I love you, I encourage you, I respect you, I challenge you. I don’t understand you. This is your favorite freight relocation engineer, Michael The Traveling Trucker.


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You’re sitting at home, in front of your computer. You have reached a point where you want to earn some additional income. You would love some relief from the bills and not having enough of the daily things in life. You have penny pitched enough. So begins your delve into internet marketing. You look around, not sure what you are looking for. You see an ad like this: So you click, the click here now button.

Then it takes you to the New Member Registration page. Some fill it out while others who are skeptical go right on by. Some forms ask for your name, email, and phone number. At the bottom of the form, it says, if you don’t want to leave a number, place the number 5 in the box. This is where I don’t understand, why do people put a fake number in? If you don’t want the call back place the number 5 in the box. We respect your privacy. As someone building a business, this gives me false hope. When I see a number, I call it, then you hear, this phone number is no longer in service, mailbox full can’t except any new messages, or my favorite error 57, which means no number exists.


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My best friends, coaches, teachers, and mentors do their very best each day to provide solutions to YOUR money problems, by offering you simple to follow, step by step instructions to help build YOUR marketing business. We are here for YOU, to help YOU, love YOU, encourage YOU. Point YOU in the right direction so you don’t get lost. I have over 100 referrals in two businesses I promote. I have called, texted, or emailed most of them. It’s sad to say most have never responded back. I keep advertising because I know persistence will pay off in the long term.


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I know I have not met the right person, at the right time with the right mindset to say- OK I LIKE WHAT I SEE-SHOW ME THE WAY. This is my main focus of being a coach and mentor. I have the knowledge you don’t have yet, so I get the privilege to instruct you as I was instructed by people who have been marketing for over 20 years online. When they started it was way harder than what it is now. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Be honest with us. We understand how hard it is, not having enough. We were in the same boat not that long ago.

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If you are looking for the next shiny thing keep looking. There are thousands to choose from, going from one sign up page to the next. If, I say IF, YOU are looking for a real money maker, let Michael The Traveling Trucker shift your outlook into high gear with a tried and tested business model that has been going strong for over 20 years. All you need to do is get back to me. Facebook/mikejlipsey, email me-

I want to leave you with this-” Procrastination is the assassination of motivation”. YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. COME JOIN US NOW

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  1. I love this post, it’s so important to recognize that some will, some won’t, some do and some don’t … so what? Our job as leaders is to present a safe place for people to grow their business. A safe place to learn and develop. Thank you for creating such a safe place, Michael!

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