Good Thursday Morning Peeps, Michael The Traveling Trucker spreading the word of life, hope and joy to all. Drink deeply and Enjoy.

I make a pick up every Thursday in Toughkenamon, Pa for mushrooms to deliver back in Georgia. I have made a great friend, Anthony. I have built this relationship for the last year. I got to CF Logistics early yesterday so called Anthony. He came and picked me up. Last night I met his wife and shared a meal. Got to share life with this precious couple. What a blessing.


Today is your victory day, your breakthrough day, you rise up and PROCLAIM: Today I’m free and moving through my goals with passion and exuberance.

You speak out to the UNIVERSE, “I’m a success and will never look back in doubt or fear”.

Today you are becoming an affirmative leader: you put other people first.

Affiliative leaders lavish a lot of praise. Look at our leaders. People like Janet, Jared and Rob are lavish speaking leaders. They give of themselves to speak words of praise, letting people know how valuable they are and the work they are doing is on track for success.

At their core, affiliative leaders are nurturing. They believe and promote Tighter-Knit Teams. Working with those who are action takers, ask lots of questions, implement recommendations and drive their businesses forward each day.

This is YOU, reader. This is who you are becoming. I see the work you are putting in. I see the time and effort, and the results are starting to show. I applaud you, keep it up, YOU GOT THIS.

Keep an Eye on Performance. Track everything you do. KEEP A JOURNAL. You can look back and see what is working and correct what is not getting the best results .

Build trust and improveĀ leadership communication. Talking , educating and generally getting to know your people is a valuable asset. People need to know you really care about them and their problems.

People need people. Yes we can do a lot on our own, at the end of the day it’s nice to share with another human what’s going on in our lives. Have you shared a cup of coffee or glass of wine with anyone lately? Shared a meal? Recommended a good book, then talked about what you read?

Taken a walk and shared life with someone? Watched a movie and shared popcorn?

My house is open and waiting for you. Come on by. I love to cook, so a good meal is waiting.


We have a man named Kevin, “The Smile Maker”. This is for you Buddy. We could all learn a lesson from the Smile Maker. I’m smiling at you right now. Hope you feel the love.

I will continue to ask you to join me, in life and business. I offer you hope, love, and I will stand beside you all the way. Let’s rely on each other, what do you say? Click Here, NOW.

Did you join me? I will contact you when I get your info, so be looking for my call or text.

I leave you with my favorite saying from old English, ” From Your Faithful Servant”.


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