Tips to Grow Your Business Online

Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure takes us into the land of Growing ( your online business). This takes TIME, EFFORT, AND MONEY. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking instant success without these three. Mention of

Make it Easier for Users to Contact You. If you want your website to bring you more customers, then you need to add an easy way for visitors to contact you. The easiest way to do that is by using a contact form on your website.

Start Building an Email List from Day 1

Lead generation

The most cost-effective way to do this is by BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST. Email marketing is the most reliable way to communicate with your website visitors.

Leverage Social Media to Drive Traffic

Leverage social media to grow your business

Social media platforms have highly engaged audiences. Facebook alone has 1.47 Billion daily active users, that’s around 18% of all people in the world. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms also have highly engaged users.

Be an Active Participant in Online Communities

Online communities and forums

Online communities include forums and question-answer websites. These are the places people go to post their questions, socialize, find content, and explore. Top communities on the internet include Reddit, Stack Exchange, Quora, TripAdvisor, and more.

There are more avenues to follow, such as Start an Affiliate Partner Program, Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising.


Internet marketing helps your business in several ways, like by providing:

  1. Measurable ways to track the performance of different strategies and channels
  2. Actionable data for improving the performance of strategies, like an ad campaign
  3. Cost-effective avenues for earning leads and sales
  4. Low cost of entry for launching a strategy or channel
  5. Insightful user data to improve targeting and promotional effort
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Building A Future Is Fun, Hard Working and Exciting

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Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. I am learning what it means to be a giving person. This is a BIBLE passage from 1 Tim 6:18-Be Rich In Good Deeds, And (Be ) Generous And Willing To Share.

When I look at my Journey so far, There are numerous people who have poured out their generous spirit to me. Don and Janet Legere, Rob Gehring, Jon Olson and Blain Jones just to name a few. I get good feedback from people like Michael Camire, Elizabeta Ramsak, Gail Quantock, Kevin M,Lisa Gentile, helping me to grow outside of my comfort zone. Encouraging me to do the daily tasks that make a business grow.

I want to give recognition to Jeff Haden

People Are Hard-Wired To Be Kind And Generous, Says Study ...

They give: generously, selflessly, and without expectation of return. They give because their happiness–and their success–comes from someone else’s happiness and someone else’s success.

These people give The gift of praise. They know that a few words of recognition–especially when that recognition is publicly given–could just be the nudge that inspires an average performer to become a great performer.

They give the gift of requesting help. When you ask for help several things happen. You implicitly show you respect the person giving the advice. You show you respect that person’s experience, skill, and insight. And you show you trust that other person, since by asking for help you’ve made yourself vulnerable.

They give the gift of privacy. Remarkably giving people not only respect another person’s privacy, but they also help them guard their privacy–because they know it’s not necessary to know in order to care.

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you ...
How will you become a person of GIVING? We all need to work together, building a dynasty for GENERATIONS to come.
Give Every Day Out Of The Joy Of Your Heart




Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Being on the road 5 days a week driving,2400 miles from Monday to Friday can be tough for me. I only have limited time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are very hectic driving days.

I take my laptop, phone, and tablet with me so I can have access to the internet.

ROB GEHRING asked this question–How come we talk to people every day about nothing really and can’t talk to contacts that could put money in your pocket? Personally, I struggle with this. Is it the fear of NO? Fear of Yes? Don’t know what to say? How to get your point across as a professional? Do we believe in what we are doing? Do we set goals? Do we have an accountability partner to keep us on track?

Life, Pain, Struggle, Anguish, Misery

I believe for me it is the UNCOMFORTABLE ZONE. That place of dread and torment. Not really. I just have not done enough phone calls to make it easier to talk to people.

Pass Through The Struggle & Live Your Best Life | Rosemary ...

These pictures are by pixabay

We have scripts to use— but don’t use them. Coaches and mentors who lead and guide us, but really don’t follow. I really want to build a legacy and need a strong why. I found my WHY and the time has come for Michael to have his tires meet the road.

People want what we have to offer. People will follow or they won’t. Lets work with those who want it. I know it’s a numbers game. We must continue to advertise, blog, and share every day. JUST SHOW UP EVERY DAY. Do the best you can to make improvements on and in yourself.

At the end of the day be better at sunset then when you started at sunrise.

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You Only Have One Life Make It Awesome



Curation Calculation

Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker:

Content Curation–Calculation. What is it all about? There are many people who put great content out there in cyberspace.

CURATE: to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content:

Data curation

Work performed to ensure meaningful and enduring access to data

I’d like to mention the following: Janet Legere-Contact List Builders

ROB GEHRING: Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer

Picking Your Topic : Online Marketing: Advertising Online
Personal Development.

Finding Content to Curate: CLB member blogs, Google, Emails, Click Tract Profit.

Remember to Share Your Post: This is very important. getting the word out about your business through blogging brings the world to you.

Email your Lists
Share in the CLB Groups (Facebook/Telegram)

There are a few goals you should always keep in mind. What’s your main purpose for sharing? What value do you bring? How can you improve what people see?

Building People Up

Why Should We Get Ready

Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Rob Gehring from TrafficLeads2Income Viral Mailer and MassiveSuccessFunnel put on a great weekly coaching session.

Some of my post comes from His topic was “Getting Ready to Get Ready”, action takers v.s. tire kickers. Do you consider yourself as an action taker or are doing busy work getting ready to get ready. These are some of the things you should do regularly, helps keep you FOCUSED.

Create daily goals, 6-month goals, one-year goals, and 5-year goals. These goals should be achievable by breaking the big picture down into smaller and more specific goals. Print them out and keep them in front of you and read them each day and note what you have accomplished toward your goals. A major point Rob made is to “not deviate from the process”. The process provided has been tested over and over and fine-tune to become successful.

From my personal experience, Rob is always willing to help, from guiding you through the setup process, mentoring you on using your scripts to talk to your leads, to inviting leads to our private Telegraph Room where He talks to your Leads for you.

To watch this video click here.

What does the massive success model provide you?

  • ready built funnel with thank you page
  • autoresponder emails
  • monitors who will welcome your team members
  • monitors who will make sales for you
  • 10,000 daily credits
  • live support
  • private weekly live training
Your Dream Is One Action AWAY



Hello Everyone This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. As you can see this session is about SIGN POSTS. Things we should keep our eyes on the road, both driving and the business road.

All these pictures came from

What are these signposts: We have all had this one pop up on us. This means find another way to get where you want to go. Sometimes we need to start over.

Low-angle Photography of Dead End Road Signage Under Cloudy Sky

If you come across this don’t panic. Think it through and you will find a way around, ending at your destination.

Signpost, Closed, Road-Sign, End, Stop

This one means only go in one direction. One way keeps us focused on the details. What do I need to do next?

Directory, Signposts, Board, Shield

This red sign should get your attention. It is screaming at you.

Wrong Way, Sign, Road, Caution, Warning

Do we see how each of these signs can help us? What is a warning sign: It indicates a potential hazard, obstacle, or condition requiring special attention.

Having a Coach, Mentor, Business Partner, can keep us out of danger. They are a voice that stops you and Asks, are you sure you want to do that? These men and women help provide valuable insight. They have been down this road.They know the potholes, traffic signs, flashing lights. They know 3 things:


For Your Sign click here

Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Your Hands Upon The Wheel



We at TL2IVMmassivesuccessteam , have a one on one room. This is where you come to ask questions, get info, get mentoring, build friendships, and much more.

I have personally been ask to come to the room because I needed help. Within 10 minutes, 3 areas were addressed and fixed.

For the new person who has little skill is building an online business, this is for you. What better place to come to where there is over 21 years experience in online marketing.

From building your lead capture page, landing page, funnels, learning about coop shares. Being in a room where everyone is helping everyone. The problem as I see it, people are afraid to ask for help. Within a short period of time they will disappear, I know I was one of them. When the time came to build my business, I was not going to let my pride get in the way.

There is passion, drive and support. The Simple Art of Recruiting,videos and books.

Make It Happen



Most people don’t realize how hard keeping a positive attitude is. We must train ourselves to stay positive, while putting up the walls to block negativity.

Michael’s favorite saying:” You have 2 choices when you wake up in the morning. Be Happy Or Sad. There are enough sad people in the world without me being one of them.

I have to admit, I spend a great deal of time by myself. So interacting with people for short periods of time is easy. Being up beat,funny and encouraging.

When I get home is another story. I must try really hard to be upbeat, happy and encouraging with my family. I love them, care for their well being and want what’s best for them. They know all my faults as well. Pressing those buttons. Yep– you guessed it–negativity creeps in.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

Be the person who people choose to hang out with. My wife said, ” I want to be the home family comes to, not avoid.”

Loving People click here

“Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”

Viral Mailers And Funnels

I have been using viral mailers for a few years. Some brought results, while others I had to let go.

Rob Gehring has a viral mailer-Traffic Leads 2 Income viral mailer. There are seven steps to massive success that Rob teaches. In the setup process, Your visitor will see the ‘pocket’capture page and fill out the form where they are directed to the NLSfree page and encouraged to join Trafficleads2incomeVM and then take the next step. The next step takes your visitor to our Telegram Group where they learn about The System and Setting it up. 

What You Get as a TL2L Member…

As an Upgraded Member (TL2L), you are getting the following versus a Free Member:

*Mail to All Members every 4 hrs versus 72 hrs.

*Earn 40 Credits Per Click of member emails versus 10 Credits.

*50% Commissions On Referral Purchases versus 10%.

*10000 Credits Per Day versus 1000 per month.

*Use credits for Mail (1), Banners (25), and Text Ads (30) versus 1/10/15.

*Save up to 25 Email Templates versus 5.

*Mail to Downline without spending credits

*Earn 25% Referral Surfing Bonus

*Access to our Custom Marketing Funnel and TL2IVM Traffic Co-Op.

*Add 25 custom programs to the downline builder for your downline to see versus 2 and the ability to hide programs too.

He also has Massive Success Funnel system that puts 500.00 commissions in your pocket.

People want Massive Success, Well Here it is RIGHT in front of you. Choose TODAY to follow a proven Done For You system. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Starting Today Puts You Ahead Of Everyone Else