People, ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH-NEVER EVER LIE, Laugh, Work, Enjoy Life, and Encourage The People I Work With To Do The Same.

Lou Holtz-Famous Coach- WROTE: DO RIGHT.

GOD gave everyone the right to choose ( succeed or fail). Learn to conquer adversity. This is one of the key elements to success. SUCCESS–ALL LIFE IS HELPING OTHERS GET WHAT THEY WANT IN LIFE.

Repeat After Me: I will do something great with my life. I am a great person. I always look forward, That’s why GOD put my eyes in the front of my head. I will help others believe in themselves until they believe in themselves.

Winner, Success, Success Concept

When you help others believe in themselves, and the bigger they think they are, they will set bigger GOALS and accomplish them.

Universal Questions?— Can I Trust You?–Are You Committed?— Do You Care About Me? Always lift people up, never tear them down. Hold Your tongue, you will thank yourself LATER.


Today Is Your Day, SEIZE IT NOW……

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