Hello Everyone. Michael The Traveling Trucker.


God brought to mind, Am I faithful and Trustworthy? In many areas of my life, it is a resounding YES. Other areas are a work in progress and still, other areas are sad but true, NO.

God is central in my life. Marriage is a STRONG YES, raising children, work in progress. They are your children no matter how old they get.

Been steady paying bills off, saving a little and being able to buy things we need.

For the last year, I can say yes to building my business. It is also a strong work in progress. I try to add value each day somewhere.

I’m having to prioritize my mailings, as being a trucker, I only have small amounts of time, which I am engaged in income-producing activities- Phone calls, texts, and emails, sending broadcasts, promoting our weekly training. Follow up. Advertising.

Pointing people to where we are and how to get to where we are.

When people meet you face to face or online, what do they say about YOU? How do you present your brand, your heart, your wisdom, your mentorship, your coaching?

As a finite people we all have a football field opening for improvement.

I ask people, how can I help you today? I wait to see what adventure awaits for the taking.

We have the greatest system to share, the best leaders to work with, and the most love any group can share.

I know for a fact our LEADERS are Faithful and Trustworthy. They are here, day after day helping others, building their lists, branding themselves, weekly training videos. Sharing the life-giving opportunity.

Today I choose to be one of the Faithful and Trustworthy. I choose to be here day after day, teach what I have learned, mentor those who come behind me.

So now, take your look into the mirror. What does it reflect?

Be The Man Or Women You Are Destined To Be


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