The Wise Old Owl


European eagle owl. In a tree hollow stock images

A wise old owl sat in an oak,

The more he saw the less he spoke.

The less he spoke the more he heard,

Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Wow, What words of wisdom. This Is Michael the Traveling Trucker. There is a connection between wisdom and limiting what we say. Proverbs 10:19 says, In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.

We are wise to be careful about what we say or how much we say in certain situations. It makes sense to guard our words when we are angry.

” Be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath”.

Offer, Hand, Handful Of, Help, Respect

There was a situation that transpired with my oldest daughter, where a young woman can up to the gas window where she works. She looked up and called the young women, sir by mistake. The young woman walked away before my daughter could apologize. She went and told her mother, who came to the window and began to curse my daughter out. This shows me how shallow people are becoming. My instinct was to find this woman and give her a tongue lashing because I still want to protect my girl.

My daughter has true wisdom. She said, Dad, don’t bother. This woman was not worth the time to confront and possibly get into trouble. This lesson speaks volumes to me. Yep, Be A Wise Old Owl.


Edward Lear, Sketch, Vintage, Victorian

Many of life’s problems come from two things: We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. Guard your hearts above all else, for it determines the course of your life. While I sit here on Saturday night, I want my thoughts to reflect the love that permeates every pore of my being. It’s nice to know I don’t have to be rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Background, Card, Checker, Chequered

Timing is everything….This is a must when we speak and the words we choose to use. Dealing with people is very difficult, so choose to encourage, love, and respect ALL. Knowing the right time to speak is beneficial to the speaker as well as the hearer.

How well do you deal with rude people? Is it better to walk away and say nothing? Let’s all say nice things and be loving to those around us. In this final saying from Psalm 5:3, ” LISTEN TO MY VOICE IN THE MORNING, LORD. EACH MORNING I BRING MY REQUESTS TO YOU AND WAIT EXPECTANTLY.

Let Peace Flow Like A River Through Your SPIRIT

Shoot Lower, Sheriff

Stepping out of the saddle with Michael The Traveling Trucker. I heard the bullet whiz by, hitting the ground, I rolled over and over. I knew there was going to be another. Listening intently but nothing came. Then I heard the laughter, with these words. Shoot lower sheriff, I think they’re riding shetlands. In my life, I have missed the mark. I shot too high or too low at first, and the bullet goes somewhere into prairie land, never to be seen again. I had to reach into my saddle bags and see what options were available, as I sat around the campfire wondering how I was going to make it.


William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson (1838 – 1864) was a notorious Confederate guerrilla leader with whom Jesse James associated for a brief period during the Civil War.

Sometimes I have had the next big thing syndrome. I have spent a lot of money, time, and effort, with no success. Within a short period of time, I got discouraged, looking for something else to try to make money. I finally got real with myself. If I wanted to build a business, I had to pick one, master it, no matter how long it takes. With all the internet businesses out there, I already had one on my computer, that I had forgotten about. I was a free member of CLB. I decided to look at it again. I liked what I saw and contacted Janet Legere, the owner. I upgraded and began my journey. My first task was to build my list which I have been doing for the past seven months. I hit the bullseye with this one. This is a simple to use system, set up with YOU and ME in mind, the greenhorns.


Notebook, Workplace, Desk, Iphone

Janet has created a done for you system. There are videos for you to follow. Once you begin your training, you will have a business up and running, in as little time as an hour. This is known as “duplicatable”, easy for others to follow. One of the best features for me is the blogging platform. Just putting my thoughts and ideas down has given me the confidence to move my business to the next level.
“Our CLB Learning 5 Steps to Online Marketing Success, gives you everything needed to create a powerful, income-producing, online marketing machine.”

I pull these bullets out, stick them in my rifle to hit the target every time. Practice makes perfect. If you really want to succeed, READER, you must pull the guns out and get to shooting.

So what targets do YOU have set up, READER? Let me guide you downrange, set up your targets, give you the ammunition, focus that scope on your rifle so you can see the target clearly. NOW READER, Take the safety off, put your finger on the trigger and pull.

Here at CLB Learning, our focus is YOU READER. We love love, love to see people succeed. My promise to you is availability. I’m your guide along with Janet Legere. If you need to get a message to us, come on down to the telegraph room. Your message goes out fast with the reply back is just as fast. Let’s build your town and see YOU prosper. ARE YOU READY, READER?

“Courage is being scared to death…saddling up anyway.”.


What an adventure awaits those who visit” Michael The Traveling Trucker”. Everything we do from cooking, writing a paper, building a house, to building OUR BUSINESSES, will have ingredients.


Salt, Pepper, Spoons, Spices

On today’s webinar at CLB with Don and Janet Legere, was positive mental attitude. What you think about most will manifest itself in your world. If you focus being mad, guess what, YOU WILL ACT OUT IN A ANGRY MANNER. When you focus on being happy, you will act out in a loving way.


Happy Home Ingredients: 4 cups of love, 2 cups of loyalty, 5 teaspoons of hope, 2 tablespoons of tenderness, 4 quarts of faith.

  1. Take love and loyalty, mix them throughly with Faith. Blend it with tenderness, kindness and understanding. Add friendship and hope, sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Bake it with sunshine. Serve daily with generous helpings.
    1. Notes: Serves more than enough to go around —
  2. Prep and cook times are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — .

With all this said, what ingredients are available for you to build your business?

FUNNEL-LEAD CAPTURE PAGE- ADVERTISING. You will need to reach out to those who respond to your advertising. You will gain their name, email address, and sometimes phone numbers. These pictures below are just for show purposes.

Here at CLB Learning, we participate in Rog Gehring’s coop at TL2Ivm. As a user myself, I am putting 20-30 people per month into my business. I use Udimi solo ads with great results. Your phone is one of your best resources ingredients. Use it daily. People love to talk, so let them.

Write your plan out on paper, show it to your coach, mentor. Listen to their recommendations, then put your brand spin on it. Use your social media at least once a day. Use your viral mailers to get your word out. I use about 30 different viral mailers daily.


Education, Hand, Write, Skills, Can

At Click Track Profit-207,588 Members Cannot Be Wrong! Their motto has always been: We pride ourselves on putting our members first. Our goal has always been and will always be to provide the best training and services for affiliate marketers.

Get Stuck On Happy by Janet Legere

Put your creative spin on cooking, look for ideas at Tammy House page.


I can’t, never thought of that, it’s not for me, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money. Good day everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker. As you can see, we are excuse-making people. Yes, we can make an excuse for anything, but how true is it really?


Netherlands, Dordrecht, Ark, Clouds, Ark

This is a story of a man named Noah. He was given a task to build and ARK. It took him and his family 120 years. People from around the region, came and ridiculed him for the entire time, but this man named Noah stayed the course.

Henry Ford sold his wife’s insurance policy to have the money for his 1st engine.

Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different things until he finally got the light bulb right.

Through out history, ordinary men and women set out on a dream filled journey, enduring the naysayers to create a world they had envisioned in their mind, until it became a reality.

Door, Ark, Wall, Rampart, Door, Door

One stone laid upon another. A little mortar, then another stone. Before you know it the beautiful wall, house, archway is completed. This should be our business model. Once given the blueprint, from our mind to the paper to the building, should inspire us to reach daily for our dreams, goals and excitement of helping others.

Here at CLB Learning, The blueprint is waiting for you to embrace. All the tools are here for you to use. One tool-one step. Another tool -another step. $1,$5, $100, $5000. What do you want? What will you do to achieve this? Come join us, NOW. Yes, it will take time and money. Yes, it will take work on all of our parts. Coming together, helping each other is what BUSINESS is all about. For most of us, it only looked scary. Once we started the journey, the view began to change. Dead-end streets became beautiful landscapes of color. Flowing rivers, mountainous regions, people filled bazaars, live music, dancing, wine tasting, food eating entertainment. We sit behind the computer, but in today’s technology, we see and talk to each other daily. You are most important to us, so we reach out to YOU. Come spend time with us and you will see and experience things you once only thought about. LET’S MAKE IT A REALITY. NO MORE SIDELINES. No more watching, let’s get in the GAME. You know you REALLY WANT THIS.


Milky Way, Rocks, Night, Landscape

The UNIVERSE is more than big enough for YOUR DREAMS. Mapping them out, following the steps of our LEADERS, telling others you may know. I once heard it said,” you are only 5 people away from knowing Mr. Chan in china”. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows Mr. Chan in china. Today I choose to TOUCH YOU. Who will you touch? Who can you help to touch someone else?

Leaders in my world- Rob Gehring- owner of TL2Ivm and MSF 500. He leads by example. He’s up early and stays late. Always willing to help.

Jon Olson And Blain Jones- CTP. These two men, are pushing the boundaries, for content, videos, teachings. People helping people.

IN CLOSING: You have one life. Your time is set. Your days are set. What will you do with them? BUILD IT BIG.

Go Big Or Go HOME

Do you like great cooking recipes? Visit Tammy House


Welcome to another adventure of Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today is Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020. I’m sitting in Tampa Fla. for my pick up on Monday morning, going to Scranton, Pa. for a Tuesday delivery. I didn’t get to go home this weekend, missing out on a family outing to Six Flags. This is my life sometimes as a trucker. I was done on Saturday in Miami, Fla. and got to Tampa, early Sunday morning as I was in no hurry. Got out and walked this morning, taking pictures of what I see and sending them to my family.



Caution, Drive, Driver, Hill, Isolated

I’ve been driving for 27 years. Been to all 48 continental states, Canada, and 7 foreign countries. My favorite color is Purple. Any shade is OK with me. My High School colors were Purple, White, and Gold. My favorite food is sushi. 2nd is Chinese. I love cooking. I do a mean Steak Fajita. I love raw onions, on hamburgers and hotdogs, pinto beans, and cornbread. I have the best cornbread recipe if anyone is interested. My girls love my marinara sauce. I fix a dutch oven full so they can put some in the freezer. Two days to make it.


Avocado, Chopping Board, Cooking, Eggs
Cook It, Then Eat It

I have been online for 5 years, but active for only the last 7 months. This is my passion now. I love blogging and talking to new people. Sharing business concepts with new people and other entrepreneurs is always exciting. Seeing who is doing what. You never know where your next inspiration may come from. Reading is vital to my mental health, walking for physical health, Bible for spiritual health.

Dog, Baby, Animal, Small, Canine, Love

I am a baby and animal magnet. Babies and animals come to me, that they won’t go to others. My favorite drink is unsweet tea. Coffee on occasion, energy drinks daily. I just like the taste. I love movie trivia. Pretty good at most. Favorite shows are The Good Doctor, Murdock Mysteries, Old reruns of My Favorite Martian, I Dream Of Jeannie, most old cartoons.

Being outdoors is always fun for me. Yard work, planting our garden and sitting watching the Hummingbirds feed from our feeder. I mentor two brothers in the faith. One is older than me, he is 65 and the other younger only 45. I speak with them weekly. We encourage each other.

READER, what is your business model? Where does your inspiration come from? If you are looking to start a business or wanting to expand what you have, CLB LEARNING has everything. It’s a complete system. Come check us out NOW. I use Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer on a daily basis for promoting, CLB, and MSF500. CTP is my training video go to. Putting all these together gives me more than enough for driving traffic to my business. Rob’s coop gets great results.

What Are Your Fun Facts?

Stuck on dinner ideas? Check out Tammy House

Worry Gives You GRAY HAIR!

You bite your nails, Is it going to happen you ask yourself? I have put so much work and time into this thing. It’s been 7 months, why don’t people respond to my funnel? Hello Everyone. Michael the Traveling Trucker’s new adventure is : You Got This, So STOP Worrying. I began looking through my” The Conversion Pros” back office after reading an article about unsubscribers and your email mail list.


Library, Sky, Birds, Mystical, Clouds

I went to look and the results I found made me realize, I need more people on my list. Yep, Light bulb moment. For CLB, I have sent 1942 emails- out of these only 23 opened, 5 emails failed, 27 bounced, 6 email clicks. This is for 132 contacts I have. So looking at this, I asked myself what to do?

I have been making calls for people who leave a number. Most of which says mailbox full- GOODBYE. I have had 2 people reply to any of my texts. 1 email return saying she couldn’t afford the monthly fee. At this point, the gray hair could be popping out all over but I decided to go back over some of the training.

I am going to concentrate on putting my splash page/funnel in front of more people. I got the blog thing going on for now. The coop is great, putting 20-30 new people in front of my funnel. It’s about the people. I will be looking into my 2nd Udimi solo in the near future.

For TL2Ivm– the stats are as follows-

Emails Sent 1,089, Emails Opened 4, Emails Failed 3, Emails Bounced 16, Email Clicks1- Total of 116 contacts. According to TCP I have 314 contacts. this makes me want this business even more. I WILL SUCCEED. I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. SSHHHH, Come a little closer. I have great mentors. I will be picking their brains after this blog post. I will see if I can find out who unsubscribed so I can take them off my contact list. Well, Michael, You have your homework planned out, now let’s get to it.

People, Men, Thinker, Group, Characters

Time for this trucker to get back to the basics. Video training 101, Here I come.

Click Track Profit has a great series of training videos that help any business. Some of the training includes-Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the Power of 3, Podcasting. They have checking your numbers and tracking you results. My favorite is show up DAILY.

Advice, Answer, Attitude, Background

With any business, no matter what it is without leads you have nothing. Russell Brunson has built a large following, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, Ann Handley, Rand Fishkin. These people have pinpointed one area and mastered it. They do the basics until it becomes second nature. My two HEROS-Janet Legere and Rob Gehring have built large followings also. Learning a golden nugget from each of these people will help me to blueprint my business for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 and as Buzz Lightyears say’s” To Infinity And Beyond.

Show Up Daily, Do The basics

Chronos Mentality

Mention: 31 Days of Victory by Scott Reece

Another adventure of Michael The Traveling Trucker, say’s “Chronos Mentality “is a reality for most of us. Chronos is measured by clocks, calendars, schedules, and a multitude of appointments. The Greek word “kairos” means the opportune moments. Chronos requires discipline and punctuality. Kairos requires discipline and discernment or spiritual sensitivity, In actuality, we need both. A healthy balance in life allows for a Chronos structure, in which the kairos movements can be fulfilled. Life is not about sitting around waiting for the perfect moment, but listening with a sensitive and obedient ear and having the willingness to respond with a heart that pursues the passions of God at every moment.


Dove, Hand, Trust, God, Pray, Prayer

My world for the last few days has been at the mercy of other people. Being a driver, I deal with different people and their job functions. A word altercation with a security guard has banned me from a location I deliver to. This was 3 weeks ago and disrupted my weekly schedule. Instead of being home on Friday, I got home Saturday afternoon. I normally leave on Monday for my 1st weekly delivery, but this week I finish my load on Monday and leave on Tuesday. This costs me money. I like my schedule, I like my money. I don’t like either of these being altered.

Teamwork, Team, Construction, Building

How many of you have had your life disrupted by outside forces? In my case, it was the 20-year-old security guard who was wrong, by not knowing her job. Even her supervisor came down and saw that I was in the right place with the right PO number. She complained higher up the ladder which escalated way out of control. Now my boss and customer we deliver for are trying to have me reinstated. This takes time. What I learned is sometimes it’s better to say nothing and ask for help higher up at the start.

Consulting, Training, Learn, Finger

Being online marketers, gives us a lot more power in dealing with people. If I don’t like working with someone, I don’t have to. Here are some tips dealing with the trouble makers, whiners and complainers.

Do not react– The best reaction towards a troublemaker is no reaction at all. When they realize that no one is paying attention to them, the trouble-making may stop. However, even if the troublemaker turns more aggressive, you don’t have to react to his actions. Stay calm and don’t give any emotional responses as you will only end up fueling his/ her negative energy.

How to deal with whiners-Whiners are another category of troublemakers. We all whine and complain a little about some things in life. However, if the whining goes beyond a certain limit, it can become unbearable and leave you emotionally drained.

 Be compassionate– Don’t try to be sarcastic or give any solution to their problems; all they need is a little empathy and someone to listen to their woes. Even if they are complaining about things which seem trivial to you, remember that for them it might be a huge problem. You need to be very patient through all this as it may take some time for the whining to stop or even reduce.

Know what not to say-Cheering up whiners does not work at all, so refrain yourself from saying things like Cheer up, Time heals all wounds. Also, don’t ever think of suggesting solutions to his/her problems; the whiner is not asking for a solution.

Here is the best thing you can do. Be polite and wait. In my case, I should have used these techniques, but being a hot-head got me into playing a game their way. Yes, I’m talking to myself. I need to hear this as much as anyone. My wife is always telling me to learn from my mistakes. I will definitely take her up on this. Thank you, sweetie.

Team, Problem, Solution, Analysis

My mentor Janet, deals with people very politely. She is the word decorum. Business with Janet and the CLB Learning team, makes life a whole lot smoother for this kid.

MSF 500 is another learning structure. Rob, my coach has a different approach. He is a straight shooter. Let’s people know the rules upfront. Follow the rules, or out you go. Rob also has integrity, willing to listen, make recommendations and set you on the right path.

Jon Olson and Blain Jones from –Click Track Profit, Are great teachers. Their video section brings all aspects of the business to life. I have been challenged by Blain. He helped me see things from a different view. It was great.

I hope you get a lot from this, as I know, I did writing it. Taking time to really see those around you, will bring you a sense of PEACE. Stay the course, work your business and let’s travel the WORLD.


The Table Is Set from Tammy House, come on by.


Follow the yellow brick road to Michael the Traveling Truckers adventure. Most of the time what we see is surface. People don’t want you to see who they really are. They stand behind the curtain, making noise, hoping no one looks. Being in business can sound scary, but with the right help, it’s amazing. Being real is important when building your brand. We don’t have to show everything about us but BE REAL, HONEST AND SINCERE. When You build your business correctly, it will look like paradise. I love the people I’m in business with. They are fun-loving, creative, life-giving, people who have a zest for life.


The people I meet on a daily basis, see an upbeat, energetic, praise talking, gum chewing, trucker. I try my best to treat people with respect. I have a love for people today. I go out of my way to embrace who people are. I share my business opportunity with everyone. There are so many DIAMONDS in the ruff, I keep an eye out for the one, two or ten, who want to build a fortune. By asking questions, you can see where people are in their online marketing.

123 Let's Go Imaginary Text

I know this sounds off but I ask if they have a laptop computer or desktop? How much would they spend on a done for your system? Do they have a monthly budget? How much time per day, do they want to spend building their business? Can you follow the easy step by step instructions? Have You Ever had a mentor? Ask your prospect if they know how affiliate marketing works? I let them know it’s free to join my business. You will only get so far for free. People who are really looking have money to spend, so don’t feel bad when people tell you they don’t have money. We are in business to make money. If people don’t upgrade, PRODUCT OR SERVICE, no money is made.

Bitcoins and U.s Dollar Bills

I let them know, your 1st step is to sign up for your free account. Confirm your email from an email we send you. I have a free downloadable quick step guide, so I let people know to click the link for that too. I guide them to the downline builder. For most people, these are simple steps to complete. If they should need help, they can contact me anytime. I was taught to encourage people as I am being encouraged. Recommend books to read, solo ads to place for best results, coop sharing for great leads. People helping people to SUCCEED. We have several different options to choose from, so pick the one that fits your finances.

Help Is On The WAY


Greetings and Salutations. Michael The Traveling Trucker. I was reading about being a slave. WOW, was my reaction. I’m still a slave in some areas of my life.


Handcuffs, Prisoners, Woman, Female

Let me ask you, READER, does this still sound like you too? Slaves are people who do what they are told (JOB). They are not free to live life with privileges, to walk in terms of authority or even to express their opinions. They sometimes have cruel masters, and live in fear and bondage. You may not be physically chained to your desks, but what about your mind, will and emotions?

Freedom, Keep, Presentation, Present

Why are you looking to escape this nightmare? I was on this road not long ago. I was looking for a way to free myself from the RAT RACE. Home to work, work to home, home to work, work to home, digging that rut deeper and deeper every day. Always taking the same way to work and home. You get up and go to bed pretty much the same, day in and day out. So, HOW DO I BREAK THE CYCLE? Glad you asked, READER. Having your own business, while not building it all by yourself. For me and maybe for you, the answer is CONTACT LIST BUILDER. This is a complete system. Most of it is done for you. What you do will be the icing on the cake. We have the best support system-Telegraph Room- where you can get all your questions answered. Did I say VIDEOS- yes, FREE training?

Checker, Flag, Race, Checkered Flag

We want you to win. To ease your mind on money, family, vacations, cars, homes, and my personal favorite- BEING DEBT FREE. For me, that means, no mortgage, car payments, credit card payments. I believe most of AMERICA lives on how much the payments are, to see if we can afford it. PICTURE THIS IN YOUR MIND- Waking up when your eyes open, not by ALARM. Walking to your business office in your most comfy clothes. Taking a vacation whenever you want without thinking-PRICE. Really driving the car you want. Helping out family because you can. Helping out neighbors, friends, your church.

Together, Helping​ Each Other, Winning

IMAGINE, working with YOUR team. Everyone helping everyone to succeed. Having a mentor guide you until YOU become a mentor. Reaching outside the box to do things YOU have never done before. I hated the phone calls. It was scary and I really can’t tell you why. People weren’t saying no to me, but to themselves. I just move on to those who want it. It has been retraining my mind, doing training exercises every day. Reading, positive talk to myself. I really have become my best encourager. Now, I love the encouragement from others, but if it’s not there, be YOUR own cheerleader.

Brush, Color, Colorful, Painting, Red

Are you into sports? Fishing? Golfing? Tennis? Spas? Shopping? What is your DREAM? You can paint YOUR own picture. Make it a masterpiece. We have many tools to expand your business. I use these on a daily basis, TL2Ivm, CTP.

Campfire, Stock, Outdoor, Pot, Fireplace

What do you say, we go camping? Rowboat on the lake. Sitting and enjoying nature. Yes, a little quiet time to reflect. Many people expect a lot from us, it’s time for YOU, to take care of YOU. The ARMY has a saying'” Be All You Can Be”.

SO, What Do You Want To Do? I’m a phone call , email or text away. It’s up to YOU. Go ahead and take the 1st step- sign up at Contact List Builder. I’ll be waiting with anticipation to WELCOME YOU.


One of my best friends wants to share the love of food.

Come by and say hello to Tammy House.

Consider Carefully How You Listen

What did you say, I wasn’t listening. How many times have you heard this? Hello everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker.


Man in Red Polo Shirt Sitting Near Chalkboard

Anytime you feel you are not learning from what you are listening to, you should check your attitude, especially in the area of PRIDE. Sometimes, we think we have all the answers and stop listening. We miss simple things from that point on. One of the things I do is have an open mind. I have made people mad because I wasn’t listening. I know better than you anyway. BOY was that sad on my part. My Business Tip Is, Give CLB a careful look. I know you will see all the benefits as I did. There is LIVE TRAINING every Thursday at noon EST. As we train ourselves, we set bigger and bigger goals. I am working on 100 referrals, my first commission, creating more videos, reaching 200 blog posts.

Meditation, Spiritual, Yoga, Meditating

One of the things I do now is asking a lot of questions. It helps me to focus on what’s important. Please believe when I say, there is no such thing as a dumb question, except the one you don’t ask. You may think you have poor memory, but the truth is you have millions of ideas, truths, facts at your fingertips. Your memory is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it will become. I have found out that meditation benefits me throughout the day. This is part of my daily routine, I have my mentor’s videos to watch, motivation videos to inspire me. We need to learn from each other. I have found that everyone has something I can use, whether big or small. What can you you share with me?

Black Video Camera

My mentor and Coach Janet Legere has an active YouTube channel. You can learn great training from there. How to set up CLB Learning, Strategies for Follow Up, Udimi solo ads, How to record a Landing Page, CLB quick start funnel is just a few. ARE YOU LISTENING? All the training is FREE. This is where a little hard work will set you up for life. Easy at first, hard at the end, or Hard at first, easy at the end. Discover What True Freedom Means With 24 Hour Access To Janet Legere’s CLBSystem & Team.

Mug, Quotes, Text, Phrase, Word

My new motto is, TODAY I WILL SHINE. BE HAPPY. BE BRIGHT. BE YOU. Find a person who already has what you are looking to accomplish, and copy exactly what they have done. You can always put your spin on it to make it your own. Following the CLB training, has set my feet on a path of success, learning, training, teaching that will fill my soul with excitement for the rest of my days. COME JOIN US NOW. GO AHEAD AND MAKE THE DECISION. I will meet you , greet you and lead the way. ARE YOU READY? LET’S GO.

Motivation, Inspirational, Advice
Chalkboard, Quote

Within the CLB system, will will find MOUNTAINS OF WISDOM. Tools for everything you will do. I use TL2Ivm as a part of coop advertising. CTP for additional training.

Think Outside The Box

Now for food and fun, check out Tammy House