When you see the word FREE- what comes to mind? Be honest, what’s the catch, right? Free sandwich with the purchase of chips and a drink. Free oil change after 4th oil change. Buy 3 tires get 4th free. See the pattern. Your free is costing you something, which does bring value to you.


People really love free stuff, do we use what we have to give our stuff away for free, or charge a small fee for what we have? Our business model here at CLB Learning is to have people sign up for a free account. Then we show the value of being an upgraded member. Experts Agree … Mentoring, Training, and Education is the Shortest Path to Success and Financial Freedom … Hands Down!
Discover Inside that Internet Marketing is Amazingly Easy When You Are Part of a Community Who Cares. There are businesses that give away free Ebooks to build their list and promote their offers. CLB was a rebrandable ebook to start.

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Your list is your main FOCUS. PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU CREATE THAT LIST. The biggest secret isn’t that you need a huge number of people on the list, but that you want a better conversion of subscribers to customers. You can do this by paying attention to how you are creating the list, how you are marketing it, and what is actually happening when you send out an offer. Here are some basic things you should know about a responsive mailing list.

Single opt-ins can be fooled. Learn how to use a double opt-in strategy to build a better list. Targeted demographics are better than niches. Demographics tell you the reasons why people buy, while niches just assume everyone on your list is interested. Automate what you can. Learning about the technologies and tools available can save you valuable time and increase your bottom line.

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People do have a price. It’s up to you to figure out what that price is. They may be willing to subscribe, for a free short report, enter a contest, or savings on a product they like. ORGANIC is better. Organic lists are generally more responsive than a list created by buying email addresses. You will want to focus on getting up close and personal with your prospective buyers, instead of just assuming that they want to buy your products because they signed up to your list. Here are some tools to think about. The Double opt-in list, Check open rates, Autoresponders, Services. You need to create teaser emails that will keep people interested in your product until it is complete or ready for release without giving away too much about the product. Come check out TL2Ivm for the best deals on earning commissions. $500.00 is a great way to start .

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Creating effective headlines and subject lines is really not all that difficult.
Studies show that emails with catchy headlines are far more likely to get
opened than those that do not. Research has shown that people have to see an
advertisement several times before they actually make the decision to buy.

Click Track Profit Offering special discounts to members at Click Track Profit can boost your profits by over 100x what they normally are! Specialty training specifically designed for you, the website owner. We want to help you increase your membership and sales!

People Matter, So Give Great Value

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