Oh Mcdonald Had A Farm

Hello Everyone. This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. I have spent way to much time In Pennsylvania. I have seen cows close up. Seen the Amish horse and buggy. Gone to a pumpkin patch. Been following the river and seen a statue of liberty in the middle of the river in Harrisburg Pa. Had the fun of picking soybeans. So what is today’s adventure you ask? Everything a farmers does is till the ground, plant seeds, water, harvest. From grass to hay to feed their animals. Corn to feed pigs. Soybeans for human consumption. The list goes on. Apple trees, pecan trees, orange trees, Christmas trees. It all takes time and effort, to produce a payable harvest.

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I started to look at my business. When I join CLB Learning, that is tilling up the ground. Joined the coop with Rob Gehring at Traffic Leads 2 Income VM, planting seeds. Contacting prospects Through The Conversion Pros is watering. When I build the relationships with people and they upgrade is the harvest. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, when you deal with others, it can be frustrating, like heavy rain for days, other times bright sunshine. I enjoy the fruits of my mentors. What they pass along is priceless in my book. 21 plus years experience, that I don’t have to learn over that time period. I get it all now to apply. Till, plant, water, harvest.

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As a beginning mentor, leader, coach, I can and will help people to follow their dreams. Some times they don’t have all the answers. I point them in the right direction, through what I’m being taught. I invite you to take the journey of LIFE with us. Become the person you were created to be. It will be a blast. We can sing, dance, cry , laugh and encourage one another to press on toward the GOAL.

Reader, YOUR time is NOW. The clock is ticking away. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own. We have the SYSTEM already in place, all you do is follow the steps.

God Wants To Pour Out A Blessing
Your Barns Can’t Handle.

One of my planting tools is CTP. I use a wide variety of tools.

Different tools for different jobs.

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