I’m Placing The KEYS In Your Hands

Take a deep breath. Smell the smells of spring. Hello Everyone Michael The Traveling Trucker with Kingdom news.

Mention: Pastor Chris Vaughn Grace Summit Church

This is such a great time of year. The trees are blooming. The grass is growing. Life is fresh and new.

Winter has passed and the sweet days of spring are upon us. Spring always brings new life. It seems business is springing to life also. Lots of new and exciting changes are coming.

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As I drive across the country, I pass so many working farms. Lots of hugh pasture lands waiting to be harvested several times a year for hay.

I love to see the harvesting machines cutting the grass, then rolloing it. You see rolls of rolled grass all across the fields, waiting for the tractors to come and load them onto trailers.

When I see the fields, Genesis 8:22 says, ” While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.”

God’s Kingdom systems on this earth are here, working, and always in operation. For us to access them, we have to know about them. Focus our attention on them.

The most important part of all is having the KEYS to the kingdom to unlock the power.

As you look across the fields, you see the barns where the tractors and harvesters are housed. Those powerful machines are just sitting there and waiting, until the owner of the field puts the key into the ignition, starts the engine. Then the harvesting can take place.

It’s way to easy for us to take our eyes off the sitution and get distracted. Please remember that everything requires a key to operate properly.

In business there are keys you must have for the operation to run at all and run smoothly. BUILD YOUR LIST. Have a sales funnel in place. Talk to people daily.

Become a problem solver. The Go to person.

Think to yourself, want do people need? How can you supply their needs?

Not everyone wants the keys and the ride. Some are just tires kickers.

The KEY to the above statements is not just seeing the words but doing what is being shared with you. You Must Take ACTION. Are you ready to be an action taker?

We have a mentorship program, digital products and services. Lots of educational videos.

Whatever situation you find yourself in , We Have The Keys.

I want to personally place these keys in your hand. Then walk you step by step until you reach your GOAL.

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Keys To The Kingdom

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