Wine, Dine and Good Friends

Out on the town with Michael The Traveling Trucker. Are you ready for great food, nice glass of wine and entertaining conversation?

I’m so glad to see you. Thanks for excepting the invite. Let’s enjoy.


Starters: Your choice of Pan Seared Scallops, Fresh Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters on the half shell, Maryland Style Lump Crab Cakes ,Grilled Hand Cut Nueske’s Bacon, or Carpaccio Of Beef tenderlion. Yummy to all.

For those hearing the call to salads: Little Gem Salad, Local Bibb Lettuce, Butternut Squash+ Burrata Salad, and for sharing Brussels Sprouts and Califlower.

May I order the wine? I know Steak and Seafood is on the menu. How about a excellent Pinot Noir for red drinkers or for white wine, an excellent Riesling.

Main Course in a minute. Let’s enjoy tasting the wine. You asked me if I started my own business. Yes I did and thanks for asking. My business is paying for this meal and I’m so excited that it’s going so well. Yes, I have worked long and hard but never a dull moment. So what do I do, Glad you asked. Click Here.

I see you love business and are ready to get started. I’m here for you. I know you have great contacts already. That’s awesome. It’s easy to start and easy to share.

What type of money are you looking for each month? Do you have a budget to fund your business? How much time do you have to devote to your business? Are you willing to follow easy instructions to get your business up and running?

We have a great team in place to answer all of your questions at every level.When you get back home, I’d love to introduce you to my mentor and coach. Is that exceptable?

Ok, ready for the main course? May I suggest several dishes for your pleasure. Roast Market Fish: shrimp, mussels, clams, scallop, lobster, fingerling potatoes, leeks, saffron broth, salmon roe.

Tagiatelle Bolognese: Blend of house-ground certified Angus Beef, san marzano tomato, basil, shaved garlic, ricotta.

Your choice of steaks: Master Purveyors 16oz Dry Aged Cab Prime Bone-In KC Strip– 20oz Ribeye–8oz filet Mignon–14 oz Prime NY Strip or my favorite Japanese A5 Wagyu 3,7, or 10oz. How about Duck Fat Poached Lobster Tail?

What a meal. Are you ready for expresso’s and deserts? Let me say, I have enjoyed your company immensely. I think we should have a meal a month club, what do you say? Same time next month. You get to pick the restaurant.

Have a blessed rest of your evening. Bye for now.

Food Friends and Fun Is The Ticket

2 thoughts on “Wine, Dine and Good Friends”

  1. I’m in Michael! What an excellent dinner and I myself am a wine Sri let do Cabernet next month.

    Great Post!

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