The Art Of Storytelling

He rolled his eyes several times, then opened them. The masked man stood above him. He was disoriented and was not sure where he was. The last thing he remembered was skating. Then blackness.

The masked man asked if he knew where he was? The boy said “no”. The room smelled antiseptic. There were beeps coming from the wall behind him. The room was dim, easy on his eyes.

There were noises from the hallway that were hard to make out letting him know where he might be..

The masked man said there was an accident. The boy knew from that moment his life was going to change. The masked man asked if he was in pain. The boy said only a little.

Are you hungry? The boy said he was more thirsty than hungry. The masked man reached over and poured a glass of water . He handed it to the boy, who drank deeply.


“Good writing is good conversation, only more so.”
– Ernest Hemingway

Hello Reader, Michael The Traveling Trucker telling stories again. You can add anything to this story and take it to where you want to go. It’s the same in the business world of Affiliate Marketing.

I come across thousands of messages per day, all wanting to tell a story. Which one catches your eye and makes you want to click the link for more infomation.

Powerful Writing Techniques That Bring Stories to Life:

Great and influential stories do not “tell”, they “show”. Keep your stories short as possible while still conveying all of the information.

Invoke multiple senses

With any experience, you pick up more than just its sights. By describing sounds, scents, tastes and sensations, you’ll immerse readers in your story’s world.

Evoke strong emotions. Pull the reader into the action. Click Here Now. Get them thinking what’s going on. Readers want to be taken on a journey to another place and time, with characters they care about and whose company they enjoy.

What character do you play in Affiliate Marketing? I’m a 63 year old trucker. Married for 37 years. Two grown daughters. I travel the roads from Georgia to Massachusetts. Beautiful mountain ranges. Snow from time to time.

I see shops making homemade quilts to hand dipped icecream. I see the Amish from Pennsylvania clip clopping their buggies down the road. I see Frieght ships docked in NJ and NY harbors loading and unloading containers to be delivered by trucks. Big Yatchs up in Connecticut cruising the waters with people having a great time being together..

Life moves well for me and my family, then I get to talk to people who have a desire to make money. How cool is that. Helping people get what they want, helps me get what I want.

BECOME A GREAT STORY TELLER. People will listen to the right story.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken

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