Sharing The Responsibilty

Greetings from Michael The Traveling Trucker. How do you share the resposibility for successful communication?


The process of communication isn’t complete without both speaker and a audience. Speakers can send messages, but if the listeners don’t do their part by listening and providing feedback, the process is incomplete.

The last webinar you listened to was who and what was the topic? Effective listening benefits both speakers and audience members. By listening before the speech, the speaker can pick up the audiences needs. Great speakers have this trait before each webinar by opening up the room early.

There are four types of listening. content, critical, empathic, and appreciative listening. Content listening helps you understand the speakers message. Critical listening helps you both undertsand and evaluate the meaning of the message. Empathic listening helps you understand the speakers feelings and viewpoint. Appreciative listening helps you enjoy the speakers message and delivery.

The five factors of listening are: attending, interpreting, remembering, evaluating, and responding. We all must have these skills if we are to move forward in our businesses. This should help you in all areas of your life.

In our business world we have two people who do an outstanding job on presenting webinars. Rob Gehring and Janet Legere. These leaders fill our hearts and minds with practical teaching which should be put into your businesses immediately.

We all have a part in the big picture so learn these skills and perfect them over time. Do you believe you could do a webinar? If your answer is yes, have you done one. If no is your answer, why not? Pick a topic, research it, then show your findings. Easy peasy.

I have not done one yet. I have a vast video collection on Youtube, which goes with my blogs.

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Listening is a big part of every conversation


Hello everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker. What is your biggest asset?

YOU ARE. It’s what you know, what you can learn, what you can teach.


We all have a sphere of influence. When we realize what we really have, it will explode your life.

Did you know you are like a tea bag? Not worth much till you’ve been through some hot water. Have you ever failed or made a mistake? I bet you have. We all have. DON’T beat yourself up, learn from it and move on the greater things.

The fact that you’ve failed is proof you are still a work in progress. What’s more important is that you got up. Failure may look like a fact, but it’s just an opinion.

Successful people think mistakes are just feedback. You can really learn something from everything you do. Failure is really an opportunity to start over more intelligently.

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Success Happens Around You Each Day.

Welcome To The Community

We are so glad you are here. We have been waiting while you made plans to get here. We have so much to show you, but I promise not to overwhelm you.


Pull up a chair and get a drink. It’s just friends talking and helping each other.

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What does it mean to be in a community? A group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society, a body of persons of common and especially professional interests.

Simply put, a community is a group of like-minded individuals who share an identity-forming narrative. In other words, it’s a friendship between different people — or a social unit — with a commonality such as norms, place, religion, values, customs, or identity. 

To be clear, community is not a place, building, or organization — it’s both a feeling and a set of relationships among people. Members of a community often have a sense of trust, safety, belonging, and caring for each other.

With that said I would be honored to have you in our community. Ask any question or share any idea you may have. I look forward to our 1st conversation. Have a blessed day ,week , month, year.

People Helping People

Will You Listen To A Billionaire

What a great time I had learning from the 6th richest man in the world. His insight is breath taking.

Michael The Traveling Trucker says never quit no matter your age.


Warren Buffet started investing when he was 10 years old and by age 30, he had amassed $1 million( in todays dollars, approximately $10 million.) Not to shabby– but a far cry from 116 billion.

By age 50, Warren was worth $300 million. After the age of 50, his wealth increased to 376 million, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a billionaire. Total assets of 1.4 billion. After completing 66 years of life, he earned 17 billion.

So what does Warren teach that we should listen to. Glad You Asked.

Tip One: Write clearly and second speak clearly. Warren says anyone can increase their value by 50% by LEARNING. If you have knowledge, yet not able to convey your point clearly to others, then your knowledge remains ZERO.

Invest in continous learning. Knowledge is the ultimate asset. Ok, pay attention: spend part of your day READING, LEARNING, and STAYING INFORMED IN VARIOUS MARKETS AND INDUSTRIES.

Invest in YOUR self-improvement. Building self-confidence and continously improving your skills. When you invest in yourself, you gain self-confidence, boldness, and resilience to face challenges head on and overcome them when you experience setbacks.

Invest in knowing your strengths. Understanding your unique capabilities can help you focus on areas where you excel.

This next one is HUGE: Invest in a support group. There is true value in seeking out MENTORS, PARTNERS, and FRIENDS who inspire and challenge you. My two mentors Rob Gehring and Janet Legere have the insight through time, experience and building successful businesses to impart this knowledge to others around the globe.

Most people don’t really listen though. They want to do it their way , which can be a disaster waiting to happen. Listen to what they say. Practice what they do and then fine tune it to fit your personality.

This is the BIGGEST ONE of ALL. INVEST IN DOING WORK YOU LOVE. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Doing what you LOVE is a major contributor to true happines in LIFE.

Life is fast, ongoing and able to set you free. Embrace who you are, and who through improvement, can be all you were ment to be.

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Reading, Writing and Speaking clearly is your GOAL

Thoughts to Actions

How to turn your thoughts to actions sounds simple, but the truth is most people NEVER EVER put their thoughts into action unless it is self-centered on only their needs. I know this may be harsh but from my personal experience I was that self-centered person.

Welcome all, Michael The Traveling Trucker shares tips to become a people person.


“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habit.” ~ Laozi

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We have over 6,000 thoughts a day, many of which are ignored, partly because we consider them “invalid.”

Thoughts become more consequential for judgment and action as their perceived validity emerging from a wide range of variables, including incidental factors, is increased.

There are two types of validation (affective and cognitive) .Cognitive validation takes place when people are certain that their beliefs are correct. Mention:

How to Manage Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

New research helps explain how we can manage our brains and achieve our goals.

The only things we can control in life are our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If we can manage those, we can achieve our goals and gain total success.

When I quit drinking I had to have a mindset each day not to drink. I did this each day for over 2 years to achieve the goal of not drinking. I had to apply this to quitting smoking. This mindset was for 30 days and on the 31st day this habit was broken . I still had to walk out each day with the mindset SMOKE FREE.

If we know how our minds work, we can be intentional about influencing our thinking and feeling patterns. We can evaluate reality more clearly, make better decisions and improve our ability to achieve our goals. 

How do our minds work? The terms “autopilot system” and “intentional system” come to mind. Let me explain. The autopilot system corresponds to our emotions and intuitions. Its cognitive processes take place mainly in the amygdala and other parts of the brain that developed early in our evolution. This system guides our daily habits, helps us make snap decisions and reacts instantly to dangerous life-and-death situations.

The Intentional System reflects our rational thinking and centers around the prefrontal cortex: the part of the brain that evolved more recently. The thoughts and actions we do habitually through time determines our destiny. I might fall and get a few bruises along the way, but if my habit is to get up one more time than I fall, my destiny will be one of success.

If I think positive thoughts and take positive actions toward my goals, my destiny can be one of joyful and uplifting, with moments of gleefulness. I might fall and get a few bruises along the way, but if my habit is to get up one more time than I fall, my destiny will be one of success.

Positive Mindset Is Vital To Keep You Balanced.

What Is Mental Clarity

Would you like to start each day with a clear focus on what you want to accomplish?  I know I would. Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s hot topic.


Would you like to know that what you accomplish today will be accomplishments that meet your needs, desires, and life goals? Most of us have a mental description in our heads of what we would like to accomplish, yet without direction, daily game plan ( on paper) our thoughts get scrambled and we lose focus. So how do we get the Mental Clarity we desire?

Go for a Walk

Any form of exercise will clear your mind, but one of the most effective ways is to go for a walk- NATURES way of course. The very act of moving will put your mind into a more positive state, which will help you think things through more effectively.

Lemon Water in the Morning

Began by drinking lemon water every morning and you will be surprised how you will feal healthier, mentally clearer, and awake within twenty minutes.  When you feel healthy physically, you also feel mentally healthy.

Our mind and body work together. If we are physically ill, we don’t feel good mentally, and vice versa. When we feel energetic and alive, we feel fantastic, and our emotional feelings lift.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

When you start and plan your day the night before, you begin the day knowing what you want to accomplish. Most people never think about what they want to accomplish. 

Look at the Big Picture

Another way you can achieve mental clarity is by looking at the big picture. Have you ever felt like you were just ticking boxes? I know I have. We miss focus on what’s important and begin working on other peoples projects instead of our own.

Identify What Is Important to You

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever know when you get there? If you want to live your life to its maximum potential, decide what is important to you and do everything in your power to make it happen. When you know what you want and why you want it, you are 80% of the way there. The remaining 20% is the effort you put in to achieve it. The 80/ 20 rule is very accurate.

5 Key Self-Care Areas: These are sleep, food, water, exercise, and planning.

Jim Rohn taught: “Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind, and you alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life. For they will shape whether you feel rich or poor, cursed or blessed.”

One of the most potent ways to bring greater mental clarity into your life is to practice a consistent positive morning routine that focuses you on your day. Sometimes we need to unplug. Read a book, take a walk, drink your favorite beverage, watch nature-rain, snow, sunshine.

Journaling is one of the best ways to get mental clarity. When you see those thoughts and ideas on a page, you gain much more clarity on what they mean to you and what you can do about them.

In closing,  remove the toxic people from your life. You do not need them. Toxic people fill your world with negativity, confusion, and emotions that do not help you gain clarity about your life. 

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Keep Your Focus- You Will See Results

Are You A Leader Or Pleader

Once again Michael The Traveling Trucker brings up the strong questions.


Leaders present the information and lets the system work for them. They follow up and answer any questions by letting the system do the work. When you put people into the system and let the system train them, your job is to love and guide them to the next step.

Pleaders beg people to join their programs. They talk to much about themselves and never let the system work for them. They tell the people how much money they can make, while not making any themselves.

Leaders are trainers. The system has the best training. Point people to the right training and LET THE SYSTEM WORK.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win-win offer for all involved—but that doesn’t mean everyone will sign on.

Why should you use affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been proven to have a much higher return on investment than most other marketing strategies. One major reason for this is because your target audience will hear of your product or service from affiliates that are naturally positioned within their spheres of influence.

Affiliate marketers come in all shapes and stripes, but the ones that will work best for your course should demonstrate a knowledge of you and your industry, as well as an intuitive understanding of your target audience. These affiliates will be able to recommend your course with more authority, and bring in learners who are well-suited to your material.

Once you know your affiliate audience and have built a page tailored to their interests and needs, you shouldn’t hold back from making your program known. Publish it on your website, send emails to your professional contacts, and include the announcement in the footer of your emails. Convincing affiliates to market your course isn’t usually difficult, you just have to get the word out.

I hope this helps. You can be any one you want to be. Time and money, training and mentoring are at the heart of your business. Treat it with the utmost care.

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Lead By Example

Successful Way to Introduce Yourself 

If it’s something you wouldn’t want to read, chances are, the prospect won’t open it either.


Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker introducing myself to you and Your prospects.

To say that the average consumer is inundated by constant noise is an understatement. Businesses are trying to grab people’s attention via television, radio, billboards, subway signs, social media ads and text messages. The barrage is endless.

But as a business owner, you can’t stop your marketing efforts. One trick to ensure you don’t become part of the noise is to introduce yourself to a customer in an engaging and earnest manner. How you introduce yourself will depend on the situation and your role in the process.

What makes a good first line?

The first line of a story should create a sense of character, conflict, setting, mood, theme, or style — or any combination thereof. Most importantly, it should make the reader ask questions.

Tailor your greeting to the industry and situation. Make your first line about them. Explain why you’re reaching out. Provide value for them. Include a call-to-action. ( This step is vital so don’t forget to put it in. ) Say “thanks” and sign off. Follow up with them.

Sounds so simple, DOESN’T IT? For most, this is a scary process but it doesn’t have to be. It TAKES PRACTICE.

How do you introduce yourself to a prospective client example?

If you are not sure what to share, your name and title is a great place to start. If there’s an opportunity to elaborate, you can also share other details.

My name is [Name], the new [role] at [company name]. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know how much I am looking forward to working with you. I’d love to get started on the right foot, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and set up a meeting to discuss getting started and expectations.

How do you introduce yourself in 4 sentences?

Sentence1: Greeting. A simple Good morning, Hello or something similar is okay. Sentence 2: Your name. “I’m Michael Lipsey” Sentence 3: Point of Connection. Sentence 4: Call to action (or conclusion) NOW WRAP IT UP.

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Taking Time To Master These Will See Results In The Long Run



Skeptical of online business opportunities? Michael The Traveling Trucker says BE CAREFUL.

Its a fact: The Internet is like a giant minefield when it comes to finding a real opportunity to make money. You SHOULD be skeptical. At CLB, we’re not going to insult your intelligence with promises of riches overnight. That just doesn’t happen. But with $6 Trillion projected in onlines sales in 2024 lone, there WILL be plenty of money made in the coming years working with companies like ours.

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CLB is in its 23rd year. We’ve been serving entrepreneurs for over twodecades! No company lasts that long that isn’t doing right by its customers and associates. Indeed, CLB has thousands of affiliates far into their second decade–because CLB works and we’re making money.

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Our competitors almost all require a purchase upfront or ongoing monthly fees. Why? Because they know full well that, if they don’t, they’ll never get any money out of you. At CLB, there are NEVER any purchase requirements. CLB is about teaching you how to MAKE money, not spend it. And ONLY when you make money, will WE make money. That means that we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you become successful…because we’re successful ONLY if our affiliates are.


Great companies form a community around their PEOPLE, with a common vision and support for everyone’s goals. Companies with community atmospheres might do things like: Teach one on one, offer the best sloutions to problem solving. Here at CLB we do teach and guide you to success.


Open communication creates trust. We help you see the big picture and help you get there. You’ll almost certainly end up working harder for yourself than you would for someone else, so prepare to make sacrifices in your personal life when establishing your business.

Providing good service to your customers is crucial to gaining their loyalty and retaining their business. Starting a business requires analytical thinking, determined organization, and detailed record-keeping.

Be Creative

Always be looking for ways to improve your business and make it stand out from the competition. Recognize that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and different approaches to your business. 

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Team Leader and Mentor

Keeping Clear Focus

Congradulations on starting your journey READER. You finally picked your niche, decided to upgrade to make the most of your business.

Hello and Welcome from Michael The Traveling Trucker. Here are some tips for you to use daily to stay focused.


Evaluate How Mentally Focused You Are. How strong is your mental focus at the present moment? Your Focus Is Good If… You find it easy to stay alert. You set goals and break tasks up into smaller parts. You take short breaks, then get back to work.

Your Focus Needs Work If… You daydream regularly. You can’t tune out distractions. You lose track of your progress. Let me say here, we ALL get distracted from time to time. Learning to focus takes practice. You can and will learn this valuable lesson so give it time to master.

To improve focus and productivity, build healthy habits like getting enough sleep and exercise. Multitasking and social media can cause distractions during work, so it’s best to limit them. Breaks are important to stay focused — try a time-blocking technique like the (pomodoro method).

So what is the Pomodoro Technique? Pomorodo is tomato in italian. The secret to effective time management is…thinking in tomatoes rather than hours? I know this sounds crazy, just keep reading. This popular time management method asks you to alternate pomodoros — focused work sessions — with frequent short breaks to promote sustained concentration and stave off mental fatigue. Thinking in TOMATOES is way more fun than thinking in hours.

1st- pick a task-2nd-set a timer for 25 minutes-3rd- work on your task until the timer buzzes 4th-Take a 5 minute break 5th-For every 4 pomodoro take longer breaks 15-30 minute breaks.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique was developed in the late 1980s by then university student Francesco Cirillo. Cirillo was struggling to focus on his studies and complete assignments. Feeling overwhelmed, he asked himself to commit to just 10 minutes of focused study time. Encouraged by the challenge, he found a tomato (pomodoro in Italian) shaped kitchen timer, and the Pomodoro technique was born.


If the saying “practice makes perfect” is true, then meditation is a sure way to enhance focus because it takes a great deal of concentration.

Exercise regularly

Exercises like swimming, running, walking, yoga. You get the picture, right?” DO SOMETHING EACH DAY.

Establish a to-do list

To-do lists not only help you prioritize what tasks you need to get done first, but they can also serve as a record of the loose ends.

Try a small amount of caffeine

If you’re feeling groggy, grab a CUP OF JOE or something with caffeine.  Studies suggest that caffeine may, in moderate doses, help to boost focus — particularly in those of us who are fatigued.

Get away from screens during breaks

Not all breaks are created equal. If your pomodoro work sessions happen on your computer, don’t just switch over to Twitter or Instagram when the timer goes off. Give your eyes and brain a break from screens — that means your phone too! Stand up, move around, stretch, go outside, do a mini meditation, grab a snack, watch birds out the window. If you work from home, fold some clothes or clear off the kitchen table.

Now you are armed and ready to get your tasks done in a timely manner.