Are You Carrying The Sack?

Wonderful Sunday To all from Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s insight is into your personal world. I look at the mirror first and see my own reflection.

I see my own sack. I carried my sack for years so I know from personal experience.

Mention: When God whispers Your name, By Max Lucado.

You have one. A sack. A burlap sack. Probably aren’t even aware of it, may not have been told about it. Could be your don’t even remember it, but it was given to you.

A sack. An itchy, scratchy burlap sack. The sack carry’s the stones. All shapes and sizes, All unwanted. You didn’t request them. You didn’t seek them, but you were given them.

Don’t remember? Some were rocks of rejection. The try outs that you didn’t make the team or got the part in the play. They said you weren’t good enough. You thought you were but they said NO.

You don’t live long before you get a collection of stones. Make a poor grade, a bad choice, you make a mess. Get called a few names. Get mocked. Get abused.

And the stones don’t stop with adolescences. And so the sack gets heavy.

Look into the sack and you will see other stones of regret. Regret for the time you lost your temper, lost control, lost your pride, lost your priorities, and even regret the hour you lost your innocence.

Time goes on and the sack gets heavy. Way to heavy. That’s why people look so miserable. How do you have dreams for a future when all your energy is required to shoulder the past?

Today I take you by the hand and lead you to the KINDEST verse in the BIBLE. Matthew 11:28-29 ” Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Accept my teachings and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit, and you will find rest for your lives. The teaching I ask you to accept is easy; the load I give you to carry is light”.

You have tried so many things to release the heartache, the burden of guilt, the hate, the shame. Release them all to God. It won’t be easy, I know from my past.

I was so weighed down with my own sack. I walked with my head down. I didn’t look into peoples faces, for I knew they could see the real me. I thought I was a total failure and walked in that burden for more than 30 years.

God set me FREE. I am so thankful He choose me. Today I strongly believe and share God with anyone who will listen to the GOOD NEWS.

Each day choose to look in the mirror and say” I am BEAUTIFUL, well LOVED, and I have a great future ahead of me”.

Look at that radiant smile. Your heart beats with joy, love, and excitement once again. You begin the sing, laugh, and tell the world,” I’m here to stay and I refuse your junk”.

Today I offer you Friendship, Hope, Love, and Acceptance. Come walk this journey with me. As a team, we can carry each other’s burdens which makes carrying the sack liter.

I hope you see how valuable you really are. There is just one of you. There will never be another you. Walk with your head up, shoulders back, pep in your step.


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