It’s Wednesday afternoon, sitting at Harris Teeter Distribution Center for an 11:30 pm delivery with Michael The Traveling Truckers teasing adventure.


When you go to the movies, don’t you love the movie coming attractions teasing you of things not out yet.

Welcome to GLN 3.0. Its launch date is set for August 1, 2021. If you liked GLN 2.0, just wait cuzzzzz the money is about to get insane.

I know we have a lot of Instagrammers out here. How about 10 videos on how to properly use Instagram. Tips like: 3 things you should never do while using Instagram or 5 tips to grow your Instagram audience faster.

Dancing around the Instagram dance floor, listening to the sounds and beats of the Instagram world.

If you are like me and don’t know all there is to know- learning is the key, using what you learn, then teach others to do the same. Business practice 101 at its best.

How about Captivate with YouTube Live- 20 videos or laser-targeted marketing 21 videos. Do you see the value yet? You will receive way more than the money you spend on your core package. Trust me, I know from my purchase of the VIP package.

GLN has more professional training at your fingertips than any other program out there. This is just the beginning. With the introduction of The Mastery package, I can’t wait to see what else Jared has offered us.

Folks the commission is going to be $ 2000.00 per sale. Talk about high ticket sales. You will still have the other 5 core packages to offer your leads and prospects.

This should be GLN’s caption. LOL.

How about Personal Branding Marketing. We all need tips about putting ourselves in front of the world and not look silly, stupid or dumb.

We want to look professional, well-spoken and give people a sense that we know what we’re talking about.

I like being in the leaders circle. These are the money makers and they love to share what’s working and what you can disregard. I have implemented most of their suggestions and gotten great results in my business.

If you are sitting on the fence getting butt splinters, get down and join me NOW. This is going to be the ride of a lifetime. I’m planning out every step to maximize the greatest results.

Come be one of our SUCCESS stories.



Wisdom comes from the Lord. I am not that smart, but I have a word or two about wisdom. Happy trails from Michael The Traveling Trucker.

I’m on a new route. This is giving me time. Time for rest, time for writing, time to share with others the good news.

What good news do you ask? First, the good news that Jesus saves through His sacrifice on the cross to all who believe in Him. Asking Him to Be Lord of your life.

Second good news-Showing you wisdom through running your own life. Setting things up on your terms. This journey process will be good for you.

Here is a question for you. READY? Very simple yet very profound.


Rectangular shaped black textbook with title on hardcover on smooth surface in building in daytime

What do I know that you don’t know? What do I understand that is not in you?

Have you heard of Genesis Lifestyle Network? It’s a Complete done for you system with simple and easy to follow steps.

When you get a chance read over my blog from yesterday. Click here. I go into detail on what to do.

When we share business concepts with people, we are building relationships. I’m here for you every step of the way. What’s going on in your life that I might offer help with? A solution to a problem you might have?

People say they want money. I believe they want what money can provide. Money is a medium of exchange. There is nothing wrong with money. It’s a tool, folks.

500 verses in the Bible on Wisdom. 500 verses on Love. 2000 verses on Money. Is someone listening? Wise people use money not people. Wise people plan out in detail how to use money. We have a collection of books for you to read on this subject.

So, you are looking through the window. Standing on the outside, what do you see inside? What wonders await if you knock on the door? Will it be opened to you?

My door is unlocked. I’m listening for your knock. Are you knocking YET?

This is so simple, folks. Grab your done for you system now. Don’t wait, DO IT NOW-CLICK HERE.

When you come through the door, I will be the first person to welcome you.

Listen Carefully, That’s Why We Are Here.


Welcome and Happy Monday, from Michael The Traveling Trucker.

Being new to this and probably many others programs, I welcome you. I know you have lots of questions. We will teach you to build your list.

We are excited you chose GLN to start off your affiliate marketing business.

When you become a core member at GLN- Genesis Lifestyle Network , We will guide you through the 6 step process to setting up your system.

Let me say this-PLEASE WATCH EACH VIDEO before trying to complete the step. It will save you lots of time.

There are 3 sections to Step 1- Your profile, profile picture, and join our Facebook community and Telegraph room.

This will give you access to the owner and top affiliate leaders.

Step 2- Fill in your Affiliate details.

Step 3- Choose your autoresponder option. GLN has an in house autoresponder or choose The Conversion Pros.

Step 4- Choose your Capture page option- In house with GLN or choose The Conversion Pros.

Step 5-This step has 3 sections to complete. Take your time here. This will be your PAYMENT CENTER and you want to get paid, right? If you have any questions here, contact the owner Jared Meyers through the telegraph room.

Step 6- This is where you get a chance to advertise. You can do this in a number of ways. You can do the coop share through TL2IVM– Owner Rob Gehring.

When you become a core member, you will look in your back office where there are 10 traffic sources to choose from.

We will teach you to use viral mailers and traffic exchanges to advertise your business.

This is a fun and exciting business for beginner and seasoned marketer. When you engage in your business daily, you will see results. This is not a race, so be thorough, be smart, be active daily. All these make great habits that will blast your income into over drive.

We look forward to working with you, so let’s GO.


Are You Carrying The Sack?

Wonderful Sunday To all from Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s insight is into your personal world. I look at the mirror first and see my own reflection.

I see my own sack. I carried my sack for years so I know from personal experience.

Mention: When God whispers Your name, By Max Lucado.

You have one. A sack. A burlap sack. Probably aren’t even aware of it, may not have been told about it. Could be your don’t even remember it, but it was given to you.

A sack. An itchy, scratchy burlap sack. The sack carry’s the stones. All shapes and sizes, All unwanted. You didn’t request them. You didn’t seek them, but you were given them.

Don’t remember? Some were rocks of rejection. The try outs that you didn’t make the team or got the part in the play. They said you weren’t good enough. You thought you were but they said NO.

You don’t live long before you get a collection of stones. Make a poor grade, a bad choice, you make a mess. Get called a few names. Get mocked. Get abused.

And the stones don’t stop with adolescences. And so the sack gets heavy.

Look into the sack and you will see other stones of regret. Regret for the time you lost your temper, lost control, lost your pride, lost your priorities, and even regret the hour you lost your innocence.

Time goes on and the sack gets heavy. Way to heavy. That’s why people look so miserable. How do you have dreams for a future when all your energy is required to shoulder the past?

Today I take you by the hand and lead you to the KINDEST verse in the BIBLE. Matthew 11:28-29 ” Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Accept my teachings and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit, and you will find rest for your lives. The teaching I ask you to accept is easy; the load I give you to carry is light”.

You have tried so many things to release the heartache, the burden of guilt, the hate, the shame. Release them all to God. It won’t be easy, I know from my past.

I was so weighed down with my own sack. I walked with my head down. I didn’t look into peoples faces, for I knew they could see the real me. I thought I was a total failure and walked in that burden for more than 30 years.

God set me FREE. I am so thankful He choose me. Today I strongly believe and share God with anyone who will listen to the GOOD NEWS.

Each day choose to look in the mirror and say” I am BEAUTIFUL, well LOVED, and I have a great future ahead of me”.

Look at that radiant smile. Your heart beats with joy, love, and excitement once again. You begin the sing, laugh, and tell the world,” I’m here to stay and I refuse your junk”.

Today I offer you Friendship, Hope, Love, and Acceptance. Come walk this journey with me. As a team, we can carry each other’s burdens which makes carrying the sack liter.

I hope you see how valuable you really are. There is just one of you. There will never be another you. Walk with your head up, shoulders back, pep in your step.


Early Childhood Learning

Good Morning Everyone, Michael The Traveling Teacher Trucker with today’s mental brain message.

Everything we needed to be a success we learned as a child. Remember playing doctor, soldier, running a lemonade stand, cutting grass, collecting soda bottles for the 5 cent return.


Become a teacher, lawyer, race car driver. Remember those cool science projects?

Parents really wanted us to succeed. Some taught fixing cars, baking, building things.

It’s no different today. The internet has been making people money for years. Have you gotten your share?

I invite you to look at our powerful business plan. 90% of this business is set up for you. How Cool Is That? We have live webinar training every Wednesday at 12 noon EST. This is for core members only. Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST, we have our introductory to GLN hosted by Rob Gehring. That’s why you need this business.

From our video training included with your core package purchase, you get- 6 benefits to Social media marketing. Using social media marketing to build your brand. These are just 2 of the video training. We have hours of the best professional training.

Do you need help closing a sale? Great, we have a closing service with Rob Gehring as one of our closers.

One of my favorite videos is Click bank marketing secrets. Life is at your finger tips. Let’s begin by getting you signed up with 1 of 6 core packages to choose from.

Here is my link. Click Now. I joined because of people I know and trust had my best interest in mind. Today I have your best interest in mind. WILL YOU JOIN ME? Be a part of the multi-billion dollar e-learning industry!

If not now, when? If not you , then who? Your reward is right around the next corner, don’t stop now, keep going.

Once you join the Genesis Lifestyle Network, you will receive
access to our automated marketing system that will do all the
telling and selling for you!


Are You Staking Your CLAIM?

This trip has been good for me. Rest from driving. I got to my 1st stop yesterday afternoon. I got all the money making activities done and got a great nights sleep.

Day two, 2nd stop not till Thursday so I get more rest and a chance at all my money making activities for today. Woot Woot.

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is staking your claim.


During the Alaska gold rush, would-be gold prospectors found a spot of ground where they thought there might be some gold, and would ” stake a claim”.

Some plots of property are just more valuable than others because of what is in the ground. Can you see where I’m going with this. I hope so, so hold on and let’s get to diggin.

You would stake your claim by actually driving a wooden stake into the ground with you name and a rough description of the area you were claiming. It was binding according to the law. If someone disputed it, you went and dug up the stake bearing your name and rough description of the claim.

You would say “See, I’ve claimed it according to the law and I am in the process of possession.

Have you “STAKED YOUR CLAIM” on your life, family, business, neighborhood and cities?

What tools are you using to” stake your claim”?

In business, we have many tools for prospecting ( leads). Doing the digging (work) of finding good leads and people worth working with. Not everyone is a good fit for our business. Some people are gold nuggets that need to be uncovered.

I would rather have a few good quality people to work with then 100″s of tire kickers.

I have a tool box filled full of the right tools to get the job done.

GLN is my CLAIM. I staked it and digging for the gold. I have had a few nuggets already and taken them to the banker to weigh them out.

I have viral mailers and traffic exchanges for shaking the dirt to see if any gold nuggets appear.

Email Marketing Evolved!

TCP– The Conversion Pro is a tool I used daily. It is a multi-purpose tool.

Udimi is a prospectors diggin tool. Must have.

Now that you know to “stake your claim”, set up your campsite, get out our tools and walk down to the best spot for gold and start diggin.



The phone rings, and rings, and rings….. You have programmed yourself to ignore the call- spam likely.

When your life calls, are you picking up to see what is needed to expand your life or letting it go to voice mail?


This is truly me, LOL

Wow, this sounds like Michael The Traveling Truckers life. Yes, I missed the call. Then a day goes by and I listen to the voice mail. I didn’t know my sponsor was teaching about that.

This is true for beginners and affiliates alike. We spend our money, wanting the quick fix, only to be disappointed. The cause is US.

The system is set up properly waiting to be followed STEP by STEP. So why are we so stubborn? It has taken me some time to implement daily business habits.

We have sponsors and mentors and coaches for a reason. They have gotten the results of success from years of daily habits.


Success is a progression of daily facts applied to a certain order of habits. Once a week or month won’t get the results you are looking for. DAILY, DAILY, DAILY.

The biggest question I have for you, Why did you spend your money on the system? What are you looking to get out of it?

There is awesome video training you can watch over and over at your leisure until you get the RESULTS you want.

One on One coaching and mentoring. Recommendations made for YOUR benefit.

Autoresponders, lead capture page set up, your payment processing account( yipee), weekly webinars. ALL THESE ARE FOR YOU TO USE. Use Them daily and see the results manifest before your eyes.

I can tell you it’s hard building this business while being a full-time trucker. I don’t have a plan B. Putting in the work is required no matter how tired I am.

Building your list and following up with prospects is YOUR number one DAILY focus.

So what system did you purchase? I actually purchased 3. My 1st is CLB. Get your free quick-start guide NOW.

MFS 500 is next. Rob is an amazing Coach and Mentor.

Then I round it out with GLN.

With this being said, each of these are a complete business package. You don’t need all 3. Pick one and master it. Then proceed to expand your territory slowly.

All these businesses have multiple streams of income attached to them. This is where your business gets real and exciting.

Here is your blog post calling saying, Hello, How are you today. I can I best serve you?

Blessings to you and peace to you spirit.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today I talk about becoming an Online Coach.

I love this subject because we are all have a coaching back ground when it comes to family, church and our jobs.

Here are 3 types of COACHES to think about: Wealth, Health, and Relationships

Business is different. It requires a lot of detail and organization. It’s recommended you have a calendar for people to book a call time.


Photo Of People Using Laptop

Here are questions you should ask yourself.

Why become a Online coach? What valuable knowledge in a niche do you have? What is your mindset? What impression on clients do you have? What will you do to attract the right clients?

Does Online Coaching suit you? Do you enjoy teaching others? Are you organized and disciplined? Can you plan out your Coaching calls and be on time? Are you flexible?

When setting up your business, how do you communicate with clients? Messenger services -Skype, Zoom, Facebook, Telegraph. Have alternative ways in case one is not working.

All these question should be answered. Make sure you have what it takes or willing to learn to best serve your clients.

Set yourself up to be a Coach. Here are some attributes you should be using.

Be Confident. Do you present yourself to your clients as confident, able to think quickly? Do your clients have confidence in your abilities.

Clarity- What does Online Coaching mean to you emotionally and spiritually? A coach can help you remove the noise and find out what’s most important.

Think Solutions. Are you truly a problem solver? Thinking of different ways to solve their problems? Identify what is important to them, and help them aim high in life.

Walk your clients step by step until the desired result is achieved. Self-awareness is the absolute first stage of changing their life.

Woman Sharing Her Presentation with her Colleagues

What mindset meansThe established set of attitudes held by someone.

Adopt The Right Lifestyle Mindset. A coach helps a person unlock the internal barriers that are holding them back in any area of their lifeUnconscious thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative programming.

Goal Orientated. This is a BIG plus. Not only does this help you but the client as well. Having your plan set out, in order, and ready to proceed when you get with your clients. Set challenging goals for yourself and suggest goals for the client.

Collaborator. By collaborating with others you may reach a wider audience. They know people you may never know or reach.

Digital Marketing Coaches have a wide range to choose from. They offer solutions to SEO, Facebook marketing, Landing pages, Advertising etc.

Do you have enough info to offer an eBook course for money? Have a mini 3-day course, outlining your problem-solving skills.

Personally speaking, I found that getting out of my comfort zone and investing in myself was the best thing I could have ever done. That’s why I am so passionate about helping others to achieve the greatness that they deserve.

This is just one small section in the GLN marketing system. You will receive training in so many different subjects, so go through them and see what best suits you and build your business from that.

Great changes are coming to GLN. Come join us now. See why we are excited to share this business.



Good Thursday Morning Peeps, Michael The Traveling Trucker spreading the word of life, hope and joy to all. Drink deeply and Enjoy.

I make a pick up every Thursday in Toughkenamon, Pa for mushrooms to deliver back in Georgia. I have made a great friend, Anthony. I have built this relationship for the last year. I got to CF Logistics early yesterday so called Anthony. He came and picked me up. Last night I met his wife and shared a meal. Got to share life with this precious couple. What a blessing.


Today is your victory day, your breakthrough day, you rise up and PROCLAIM: Today I’m free and moving through my goals with passion and exuberance.

You speak out to the UNIVERSE, “I’m a success and will never look back in doubt or fear”.

Today you are becoming an affirmative leader: you put other people first.

Affiliative leaders lavish a lot of praise. Look at our leaders. People like Janet, Jared and Rob are lavish speaking leaders. They give of themselves to speak words of praise, letting people know how valuable they are and the work they are doing is on track for success.

At their core, affiliative leaders are nurturing. They believe and promote Tighter-Knit Teams. Working with those who are action takers, ask lots of questions, implement recommendations and drive their businesses forward each day.

This is YOU, reader. This is who you are becoming. I see the work you are putting in. I see the time and effort, and the results are starting to show. I applaud you, keep it up, YOU GOT THIS.

Keep an Eye on Performance. Track everything you do. KEEP A JOURNAL. You can look back and see what is working and correct what is not getting the best results .

Build trust and improve leadership communication. Talking , educating and generally getting to know your people is a valuable asset. People need to know you really care about them and their problems.

People need people. Yes we can do a lot on our own, at the end of the day it’s nice to share with another human what’s going on in our lives. Have you shared a cup of coffee or glass of wine with anyone lately? Shared a meal? Recommended a good book, then talked about what you read?

Taken a walk and shared life with someone? Watched a movie and shared popcorn?

My house is open and waiting for you. Come on by. I love to cook, so a good meal is waiting.


We have a man named Kevin, “The Smile Maker”. This is for you Buddy. We could all learn a lesson from the Smile Maker. I’m smiling at you right now. Hope you feel the love.

I will continue to ask you to join me, in life and business. I offer you hope, love, and I will stand beside you all the way. Let’s rely on each other, what do you say? Click Here, NOW.

Did you join me? I will contact you when I get your info, so be looking for my call or text.

I leave you with my favorite saying from old English, ” From Your Faithful Servant”.



Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker with a site seeing adventure.

A great place to start getting all your info for your trip is the SERVICE PLAZA.

I recommend 3 plazas. GLN, CLB, MSF 500. Each of the plazas have all the pamphlets for your journey.

For most of us, we take great care in planning out our road trips. We have a good idea where we are going but it’s to our benefit to watch for the road signs.

Knowing which direction to go is of course our 1st thought. Going north, south, east or west. How long it will take us? What do we plan to see along the way.

ENTREPRENEUR HIGHWAY straight ahead. On Wednesday nights you should be stopping by for our open house, Hosted by ROB GEHRING. Click here to enter.

For a complete guide on our property and what you will be seeing while here, Click here.

Here are some roads signs to look out for while on your journey.

Email Marketing Evolved!

Each of these destinations has mailboxes so you can send out your favorite email cards to all your friends letting them know what you are seeing and how much fun you are haviing.

A favorite place to visit if so inclined is to download your free guide to the land of CLB racing. It’s the fastest online marketing machine. You can do as many laps for a one-time fee. Make sure you stop by and say hello to owner Janet Legere. She always has something good going on.

WARNING: False advertising is all around, promising you the journey of a lifetime and failing to deliver what you paid for.

When you journey through with, Michael The Traveling Trucker, you get all the sites, thrills and the fastest rides. 10-4.

Make sure you stop by and ask questions about what package is going to fit your lifestyle budget. We have packages that fit all walks of life budgets.

Make your reservations today. Operators standing by.

Michael Lipsey-AKA- Michael The Traveling Trucker