Are You Staking Your CLAIM?

This trip has been good for me. Rest from driving. I got to my 1st stop yesterday afternoon. I got all the money making activities done and got a great nights sleep.

Day two, 2nd stop not till Thursday so I get more rest and a chance at all my money making activities for today. Woot Woot.

Hello Everyone, Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is staking your claim.


During the Alaska gold rush, would-be gold prospectors found a spot of ground where they thought there might be some gold, and would ” stake a claim”.

Some plots of property are just more valuable than others because of what is in the ground. Can you see where I’m going with this. I hope so, so hold on and let’s get to diggin.

You would stake your claim by actually driving a wooden stake into the ground with you name and a rough description of the area you were claiming. It was binding according to the law. If someone disputed it, you went and dug up the stake bearing your name and rough description of the claim.

You would say “See, I’ve claimed it according to the law and I am in the process of possession.

Have you “STAKED YOUR CLAIM” on your life, family, business, neighborhood and cities?

What tools are you using to” stake your claim”?

In business, we have many tools for prospecting ( leads). Doing the digging (work) of finding good leads and people worth working with. Not everyone is a good fit for our business. Some people are gold nuggets that need to be uncovered.

I would rather have a few good quality people to work with then 100″s of tire kickers.

I have a tool box filled full of the right tools to get the job done.

GLN is my CLAIM. I staked it and digging for the gold. I have had a few nuggets already and taken them to the banker to weigh them out.

I have viral mailers and traffic exchanges for shaking the dirt to see if any gold nuggets appear.

Email Marketing Evolved!

TCP– The Conversion Pro is a tool I used daily. It is a multi-purpose tool.

Udimi is a prospectors diggin tool. Must have.

Now that you know to “stake your claim”, set up your campsite, get out our tools and walk down to the best spot for gold and start diggin.


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