Traveler, Guest, Or Family

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure: WHO ARE YOU? In your world that you travel through, what is your status?

How do you relate to those around you?

Are you the traveler that comes in from time to time to impart wisdom or cause havoc?

I love this couple, Daughter and Son in law. They live 3 hours from us so they are travelers and family that impart wisdom.

Are you the Guest that is on best behavior, helps out, and brings joy to those you interact with or want to be waited on hand and foot?

Are you Family, who is there through the good times and the bad. You can be counted on, willing to help, guide and pray with your family members or are you the long gone, no where to be found member?

Yes That’s me with my cooking vest on. I love cooking.

I love to ask these kinds of questions. In my travels as a trucker, I have had the opportunity to meet and greet a large number of people. Listening to their stories has been life-changing, as I internalize what is the true meaning of life. The more I invest in people, the greater the reward. My heart is filled with compassion, grace, forgiveness, love, respect, honor. I have met families that are always together, enjoying life together. They laugh, cry, love, and share all they have with each other.

My Sweet Bride Of 34 Years

I have also met families, who are not close. They argue and fight. Cuss each other, and sometimes violent acts break out. I cry when I meet these people. I can relate, As my family was not close growing up. There was violence from time to time. I have had to really work on not being that family member with my family now. I want to love and respect them. My life really changed when I give my life to GOD. Over the years, God has shown me, talked with me through people and His word, how to relate to people. I want to be a lover of people.


Regardless of how we remember our childhood, we have a choice of how we’ll remember our adulthood. Better yet, since we are creating our adulthood as we go, we can make it so that we will not be ashamed of anything we’ve said or done. Think about it; the past cannot tell us what we’re capable of because what we’re capable of is yet to be seen. What we’re capable of is our capacity to grow. So when I ask you, what are you capable of, and you look to your past, you’ve completely limited your growth capacity, your capability of your future.

My prayer for those reading this: May you give your life to God if you have never done so. May you grow toward being a positive model for others to see. Remember you can choose whatever you want, so choose wisely. I love you, I believe in you. Your time is now. Please don’t waste it.

Be All You Can Be

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Glimmer Of Light

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Believing without seeing all the facts. In my life, I have acted many times to situations without having or seeing all the facts. Some good and some not so good. The decisions we make determine what the outcome will be. If you don’t have all the facts, disaster can crash around you. It’s OK to believe without seeing. JESUS said,” Blessed are those who believe but have not seen. Sometimes believing in our spirit, that the outcome for us is right even though all the facts are not present. It was this way for me in business. I knew it was right for me, even though not all the facts ( information) about this business were present that I could see. I had to dig deep within the model of the business to find the wisdom to help me make the right decision. Touching people’s lives through positive words.


Ship, Shipwreck, Adventure, Setting

Do we feel like the ship tossed to and fro on the ocean of life? There is GREAT NEWS. SHARING. It should become a philosophy. Your inner thoughts bursting out. What have you learned so far? Have you read THE BIBLE, THINK AND GROW RICH, RICH DAD POOR DAD, THE POWER OF POSITIVE, WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE…. All these books have a philosophy, you should use on a daily basis. Positive outlook in the morning-I am, The Hero Of My Own Life. The More you give away, the more of you goes out into the UNIVERSE.

Happy multiethnic friends sitting in park

It’s the small daily habits that produce the biggest effects. I am sharing what I have daily or almost daily through this blog. My thoughts and feelings reach people I have never met. I know I made an investment in someone’s future. I know my words touch the hearts of men and women around the world. The Universe is calling out to us-WHAT CAN YOU SHARE TODAY?

Photo of a Sign and Eyeglasses on Table

Look Deep Within You NOW. What Do You See? I See A Friend, A New Mentor, Business Person, Author, Encourager, Speaker, World Traveler, Present Giver, Lover…The List is endless.

Repeat after me: Today I choose to be positive. I choose to live life on MY terms. Today I will make small investments into the lives of those around me. Today I choose to give pieces of me away. I am a WINNER. Today I will do great things.

Self, believe with all your HEART, because you are so worth it.

So Today I Leave You With This:

Except this gift with LOVE. Share It with someone else.
Be A Person Of Honor



Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: Take care so you don’t have to erase everything. Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled device, has an interesting feature: it can erase everything you say. Whatever you’ve asked Alexa to do, whatever information you’ve asked Alexa to retrieve, one simple sentence(“Delete everything I said today”). Sweeps it all clean, as if it never happened. It’s to bad that the rest of our life doesn’t have this capability. Every misspoken word, every disgraceful act, every moment we wish we could erase-we’d just speak the command, and the entire mess would disappear. We all know from our own experiences that this will not happen.


Memory, Loss, Erase, Alzheimer, Brain


How to Respect Yourself and Others: What exactly is respect? It’s the sense of worth or personal value that you attach to someone. Respect is an overall evaluation you give someone based on many factors – what that person is doing with their life, how they treat you and others, whether they are honest or not and if they seem to consistently do good things, large or small, for other people. In short, respect is a positive view that you form of how someone is living their life. On the other hand, self-respect is your view of how you’re living your life.

Respecting yourself means giving and defining your own worth and value as a human being. Think about this: if you do not respect yourself, it will be more difficult for you to respect anyone else. So it all begins with self-respect. You must be honest with yourself and with others. In order to be your best, you must feel your best. Part of learning self-respect involves respecting the beliefs of others. This next one is vital-  Knowing and exercising good manners and proper conduct will make you feel good about yourself, and, in return, others will respect you for your good manners and proper conduct.

Handshake, Regard, Cooperate, Connect

One of the best ways to show respect for someone is to truly listen to another’s point of view. Obviously, we’ll not always agree with one another on every topic (and you should never adopt a point of view with which you do not agree), but we should allow each other to have and express our own views – regardless of whether we agree with them or not. Keep this in mind: you owe everyone a basic level of respect for being a fellow human being, but your level of respect for others will vary from person to person. Just like your self-respect will grow as you master the ideals discussed above, your level of respect for others will vary depending upon your view of them and their own self-respect. 

As I grow older, I find that I really enjoy people and the differences we have. I love to invite people over for a meal. Just a relaxed atmosphere. We can talk easily about any subject. We recently had people over to the house -ages 20 to 70. It was so interesting to hear the views of what going on in the world and how they handle the situations. No one got mad, no one raised their voice. We mostly laughed and truly enjoyed each other.

In business, we need all the above. Business should be fun, educational, and giving. Contact List Builder and TrafficLeads2Incomevm, are two of the most respectful businesses. Two different styles of personality, but common in many areas of teaching, coaching, and mentoring

Respect Everyone And You Get Respect In Return

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is Chests of GOLD. We all like to find treasures. Antiques, furniture, rare books, records, fine china, guns, and knives, coins…… You get the point.


Treasure Chest, Chest, Jewellery, Open

In business there are hidden treasures in plain site that most miss. In my opinion, people are looking for the wrong type of business model. The get rich quick is my laughable favorite, as I was this type of person. When a mentor showed me it takes the right system, hard work-(showing up daily), having goals mapped out in small increments, good advertising, you will find success when you go through the numbers of people to find and help THE RIGHT ONES.


Human, People, Person, Symbol, Abstract

This brings me to today’s topic-Hidden Treasures: MASSIVE MARKETING SUCCESS. Rob Gehring has put a lot of effort into MMS or MSF500-Massive Success Funnel. Where else can you earn $600.00 commissions on a system that doesn’t cost 10k or better? He has provided, One on one coaching and mentoring on how to lead and coach a team to earn 4-5 figures monthly.

Software Development, Guest Post

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Daily motivation and inspiration

– We assist in closing your sales in our voice conference room.

I am thankful today, I was introduced to this system. I saw the hidden treasure and took advantage of the system. I believe in what the system is and has to offer. Rob is helping 100’s of others to create a team. Where are you today in your financial future? What plan do you have for LAPTOP Lifestyle? RETIREMENT? Consider joining us today and creating your success story.

We are all in the business to succeed. We will help you every step of the way.



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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is GAINING MOMENTUM. You walk out to your vehicle, open the driver’s door. Slide into the driver’s seat. Put the key in the ignition. Start it up. Put in reverse, and nothing happens. You just sit in the driveway. Oh, yea, release the parking brake. The vehicle begins to slowly back down the drive. At the bottom, you put in drive, press on the accelerator getting momentum.



In YOUR business, what is your parking brake? What is keeping you from moving forward? You have the VEHICLE, for me, it’s CONTACT LIST BUILDER. You have the key, THE SYSTEM. You have the road map-3 step quick guide. Your GPS is running-Advertisement. So what is holding you back, that dang parking brake? OH, I know what it was for me, CP-Cell Phone. Contacting people was the parking brake. I see for a lot of marketers who are still not using the phone as a valuable resource. It should be your best friend not holding you back.

Blogger, Cellphone, Office, Business

It takes daily practice using your phone. I know how hard it can be, trust me. Butterfly’s flip-flopping, hands shaking, mouth dry, forget what to say. That’s why we have the SCRIPT. It was designed with you in mind. Takes all the guesswork out of it. It’s ok to have these feelings, just don’t KEEP THEM.

REPEAT AFTER ME: I will master the phone. Each call gets easier. I am A People phone magnet. People enjoy talking to me. I am a professional and sound professional. This is not a life-threatening event. The PHONE IS MY FRIEND.


Momentum can be defined as “mass in motion.” All objects have mass; so if an object is moving, then it has momentum – it has its mass in motion. The amount of momentum that an object has is dependent upon two variables: how much stuff is moving and how fast the stuff is moving. For everyone out there–MOVE YOUR STUFF. Every day you have the greatest opportunity to help people create a lifestyle. They need what you have. They are looking for what you have, so RELEASE THE PARKING BRAKE. MOMENTUM IS VITAL. MOVE ON, NEXT.

Go Go Gadget

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is MEMORIES. Just for TODAY – Focus On The Positive Memories.

I really love this Picture of my oldest daughter Victoria( tori) Lipsey on her wedding day. We all have the fondest of memories we can share. What is one of your fondest Memories you can share?

Seeing cool things as we stride along the pathway of life. Being on the road I have seen an assortment of things from every state I have driven through. I get out and walk, just to see what adventure picture I can come across.

This is for all our Trekkies out there. Live Long And Prosper. As Mork from Ork would say, Nanu Nanu. Do you have a favorite song, painting, record album, dress, shirt, chair on the porch, grandchild story? Whatever it is, meditate for a while. Then think about where your next memory could take you. What vehicle do you have in place that will get you to your next destination? Not just a car, but money?

Do you have the income that lets you do what you want when you want? Are you part of the vacation of the month club? Taking your laptop with you, you could earn income from anywhere while vacationing.

I love to travel. It has been part of me since a small child. I remember living in Japan for two years, I spent a year in Germany in the military on their dime, getting to see this beautiful country. I spent 14 days in Ukraine, spreading the gospel to churches, schools, and hospitals. My family and I went on a five-day cruise to Grand Caymen Islands and Cozumel Mexico. I say this, to show what can be done with a little effort in creating an online business. My travels are only going to get better, BELIEVE ME.

My point is always this: we have so many choices, we can do whatever we set our minds to. I offer you your choice NOW. Come join us at CONTACT LIST BUILDERS and MASSIVE MARKETING SUCCESS. Both of these businesses are changing the lives of thousands of men and women around the world. They provide a step by step instruction, done for you system. We have a telegraph room ( private) where all your questions can be answered.

HOLA MUCHACHOS Whatever your desire is…. GO FOR IT.



Man touching a customer attraction concept. On a touch screen with his finger stock photo


Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is ATTRACTION. What does the Law Of Attraction mean? Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.


The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be. My action today is Contact List builders and Massive Marketing Success.

The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Very few people are fully aware of how much of an impact the Law of Attraction has on their day to day life. Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have put out.


Creative visualization is a cornerstone of using the Law of Attraction, and meditative exercises are part of this process. For example, you are encouraged to spend 10-15 minutes a day on building an increasingly detailed image of the life you want to develop. However, visualization actually extends far beyond these mental pictures and can be practiced in concrete ways every day. Law of Attraction Affirmations can take the form of internal thoughts or spoken words, but they can also be represented visually. Regardless of how you choose to use them, you can design them to reflect your vision of how you want your life to change. For example, many people have great success speaking affirming words into the mirror before going to work, or stating “today is going to be a great day” to infuse themselves with positivity upon waking. When used frequently enough, affirmations can enhance your use of the Law of Attraction by helping to reshape the core beliefs and assumptions that may be holding you back. They promote consistency, optimism, and intense focus on the future you want to create.

Time to reap what you sow. Repeat after me: I will Attract the right people with money into my business. I will attract positive people into my business. I will attract other Entrepreneurs, with a vision into my business. I will see my business growing daily. I will be the leader I’m meant to be. The Universe, it speaks to me, It tells me I can have whatever I set my mind on.

Man In Suit Jacket Standing Beside Projector Screen

Every day I will envision my goals and dreams. I will spend at least 15 minutes each day, speaking words of affirmation to MYSELF. I am worth billions and money comes to me easily. People enjoy being around me and sharing growth ideas. My life is moving toward my goals and dreams and I WILL NEVER STOP.


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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is near and dear to my heart. DREAMING THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.


Reach for the and Blue Moon Neon Signages

You are created to DREAM. I mean impossible DREAMS. You have within you the makings of a GIANT DREAMER. Repeat after me: I am a DREAMER. I love to DREAM. The pictures within me are GIANT DREAMER pictures. I take action to make my DREAMS come true. I will never stop DREAMING. I will pursue my DREAMS, no matter how long they take. I love it when people call me a DREAMER. DREAMING comes naturally to me. People watch out, here comes the BIGGEST DREAMER EVER.

And now a word from our sponsor. N E S T L E S, nestles makes the very best_________. My bologna has a first name_________.

See you are a DREAMER. DREAMING keeps you alive and vibrant. Makes you grasp each day with gusto, living it to the fullest.

Dexter and Birdie Yager

The couple here is Dexter and Birdie Yeager. They built a Billion Dollar Amway business by selling the dream. If you liked houses, they took you to see houses. If boats, you went to see boats. Together they were masters at getting people to visualize their dreams until it became a reality. I was personally involved, in this couples group through one of their Diamonds Jerry and Peggy Boggus.

I remember the Rallies where This couple blasted out the DREAM. I believe I have such big DREAMS now, as part of this couple’s influence. Today I want to introduce you to your DREAM. What do you really DREAM about? Quitting your 9-5 job, taking the vacation of the year, sending your children to private school. Whatever it is, YOU can and WILL have these things. I believe in you. I love YOUR spirit, I see YOUR passion. Let’s build a future, that generations will talk about.

Students, Board, Drawing, Learn, Start

For the DREAMERS of food: my good friend Tammy House, Pampered Chef, Is building a dream. She loves helping people and help them to dream about business around food and stone cookware products. Her passion for food and the many dishes you can create is driving her business. The products are the best stoneware on the market. Because I love to cook, I have gotten many a recipe from her site.

Today I have two Dream HEROES. Contact List Builders. Don and Janet Legere are one HERO couple. They have personally helps thousands of people visualize their dreams. They have mastered the art of seeing people where they could be and helped them get there. When talking to Janet, she always encourages, to take the next step, pursue that DREAM. She is always telling me, IT WILL HAPPEN, just continue to show up daily with daily action steps. Set your goals and don’t back down or let anyone steal my DREAM.

My next HERO is Massive Marketing Success, Rob Gehring. Rob has a heart for people. He is always around lending a hand, guiding, and directing people to the DREAM. Rob has built his business around Dreaming people. Rob goes all out on his weekly webinar, Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST. He loves coaching people, seeing others accomplish their goals, and DREAMS. We all benefit from the love these people show us, teach us, guide us, and sometimes drive us from our comfort ZONES.



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Being Proactive With Customers

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s Adventure Is CUSTOMERS. In business, we all want and need people. We need them to see us, interact with us, express their views, and buy our products or services.


Workplace, Team, Business Meeting


As a small business owner, your sales process starts the minute a prospective customer first makes contact with you. But you might not always get the sale on the first try. And if a purchase is made, you also want to ensure that you get repeat business from each customer.

That’s why your small business needs a salient customer follow up plan. Following up with customers is just as important as convincing them to purchase your products and services.

Communicate: Be pleasant when talking and answer their questions. Be direct and to the point. Your answers should be logical, but not overly technical. If you do not have the information on hand, then inform them that you will call back promptly.


In a business follow up, it is important to stand by your word. This will indicate that you have taken the matter seriously.

When reaching out to customers, consider avoiding yes or no questions and instead ask open-ended questions to get the best insight about their experiences. The more you know, the easier it will be to adapt to future transactions. 

Social Media, Digitization, Faces, Board

Make sure not to allow too much time to pass between a sale and a follow-up, as the quicker you spark communication, the more likely the person is to have a favorable opinion about your company. Also, if a customer has reached out to your company directly, try to make an effort to respond within 24 hours. This proves your dedication. 

Don’t forget: Say ‘Thank You’. These simple words are very important and can’t be overused.  The flow of your inquiry about their experience is the heart of your business. People really love to know you care. Even if it seems that people aren’t interested, they really are. People want a good response from us. We gently lead them where they need to go.

Take Action

Follow-up doesn’t happen by accident. I encourage you think through your own follow-up process:

  • What are situations where follow-up is appropriate?
  • When should you follow up with your customers?
  • How can you ensure follow-up happens?

I trust you know what you are best within the follow-up process: e-mail, text, or phone. Use ALL these. The ones you lack in, work on the most ( which for most is the PHONE). Before you start any conversion, make sure you have done your research and proceed with CARE. Be calm, relax, and be professional. Make the experience pleasant for BOTH of you. Ok, TAKE A DEEP BREATH. LET OUT SLOWLY. CALM, CALM, CALM……..

CLBLearning massivesuccess, ctp


Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is: “The POWER Of IMPACT”

A father asks his 1o-year-old son to get a 1/2 socket. Now climb up onto this stool. See this bolt, take the socket and place it over the bolt. Gently push the handle forward. That’s good. Now pull the handle back toward you. Feel the resistance, now put pressure pulling back to loosen the bolt. You can do it. The bolt begins to loosen. The smile on his son’s face says it all. Great job. Now take the bolt completely out. Ok, see this bolt, do the same. The father just watches as the son finishes the task. Because of the impact of a father’s love, a 10-year-old became a mechanic in his heart.


Everything around us has an IMPACT on our lives. Positive or negative. When we see a good movie, hear a great song, read a motivational book…… Yes, the list goes on and on. Being polite, when others are mean. Helping out an elderly neighbor with yard work. Being an encourager with everyone just because you choose to. IMPACT, IMPACT, IMPACT…….

In our business, we have an impact on how steps are taken. I remember Rob showing me how to change my splash page with my photo. The scripts we speak to future members. Following instructions to download a video, making a phone call, writing your 1st blog. We see the makers and shakers per se, helping us to understand cryptocurrency, making money with a product or service.


Business, Currency, Finance, Dollar


Fear can also have an IMPACT on things. My friend and former Pastor-Scott Reece wrote a book: Thirty-one Days Of Peace. On day fifteen, he wrote that once you give in to fear, the effects of it are paralyzing. It will affect you, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and can lead to instability, unhappiness, and discontentment. Fear will drain you of your spiritual life and sap you of vision, perspective, and confidence. Fear will separate you from everything.

Who Is making the biggest impact on your life? Family, friend, co-worker, Pastor, a lady at the bank….. Folks whether you believe it or not, impact molds us, make us strong or weak, make us laugh, or cry. What we must choose carefully is what do we want to IMPACT us?

Literature, Book Bindings, Page, Book

I love the people who impact my daily life. Regina, my sweet bride. Janet Legere, CLBLearning, Rob Gehring, massivesuccess. Other bloggers, business mentors, friends, my trucker buddies… I never want to forget, The biggest IMPACT is GOD. My relationship today is one of honor, agape love, mercy, forgiveness and holiness.


Do you want some great IMPACT in your life? Check out :clblearning, massivesuccess, CTP