Urgent Message When FLASHING

Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: What do you do when you see, URGENT MESSAGE WHEN FLASHING? To be honest, being on the road as long as I have, I ignore them. I get: tune to whatever station for updated news, NOPE, not me.


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What do you do when you get this in business? I am learning to pay attention . My leaders have been around the block, a time or two. If something breaks, like a car, appliance, house, we get it fixed right away. We are on the phone to see who can fix it. Why then do people take a nonchalant attitude toward their business? They say,” I’m not making money, can’t get leads, nobody answers my social media”. I’m learning from some of the best-Janet and Don Legere, Rob Gehring, Jon Olson, Blain Jones, Marty Petrizza, Jerry Iannucci, and the list goes on. All of these people get results. They help thousands of people make money online.

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That’s why I listen and follow what they say. Today you have a chance to invest in yourself. LEADERS ARE READERS. They have learned from trial and era. Today we have their knowledge of what not to do, with all the things that do work. YOUR URGENT MESSAGE IS FLASHING. What are you going to do about it? I saw my flashing message 6 months ago, This is what I did to solve my problem. This could also be your life changer.

You must take action. Make those phone calls. Buy coop share advertising. Create an ebook and give it away. Follow up with your contacts and teammates daily. Ask your leaders what works for them and follow the LEADER. Blain Jones said,” The more people succeed, the better it is for the community as a whole.

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Rob Gehring has a calendar, you can sign up and get his expertise. You can contact Janet through the telegraph. Always willing with knowledge and a helping hand. Most leaders are eager to help. It’s what drives them. To see people succeed. This is as simple as it gets. I BELIEVE IN YOU READER. YOU GOT THIS. Turn off the TV, put down the phone, find a quiet place ( mine is my truck), turn on that computer, and go to work. If you get stuck, ASK, we are here to help.

When Life Gives You LEMONS, Make Lemonade and Sell It

Freedom From “Oughts” and “Shoulds”

Hello and welcome to Happy Sunday. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Our adventure today is , ” what keeps you from life in the moment”? With me it’s pressure- things I have to do, deadlines, duties, tasks. That’s why down time is so precious to me. Living in the moment is a lot easier when I not thinking about how I’m going to finish X,Y, Z. The tyranny of the oughts and shoulds can rob you of real joy.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/planning/

I truly think it’s possible to strip ourselves of the oughts and shoulds, It just takes deliberate effort. Sometimes I’ll say, Okay Michael, sit down and think about everything that’s hanging over your head and then prioritize it in the order in which it REALLY needs to get done.There’s something about having order in my head that makes the oughts and shoulds scream a little less loudly.

The second thing I do is to take the past and project it into the present. I remind myself,” It has worked in the past. Think about those times when you were just up against the wall and somehow you made it work. Don’t think about those times when it didn’t work. Think about those times it did work and ask, Is there any reason why that shouldn’t happen again? This is what I do over and over again, DAILY.

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Yes, I really do a lot of self-talk. I call it going to my truck office. I have a two way conversation with me and myself. Luckily, being in my truck sitting up high, no one notices. Question DEAR READER, Are you held captive by your own oughts and shoulds? Food for thought, READER, maybe you should have your own two way conversation with you and yourself. Just saying!!! For me, I put the results before the LORD and ask for His wisdom and guidance in clarifying what’s truly important.

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CHERISH THE MOMENT, I think the simple joys should be the little things, a cup of tea, not a bag and hot water, but, brewed loose- leaf tea, steeped for just the right amount of time. My daughter is the QUEEN of loose leaf tea. She has sat me down many a night, and said, ” let me fix you a special blend I think you will like. I love it. She has about 30-49 loose leaf teas on hand at any given time.

A good conversation with a person you hold dear. The time goes by so smoothly, you don’t even realize it has been 5 hours of talking. You just blend into one another. Sharing Ideas and thoughts. I love Talking To Rob. His wisdom in business is always right for me, See why. He shares with me what works and what doesn’t.

Mediterranean Cuisine, Eat, Food

One of my simple joys is food. I love to cook. Looking up new recipes and trying them out. My favorite is my marinara sauce. It takes 2 full days to prepare. Everything fresh and cooked slowly. Here at the Lipsey house, we like the sauce thick. From the pot, I can place a wooden spoon and it will stand up no matter how you lean it. Then the fun comes in on deciding, will it be eggplant parmesan, spaghetti, and meatballs, vegetable lasagna, or a host of other delicacies. When it is all said and done” DON’T TRADE TODAY FOR TOMORROW”.


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Break Free Little Birdie!!!

Spread your wings and fly little birdie. Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Trying new things this week has been challenging, exciting, scary-not so bad really, heart racing, a little frustrating, brain-teasing, and downright joyful once it was done. I have made several videos for my thank you page. Tried my hand at canva, with a new lead capture page. Made my way over the CTP-lbry and posted an article, with video posting next. Worked on ebook at The Conversion pros, which I will launch this coming week..

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Boss, Executive, Businesswoman

Trying different things to expand my business, is what keeps me going. I know I’m helping others, by long-distance coaching and encouraging through my blog posts, growing from being mentored and loved all around. I’m calling out to those who are looking for a business, you can work from home. There so so many benefits. Being your own boss-If you don’t make money, no one to blame but yourself. Making money and only you to thank. Setting your hours to work. No more commuting. Taxes, having the satisfaction of helping thousands succeed. Our system will walk you through the setup, step by step. So what are you waiting for- Here is your personal invitation to join Us.

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Janet Legere is one of my MENTORS. Janet and her husband Don work closely with each member, who reaches out to them. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. We all need others daily in what we do, life, business, job.

Discover What True Freedom Means With24 Hour Access To Janet Legere’s CLB
System & Team. Your Results Are Guaranteed When You Follow Our Proven System. We also have a private Telegraph room, where all your questions will be answered. This may be your business, Please remember you are not alone. We want you to succeed. We are willing to help anyway and every step of the way.

I really look forward to working with you. Building a team takes work, but the rewards are astronomical. Use OUR system and see for yourself.

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I also use traffic leads 2 income viral mailer to get leads and commissions. Rob Gehring is one of my MENTORS. I listen, because of his 21 years experience of online marketing.

You Are Created To Do Great Things.

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Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Investing in your start up business. READER: you have to have money to start any business. I keeping contacting people, who want to make money online, but have ZERO start up money, no budget, no computer, and NO IDEA that it takes these thing to run a business. I just want the money,” they say”.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/sell/

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You can start small as I did. I went out and cut grass, pruned bushes, pressure washed houses to make enough money to get started. I didn’t have enough for money for advertising one month so back out I went, cutting down trees and pressure washing houses. I have sold candy, comic books, walked dogs for the elderly. There is NO EXCUSE for not having money to invest in YOUR BUSINESS READER. My initial investment was a couple of hundred of dollars. My budget is small for now, around a hundred a month. If I need more, Yep, you guessed it, I will go back out to make money and invest into my LONG TERM business.

Here is a list for making money: cut grass, walk a dog for the elderly, house sit, baby sit, dog sit, sell stuff you don’t use any more, wash windows, haul away junk for people. I think you get it READER. If you want it bad enough, YOU WILL FIND A WAY.

All these men have a skill. What are you good at?

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You can go to pinterest, search for any thing to make money, from taking surveys to writing blogs. You really can make money doing anything of value for someone else. So put on your thinking cap, If you need money, YOU MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. GO GO GO.

Here is a side note: Write out your plan. How long will it take you to earn money to invest in your business? How much money do you need to invest? How much money( budget per month) for your business do you need? What extra advertising money might you need? How much time per day, are you willing to put into your business? You have to follow up with people. Keep planning out your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Make your goals attainable. With each small success, you WILL reach for bigger successes. Get a coach or mentor. They will guide you, teach you, (yes you must listen and then take action).

Software Development, Guest Post

Keep pressing forward. Every business takes time and effort. Only a hand full of people have made it happen in a short period of time, so be consistent, patient.

Here is my additional business income.


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Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. My adventure today, was my eye-opener yesterday. I have been blogging for close to 6 months. I have been building my list and building my business online. I have had a variety of topics. I was in the mindset of putting out what I called valuable content to the readers.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/stop%20sign/

Stop, Containing, Street Sign, Security

I was stopped in my tracks by Blain Jones/ co-owner of click track profit. It was one of the best series of questions anyone has asked me. I was writing a post about mastering the basics. Here was the conversation: Blain: Michael you make good posts, but I’d be interested to read how you apply and do what you blog about. How are you mastering the basics, how are you creating cash flow first? What speed bumps or hiccups have you run into?

When you talk about yourself in a post, it makes you more personable and people can picture actually talking to you and relating to you, Verse these things you need to do. Don’t always focus on your successes, people would be interesed to learn about your struggles as well. I think the overall goal is to be relateable to your readers.

It was at this point that the true reality set in. Where is my business now, Sep.21,2020, after 6 months? Was I doing the basics? I had to be honest and say, “I’m still trying to master the basics and I have zero cash flow”. He encouraged me to talk about my struggles. Being a Full-Time Trucker, I drive 2300 miles per week. I have to fit time in to make calls, advertise, create capture pages, and run a full-time business in 2 hours per day. Weekends are better, I’m at home. My family understands what I’m trying to create, so I can quit driving while earning a living online to cover all my expenses and have a lasting dynasty. My challenge is getting people to respond to phone calls, texts, and emails. At this point, It’s a numbers game, so keep adding people daily. I’m still learning about tracking my ads, seeing the email open rates. My list is still small but growing daily. I know it takes time, I’ll keep at it.

Bulldozer, Crawler, Earth-Moving

At this point READER, Building an online business is hard work at first. You have so much to learn, it can be overwhelming. You must be consistent daily. Making those lists to follow, I do and do-follow them and so should you. Start at YOUR starting point, where you are now. Then build on it each day.

Girl, Time, Time Pressure, Worried
Your Time Is Valuable, Use It WISELY.

He further encouraged me: You’re blogging more consistently than most people, which is a great thing. Keep up the writing, it gets easier every time. The more people who take action and actually do things, the better for the community as a whole. Success attracts success. Plain and simple. Honestly, I’m trying to help more people see success!

We all have days where, the effort we put into everything in life, seems to go without a hitch. Other days, Carrying the ball and chain. Struggling all the way. It’s times like this, I’m glad I have a small group of people, who are getting to know me, tell me the truth, give me more directions, a pat on the head, and say” Suck It Up Buttercup”. YOU GOT THIS.


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Master Of Your Universe

Hello Everyone. This is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Speeding through the Universe on today’s adventure. How to master the basics of any business, project, or planning event. I want to encourage you to enjoy the preparation and practice needed to succeed at mastering the basics.

Mention: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223288

Know where you want to go and why you want to get there. So ask yourself early and often where you want to go with your business–and more importantly, why? Establish specific business goals and break them down into plans, actions, and tasks. Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish by “Slicing” down big and seemingly unattainable projects into tasks you can work on every day. My daily tasks start here with my business, click here

Man and Woman Smiling Inside Building

Mention: https://www.pexels.com/search/small%20business/

Every business, of course, needs customers, and until you get them, you don’t really have a business. That means you need to learn as much as possible about selling and getting repeat business after your first sale. Your first goal should be to generate as much cash flow as quickly as possible. People buy what they want, so sell what people want. This takes research. Take it seriously, it’s your lively hood. Profitable new niches are typically found by drilling down into such already successful categories. My second niche, click here.

Mastering the basics in network marketing of prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing, training, and promoting for events should be a major focus for you. If you don’t master these basics you won’t make it very far in your business. When you learn to invite properly you will be far more confident to approach anyone about your business. If you find the needs of the people and find some pain in their lives that your business or products can solve it is very simple to transition to showing your business if you know how to invite properly. When you master the basics you are able to have confidence in any situation and your sign up ratio will increase significantly. 

Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair

Create cash flow first, then profits. You first need to establish consistent cash flow. Now, just decide to do it. All your visions, dreams, goals, plans, and projections are only as good as the action and effort you put into them. Realistically look at building a successful network marketing business as a 3-5 year project to build a successful 10k a month income. Yes, some will make the jump faster, but it’s your business. Take the time to build it right.

Person Holding Space Gray Iphone 5s

Video marketing is growing fast and it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a presence on YouTube. Learn what it takes to create and edit videos for YouTube, and how to grow your YouTube channel from scratch. Some great teaching , click here. Facebook is one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world. There’s a ton of opportunity to reach new customers on the social media giant, be consistent daily if possible. Branding- More than a Logo. Getting Your Business Online-A Website. Whatever you decide to do, Do it with gusto. You have one life to live so live it free, happy and MAKING MONEY.

Learn To Master Your UNIVERSE

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Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. So what adventure awaits do you say. Well, it is what I call ” The Gift”. Now we all love gifts and they do come in different ways. Christmas, Birthday, Friend Day, 4th Of July, Canada Day, Salvation, and the list goes on. Most of us love to give as much as we love to receive. How well do you receive a Compliment? I had a problem with this for years, because of a low opinion of myself. Today I believe God’s word about who I am. I receive things with a beautiful, THANK YOU.

Today I give this small picture gift to you DEAR READER. Enjoy.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/gifts/

Rose, Flower, Petal, Love, Bouquet

In the Business world of online marketing, we also have free gifts. They come in ebooks, articles, downloads…. I love this process. The Art of Giving. You can give your time to someone who is new and needs help setting things up, mentor them. My good friend, Janet, sent me her book-Get Stuck on Happy.

I Beg Your Pardon, Marriage Proposal

I know a lot of people in today’s world, with this pandemic going on, are looking for ways to supplement their income. Be careful as not all are in your best interest. Reader, here is my free downloadable guide, set up with you in mind. COME JOIN US, NOW. When you follow the process, a business plan is set for you to explore and operate. We will walk you through the process. Here, we love SIMPLE.

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MSF 500- Gives You the opportunity to earn $500.00 commissions. This is a program I use. Check it out, NOW

One thing I’m grateful for during these unusual times is the wealth of free learning opportunities available to us online. Have you read ” Think And Grow Rich”By Napolean Hill? Rich Dad, Poor Dad-By Robert Kiyosaki?

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And now that most of us are at home, what better time is there than
now to look inwards, and focus on something we can actually control: like
our personal growth?
See You On The Inside
Michael Lipsey


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Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered. YOUR BEST TECHNIQUES OF FOLLOW UP. Following up with potential customers should be a high-priority component of any marketing strategy.


Man Wearing Brown Suit Jacket Mocking on White Telephone

Mention: https://www.outboundengine.com/blog/follow-up-tips/

Make Time to Follow Up-Creating a follow-up schedule–complete with notifications–keeps the process efficient and effective. A follow-up schedule is just a guideline for you. Your prospects are going to have ideas of their own, and they’ll buy when they’re ready. For those READY, click here

Treat Potential Customers With Respect. Do your homework and have your questions ready, but also come prepared to listen. I see you went to my website because you were looking for something. I would like like to ask a few questions, would that be alright? Did you watch the video after you filled in the form? What kind of money were you looking to earn? When we make that happen for you, what will that mean to your life? When you listen to their answer, Tell them, We call this the “WHY” in business. The reason we get up early in the morning and stay up late at night. This is a business I Use To Help Me Get To My Why, click here . Do you work outside the home? Do you like what you do? Have you looked at Internet Marketing? Do you own a computer? I think you get the POINT. YOU do what feels right for you and your customers.

Women Holding Space Gray Iphone X and Black Pen

Provide Valuable Content. Your prospects are busy, and not every follow-up requires a direct conversation. You want to add value, not stress and aggravation. Content marketing not only allows you to bridge the gap with value during the in-between times, but it also allows you to expand your potential touch points. What You share should always be relevant to your prospects and your business. It shouldn’t be a non-stop hard sell.

Meet People Where They Are. If your customer is a phone person, give them a call. Maybe they’re social media focused and you follow up via Facebook or LinkedIn. And everyone can (and should!) be sent emails to communicate.

Respond Quickly. This means reaching out quickly with a response that doesn’t feel canned or empty.

Mention: https://www.leadsimple.com/sales-course/follow-up-tactics

By specifically focusing on improving your contact rate and your meeting rate, you can easily increase the yield of opportunities from your existing lead flow.

The Impact of Making Another Call. People don’t always pick up on the first try and sometimes it takes multiple calls to make contact. So how many calls should you make before giving up? From the chart below, leads contacted after the 6th call are 45% less likely to convert than leads contacted prior to that point. The goal is to stay in front of prospects in a way that creates value rather than annoyance. Time Your Follow up For Maximum Impact. Some days of the week and times of the day are simply better for making sure you connect with prospects.

Best Day To Call VS Email and Best Time To Call VS Email is, Wednesday and Thursday come out on top for both open rates and phone contact rates. Thursday is 26% better for email open rates than the worst weekday, Monday. Thursday is 49% better for phone contact rates than the worst weekday, Tuesday. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS, Track ACTUAL Contact Attempts.

It’s All About, People Helping People. Sometimes We Need To Gently Help People See Their Dreams to REALITY. Best Reality Business Videos, click here

People, Hands, Earth, World, Planet

Cooking 101, click here

How To Use Safelists

Hello Everyone. This is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: How to use safelists and traffic exchanges. They are a great resource in your arsenal of advertising. Ask yourself this question, how long have you been struggling to make money online? Safelists are a low-cost method of advertising. Put your offer in front of millions.

Safelists are online communities composed of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising and viewing the advertising of others.

You can advertise to all other members of each Safelist without worry about the spam police. They have agreed to receive your mailings as a condition of being a member of the safelist.

Mention: https://www.phildarst.com/__trashed/

When you advertise your product or service on a Safelist, you could reach millions, also  get paid for their advertising by promoting Safelists to them.(You don’t have to depend on family and friends.)

One thing is certain. People subscribing to a Safelist have something to sell. That means you have an audience of ad readers that get rewarded for reading your ad.

Also, people advertising on Safelists want to make money. Most of them are not. Are you?

If they are not and you have an offer or business opportunity that sounds profitable they may join you in your business.

Mention: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jbintca/blog/safelists-an-effective-traffic-generation-method-or-spam

Personalize The Subject Lines. It’s been proven that people are more likely to click open an email if it’s personalized with their own name.

Don’t try to sell! I look at safelists as an effective lead generation tool, so I will always OFFER something for free as an incentive for opting into my personal list. 

Get organized! Create a spreadsheet with your safelists, and set it up to show you how often you can mail to each one. Every time you mail, make a note of it, and track your links in order to see which safelists are bringing you the highest open rates, and consider upgrading in the ones that bring you the best results. Be consistent and you will see your opt-in rates to your own list start to swell!

You need TOOLS to make money online.

You need Tools to attract people to you, to keep in touch with them, and to have them join you.

Do What Ever It Takes

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How To Lead Your Team To Be Successful?

Hello Everyone. Yep, You guessed it, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Get in the Jump Seat for today’s adventure. Leading Your Team As A Leader. What are some of the attributes of a LEADER.

Mention: https://pixabay.com/images/search/leadership/

Strategy, Arrows, Building, Startup

For my best strategy, click here.

Guide them to work together toward a compelling vision. Help them see, not only what could be, but what can be. Hard work is good for people. It gives them purpose and drives them to succeed.

Give them permission to make mistakes. To Er is human. We all make mistakes. Learning to not make the same mistakes, takes time. Focus is KEY.

As a LEADER, Give them the freedom to use their talents. Watch and see what they are good at. Then compliment them on doing right. Encourage your people. It’s ok, to ask questions, to find out more about them

Give them what they need to be successful. As a LEADER, guide them with the tools and resources needed to run a business. Keep them improving what they do daily. Yes, THE TO DO LIST. Successful people not only have a to do list, but set goals-daily, weekly, monthly , yearly, to keep them on track.

Result, Excuse Me, Failure, Inability To

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Show up as the leader and develop leaders within. Two of my favorite people, Janet Legere and Rob Gehring, show the true meaning of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. They are constantly working with their people to see who rises up to the top and begin working with them. They encourage, mentor, guide, and, challenge you.


Great Change Leaders Focus on People & Process. The 3 C’s of Change Leadership. 1)  Communicate-Successful leaders communicated the “what” and the “why.” 2) Collaborate– Bringing people together to plan and execute change is critical. Successful leaders worked across boundaries, and encourage their team to break out of the mold of complacency. 3)  Commit-Successful leaders made sure their own beliefs and behaviors support change, too. Change is difficult, but leaders who negotiated it successfully were resilient and persistent, and willing to step outside their comfort zone.

Team, Teamwork, Motivation, Strategy

For my best teamwork, click here.

Working with people takes loving care. We are all different, with different needs, guidance, encouragement, tasks to perform. Leaders are Resilient. Resilience means sticking to your personal objectives, goals, or aspirations despite circumstances.

Vision, Success, Motivation, Strategy

For my best cooking vision, click here.

The yearning to be more… don’t just survive. A Business man told a new intern, “Son, everyone breathing on this planet is surviving. That won’t change until you decide to be more.”

Mention: https://www.inspirationalperspective.com/2014/06/15/10-characteristics-that-lead-to-success/

Success is every step you take forward.
Look at success in small steps.
It typically comes in steps, not leaps.

Practice urgent patience. Small, urgent, steady steps in one direction equate to great distances over time.
Start chipping away at your own success today and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

Leaders Are Recognized Not Born