How To Become A Story Teller?

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker Storyteller Extraordinaire.

Why should you tell your story, and how do you get people to relate to your story?

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I’m a full time trucker. I drive more than 2000 miles per week. I leave on sunday and come back on friday. I get 36 hours at home. In that time, I have laundry, cooking, yard work and some wife time.

Come closer, my best memory is the silly emoji’s I send and receive from my wife. We tell stories and add to them them by all of our Emoji’s. She will send one and I respond with another. It always follows the 1st emoji to the last. It will last us most of the day.

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Somewhere in that time frame I put in some internet time. I promote several businesses. This has been a slow process but very gratifying.

So how do I get you to tell your story? What trips your trigger? Who are you and what is your hearts desire?

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I have to force myself most days. Time is short and seems to be getting shorter.

Do you have any social media accounts? Do you like to write, read, and talk to others? Do you like to share what you have with others?

What is your favorite memory? Is it family, friends, vacation? Is it your favorite trip somewhere?

You should ALWAYS invest in yourself. You are well worth the effort.

I want to help those that want it. I’m available to talk, mentor and guide anyone.

Michael Lipsey

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Tell Your Story. We Need To Hear it.

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