Nuts and Bolts Of 10k Blueprint

Woo Hoo-Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Let’s open the door and peek inside. What does it take to earn 10k per month?

MATH TIME: To build your business strong you need at least 1000 subscribers on your list within the first month. All businesses have to go through these numbers, some will join and some will not.

On average, what is your subscribe worth? Most say around $1.00 per month.


Free traffic is a source of getting subscribers but will take a lot of time. You can leverage your time with paid traffic. After you reach your 1000 subscribers, your goal should be to reach 5000 subscribers.

Then the magic number should be 10,000 subscribers. Math: 10,000 X 1.00= $10,000 per month. Don’t stop there. What about 50,000 subscribers, even 100,000 subscribers?

Here is the process to start, 1) Have a plan of ACTION. What does it take to make 10k per month? What is your Niche going to be? Our Niche is Affiliate Marketing.

2) Create a squeeze page. This is an enticing offer that prompts people to leave their name, email, and phone number for say, a free report, free ebook.

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3) This will take them through your sales funnel, so it must look good. The page will have no other link on the page. People will fill out the page and click subscribe or leave the page.

4) Where do you store your emails? This is where your autoresponder is set up. You will have a series of emails set up to deliver to your subscribers daily. Each email is set up with one thing in mind.

Taking your subscribers to paid members. We are here to MAKE MONEY, YES?

At this point, FOLLOW UP IS CRUCIAL. Building your brand. Letting people know who you are and they can trust you. YOU DO THEIR THERE BEST INTEREST AT HEART, RIGHT? Without people, WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

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At this point what is your TRAFFIC PLAN? Paid , solo, viral mailers, co-op, free. Decide what your MONTHLY budget is going to be. After you start getting results, increase your budget for even greater results.

As people subscribe to YOUR list, you can start to promote other offers that bring VALUE to what they are already doing.

My mentor said WASH,RINSE,REPEAT. I know you must have read what I’m writing about before, bur well worth repeating. MASTER the basics and become a LEADER in your Field.

You are well on your way to making 10 k per month. Some will do this easily and others will take some time to build.

DON’T EVER QUIT. You have a starting point and an end goal in mind-YOU CAN REACH IT.

Then set some new goals, even bigger than the 1st ones. FOLKS, there is so much to learn. You have just scratched the surface.

I pray you find this useful. Please comment after reading. Be honest in you comments. This helps us to grow to produce even better content.

You Have Start, GO GO GO


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Crank the engine over, time to shift into high gear put the pedal to the metal, get those wheels turning.


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What exactly is the 10K BLUEPRINT? 1st it is a belief that you can make $10,000 per month after 90 days. 2nd, taking daily action is VITAL. We all hold strong beliefs in different things.

I have found out through my own beliefs, that many of us have a lack of vision when it comes to MONEY.

Here is my QUESTION: Do YOU believe you can make $10,000 per month after 90 days? STOP FOR A FEW SECONDS AND THINK ABOUT THIS QUESTION.

Have you ever heard the statement: Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees?

These negative thoughts have to be REPLACED with, I CAN and WILL make $10,000 dollars after ninety days. I have all the resources at MY disposal.

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What thoughts are going through your mind right now after you ask yourself that question? PLEASE remember that YOU are NOT your beliefs. Your past is your past. You CAN CHANGE your thought process.

What you feed your mind daily, begins to change your beliefs. Books, motivation videos, webinar training.

Who are you LISTENING to? I have a challenge for you, ARE YOU UP FOR IT?

Write down your limiting beliefs. Take ONLY the 1st one and begin working on changing that belief. DO ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Make sense? Look at your list and pick one that relates to money, like “I have failed at internet marketing before and never made any money”.

Begin by saying: I will make money from the internet. Money comes easily to me. Money is ATTRACTED to ME. Leave yourself “POST IT NOTES EVERYWHERE. Put them where you see them numerous times per day.


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Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, counter it with a positive thought. People love to complain. This is the BIGGEST NEGATIVE BOMB. Stay away from the negative nellies.

To avoid people’s negativity- keep your plans close to your heart and DON’T tell them what your plans are. Show them by EXAMPLE.

If you don’t tell people they CAN’T try to crush your dreams. People DON’T want you to get ahead of them or leave them behind. They want you to stay in the NEGATIVE PIT. RUN, RUN, RUN AWAY.

Job, Job Offer, Workplace, Job Search

The REAL question on your mind is: SO HOW DO I MAKE $10,000 per MONTH?

What steps do I take? I’m glad I have you thinking about this question. This is really your 1st step to positive mind change.

Stay tuned for round 2 blogging on what your actual steps are. If you are impatient click here to get faster results.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. I like role models. I have sought out a few to follow because I truly like what they stand for.

Remember that role models can be positive or negative.


5 Qualities of Role Models

 Visibility plays an important part in making someone a role model. People who are honest in dealing with others. They always uplift people. They are helpful in instructing others.

5 Qualities of Positive Role ModelsPassion and Ability to Inspire, Clear Set of Values, Commitment to Community, Selflessness, and Acceptance of Others, Ability to Overcome Obstacles.

When- did you notice I said, WHEN you create your own success, you will become a role model. Be willing to stand strong on your beliefs, gently guide others, setting the standard for your brand of excellence.


I believe we have gotten away from good role model examples, they are still there if you are willing to research them.

Most of us don’t come equipped with a clear set of ethical standards on our own. We receive lessons from others, to a certain extent, but it’s more likely that we acquire our moral sense through vicarious processes.

Mentors are a second source of learning to be ethical leaders. When they take us under their wing, those who guide us in the workplace, or even those who work side-by-side as co-workers with us show us, again through vicarious learning, that we ourselves need to be honest and fair in our dealings with others.

When you play fair, communicate directly, and in general demonstrate that you hold high standards, other people actually do look up to you. 

If for no other reason than to be liked and respected, taking the moral high ground may be the one that ultimately benefits you as well as those who look up to you as their inspiration. 

Be the best you can be daily. Talk to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself great things each day, before you tell anyone else anything. Set the standard HIGH, people will respect you for the stand you take.

Be The Role Model You Respect


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with a message I’m way to familiar with: LONELINESS.

Being on the road, I don’t get to talk to too many people. My family is sometimes 500 to a 1000 miles away. They are at work, so no phone calls.

I do have one trucker friend I call and we talk while driving. He has turned out to be a GOD send.


Children, Siblings, Brother, Sister

The hurt of feeling alone isn’t new to our day. Indeed, the pain of isolation echoes off the pages of the ancient book of Ecclesiastes. The book captures the sorrows of those who seem to lack any meaningful relationships.

You can acquire great wealth and yet experience no value from it because there’s no one to share it with. There is TRUE BEAUTY in companionship.

Friends help you accomplish more than you could achieve on your own.

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LET ME SAY THIS: Your LIST of people is way more than money. Building friendships is a value that will last a lifetime. PEOPLE MATTER in life and business. ALWAYS place the highest value on PEOPLE.

Friends can provide protection in difficult situations, partners bring comfort, companions help in times of need.

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To have a friend, you must be a friend. To have love, you must give love. People want and need to be around others who value them for who they are, not what they can do for you.

loneliness is a significant struggle-God created us to offer and receive the BENEFITS of friendship and community. If you’re feeling alone, My prayer for you is God would help you form meaningful connections with others.

Our businesses give us the platform to touch the lives of so many people. We can tough their hearts, minds and finances.

What are you willing to do TODAY to build those relationships? Start with a text, maybe a phone call, an invite to share in our weekly webinars.

WE MUST get out of our small cornered in world, knocking down the walls that keep us from giving and receiving GREAT loving value. I have learned so much from others taking the time to touch my life.

Pinky Swear, Friends, Pinky Promise

In return, I have had the pleasure of touching lives back. It brings love to my spirit, soul, and body. REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE TODAY.

Share Life, It’s So Much FUN


Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker. I was thinking about my business all day today. What is my conviction?

I believe through my leading and teaching others, they can create a strong second income. I was taught to Follow the system, Follow up in the system, Lead in the system, teach the system, invest in the system.


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TIME TO UNLOCK THE SYSTEM: GLN-Genesis Lifestyle Network.

Being part of the system is what matters. if there were no system, we would not be here. I know that sounds dumb, but is it? At the end of the day, we want to make money, RIGHT?

I believe with all my HEART that this #1 Done for you system is working and will continue to work for those willing to put forth the effort. COME JOIN ME NOW. It will be YOUR life changer for 2021.

I have seen too many people compromise their business and life by what looks like a shortcut.

The road to compromise may seem shorter, and not as difficult to navigate, but it actually takes you places that you never intended to journey.

While compromise seems promising, it will normally end up costing you more and demanding more of you than you ever intended to give.


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I love being a BLOGGER. I get to express myself, being creative and thought-provoking makes my day. I share my life, brand, and business all day long.

I trust the integrity of OWNER Jared Meyers and the system he created. People can come and create an income for generations.

It’s all about your LIST. People who join you, work with you, laugh with you, love with you, cry with you. This is truly a family.

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QUESTION? ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED? Contact me back, phone, text, messenger, whatever it takes. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and Gitter Dun.

Leave the past behind, Work In The Present, Dream About The Future


Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker with another adventure on the road. It was ice and snow.

In business and personal life, are you stuck on HALFWAY BLVD? You have come to the intersection which is a T. To the left is dead-end alley and to the right is success 101 express.


CLB, GLN, CTP, TL2IVM are four businesses that can help you move from Halfway Blvd to Success 101 Express.

I have been taught to pick one, give it my all, then in the background point people to additional income opportunities. FOCUS is vital to one business only until you master the basics, and make it a daily habit.

Daily habits become weekly, which turn to monthly, then yearly. Get hold of this concept. It will guide you the rest of your life.

In business, people get stuck on Halfway Blvd for a number of reasons. Afraid of the phone, not enough leads coming in, not investing in your business monthly, shiny syndrome- jumping from one business to another without any focus as to what makes it successful.

Puzzle, Planning, Strategy, Process

Just because you don’t see immediate results, doesn’t mean your business is not going in the right direction. IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE.

Being a leader is hard work. Branding yourself as the go-to person can be quite exhausting, but very rewarding. Successful leaders are available.

They spend time coaching, mentoring, teaching. Pointing people to where they need to go.

You must give yourself time to learn. However, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to apply what you have learned as soon as possible.

Last week on my coaching call, I said I was not getting people to respond. I was asked if there was a sense of URGENCY?

I started leaving a simple voice message, “This is Michael, call me it’s urgent”. It works because people called me back wondering what was so urgent. I told them their financial future for 2021.

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What point in your personal life or business are you stuck at? Remember that in business, we are here to help each other. When one succeeds, it brings value to the community as a whole.

Investing in people in a positive way, helps them to grow. My mentors help me to see when I get off course and guide me back to where I need to be. This is ALWAYS done LOVINGLY with great respect for both of us.

I love it when I hear” does that make sense”? If it does I move on and if I need clarification, it is given.

What leadership skills are you showing? Share what is working with you, for you and for your team.

Get Off Halfway Blvd. Move onto Success 101 Express


Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker is at HOME. Woot Woot.


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My life is NOT up for grabs. It’s not about me ” figuring it all out” and ” getting it all together”. This is about living a life of PEACEFUL surrender to the FATHER who knows how to care for me and longs to do so.

Because of my relationship with God the Father, I am on His mind night and day. He looks for ways to bless me and I find them through my family, church, my job, and my business.

Motivational Quote, Try And Stop Me

I am answering the call to spread the good news. Not only do I share my business with people, but I also have the privilege of sharing Jesus with everyone I come in contact with.

Every day we have so many opportunities to share our lives with people, through this business we call Affiliate Marketing. We can and will make a difference in the lives of thousands.

What do you think about most? How does it effect those around you?

How do you show your love, life and happiness? What makes you different from everyone else?

Have you shared your life story with anyone lately? What do you share with them? My mentor, Janet Legere share’s her book ” GetStuckOnHappy” Her simple approach to life is breathtaking and I enjoy acting on the techniques described in the book.

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It’s ok to talk to yourself. It’s ok to answer yourself. When you ask yourself to repeat the question-MIGHT BE A PROBLEM.

Stamp, Wood, Do Something Great, Saying

I’ve seen many people assume that what they are experiencing in life is simply their ” lot in life.” Don’t buy into that lie. Don’t see yourself as broken, beat down and defeated.

See yourself in pursuit of something greater than who you are, and be willing to pay the price to get where you want to be. Your past has a way of labeling you.

If you allow your past experiences as well as perceived shortcomings to define who you are and how you see your life, you will never see the breakthrough that GOD has for you.

You are what the word says you are and you have what the word says you have. Rise up this day and shout I AM DOING GREAT THINGS.

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God gave you two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much. There are those who can and those who can’t. They are both RIGHT.

Don’t hold back any longer. Give it all you have, then go take a nap.

If you have not read this book, please do so. You will be blessed.


Hello Everyone, Michael The Snow Bound Traveling Trucker. Being in the upper northeast states has given me some beautiful pictures. I just don’t like the brine they put on the roads. It gets on everything and it’s nasty to get off. Got off track, sorry. Where was I?



I have gotten this question from a number of people wanting to start their own Marketing business.

First- Is this really something you are going to be committed to for the long haul?

Second- Do you have MONEY to invest in yourself? Business takes MONEY. Then do you have a budget for investing monthly into yourself?

Target Group, Advertising, Buyer

You will spend time building your list, without people, NO BUSINESS.

Every Guru will tell you, you can make millions instantly. Just send us your money and we’ll do it for you. Laughs out LOUD, sorry.

Picking a business to follow should not be hard. Look for the people who have been around for awhile. Look at their program earnestly and determine if you can duplicate it.

Education, Hand, Write, Skills, Can

Here I recommend you look at my resource Page at the TOP OF MY BLOG.

You start with a great funnel. This is your complete set up.

Lead Capture Page, Thank You Page which tells your lead what the business is about and how they can join with you. Let your people know to check their emails (all of them) for the WELCOME email which will be sent.

Tip Of The Day: Many will fill out the form-lead capture page and not remember they did it. Many people surf the internet for hours clicking every page they can, filling out form after form.

You will have to follow up with phone calls if they leave number, text them, and email them. You will know who is interested and who is NOT. People want free.

That’s ok because we can start them off this way, and they can still make money. Let them know the real value of being an UPGRADED MEMBER.

Advertising you business daily is KEY. The more people who see YOU ( YOUR BRAND) the better. There are so many ways to advertise. Viral mailers, solo ads-Udimi, co-op shares, social media…..

Trust me when I say, Building a steady stream of income will take TIME. Please don’t QUIT just because you don’t see instant success. Build strong and steady.


The best of the best have put 2-5 years building a steady multi stream income into place. There are always exception to the rules who blow it out of the water right away.



Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker.


God brought to mind, Am I faithful and Trustworthy? In many areas of my life, it is a resounding YES. Other areas are a work in progress and still, other areas are sad but true, NO.

God is central in my life. Marriage is a STRONG YES, raising children, work in progress. They are your children no matter how old they get.

Been steady paying bills off, saving a little and being able to buy things we need.

For the last year, I can say yes to building my business. It is also a strong work in progress. I try to add value each day somewhere.

I’m having to prioritize my mailings, as being a trucker, I only have small amounts of time, which I am engaged in income-producing activities- Phone calls, texts, and emails, sending broadcasts, promoting our weekly training. Follow up. Advertising.

Pointing people to where we are and how to get to where we are.

When people meet you face to face or online, what do they say about YOU? How do you present your brand, your heart, your wisdom, your mentorship, your coaching?

As a finite people we all have a football field opening for improvement.

I ask people, how can I help you today? I wait to see what adventure awaits for the taking.

We have the greatest system to share, the best leaders to work with, and the most love any group can share.

I know for a fact our LEADERS are Faithful and Trustworthy. They are here, day after day helping others, building their lists, branding themselves, weekly training videos. Sharing the life-giving opportunity.

Today I choose to be one of the Faithful and Trustworthy. I choose to be here day after day, teach what I have learned, mentor those who come behind me.

So now, take your look into the mirror. What does it reflect?

Be The Man Or Women You Are Destined To Be


Up in the snow of Ohio, Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker.


We have all been teased at one time or another. Some teasing is hurtful, while other times it is funny, and others times you are trying to get peoples attention.

What do you do to tease your leads or prospects? What phrases do you use? What incentives are you using to get them to respond?

There is a list of teasers from Headlines, offers, ebooks….

One of my favorites: Have You Been Paid Yet? For a limited time only, Hurry before we take it down, Are struggling to get leads, Would You Make This Deal?

Enter your name and email to receive this FREE report.

Be as creative as possible to achieve your desired results. I found out being as obscure as possible giving a weird Headline is awesome.

Have you seen my purple stripped Elephant sunbathing? People really do respond to this.

I’ll make this as simple as possible… 

Would you give me one weekend of work…
For a lifetime of high-quality traffic?

Look at all the emails you receive and you can create some great winners yourself.

Discover how you can start making extra
money online in no time at all. If your
tired of the scams and other junk online
then you need to see this.

Take the FREE Tour and lock in your position.

Is all about  Real online profits and Success.

If you haven’t seen this system…Then

YOU are in for a treat. Act NOW. Click Here.

Teasing is very much allowed. Everyone uses it from make up, driving a certain car, living in a specific area, what you eat, what you drink. People everywhere are trying to get your attention and we are trying to get theirs.

We are the problem solvers. We have the solutions and the word needs to get out.

Real Life In the Drivers Seat