I’m Placing The KEYS In Your Hands

Take a deep breath. Smell the smells of spring. Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker with Kingdom news.

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This is such a great time of year. The trees are blooming. The grass is growing. Life is fresh and new.

Winter has passed and the sweet days of spring are upon us. Spring always brings new life. It seems business is springing to life also. Lots of new and exciting changes are coming.

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As I drive across the country, I pass so many working farms. Lots of hugh pasture lands waiting to be harvested several times a year for hay.

I love to see the harvesting machines cutting the grass, then rolloing it. You see rolls of rolled grass all across the fields, waiting for the tractors to come and load them onto trailers.

When I see the fields, Genesis 8:22 says, ” While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.”

God’s Kingdom systems on this earth are here, working, and always in operation. For us to access them, we have to know about them. Focus our attention on them.

The most important part of all is having the KEYS to the kingdom to unlock the power.

As you look across the fields, you see the barns where the tractors and harvesters are housed. Those powerful machines are just sitting there and waiting, until the owner of the field puts the key into the ignition, starts the engine. Then the harvesting can take place.

It’s way to easy for us to take our eyes off the sitution and get distracted. Please remember that everything requires a key to operate properly.

In business there are keys you must have for the operation to run at all and run smoothly. BUILD YOUR LIST. Have a sales funnel in place. Talk to people daily.

Become a problem solver. The Go to person.

Think to yourself, want do people need? How can you supply their needs?

Not everyone wants the keys and the ride. Some are just tires kickers.

The KEY to the above statements is not just seeing the words but doing what is being shared with you. You Must Take ACTION. Are you ready to be an action taker?

We have a mentorship program, digital products and services. Lots of educational videos.

Whatever situation you find yourself in , We Have The Keys.

I want to personally place these keys in your hand. Then walk you step by step until you reach your GOAL.

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Keys To The Kingdom

Have You Heard Of Lkigai

This is a Japanese word.

Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker with breath taking tips on LIFE.

Lkigai means- What we like. What we are good at. What the world needs. What can we get paid for. Now that’s exciting.

Are You Learning To Paint The Right Picture That People See And Understand What Message Your Conveying.

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Free Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush Stock Photo

Everything we do in life SHOULD draw us closer to our GOALS and DREAMS.

Do you have a VISION worth pursuing? Without a clear vision your purpose may be obscured. Have you written down your goals, dreams and vision?

Let me tell you you a story.I like Being a full time driving trucker, driving across the country.My time is VERY limited. I have had to make time to pursue my goals, dreams and vision. I have met many interesting people. Many have taught awesome life lessons which I have applied to mine and my families life.

Sharing is a KEY role. How many people have helped you over the years? How many have you helped back?

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I have learned VISION keeps you passionate. Keeps you Motivated. Gives you Direction. Most people I know have a 9-5 job. They have a short drive to work, short drive home. They have 4-to 5 hours each day to perform tasks which could make them a good amount of money.

I drive 11 hours most days. I leave on Sunday, drive back on Thursday for a Friday delivery. Then I have 36- 40 hours at home before I drive back out.

Why am I telling you all this, We all have a certain amount of time. Let’s NOT make excuses as to Why we don’t have enough money.

All I can do is advise you to a few things I have learned. I have great mentors who have taught me what I now teach.

Build Your List. Build A tribe Of Followers. Be The Person Who Helps People Solve Their Problems. Have Value For Your People. High Ticket Items Sell The Best. Be Teachable. Find and Work With A Mentor.

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Help People

Have You Ever Thought This?

“It’s impossible for me to close High Paying Clients.” I’m an introvert( which I am NOT), I’m not good at selling.

“Selling is not my strength”. “I freeze when I talk to people”.

Welcome to a fine day with Michael The Travelng Trucker.

I sit here laughing to myself for I have said and answered all these statements.

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When I honestly answered these statements, what was my real holding back moment. It was my BELIEF system. I didn’t really think I could do this. Boy was I WRONG. I’m so glad I had people who believed in me before my belief system came through.

I’m going to save you thousands of hours of struggling. STEP 1- Build your belief system. Read this next statement several times. ” If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you are right on both counts.” DO OR DO NOT- THERE IS NO TRY.

First-Time Home Buyer FAQ | Georgia Department of Community Affairs

You NEED to go ahead and believe the positive side.

You MUST build your beliefs each day. You can DO IT.

Your belief system is what is holding most people back, ME INCLUDED.

Do you remember when you started driving? How about starting your 1st job? Having your 1st child, whether giving birth or proud papa?

How about buying your 1st home, buying your 1st car? If we are honest our belief system was low, we overcame and life began to get better.

It’s NO different here with High Paying Clients. After your 1st encounter, you will look back and see it was not that scary.

Let me say this here and now-I believe in you. I will always believe in you. I will believe for you until you believe in yourself.

My mentors still believe in me even when I have the disbelief cries. We all have it. Move on.

Just because things seem to fail, money spent, people tells us one thing then do something else. I get it. I TRUST the people I do business with. They are true leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers and go getters.

Quick Tips for First-Time Buyers in London

I’m asking you to trust me even though trust has not yet been earned. Let me guide you, show you the value of what we as a group are doing. 9,997 people world wide so far and getting bigger daily.

There is more to life than MONEY. Money is a tool to make your life better. Do you have joy in your spirit? Song on your lips? True happiness come from within, so start today by saying,” Today is a great day and I will enjoy it.”

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Do You Know Exactly HOW?

Right from the start, Greetings and salutations. Michael The Traveling Trucker with Great news for all.

Today is your day. Yes, I said” TODAY IS YOUR DAY”. Do you believe it? It’s ok if you don’t. We all have to start from where we are.

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Belief is over 90% of the hurdle to jump over. My belief was very small to start. With each success it grew. Now I’m about 95% in my belief. I’m not quite there yet.

Fun Facts: Now, according to The Millionaire Next Door, the percentage of first generation millionaires is 80%. When it comes to millionaires, it’s now a case of “who’s next?”
Your neighbor? Your colleague? Your sister or brother? The kid
who works at the local grocery store?

It could be ANYBODY… and it
could be You!

Trainer, Coach, Tutor, Business, Mentor

So where do you start and who do you start with? I’m glad you asked.

I discovered the digital world of online business. It has a vast aray of knowledge from people all around the world. They have step by step instructional videos, PDF files to download, hands on training and mentorship programs.

I hear a question coming up, Who Do I trust? This is where you need to build a relationship. It’s YOUR time and money. Don’t just throw it away. Do some investigating. It’s OK to talk to people. Find out what their business and personal life are all about.

If people don’t share this with you, is this someone you want to work with, give your money to?

I found a MENTOR. I was shocked to learn that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and create something out of this world to become a millionaire.

THAT’S the secret. Sounds so easy, RIGHT?

Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Business

It can be. 1st, You must be willing to invest in yourself and your business. Folks, this means TIME and MONEY. Please don’t think for one minute you can achieve this by doing nothing or FREE. Let’s be honest- That isn’t going to happen.

2nd- Find a MENTOR who is willing to hold your hand for awhile, but then push you out of the nest when you are ready. There are countless scams out there so do your RESEARCH.

I believe I put in the amount of time that fits me and my circumstances. We are all different with different needs.

So the 6 million dollar question, where do I start? My Best Resource Click Here.

The digital age and the online business model has made it easier than ever to access all the information you need!

Come meet me. Come ask your questions. If I don’t have the answer, together we will get it. I have 2 of the best Mentors in the online world. They are available and willing to point us in the right dirction with the best plan of action.

Let’s Build This Together

How To Become A Story Teller?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker Storyteller Extraordinaire.

Why should you tell your story, and how do you get people to relate to your story?

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Bride, Groom, Wedding

I’m a full time trucker. I drive more than 2000 miles per week. I leave on sunday and come back on friday. I get 36 hours at home. In that time, I have laundry, cooking, yard work and some wife time.

Come closer, my best memory is the silly emoji’s I send and receive from my wife. We tell stories and add to them them by all of our Emoji’s. She will send one and I respond with another. It always follows the 1st emoji to the last. It will last us most of the day.

Birds, Love, Couple, Owl, Romance

Somewhere in that time frame I put in some internet time. I promote several businesses. This has been a slow process but very gratifying.

So how do I get you to tell your story? What trips your trigger? Who are you and what is your hearts desire?

Couple, Love, Marriage, Elderly

I have to force myself most days. Time is short and seems to be getting shorter.

Do you have any social media accounts? Do you like to write, read, and talk to others? Do you like to share what you have with others?

What is your favorite memory? Is it family, friends, vacation? Is it your favorite trip somewhere?

You should ALWAYS invest in yourself. You are well worth the effort.

I want to help those that want it. I’m available to talk, mentor and guide anyone.

Michael Lipsey

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Tell Your Story. We Need To Hear it.