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Walking out on stage, the crowd rises with a standing ovation. Walking up to the microphone, Hello Everyone. I’m Michael Lipsey, better known as, and the crowd responds with” Michael The Traveling Trucker”. This is one of my visions. Yes, I see myself on stage, teaching what I have learned, sharing life with thousands, and making money with everyone willing to take action. We all have a winner, leader, and mentor inside of us. With some TLC- Tender Loving Care, we can come out of our shell and become whatever we choose to be.

Remember, things are not always done the same way every time. Mixing it up to fit yourself and how you talk and help others is so important to your success. Learn principles and values. It’s not always about the ” what or the how” but the “why”. Once you settle the “why”, the rest becomes nothing more than logistical. Many times in life and business, it becomes easy to confuse the what and how with the why. That’s when the priorities become skewed and principles become misplaced.


Stage 2: Making Healthy Leaders | The Foursquare Church

I am excited about recording videos for my landing pages and thank-you pages. I was taught to record my videos over and over until I feel comfortable in front of the camera. As of this writing, I have done 6. I will stay with it a few more times. Go to Our Youtube channel and watch Thursday’s recording. Janet does a fantastic job. Look for the tracking and traffic video also, click here.

All of the teaching are action taking videos, so READER, apply what you learn NOW. Yes that means doing what is being taught step by step, here and NOW. It’s so much fun doing the steps. It will help you to build confidence, leadership, mentorship as you share what you are being taught.

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I hope you have downloaded the 3 step quick start guide, if not get it NOW. I use this on my ads, and blogs.

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See how easy this is. Yes, Dear READER, you too, can master these simple step by step instructions. Sign up for your free account, NOW. See you on the inside.

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