How To Promote Your Business?

Good Sunday, Michael The Traveling Trucker here. Today I got to read some wonderful information on how to promote your business on Facebook.

A BIG shout out to Mike Dodd. Thank you Sir.


Never promote your business 1st, PROMOTE YOURSELF. Give a little background of who you are. Remember a nice picture of yourself goes a long way. If you can do a video, this would be even better. People love watching videos.

I would like to share some of the highlights. With all the groups out there, you should focus on High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. People love to make money and High Tickets Items do sell.

People who are newbies to Affiliate Marketing Always need help. HELP them.

You have a very large number of MLM groups.

Do a search on Affiliate Marketing. You will be surprised at how many groups there are. Join a few of these groups. Interact with these people.

Facebook has an activity wall where people ask questions like: How do I?, What Do I?, and Where Do I? These are signs people need your help with fixing their problem.

When people post a question, Send them a private message. Simply reply to their question. Tell them to check their inbox. You have sent them the answer or a way to get the answer they are looking for per private message.

This is warm lead marketing Folks. This tells them, they have a way to get the answers they are looking for.

People will reach out to you, when they do, share the answer with them, and invite them to join your business.

Don’t be afraid to let people know you don’t have all the answers, but invite them to join your business to get all the answers from the leaders. This helps people to know, like, and trust you.

Finding leads should not be a hard task. Ask people to join your team. Remember if you don’t ask, people will never join you. Leads quite often turn into sales.

There are so many many on Facebook that could and should use your help. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. People need what you have, SO SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE.


How Much Does It Cost?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker with a thought provoking question.

How much does it cost? As Business owners, we hear this question a lot. The next is: How much have you earned?


You main goal is to BUILD YOUR LIST. Without people you don’t have a business.

When we as entrepreneurs thought about starting our businesses, the question did come up as to the cost. I didn’t hesitate about the amount because it was low compared to some.

My really big investment was over 40,000.00 to which I lost do to the FCC shutting down this business I was involved with.

It takes an investment into yourself, your brand, to make a difference in the business world you are creating.

The cost of doing business depends on a wide variety of factors, including the cost inputs of goods and services.

Analyze what costs your business needs to incur to get started and operate for a given period of time.

Training, Businessman, Suit, Manager

I have learned you NEVER ask how much someone makes. It doesn’t matter because, I might make more with the same information as they have. My success only depends on the amount of work I put into my business.

I am a leader, who teaches, instructs and guides people to where they need to go, not necessarily where they think they need or want to go. As a leader, I was taught what to say, how to say it, what is working and what is not.

A prime example was my mentor tweaked her lead capture page because she was not getting the results she was hoping for. Now it is kicking butt.

Skills, Can, Startup, Start Up

So why do so many people look at what we are doing and run for the hills? Some will, some won’t, so what, work with the ones who want to build a dynasty. There are so many looking, so be the best problem solver ever.

What makes us different from what others are doing? We have the #1 done for you system. Leaders who are ALWAYS willing to work with you. We have a downline building system, that gives you multiple streams of income.

Accountant, Accounting, Adviser, Advisor

So go ahead and calculate the cost. What is your LIFE/ BUSINESS worth? Is it worth your time? Your money?

How much do you invest going to work every day? Gas for the car, maintenance, clothes, food, your peace of mind sitting in traffic?

How much money do you make? What type of vacation can you go on? It depends on how much money you can spend from what you can save.

Here are the FACTS: You can start for $50.00 or for the best deal $1200.00. This gives you everything. You can buy Co op shares for 50.00 a month. You can look into solo ads which are about $40.00 and up.

I bless you in the name of JESUS. You deserve to be successful. You deserve the best LIFE has to offer.

You are ANOINTED to win,

Empowered to PROSPER,

Impossible to curse.


Go to MY resource NOW. It’s at the top of my blog page.

Are You Rude By Pushing?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker is live and riding the roads. As a trucker, people who tailgate, we call pushers. They are rude, crude and socially unacceptable people.


As kids we’re all taught that pushing is rude, Yet for years salespeople have been trained to “push” for the sale…


Goal Setting, Goal, Dart, Target

Let’s face it, while everyone likes to buy, nobody likes to be sold—especially something we didn’t really want or need in the first place. 

Do you want people to buy from you again and again? You MUST provide real value. In this new economy, that means being genuine, putting yourself out there, and offering meaty information that helps them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

What is your GOAL as an Affiliate Marketer? What Say You, My Lord?

Keep providing tons of value. You then create lifelong customers and raving fans who not only buy from you again and again but refer others as well—without you ever having to “push” for the sale. What’s not to like about that?!?

I believe, as I lead people through my writing, phone conversations, text messages and emails, People will respond to recommendations to buy programs, E-books , hard bound books or anything that will solve their problems.

As the saying goes” know, like, and trust”. Be your brand, who you are, not what your business is selling. Be the Go To expert, a real problem solver.

Have you made a video of who you are? What your brand stands for ? Videos are another easy way to offer valuable info and create a personal connection with prospects.

ONLINE FORUMS is a great resource. Surf social networking sites that your target market frequents and look for a Q&A forum. Find questions related to your area of expertise and jump in with helpful answers.

Keep pulling prospects in with even more of your wonderful wisdom via useful articles, worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Be sure to offer a free report, audio, or video download in exchange for their email address so you can stay in touch and keep helping them achieve their goals until they’re ready to buy.

People will be thrilled with all the powerful information and advice you provide they’ll want more. And they’ll already know, like, and trust you so they won’t hesitate to make a purchase.

Just be sure you always include your web address (URL) in everything you do, so people know where to go to learn more. Before you know it, eager clients and customers will be coming to you.

I hope this was helpful. I Now ask for you to review my resource page at the top of this blog. Go NOW and see why I’m thrilled to share a piece of me with you.

You got it-It’s called being a LEADER.

Bring VALUE To Your People

Do You Self Help?

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker. I have needed this for quite some time. SPEAKING POSITIVE TO MYSELF.

From what I gather so far from building my business, it doesn’t always go as planned. CAN YOU RELATED?

I have been on a small pity party. I call it the waaaa waaa’s. 1-800-waa-waaa.

Now I’m back stronger and ready to tell the UNIVERSE just what I want and how I’m going to get it, Thank you very much.


I am an overcomer. I am a money magnet. I am a people magnet.

I have to thank Darla Key. She told me to dust myself off, start speaking positively. I will succeed in my business, I will talk to the right people, I will earn those commissions, I will live life on my terms.

I say THANK YOU to you READER. You have inspired me to do more than I thought possible. I write with you in mind.

Loving you from deep within is always on my mind. To share a piece of me is exciting and the best expression of love I can show.

“Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” – John Barrymore

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.” – Jim Rohn

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln 

positive quotes am thankful all who said because them that doing myself albert einstein wisdom lake nature solitude tree waterfall mountain

Let us rise up and tell the Universe, all is ours. Nothing is to big for us.

Speak only positive to YOURSELF

P.S. Please go to the top of this blog, check out my resource page. Go NOW.


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker is back after a week of non stop driving. I barely had time to sleep.

Before I start, Thank You Janet Legere for the video you recorded. This is where my writing for this post came from. You will have more information in your arsenal to use, so go watch the video. Click here for video.

I’m asking this question, why follow up with your leads? Any guesses, anyone?

You are looking for the action takers, people who fill out your lead capture page, then watch the video you created on your thank you page. Ready to get their free account NOW.


Close-up Photo Of Red Neon Light Signage

They are hungry for more of life and see your business as a way of getting them where they want to be.

You are building your tribe and people will begin to listen to what you are saying. Question? Are you sending an email right away when your lead comes in?

Do you let them know that a text or call is coming next, so you can get to know them? Don’t forget you include your personal information. This is IMPORTANT: Ask Them To reply, Just say,” Please let me know you got this so we can connect.”

Always end you message/email with a question or give them a task which lets you know they got your message. PLEASE don’t assume people will know what to do.

You must lead them through the task.

When you are on a call or chat, what do you do? I’ll wait. Did you ask questions? Did you ask lots and lots of questions? This is how you get to know the people you want in your business.

At some point in your conversation, you have to determine if you want to continue with this person. We all know there are time wasters, want it for free, no budget type people. This is well and good, just direct them to the CLB for learning and move on.

Have a list of questions to ask, but PLEASE don’t make it sound like an interview. Just let it flow as you get to know them and find their pain point. This is how you find out, how to help them.

Follow up on your Cold Emails : Why & How I Smartreach

Business is for paid members. People who invest in themselves will build a strong foundation for others to follow. Yes, IT TAKES MONEY.

When you are on the call, your JOB is to find out if they are serious. Ask them, “After you signed up, did you watch the video?” If they said no, ask if they can go watch it now. Can they sign up for the free account NOW?

You will see who is ready now, willing to take action NOW and who you will have to guide and direct. Send them your link and tell them to go watch it now if possible. If they said yes, they watched the video, ask if they set up their free account.

Make it as simple as possible for you and them. It’s only the beginning, so don’t make it a marathon. Easy peasy, nice and easy.

As you learn, pass along what you learn ASAP. It really makes you look professional and a leader.

Now go thank Janet on your own. Let her know how much you are learning and how much she is loved and appreciated. I tell you from my heart she is a great value to me and I cherish her as my mentor.

Follow Up Is The Key To Take Your Business Where You Want It To Be.

How To Become The Go-To Problem Solver

Good Day All, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Are YOU a problem Solver?

Do YOU see the answer in difficulties , a chance to learn or do you fret, worry and let doubt seep in?

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein.


Idea, Thought, Innovation, Inspiration

What makes a GOOD PROBLEM SOLVER? Take time right NOW and think about what problems you have going on in your life. Do you ask for help when needed?

Are you able to write out your problems, then go over them point by point?


Who do you see as a great problem solver? What skills do they possess?

They use the power of words to connect with people: They are socially well developed and find ways to connect with people and try to find happy-middle solutions. Does this sound like YOU?

If you could identify creative solutions to those problems that you think are hopeless, how would your life be different?

If you could take your biggest struggles–whatever they may be–and find an option that gets you through them, what would that be worth to you?

One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to problem-solving is not getting detailed enough about the problem–not going deep enough into the whys and hows. The more you know, the more you grow.

People who succeed in business explore ways and options to being the best PROBLEM SOLVERS.

questions problem solving tools

Being a great problem solver is connected to having a growth mindset.

Being a creative problem solver can help you get out of difficult situations. It can help you avoid negative consequences, make you better at your job, and create better opportunities for you.

They don’t create problems for others: Good problems solvers who create fair solutions make a conscious effort not to harm others for a self-interest intention. 

Advice, Answer, Attitude, Background

They explore their options: They see more than one solution to a problem and find new and productive ways to deal with new problems as they arise. This always been my wife Regina’s attitude. Look at the problem from every side.

Point out every solution, point by point and see what fits best.

They do prevention more than intervention: They are more of a positive thinker ( Janet Legere) so naturally, they are surrounded with more positivity and have more energy to be productive.


I hope this was helpful to at least one reader. Growing to become the best you can be is the ultimate goal. Begin to see yourself as THE GO-TO PROBLEM SOLVER.

Problem Solving Is A Part of You

Do You Miss The Lessons In Life?

Banding my head against the wall is normal for Michael The Traveling Trucker.

There are days I don’t even know my own name so to speak. People tell me things, sometimes I listen and sometimes not. Can you relate?


We have all missed the bus at some point in our lives. Been late. Been miserable in the process. The RAT RACE at it’s worst.

Being a trucker has given me insight into a number of things. Meeting people and talking to them about their life and how it could change if they are willing.

What is one thing you really, really , really want to change in your life you know needs to change? Is it how many hours you work? Lack of quality time with family and friends? Not having enough money? Need repairs around the home place?

As we start our journey, please take notes. Leave yourself sticky notes. Leave an encouraging message to yourself on your phone.

I know from my own journey in life there comes a point where all you have been doing IS NOT SATISFYING ANY LONGER. You dream of better days ahead. You tell yourself, there has to be a better way.

If you are serious about being an ENTREPRENEUR-FIND A MENTOR. I have two who speak into my life to help me gain from life’s lessons. Always point me to my end goal, even when I don’t know what the end goal is.

Kool thing is they DO. They have been down the road long before I got here.

Lesson 1– Go to my resource page at the top. Look around. See what’s of interest.

Lesson 2– Take 5 minutes right NOW- Write down what you want. This is the groundwork for everything else. This step will guide you from now on.

Lesson 3–Remember I said find a mentor? This should be someone who will guide you and push you out of your COMFORT ZONE. Show them what you have written down. It’s called accountability.

Lesson 4–Find something of interest that will make you want to do this everyday. It must be enjoyable, fun and easy to share.

When you start believing in the little things, believing everyday that they will happen, something wonderful happens. Your heart grows strong, your spirit is sensitive and your mind dreams of glorious days of sunshine and laughter.

When you look back to see all the little things, you notice some really BIG things got accomplished.

I hope you copy this post. Put it on your wall. Keep a copy in your car. Read it EVERY DAY and say-“I CAN DO THIS”.


How To Teach A Man To Fish

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. I know you know the saying” Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for life”.


Fish, Lake, Fishing, Fisherman

That is what I’m doing here. Teaching you to be fisher of men/women. I don’t want you to doubt this.

Being taught and working hard for this will make your life so much better. Gifts are nice, But I remember working hard for my 1st car. I worked all summer and part of the fall for a 1976 Buick LeSabre.

It made riding down the road —-SWEET.

What will you 1st commission look like? $10,20,50,100,300,1200 and beyond.

What makes our system different then the others? Glad you asked. Ready to take notes?

We have the best leaders in place. They help at every turn, always ready to guide. It’s called a support system.

Any time I need help, all I have to do is ask, like I did today for my blog post update for yesterday. My mentor made a recommendation and I now have a link to The Resolution System on my blog. You can get yours here.

We have an Online University, Online Market place, 11 downloadable books from people like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Napoleon Hill, Dave Ramsey, Jack Canfield and many more.

Done For You setup service. We offer this service for the busy professionals or those of you that do not have the time and technical know how to setup a system.

Sales Closing Service. We offer this service for those of you that are not comfortable getting on the phone and talking to people.

Can you see the EXTREME value so far? How about the commissions you can earn? From $50.00 to $1200.00. NOW THAT’S MONEY. What would you do with your 1st $1200.00 commission check?

We have the most training and videos a system could have. We teach about the proper way to post on Facebook.

Signup For Affiliate Programs, click bank products, Paid Affiliate Programs. Viral Mailers.

Our back office is jammed packed with everything you need to succeed., Plus we have multiple income streams that put even more money in your pocket monthly.

This is the life blood of any business-PARTNERSHIP WITH PEOPLE.

DO YOU WANT TO PARTNERSHIP WITH US? Come on in, look around, and I believe you will stay for LIFE. We walk you through the set up of your system from step 1 till you are done with step 6.

I Will Work Hard With YOU

How To Recognize Your Gifts

You heard me toot my air horn, saw me driving by on the way to my delivery. Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. On a new route, so today’s adventure begins in Wixom, MI.


As I sit here contemplating my gifts, What are they exactly? For me, I’m learning to write, speak with authority, mapping out my goals and dreams into bite size pieces.

I am gifted in song as well as verse. God has given me the ability to rhyme in song and poetry.

Dear READER, Let’s start thinking about your gifting. Are you a people person? Are you an organizer? Are you a take charge type of person? Can you write?

In business, Learning from the leaders-Janet, Rob, Jon, Blain, Eliana, Lisa, Jared, they have taught me to view every aspect of teaching as gifting. Some gifting takes practice because you didn’t know you were good at it.

Photo Of People Doing Handshakes

What would your life look like if you actually realized your goals? May I suggest a gift for you? It’s called The Resolution Success System. Down load it here. I believe this will change your life.

“Determine what you want, then resolve to pay the price to get it.” Do you get a sense of purpose when you accomplish your goal? Doesn’t it make you scream out loud,” YES I DID IT AND IT FELT GREAT”?

Goals, Grow, Growth, Progress, Growing

Take a step every day to reach your goals and dream. Make it fun and exciting. Make it just out of reach but not a million miles away, this way deep within your spirit, YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH THEM.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. “everything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

Goals ought to be ‘acceptable’ to you. That means that you must not only identify with them but also, feel like they are in line with your value system and that they won’t lead you to transgress your sense of integrity in any way.

Your goal must be realistic. In other words, you have to work with what you have while pushing yourself slightly beyond in order to change your current reality.

Will you CHOOSE TODAY to grab your pen and paper and write out your 30-day goals? Go get your pen and paper NOW, I’LL WAIT.

Glad you made it back. Now think of something you would like to be able to accomplish in the next 30-days. What steps daily does it take to reach it in 30 days? Now Commit to it daily for the next 30 days.

You did it. You accomplished your 1st goal of writing them down. NOW DIDN’T THAT FEEL GREAT AND AWESOME?

You Can Be A Goal WINNER

How To Visualize Your Dream

Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker.


Truck, Driver, Transport, Traffic

I had a dream of driving a tractor/trailer for many years. I can see how God walked me through the process.

I had a 28foot house trailer, I pulled with a pickup truck. I learned how to back up. Learning to turn the wheels in the opposite direction of where you want the trailer to go.

Then I worked for a landscape company, pulling big equipment on a 38-foot trailer. Each increase in trailer size got me closer to driving my big rig.

I saw myself behind the wheel of my big rig. I knew I had what it takes. Every tractor/trailer I saw put that burning in my mind and soul.

Then it happened, I got my chance to drive. I knew how to drive a stick shift, but I had to learn to shift 10 gears instead of 5. I have been driving for 27 years now.

This visualizing process took about 10 years to come to completion, I knew it would. This is what has driven me for years to pursue my dreams.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse. ~ Walt Disney

Typing, Computer, Desk, Hoe Office


Your life is too precious to be spent pursuing small dreams. Dream big so that you can reach your full potential. Answer this one question: “ What would you do if you took the fear out of the equation?

STOP HERE FOR A MINUTE. Really give yourself time to think about this.

You should make sure that you pursue the right dreams. You should make sure that your dreams are both fulfilling and meaningful.

Now I am being taught how to see my internet business as successful. I’m visualizing 1k per month in my bank account already. I’m seeing what I can do with that thousand dollars. ( Paying off some credit card debt.)

This is a kingdom principle. If you can’t see it, you will NEVER have it.

Can you see your DREAM? Is it a new house? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? What is the square footage? How much land is it sitting on?

Is it a new car? What is the make and model? What color is it? How many doors?

Get inspired by the stories of great people. This next point is crucial: WRITE YOUR DREAMS DOWN. Make a battle plan. Pay the price daily.

In working on your dreams, prepare yourself to meet difficulties. Expect challenges ahead. That way you won’t lose heart when difficulties come. You will be able to keep going.

Follow, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

There might be times when you seem to get stuck. You might see no meaningful progress for a long time. In such a situation, it’s tempting to just give up your dreams.

Don’t do that EVER. “Flat” season is normal. It’s something everyone must go through. Keep dreaming. Keep moving forward. You need to think about what you can improve, of course, but keep the fire burning within you. If you do that, a new season will eventually come where things get bright again.

I believe in YOU, READER. Let me help you to dream BIG. Let me see what you see so I can inspire you to keep your dream alive.

When the time comes to go after your dream, send naysayers to TIME OUT.