Bigger Dreams Available

Action makes DREAMS COME TRUE.

I hear you say you have big dreams, That’s great. Come in and sit down. Let’s discuss how to get bigger dreams.


George Bernard Shaw wrote,” You see things and you say, “WHY?” But I dream things that never were, and I say,”WHY NOT?’.

You must write down your dream/ goals., without them they are only thoughts. When you write them down you begin to take ACTION. Action is key to making your dreams come true.

Remember your 1st job so you could buy a car? Man, that was awesome when you paid cash and drove it home.

Have you met people like this, who are told ” This won’t work” or” That cannot be done.” Their responce is to get busy and do that impossible thing. It’s exciting to be around people like this.

The creativity seems to flow from them and encompass all who are around them. Energy, joy, positivity and success come with that kind of drive, too.

Let me ask, have you wanted to try something new but someone from or in your world poured cold water all over your dream? I say to you,” DON’T LET THEM”. Have you stopped to consider you have that yearning for a reason.

When that dream is planted in your heart, God will help you accomplish it, even if there are problems along the way. Tell yourself you have have the courage to try and succeed. When you tell yourself this , you never know what will happen next.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up their dreams and quit just before success arrives. PLEASE don’t let this happen to you. Stick to it and watch it happen for you.

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