How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Welcome Everyone. This is your HOST, Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Do you have a daily plan to start your day? Do you have a set routine, you follow each day? Do you set a certain amount of time for phone calls?

How much time for emails, follow ups and mentoring your people?

How you start your day will help or hinder you all through out the day.

Successful people, Millionaires, Billionaires have a strict code for their day. They set blocks of time for phone calls. They only do this one activity for that block of time.

They move on to the next activity, emails. Then go down the list, until they finish what they set out to do.


Goal Setting, Goal, Dart, Target

Do you set goals? Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Do you have a 5-year plan, 10-year plan? Do you do income-producing activities or just busywork?

The 1st thing is to set up your funnel. Do you know how to set up your lead capture page for your funnel? We can show you. Click Here, Then advertise, finally, follow up and follow through.

Checklist, Goals, Box, Notebook, Pen

This is my recommendation: Follow up, Stay positive, and Talk To The Right People. Make sure you ask qualifying questions, How much money on a monthly basis, do you want to earn? What would that amount do to your lifestyle? What type of budget do YOU have?

If people don’t have a budget or a small budget, it will be much harder to achieve the success they want. You can do it on a small budget, just plan it out in every detail, so you will begin to get the results you are looking for.

If people don’t have a budget or unwilling to get a budget- I know this sounds harsh, but move on. These people will drain your time and energy.


Smart Goal setting. Wood letter of Smart word with hand writing definition for smart goal setting concept stock photo

Being a Coach and Mentor, it is our responsibility to guide, make sound recommendations, show by example, share what we know. Leaders-lead, Coaches-coach, Directors-direct. Teacher-teach. Become a gifted Mentor by improving on YOUR daily activities. What you do daily, is what you teach.

Be The Best You Can Be TODAY

4 thoughts on “How To Set Yourself Up For Success”

  1. Talk to the right people and be prepared to move on, such sound advice. Be aware of who you spend your time with and how! And above all, set time aside for yourself, your family, your fun! If you’re like me, fun happens 24/7. Love what you do and you’ll soon be doing what you love!

    1. I am so inspired watching and learning from you and Rob and the guys at CTP.
      I know that the more I contact people interact with them continue my blogging the money will come.
      Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

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