How To Lead Your Team To Be Successful?

Hello Everyone. Yep, You guessed it, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Get in the Jump Seat for today’s adventure. Leading Your Team As A Leader. What are some of the attributes of a LEADER.


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Guide them to work together toward a compelling vision. Help them see, not only what could be, but what can be. Hard work is good for people. It gives them purpose and drives them to succeed.

Give them permission to make mistakes. To Er is human. We all make mistakes. Learning to not make the same mistakes, takes time. Focus is KEY.

As a LEADER, Give them the freedom to use their talents. Watch and see what they are good at. Then compliment them on doing right. Encourage your people. It’s ok, to ask questions, to find out more about them

Give them what they need to be successful. As a LEADER, guide them with the tools and resources needed to run a business. Keep them improving what they do daily. Yes, THE TO DO LIST. Successful people not only have a to do list, but set goals-daily, weekly, monthly , yearly, to keep them on track.

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Show up as the leader and develop leaders within. Two of my favorite people, Janet Legere and Rob Gehring, show the true meaning of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. They are constantly working with their people to see who rises up to the top and begin working with them. They encourage, mentor, guide, and, challenge you.


Great Change Leaders Focus on People & Process. The 3 C’s of Change Leadership. 1)  Communicate-Successful leaders communicated the “what” and the “why.” 2) Collaborate– Bringing people together to plan and execute change is critical. Successful leaders worked across boundaries, and encourage their team to break out of the mold of complacency. 3)  Commit-Successful leaders made sure their own beliefs and behaviors support change, too. Change is difficult, but leaders who negotiated it successfully were resilient and persistent, and willing to step outside their comfort zone.

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Working with people takes loving care. We are all different, with different needs, guidance, encouragement, tasks to perform. Leaders are Resilient. Resilience means sticking to your personal objectives, goals, or aspirations despite circumstances.

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The yearning to be more… don’t just survive. A Business man told a new intern, “Son, everyone breathing on this planet is surviving. That won’t change until you decide to be more.”


Success is every step you take forward.
Look at success in small steps.
It typically comes in steps, not leaps.

Practice urgent patience. Small, urgent, steady steps in one direction equate to great distances over time.
Start chipping away at your own success today and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

Leaders Are Recognized Not Born

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