Hello Everyone, This Is Michael The Traveling Trucker. Today’s adventure is Speaking words affirmation to yourself and others around you.


Think, Positive, Optimism, Plus, Yes

Stand on the word: Today I am becoming the best person I can be. Today I rise up to any challenge that arises. I’m an overcomer. I love myself and others. Read it again and again. Meditate on it, memorize it, quote it, declare it, and decree it.

I Am Anointed to win, Empowered to prosper, Impossible to curse. I don’t allow negative thoughts to control my life. Today I CHOOSE to focus on the POSITIVE.

Certain words of affirmation can be used to make us feel good and take action.  When writing affirmations, the important thing to remember is to keep these words in mind because…

Man, Shadow, Meditation, Wisdom, Growth

Practicing daily affirmations is all about the feeling, rather than just the words of affirmation…

And about prompting us to make change, rather than just academically reciting daily positive affirmations.

Certain words also carry with them certain vibrations that will make your affirmations positive on an energetic level, rather than just an intellectual level.

Your thoughts also carry a vibration, whether these thoughts are on a conscious level or the UN-conscious level.

Words of affirmation: Amazing, beautiful, content, powerful, heart, special, wonderful, encouraging, pretty. Now begin to make YOUR OWN LIST.

My thoughts of YOU today are: You are LOVED. You are AMAZING. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are a WINNER. You have the heart of a CHAMPION. You are going to do GREAT THINGS, IN LIFE AND BUSINESS. You have what it TAKES.

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