Funnels- Why Use Them

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. What a topic to cover. The FUNNEL. How to use them and why you use them. How to create them, how to advertise them, and get the best results possible.


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A funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they can reach the conversion. Maybe you want them to make a purchase, sign up, or fill out a form. When someone does something you want them to do, it’s known as a conversion. The visitor converts from browsing to taking the action you want them to take.

Why is the set of steps to conversion called a “funnel”? Because at the beginning of the process, there are a lot of people who take the first step. Then, as the people continue along and take the next steps, some of them drop out, and the size of the crowd thins or narrows.

The top of the funnel is where everyone goes in. They see your lead capture page and fill out the form. The ones interested go on to the next step. They end up on your Thank You page. You need a new audience to have eyes on your funnel, daily. Keep track of how people move through your funnel. You aren’t limited to using your funnel strictly for signing up and/or purchasing. You can put funnels all over your website to see how visitors move through a specific website flow. Figure out what your goals are and what you want visitors to do on your site, and you can create a funnel for it. Once you have the data, you’ll be able to see where roadblocks are and optimize your funnel.

A lot of marketers offer freebies- a news letter- 3 day mastermind webinar- Ebook, or a host of other information one might be interested in.


How to use your Network Marketing Funnel-Okay… this is the question that lots of people have. “I’ve got a funnel, but how do I get it out there and how do I use it?” Well, from now on, anytime you do a social media post or you do any videos on YouTube, Facebook lives, Instagram lives, whatever it is, your call to action should not be for people to go buy your stuff. It should always be, “Hey, if you’re interested in knowing what the ebook offers, go to this link and put your name and email and you’ll immediately get the ebook for free.”

You’re going to be promoting your your free value that you’re dedicated to bringing to the marketplace before trying to sell stuff.

Your sales will come as a result and they’re going to be on the back end inside of your funnel. When you’re out on social media you’re now giving value and your leading people into your funnel and you’re using your funnel as your call to action.

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