Hello Everyone, This is your gear jamming, CB talking, Load moving, Michael The Traveling Trucker. What a joy it has been to build my online business. I say thank you to a number of people Janet, Blain, Jon, Rob, and all the members from all these groups, who comment on my blogs. These folks have guided me to expand my horizon, challenged me to learn, encouraged me to show up daily. All these people are instructing me on their tricks of the trade.

I’m learning about building a resource page. It was said “K.I.S.S”. Kept It Simple Silly. I have had to visit other sites to determine what to put on my resource page to make it look right, plus putting links to each picture. For some, this is childs play. I like it but a little slow getting it done.

I was asked if I checked my CTRs and ROIs on my advertising. I said the money was a little tight for the purchase of a solo ad. I would have to do some side work. Today I went to Hits Connect and the results weren’t that good. I will have to adjust how I’m doing my rotators and campaigns. At this point, I haven’t got a good grasp on keeping up with CTR and ROI’s.

Solo ads are fun. Looking at all the sellers at Udimi. I was taught early what to look for and to whom to stay away from.

From Eliana over at CTP:

Staying the course, from driving to the internet definitely has it’s challenges. I have to make myself get things done, when the opportunity presents it’s self.

Be grateful For What You Have

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  1. Every day is a new learning experience here online, we become constant students as there is always something new to learn, even after 21 years! Your leadership is shining again!

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