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My life is NOT up for grabs. It’s not about me ” figuring it all out” and ” getting it all together”. This is about living a life of PEACEFUL surrender to the FATHER who knows how to care for me and longs to do so.

Because of my relationship with God the Father, I am on His mind night and day. He looks for ways to bless me and I find them through my family, church, my job, and my business.

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I am answering the call to spread the good news. Not only do I share my business with people, but I also have the privilege of sharing Jesus with everyone I come in contact with.

Every day we have so many opportunities to share our lives with people, through this business we call Affiliate Marketing. We can and will make a difference in the lives of thousands.

What do you think about most? How does it effect those around you?

How do you show your love, life and happiness? What makes you different from everyone else?

Have you shared your life story with anyone lately? What do you share with them? My mentor, Janet Legere share’s her book ” GetStuckOnHappy” Her simple approach to life is breathtaking and I enjoy acting on the techniques described in the book.

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It’s ok to talk to yourself. It’s ok to answer yourself. When you ask yourself to repeat the question-MIGHT BE A PROBLEM.

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I’ve seen many people assume that what they are experiencing in life is simply their ” lot in life.” Don’t buy into that lie. Don’t see yourself as broken, beat down and defeated.

See yourself in pursuit of something greater than who you are, and be willing to pay the price to get where you want to be. Your past has a way of labeling you.

If you allow your past experiences as well as perceived shortcomings to define who you are and how you see your life, you will never see the breakthrough that GOD has for you.

You are what the word says you are and you have what the word says you have. Rise up this day and shout I AM DOING GREAT THINGS.

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God gave you two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much. There are those who can and those who can’t. They are both RIGHT.

Don’t hold back any longer. Give it all you have, then go take a nap.

If you have not read this book, please do so. You will be blessed.

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