Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker with another adventure on the road. It was ice and snow.

In business and personal life, are you stuck on HALFWAY BLVD? You have come to the intersection which is a T. To the left is dead-end alley and to the right is success 101 express.


CLB, GLN, CTP, TL2IVM are four businesses that can help you move from Halfway Blvd to Success 101 Express.

I have been taught to pick one, give it my all, then in the background point people to additional income opportunities. FOCUS is vital to one business only until you master the basics, and make it a daily habit.

Daily habits become weekly, which turn to monthly, then yearly. Get hold of this concept. It will guide you the rest of your life.

In business, people get stuck on Halfway Blvd for a number of reasons. Afraid of the phone, not enough leads coming in, not investing in your business monthly, shiny syndrome- jumping from one business to another without any focus as to what makes it successful.

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Just because you don’t see immediate results, doesn’t mean your business is not going in the right direction. IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE.

Being a leader is hard work. Branding yourself as the go-to person can be quite exhausting, but very rewarding. Successful leaders are available.

They spend time coaching, mentoring, teaching. Pointing people to where they need to go.

You must give yourself time to learn. However, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to apply what you have learned as soon as possible.

Last week on my coaching call, I said I was not getting people to respond. I was asked if there was a sense of URGENCY?

I started leaving a simple voice message, “This is Michael, call me it’s urgent”. It works because people called me back wondering what was so urgent. I told them their financial future for 2021.

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What point in your personal life or business are you stuck at? Remember that in business, we are here to help each other. When one succeeds, it brings value to the community as a whole.

Investing in people in a positive way, helps them to grow. My mentors help me to see when I get off course and guide me back to where I need to be. This is ALWAYS done LOVINGLY with great respect for both of us.

I love it when I hear” does that make sense”? If it does I move on and if I need clarification, it is given.

What leadership skills are you showing? Share what is working with you, for you and for your team.

Get Off Halfway Blvd. Move onto Success 101 Express

5 thoughts on “STUCK ON HALFWAY BLVD?”

  1. I love the idea of “Halfway Blvd”, I see so many get stuck there. Your post surely highlights this and shows the importance of persistence and patience to continue moving down “Success Blvd”. Great job, Michael!

  2. Stuck is my second
    But yes reasently i was stucked….doing too many things and as result nothing was worked….like i hear somone says LESS IS MORE… i think i am on right track….Love reading your posts Michael

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