I’m the character you didn’t see in” The Wizard of Oz”, Michael The Traveling Trucker.


You, Me, And Dorothy have a lot in common. We all know what it’s like to find ourselves in a distant land surrounded by strange people.

Though our chosen paths aren’t paved with yellow bricks, we still hope it will lead us to success.

The Guru’s want more than our ruby slippers.

Dorothy is not the first person to find themselves surrounded by brainless, heartless, and spineless people. CAN YOU RELATE?

The plot: We are looking for the easiest way to succeed, in the least amount of time, spending the very least amount of money, doing as little as possible hoping the riches will flow in magically.

When you look at the end of The Wizard of Oz, we find they had everything they needed already inside them. Now, look into the MIRROR. The power you need is really a power you already have. Look deep enough, long enough, and there’s nothing you can’t do.

“Try a little harder” is little encouragement for someone who has spent countless months trying to succeed. At some point we need more than good advice, WE NEED HELP.

Come pull back the curtain and I’ll show you the formula for reaching your goals, earning commissions, and building your LIST. It’s not a difficult process, it’s easy to follow. Click Here. No potions, lotions, or magic pills.

You know you must believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and grow yourself daily. Are you a reader? Podcast listener? Youtube motivational watcher?

Yellow brick road through forest. Wizard of Oz fairytale yellow brick road leading through a lush wooded green forest stock image

Your road is before you. Take the first step. Your journey is but a brief moment in time, make your scenery pleasing to your eyesight.

Make your life the best you can make it. There’s no place like home. Most of us want the laptop lifestyle. Sadly most will never give it they’re all. They will stay in the job rut complaining. DON’T BE THIS PERSON. JOIN ME NOW.



Now that’s a loaded question. Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker with today’s view on SELF.

What sets you apart from the millions of online marketers?

I promised you a link so click here.


Neon Signage

Sales is a four-letter word—that’s what you’re thinking, right? There is scarcely a culture in the world that doesn’t regard the idea of selling as a little icky. But in truth, we are all practicing that four-letter word—in every area of our lives.

In very small businesses, the owner and business are one and the same. When you’re marketing your business, you’re really marketing yourself – but that isn’t easy for everyone.

A Writing On The Wall

Here’s advice for getting better at selling yourself and your business.

Start with WHO not WHY. Your why is not necessarily my why. Start the conversation where they are, with what they believe or wish to achieve.

Selling is a listening skill. People will actually tell you how to influence them—by telling you who they are and what they want the world to know them as.

Be Yourself because it is who you are. You can’t be me and vise versa. There are wonderful things about you so utilize them.

Be Persistent. Your job is to be persistent—even kind of annoying. Keep sending them e-mails, keep sending the texts, keep calling them. Let them know when something changes that is valuable to them.

Just keep in contact with them. Even if they’re not ready to buy now, they’ll think of you later.

Offer a Solution.

Your customers are plenty smart enough to identify the problems. What they need is for somebody to dig into the details and offer a solution. Not something that MIGHT work; something that WILL work. Offer more of a solution than your competition. 

 Stop with the Resume Speak. I’m a go-getter. problem solver, attention to detail kind of person. Your customer wants specifics. Who have you worked with that had problems like theirs and how did you solve them?

 Be Positive. Find ways to find the positive. Smile a lot, be thankful for what you have, talk about things you enjoy, tell your customer that everything is going to be alright. Positivity equals confidence. 

This is my FAVORITE. Be easy to agree with. Our capacity to sell—or engage, influence or persuade—defines our success in our business lives, our personal relationships and even our own self-awareness and effectiveness. 

You don’t have to argue, make a stand in concrete or drive the point home in a unprofessional way. Stay clam and easy to agree with.

I promised you a link at the top, Now I offer you the link at the here.



Hello and Welcome. I’m excited you decided to join me, Michael The Traveling Trucker, and our brief journey together.

So READER, HOW WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION? Was the experience joyful, exciting, full of mystery? Did your needs get met? Was the phone call professional? Was the text personal that made you want to know more?


People Working in front of the Computer

My job is to make you feel welcome. I’m what is known as the First Impression Maker. What I do at the beginning is vital for the growth of the prospect or lead. I can also push people away if done incorrectly.

Maker or Breaker. Yep, that’s the whole thing in a nutshell. We have a team set in place that SHOULD offer a welcome and glad your here pat on the back.

Before every football game, the Coach gathers everyone together to focus on the task at hand and pump everyone up.

Here To Help Lettering Text on Black Background

Huddling is a form of training, not just the Dos and Don’ts, but the kind that equips and empowers everyone to accomplish the will and work at hand. Building strong business teams.

The MAIN reason we huddle is we don’t know everything on our own. WEEKLY WEBINARS, ONE ON ONE CALLS with our sponsor, coaches, and mentors.

Bouncing ideas off each other. Offering solutions to problems. How do you greet your prospect on your first contact? What do you say or do?

Our FOCUS is PEOPLE. People need love, guidance, and a helping hand.

Strategy: Be genuine in your first connection. People know when others are fake, so be yourself, nerves and all. Be confident, stay focused. People need to know that you have their best interest in mind. You are really here for them.

Remember your smile and friendly greeting can make a difference in someone’s day.

MAIN GOAL: We want to be the most hospitable place on earth! We want people to know their questions will be answered. People offering a helping hand.

I personally have experienced this from our group from the leaders down to someone just getting started. This business has helped me to grow and have great success.

We can never forget we are human beings, we need a personal touch or greeting. We need people to look us in the eye and really see us. We want you to know deep in your spirit that this is a place of safety and a home for years to come.

Don’t overwhelm people with information overload at the beginning. Work your way into it slowly. Don’t be in a hurry, slow down. People are not sure who you are or why you are contacting them.

Introduce yourself so the lead knows you’re a friendly professional following up on their request for more information.

Identify your company to lend more legitimacy to the call, so the lead associates you with a credible professional brand.

Explain the reason for your call to remind leads what prompted them to fill out the form.

Set a timeline to reassure leads that you won’t take up more than a few minutes of their time, and then schedule a time as soon as they’re available to meet with you and discuss their options.

Let them understand you are busy with others and have a small window to help. Time is of the essence. The more time that goes by, people forget who you are and why you are contacting them again.

The better you understand and execute each of these four points, the more appointments you’ll set.

Let’s rock the business world. Here is my first impression for you. Click Here.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with the BIG question.

Is Your EGO in the way? Are you what we call too big fer your britches?

Warren Buffet said,” My business partner and I have never had an argument”. We both respect our strengths and weaknesses. We all have something someone else doesn’t have, why not let them take the lead if need be.

I loved the 3 things he shared




When is the last time you acknowledged that a peer, spouse, friend, or even a competitor makes you a better person? Another person’s strength doesn’t take anything away from you. In fact, you can use their example to improve.

When you compliment people on their work, you’ll be amazed at how forthcoming they are with tips to help you improve.

Step outside your comfort zone and actively seek out those whose experiences and strengths are different than your own.


Inspirational Quotes On A Planner

Things you NEED to hear from ME.

I’m proud of you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I’m listening. You’ve got what it takes.


Lightning, Storm, Arizona, Monsoon

When is the last time you and a grandbaby, daughter or son, or spouse laid on the floor watching the dazzling display of a lightning storm while looking out through the sliding door? Do you see how small you really are in the UNIVERSE scheme of things?

There is so much power waiting to be harvested. People have power. Animals have power. The UNIVERSE is power. Are you calling out to it? It’s waiting for your COMMAND.

Do you want to view real POWER? Click Here.

When you influence a child, you influence a life.

When you influence a parent, you influence a family.

When you influence a president, you influence a corporation.

When you influence a pastor, you influence a church.

When you influence a leader, you influence all who look to him or her for leadership.

For every person, I talk to you have my undivided attention. I will walk you through your whole setup from start to finish. ARE YOU READY?



Hello Everyone. Your CB talking, Gear Jammin, Pedal To The Metal trucker is back and lighting the fire. Yes Michael The Traveling Trucker is alive and well.

The last 8 days have been packed with pickups and deliveries. No time for sharing life on the COMPUTER.

Finally got back home Saturday so I can share life with my beautiful bride and, Yes -YOU DEAR READER.


What is it about telling a GOOD story that people love? What is your favorite story?

Here is a little of my life. My driving career started in 1994 and it was by pure accident. A drummer from my church bought a truck. He was gone for a few weeks. When he got back I asked where he was and he told me about buying a truck.

I made the statement,” I always thought about driving a semi-truck”. He got this glowing look on his face and a twinkle in his eye.” Really”, he replied. I need a Christian person who will take care of my truck. I did a road test the next day. I drove from Georgia to California for 3 months on a learner’s permit and a lead driver.

I got back and got my CDL license. That has been 27 years of driving with over 3 Million miles under my belt. Been around the world a few times. Seen a lot of beautiful country. I have been to all 48 states (continental) plus Canada.

My story takes a turn into mu business practices as I’m building an online business. I invite people all over the country to join me. My best invite was a man I met in Florida. His name was Sumeet Mall from Canada.

I built a strong relationship with him before I shared this business. Once I shared, he and his wife tonya decided to join.

I shared countless hours on the phone talking about family, friends, and life. Because he is 20 years younger, I got to share experience , strength, and hope.

I believe he will be a strong leader. He loves what he does and is willing to learn more.

If you are reading this, how can I help you tell your story? What makes you a one of a kind? What is your passion, love, and burning desire to see come to life?

Life is a series of stories strung together over a period of time that makes up your life. Some funny, some sad, some enjoyable, some will make you cry.

I have countless stories of family, friends, travel, meeting new friends, seeing sites most of the world never sees.

Would you like to be part of my story? CLICK HERE. Let us make this a story for generations to listen to.




Hello Everyone, It’s your lost trucker, Michael The Traveling Trucker.

I was asked How Do I Connect with my TL2Ivm members?

When you are on Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer main page you have referrals. This will show you all your members. You can sort them by Join Date, Last Login, Name, Membership Level, Pages Surfed, and Total Purchased.

Some of your members leave a complete profile with all their Social Media Contacts, while others leave you nothing.

Personally, I have not located many of the people in my group. When they don’t leave you contact info and profile picture, You really have nothing to work with.

I’m not sure I have done a coop with TL2Ivm as my main advertising site. I have looked through my Contacts at The Conversion Pros.

No phone numbers, no emails. Rob Gehring The owner and admin of TL2Ivm made this statement: We give more contact info than most competitors out there. Agree?

In our one on one sessions, he has had access to peoples name, phone number and emails, I don’t have. He has shared some of them with me as a gift for booking a coaching call.

I would be interested in anyone who has a different approach to this.

Straight from Rob’s ” Simple art of recruiting”.

It is important to understand the importance of having a “real” conversation with a prospect. This also saves you time in qualifying your list and only talking to people who are serious and ready.

Be sure they indicate at least 50.00 available to get started now; otherwise I advise against you calling unless you want the practice.

When I capture a lead, I generally ask for their phone number along with first name and email address. Then, I send the following text which is called “The Magic Text”. Hey {Prospect Name}, Rob here, your {Company Name} sponsor. Go to {Your Facebook Profile} and send me a friend request so I can have you schedule with me and we can get you earning ASAP, ok?

This is a good qualifier as I may be able to connect with them on Facebook to have them set an appointment with me. If they are unresponsive, then we move to a phone call where we can interview them directly.

I hope is was helpful.


Greats days ahead, PEEPS. Michael The Traveling Trucker with the thought-provoking question. ARE YOU DUPLICATABLE?

I am asking myself these very questions. I am beginning to like what I see. I pray you honestly look at your business and like what you see. If not, CHANGE what you are doing. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Look at your business right now. Since you joined under your sponsor, does your business system model match theirs? GOOD or BAD.


Photo Of People Near Wooden Table

This question was asked at our core members-only Wednesday meeting Hosted by Janet Legere. I have pondered this the last few days.

Side note: Is your business multiplying like RABBITS? We want our business to grow, so follow the list of your daily habits. IT’S YOUR LIFE, Make it SHINE.


I have parts that resemble my sponsor’s business, but sorely lacking in others. I am in the process of forming habits that mirror my sponsor.

Am I promoting every day? Am I setting up solo ads on a regular basis? Am I Calling, texting, emailing my leads and prospects? Am I sending out a broadband message to my group under me?

Am I building my list with coop and solo ads? Am I teaching what I have learned?

Am I changing up my lead capture page? Thinking of different email messages?

Am I building my relationships with my people? Am I helping solve their pain problem?

When I look at my sponsor, Rob Gehring, he is active every single day from early to late. He is coaching, mentoring, building his list, contacting all his leads and prospects. He has his calendar filled. He does weekly webinars.

He is not only engaging his prospects but engaging core members as well. He makes recommendations and offers solutions.

Bitcoins and U.s Dollar Bills

At the end of the day, does your bank account look like your sponsors? OUCH. This is directed at me. I can’t let doubt and fear creep in and steal my business.

I must be willing to duplicate my sponsor and put in the effort to succeed. I am on the right track. He has 22 years, I have 18 months. It takes TIME, people.

Everything you do daily will get you to the prize, 1000″s on your list and 1000″s in your bank account.

Here is your chance, READER. Stop what you are doing and click here.

Make a change for the better daily. Choose life. Smile, whistle, hum, and sing your favorite tune.



Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker in the play yard with a challenge.

I triple dog dare you to cross the line. You have been staring at the line for a long long time. What line am I talking about? Why, becoming an affiliate marketer and joining us as a core member at GLN.


Owl facing camera, big yellow eyes. With pince nez. Beautiful bird. Wise old owl concept - just for fun stock image

Job34 from the BIBLE says in verse 2, Listen to me, you wise men. Pay attention, you who have knowledge. Verse 3, The ear tests the words it hears just as the mouth distinguishes between foods.

I truly consider you wise, READER. Why do you long in your heart about a day when the strain of money will be gone? It is staring you in the face right now.

You have viewed a lot of money-making sites with the promise of RICHES. Today I only offer you wisdom and knowledge. When you click on the GLN link everything I have is yours. Every question you have will be answered.

When you join us, you will be joining an elite group of men and women who have the same desire to succeed. You can talk to them, ask what they are doing.

We don’t hide anything from you. It’s open and honest at every level.

We will teach you about blogging, social media, high ticket sales, coaching, and a host of other things that make your business FLOURISH AND GROW.


Young professional team. Top view of young modern people in smart casual wear discussing business while working in the creative o. Ffice stock images

Jared Meyers has created this #1 Done -For-You-system with you in mind. Being a core member at the VIP level gives me more training on improving my business daily. Come August 1, 2021, Jared is offering a Mastery level.

For those of us creating a brandable duplicatable business, this is icing on the cake. $2000.00 commissions are coming per sale. I see you smiled at that sentence.

Morning coffee with motivational text  message - Smart people think. Brave people talk. Great people act. A cup of morning coffee with motivational text royalty free stock photo

Do you know what the B.I.B.L.E. stands for? Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. We all need basic instructions each and every day. Today was a great example.

Our core members-only webinar training was par excellence. Each week as a core member you have access to this training and every training that has ever been recorded. WOW, that’s a lot of training at your fingertips.



What Are The Sounds Of Success?

Great day, Reader. It’s Michael The Traveling Trucker.

BIG QUESTION? What does success sound like? You see dear reader, it has a different sound for each of US.


Success, Strategy, Business, Solution

My sound is leading someone to Christ and having them give their life to Him. I can hear heaven singing over one lost soul.

Do you hear the sound of encouragement, the laughter of being a close friend to someone nobody else wants or even knows exists?

Is your sound the timer going off to a finished meal? The sizzling sounds in the pan, the oven humming, the kettle whistling for you to get your favorite cup for tea?

Is your sound landscaping? Engine roaring, weedeater spinning, shears clicking to a rhythm of the last song you heard? My wife, she is talking to me as I write says it’s birds singing, squirrels squeaking as they chase each other around the tree. Bees flying and hummingbirds feeding.

There are beautiful sounds all around if one but listens. I love the sound of my wife saying she deeply loves me. My girls saying, love your daddy( oldest daughter) youngest saying with an English accent( I love you father). so what are your SOUNDS?

Identity, Self, Authentic

Business has a distinct sound. Sharing one’s own knowledge and experience with somebody who lacks them will empower the latter. There are many people desperately looking for advice, suggestions, and opinions when they face difficult business situations

What is the sound of Casual English vs. Business Language? What you write on Facebook, Twitter, and friendly emails are different from business language.

How to SOUND PROFESSIONAL: Provide or (Give)

Casual: Could you give me your cell number?

Professional: Could you provide me with your cell number?

2) Receive or (Get)

Casual: Did you get the message I sent you yesterday?

Professional: Did you receive the message yesterday?

3) Attend or (Come)

Casual: I’m sorry but I can’t come to your brother’s wedding.

Professional: I’m sorry but I can’t attend your brother’s wedding.

4) Assist or (Help)

Casual: I need you to help John with his homework.

Professional: I need you to assist the customer with his laptop.

Each of these can and will make a big sound in your business. For some of us, the sounds may not seem very important but they are. Please take time to do your own research. Do what fits your sound style.

 Make ‘We’re in This Together’ Your Theme Song. All your people need your leadership to show what the proper sounds are, words to use, and pictures to show. Guidance is your responsibility and should be practiced every day.

Show the world your lifestyle leadership sounds. Make them loud and proud.

Here is my sound for you. Click here. It’s my invitation for you to join me.

Let’s listen to the sounds the universe is calling us to hear.

Listen To The rhythm Of The Pouring Rain

How To Train A Horse To JUMP?

Ride’um cowboy. Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is really training ourselves and our team.


Horse, Rider, Show Jumping, Jump

So, how do you train a horse to jump? You start by putting the jumping bar on the ground. Have the horse walk over it over and over. It’s called TRAINING.

You raise the bar one foot off the ground. Get the horse to jump over it again and again. It’s called TRAINING.

You continue to raise the bar, higher and higher. It’s called TRAINING. Before you know it the horse is responding magnificently.

Most of the people online in our niche of affiliate marketing from CLB, TL2Ivm , and GLN know and trust Janet Legere. Her TRAINING is just like training a horse.

She gets us to jump over the bar– Building your list, lead capture page, thank you page, advertising. As time goes on, she raises the bar. Buying your first Adimi solo ad. Writing your blog. Talking on the phone. It’s called, WHAT? YES, TRAINING.

Folks, this training is a daily habit you must MASTER. Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called F.O.C.U.S. – Follow One Couse Until Successful. Doing the basics until you master them, then start over with a refresher course of the basics.

Showing up daily is as important as showing up for your job. You show up and do the work. You get paid for the work you do through the time you put in.

Does this sound like AFFILIATE MARKETING? You bet it does. You show up, do the work on your list( you do have a honey do list, RIGHT?). Complete what is on your daily list or as much as possible. Way To Go. You finished your list.

Start fresh the next day. Are you writing a blog, yet? If not, why not? This is one of my tools to get the word out about my programs and how to join them. I leave valuable insights to blogging, making phone calls, mentoring, and coaching.

I offer tips about using viral mailers and traffic exchanges. Janet created a blog post with her viral mailers on it. CHECK IT OUT. She is getting great consist results.

I am in the process of doing a training on creating lead capture pages through The Coversion Pros, so look for it shortly.

Go look at my ealier blog posts and see the BIG HUGE difference . You will say, this guy didn’t have a clue at first. It’s called TRAINING. Today I love creating new blogs. I really want people to read them, glean the golden nuggets and USE THEM. Leave me comments for topics you might want me to cover.

Are you ready for some 1st step basic training? Click Here. Great job. Did you fill out the form? Did you watch the video of me troducing myself to you?

Lesson 2: Contact me through Social media and lets talk on the phone. You want it, I know you do because you are an action taker.

It’s TIME to FOLLOW the LEADER. This can be YOUR Wonderful Lifestyle.

Lets get you set up with the SYSTEM. You will have 6 steps to follow. Each one has a video at the beginning- PLEASE WATCH IT. It’s called TRAINING.

Here are some training modules in our system. Click Bank Success Depends On Your Niche, Click Bank Marketing Overview, How To Get Your Niche Target keywords, Introduction To Amazon FBA are just a few. There are hours upon hours of training at your fingertips( at your convience and speed) for your watching pleasure.

If you have gotten this far, CONGRADULATIONS. I look forward to meeting you, talking with you, and planning out your FUTURE with you. Let your mind ponder the wonders of Affilate Marketing. Let YOUR DREAMS become a reality.