How To Use Safelists

Hello Everyone. This is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: How to use safelists and traffic exchanges. They are a great resource in your arsenal of advertising. Ask yourself this question, how long have you been struggling to make money online? Safelists are a low-cost method of advertising. Put your offer in front of millions.

Safelists are online communities composed of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising and viewing the advertising of others.

You can advertise to all other members of each Safelist without worry about the spam police. They have agreed to receive your mailings as a condition of being a member of the safelist.


When you advertise your product or service on a Safelist, you could reach millions, also  get paid for their advertising by promoting Safelists to them.(You don’t have to depend on family and friends.)

One thing is certain. People subscribing to a Safelist have something to sell. That means you have an audience of ad readers that get rewarded for reading your ad.

Also, people advertising on Safelists want to make money. Most of them are not. Are you?

If they are not and you have an offer or business opportunity that sounds profitable they may join you in your business.


Personalize The Subject Lines. It’s been proven that people are more likely to click open an email if it’s personalized with their own name.

Don’t try to sell! I look at safelists as an effective lead generation tool, so I will always OFFER something for free as an incentive for opting into my personal list. 

Get organized! Create a spreadsheet with your safelists, and set it up to show you how often you can mail to each one. Every time you mail, make a note of it, and track your links in order to see which safelists are bringing you the highest open rates, and consider upgrading in the ones that bring you the best results. Be consistent and you will see your opt-in rates to your own list start to swell!

You need TOOLS to make money online.

You need Tools to attract people to you, to keep in touch with them, and to have them join you.

Do What Ever It Takes

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